Building Of Mountains On Jupiter’s Moon Io Is Nothing Like The Process Here On Earth

The ingredients for building mountains are pretty standard here on Earth: tectonic plates shift, the crust is pushed upward, and you have a mountain. But on Jupiter’s moon Io, things are done very differently. Io has 400 active volcanoes that constantly layer sulfurous lava on the moon’s surface. Scattered around the surface are “bumps and […]

Elderly Man Fights Off Crocodiles With Wrenches, Spark Plugs After Friend Drowns

After a crocodile overturned his boat in Australia’s Northern Territory, an elderly man protected his life with the only items he had available — hand tools. Sadly, Robert Haughton, 72, couldn’t save his friend, Noel Ramage, 75, who drowned after the boat capsized. Afterward, the surviving man suffered a frightening three-hour fight with a number […]

One Of The Chibok Girls, Kidnapped By Boko Haram, Found With Baby After Two Years A girl who was kidnapped by Boko Haram with 276 others in Chibok has been found in Nigeria’s Sambisa forest after two years in captivity. The girl, identified by the BBC as Amina Ali Nkek, was 17 when she was taken and is now 19. The girl was found with a baby and said […]

Bill Clinton Allegedly Flew On Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Jet With Trafficked Girls 26 Times

Registered sex offender and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 is so notorious that it earned the nickname the “Lolita Express.” And flight logs now reveal that former President Bill Clinton took 26 trips on his jet — double the amount previously reported. The infamous jet reportedly came with a bed on which his passengers could […]

Subway Construction Unearths Barracks Of Elite Ancient Roman Praetorian Guard

News that construction crews in Rome recently stumbled upon archaeological ruins during the expansion of a subway line isn’t really surprising. What makes this latest discovery fascinating is that they may have uncovered the barracks of the elite Ancient Roman Praetorian Guard. The find has the potential to uncover as-yet unknown details about this legendary […]

Cop Allegedly Forced Woman To Watch Newborn Son During Rape — And She’s Suing

After Syracuse cop Chester Thompson allegedly forced worried mother Maleatra Montanez — who called police to report her daughter missing — to perform oral sex, she thought about choking the man to death. Convinced she wasn’t strong enough, she chose not to, and the white cop proceeded to rape her while she was forced to […]

Amtrak Train Crash Outside Philadelphia Was Caused By Human Error, Distraction

On May 12, 2015, an Amtrak train heading to New York from Washington, D.C. sped around a sharp curve at double the 50 mph speed limit, 10 minutes after leaving a station in Philadelphia. It crashed and killed eight people on board, injuring 200 more. On Tuesday, federal officials with the National Traffic Safety Board […]

Study: Half Of All Heart Attacks Are Silent And Aren’t Noticed Until After They’ve Struck

Here’s a thought that will keep you up at night: A massive study has discovered that half of all heart attacks are silent, but that doesn’t make them less deadly. Heart attacks are considered silent if they don’t cause any of the classic symptoms that signal something is wrong, like chest pain, shortness of breath, […]

Put On Your Walking Shoes: Exercise Lowers Your Risk Of Getting 13 Types Of Cancer

Want to lower your chance of getting cancer? All you need to do is exercise, according to a recent study. An analysis of dozens of cancer studies in the U.S. and Europe concluded that exercise — or “leisure-time physical activity” — decreases cancer risk by 7 percent overall, NBC News reported. The data suggested that […]

Ship Full Of Ancient Roman Cargo Slated For Recycling 1,600 Years Ago Unearthed

The ancient world had something in common with the modern one: a penchant for recycling. While that’s good for the environment, that means plenty of historical treasures were melted down and turned into something else. But 1,600 years ago, a shipload of Ancient Roman cargo was in the Mediterranean seaport of Caeserea in Israel, stuffed […]

Florida Teens’ Boat Returns To Shore As Mother Demands Forensic Probe, Claims Boys Were Abducted

The boat that belonged to two teens who vanished off the coast of Florida last year has been returned to shore, 10 months after the boys left for what should’ve been a simple fishing trip. As her son’s boat arrived at Port Everglades Monday, the mother of Perry Cohen, Pamela, has formally requested that it […]

Hubble Captures Earth’s Closest Encounter With A Comet In Recorded History

Hubble recently captured the closest encounter between Earth and a comet in recorded history, and it will never get that close again. The comet, 252P/LINEAR, whizzed past Earth on March 21, when it was only 3.3 million miles from the blue planet, or 14 times our distance to the moon, CNN reported. Three million miles […]

Mom Of Four, Samantha Broberg, Climbed Deck Rail On Carnival Ship, Fell Into Ocean As an exhaustive search for a Carnival cruise passenger has been suspended, evidence has arisen that the missing young mother, Samantha Broberg, fell off the ship after engaging in some risky behavior. According to ABC News, a security camera captured Samantha’s fall off the vessel, and the video of that incident has been analyzed, […]

Bullet The Bison Sold On Craigslist: ‘She Doesn’t Have A Mean Bone In Her Body’

People have formed close bonds with all kinds of animals, turning apparently wild creatures into beloved pets who are treated to all the comforts of a beloved dog. A bison may be one of the most unexpected indoor pets. For a couple years, the 7-year-old, 1,100-pound bison lived in Argyle, Texas, with Karen Schoeve, but […]

