ISIS Attack Included Demands To Recite Quran

ISIS fighters demanded that hostages quote the Quran during a massacre at a Bangladesh café. Those who failed to demonstrate knowledge of the Muslim holy book were tortured or killed. At least 22 people died, the Independent reported. Rezaul Karim, a father of a survivor, told Bangladesh’s Daily Star newspaper that hostages who were able […]

July 4 Holiday Brings Bashing Of Patriotism, American Pride

This July 4, American patriotism is coming under fire. Public concerts by United States military bands could end in the near future, and a former bureaucrat from the Clinton administration is asking people to be less patriotic. Robert Reich, a University of California Berkley professor and former Secretary of Labor wants Americans to keep their […]

Data breach Of 427k Myspace Passwords Is Published Online

Myspace, the once-popular social media website, is back in the news thanks to a hacker who stole 427 million passwords that are linked linked to about 360 million users. The hack has been public for a while, but now anyone can download the passwords and peruse them – for God-only-knows what purpose. “In May 2016, […]

Dogs Confiscated By Islam Prosecutor Who Called Them Unclean, Part of ‘Vulgar’ Western Culture

Dog enthusiasts in Tehran, Iran, are having their pets taken away because Islam regards dogs as an “unclean animals” and a part of “vulgar Western culture,” the Times of Israel reported. As political correctness surrounds the migration of more Islamic belief systems into Europe and the U.S., questions arise over if this could ever happen […]

Burger King Announces Deep Fried, Mac ‘n Cheetos, An Item Sure To Make Health Enthusiasts Cringe

Fans of salty, greasy food unite. Burger King is introducing its deep fried Mac ‘n Cheetos on Monday. Yes, Cheetos as in the crunchy snack. The Mac n’ Cheetos menu item is made by deep frying sticks of macaroni cheese in a Cheetos-flavored shell. They come with a price tag of $2.49, ranch dressing on […]

‘Brexit’ Approval Sparks Both Celebration And Fears Of Global Economic Meltdown

Voter approval of the Brexit – Britain’s exit from the European Union – led to celebrations for supporters and fear-mongering over the possibility of a global economic meltdown. Shortly after a vote of 51.9 percent in favor of Brexit and 48.1 percent against it, world financial markets reportedly went into a tailspin. The U.S. economy […]

Is NATO Inciting A Possible War Between The U.S. And Russia?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) appears to be inciting a possible war between the U.S. and Russia. It’s happening because NATO on Tuesday agreed that cyber attacks from Russia are considered an act of war. Russian hackers reportedly broke into an unclassified Pentagon computer, as well as NATO’s computer network, according to the Associated […]

Clinton-Obama Vs. Trump Race?

President Obama is aggressively campaigning against Donald Trump, likening the presidential race to a Clinton-Obama vs. Trump race, NBC News reports. “Obama has inserted himself more directly into the campaign than previous second-term presidents,” writes NBC News. “…He is effectively turning the election into ‘Obama-Clinton v. Trump,’ instead of a traditional contest between the two […]

Stray Dogs Have Attacked And Killed Two People In Texas

A 36-year-old Austin, Texas, woman was killed by a pack of stray dogs this week. One month earlier, a 52-year-old woman was attacked and killed by dogs in downtown Dallas. On Wednesday, Erin McClesky, was killed while she was serving civil papers at a Northeast Travis County home, Fox News reported. No one was home […]

Stars Are Obscured By Artificial Light In Our Nighttime Skies, Study Shows

In a phenomenon scientists call “light pollution,” most people on the planet cannot see a vibrant view of the stars. Light pollution refers to the over- abundance of artificial city lights that brighten our skies at night. Much of the artificial light comes from traffic, buildings and street lights. As anyone living in an urban […]

Mass Casualties Expected From Orlando Gay Club Shooting

A mass shooter opened fire at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. early Sunday causing at least two hours of chaos as police worked to get the scene under control, according to media reports. WESH-TV in Orlando was one of the first crews on the scene, according to reports. Orlando police said the scene […]

Losing Weight Becomes A Bigger Challenge As Obesity Expands In America, Studies Show

Losing weight presents a challenge that is a losing battle for many Americans, two new studies show. Yes, Americans are living large – and not in a good way. Despite warnings from doctors, health care agencies and others, our waistlines are continuing to grow. About 38 percent of all adults in the nation are now […]

Pope Francis Applauds YouTube And Hollywood Stars

Pope Francis invited popular YouTubers and celebrities to the Vatican to praise them for their beauty tips and their position to help young people develop “virtual identities.” The pontiff praised Louise Pentland for her beauty and fashion tips on her YouTube channel, Sprinkle of Glitter. “I am glad that you carry out the type of […]

Memorial Day Weekend Arrives With Disrespectful, Bizarre Events Surrounding Vets, Country

A series of bizarre and disrespectful events kicked off Memorial Day weekend, leading up to a day that is revered as a time of remembrance and respect for people who died in service to our nation. President Barack Obama on Friday travelled to Hiroshima, Japan, to announce a “moral revolution,” is needed for nuclear arms […]

Walmart Losing Millennial Customers to Dollar General

Walmart better watch out for Dollar General. In an economy where many stores are struggling, Dollar General is cashing in on younger shoppers. Millennials – customers around ages 18 to 34 – are spending their dollars at Dollar General, according to How much are the spending much? About $1.26 billion or 24 percent of […]

Fears Growing Over Possible Saudi Retaliation For 9/11 Lawsuit Bill

Fears are growing that the U.S. could face retaliation over a proposed bill to allow loved ones of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. News reports in Saudi media claim that it could “open the gates of hell,” by encouraging other countries to sue the U.S. in turn, for […]

Trump, Clinton Take Shots At Each Other Over Second Amendment

Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are taking shots at each other over the Second Amendment. The issue remains a heated one, as the candidates and the general public attempt to balance safety with the preservation of gun rights provided by the Constitution. The Second Amendment states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to […]

Transgender, LGBT Rights: What’s Next In The Debate?

Transgender and LGBT rights issues have ignited a national debate so big that it raises the question of what’s next. President Barack Obama set off a firestorm last week by recommending public schools allow transgender students to use the restroom of their choice. The move came shortly after North Carolina lawmakers approved HB2. The law […]

‘Harrison’ Duo Allegedly Kidnap and Assault Mother, Four Daughters After Meth Spree

A father and son were arrested on felony charges for kidnapping and beating a mother and her four teenage daughters in Centerville, Utah, following a massive manhunt. Police arrested Dereck “D.J.” Harrison, 22, and Flint Wayne Harrison, 51, on charges that include aggravated kidnapping and possession of a controlled substance, the Associated Press reported. The […]

Why Is The Middle Class Vanishing?

Few people would like to believe the U.S. government is working to destroy the middle class in America. For decades, having a good job and living in the suburbs was part of the American Dream. It’s a lifestyle anyone could attain with a lot of hard work – and perhaps a little luck. Why, then, […]

Watch Out For Road Rage In These Cities

Road rage is most likely to occur in certain cities at certain times of the day, according to a new study by the Auto Insurance Center. We’ve all been there. We’re driving down a street or a freeway minding our own business and road rage strikes. A driver revs up his engine and passes us […]

Planned Parenthood Weighs In On Transgender Debate

A national debate over transgender rights is raging on, and now Planned Parenthood is weighing in. Some Planned Parenthood offices across the country are promoting prescriptions for hormone therapy and other services for transgender people. Planned Parenthood’s services are aimed at “transgender people and people at various places on the spectrum of gender identity and […]

Security Breach Compromises Kroger Employee Social Security Numbers, Dates Of Birth

Grocery giant Kroger sent an email to current and former employees today indicating that their Social Security numbers and dates of birth may be compromised. The extent of the breach is not yet known, according to the email. It is believed the employee information was accessed via a security breach at Equifax. “As you may […]

U.S. Border Patrol Aids In Arrest Of Hundreds, Seizure Of More Than 12 Tons Of Marijuana

April was a big month for drug smuggling arrests along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to reports from the U.S. Border Patrol and other agencies. A joint operation between U.S. and Mexico officials led to the arrest of 465 people and the seizure of more than 12 tons of marijuana from April 17 through April 30, […]