‘Idiots’ Who Littered Pupfish’s Death Valley Home With Boxers, Vomit, Beer Cans Found

In the latest case of blatant vandalism in a national park, three drunk “idiots” held a raucous, frat-style party at an ancient cavern in Death Valley that’s home to an endangered fish and left behind shotgun shells, beer cans, underwear, and vomit. They also may have killed one endangered pupfish and crushed several eggs, the […]

After 48 Years, Fugitive Robert Stackowitz Captured: Neighbors Call Him ‘Big, Jolly Old Guy’

Back in 1968, Lyndon Johnson was president, the Beatles sang “Back in the USSR,” Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were both assassinated, and Robert E. Stackowitz was 23-years-old and facing 17 years in prison. After spending only a few months behind bars, Robert escaped and spent five decades as a fugitive. He ended […]

President Barack Obama Will Visit Hiroshima — Is It A Sign Of Weakness, Apology, Or Respect?

President Barack Obama will be the first sitting U.S. president to visit the site of the world’s first atomic bombing at Hiroshima, Japan, where 140,000 people were killed. Obama will visit the city on May 27 alongside Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The White House formally announced the trip, which will be made after he […]

War Vet, Senate Hopeful Richard Ojeda Attacked After Angering ‘Quite A Few People’

If you think the presidential election is nasty, it’s got nothing on local politics in West Virginia. A war veteran running for a state Senate seat there, Richard Ojeda, was brutally beaten at a weekend cookout that he believes was politically motivated. Ojeda is now in a trauma unit at a local hospital, with eight […]

Why Are Carrots Orange? The Answer Could Help The World Become A Lot Healthier

“Why are carrots orange?” sounds like a question a curious toddler would ask. But it’s also a question scientists have asked, and answered, in a recent study. The humble carrot now joins a handful of elite veggies to have their genome sequenced. A dozen vegetables have had the honor, including the potato, cucumber, tomato, and […]

Thai Students Channel Their Inner Spy To Cheat On Medical College Exam With Gadgetry

When you go to the doctor or dentist, you’d likely prefer one who not only studied for his exams but passed them with flying colors. You would probably be quite uneasy if you learned that the person holding your health and possibly life in his hands cheated on his exams. Three Thai students hoping to […]

Watch The Transit Of Mercury Live On Its Once-In-A-Decade Trip Across The Sun [Video]

Right now, Mercury is making its transit across the Sun, and every second of that journey can be witnessed online. The Transit of Mercury is a once in a decade phenomenon, according to NASA, and on Monday between about 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the east coast, the planet will appear as a “tiny […]

Fiery Highway Collision In Afghanistan Kills 73: Drivers Were Trying To Avoid Taliban

There was a tragic accident on a major highway in Afghanistan when a three-vehicle collision killed 73 people with most of the victims burned beyond recognition. Although officials cited reckless driving as the cause, other sources blamed the Taliban. Most roads in Afghanistan are in bad shape, and drivers break rarely-enforced traffic laws by speeding […]

Man Buried By 40 Pounds Of Cheddar And Red Leicester Cheese For Nine Harrowing Hours

A forklift operator spent nine hours buried under 40 pounds of cheese, stacked 13 feet deep, in a warehouse in Shropshire, England, on Friday. His ordeal began about 9 a.m., when rows of shelving collapsed at a food distribution center. According to Shropshire Fire and Rescue spokesman Malcolm Stevenson, the cheese — identified as cheddar […]

Bad Luck Ails Two Cruises: Carnival Pride Crashes Into Gangway, Outbreak Sickens 260

When the Carnival Pride eased into a cruise terminal in Baltimore, Maryland, Sunday morning, Nicole Newsome heard a “hard thump” but didn’t think too much of it. “We just thought that’s what happens when you dock,” the cruiser told the Baltimore Sun. She was on the Carnival Pride for an eight-day trip to the Bahamas […]

Andrew Demboski, 21, Dies After Fall From Jumbotron, A Climb Many Others Have Made

Like many young men, Andrew Demboski did “crazy stuff,” a high school friend remembered. In the early morning hours Saturday, Andrew, a student at Mississippi State University, did something “crazy” again: He climbed a Jumbotron at Wade Davis Stadium. Sadly, he fell, hit his head, and died, the Sun Herald reported. Two other young men […]

Jessica Chastain Talks About Sister’s Suicide, Her Teen Years, And Nurturing Odd Balls

Actress Jessica Chastain is very private, so you may not know that 13 years ago, her sister, Juliet, died at age 24. Back in 2003, Jessica was three days from graduation at Julliard School when she got the call no one expects: her sister had killed herself. Chastain told the painful story in an interview […]

Dog Overboard! Boaters Rescue Jack Russell Terrier Lost At Sea For Three Hours

Thank God Jagermeister was wearing his life jacket. The little Jack Russell Terrier spent a harrowing few hours lost at sea last weekend and was rescued by passing boaters lucky enough to spot his little nose poking out of the water, Fox 13 reported. According to Time, the dog and his family went on a […]

Did Prince Have A Love Child? Court Orders DNA Testing As Claims On His Fortune Crop Up

Did Prince have a love child? A Minnesota court is preparing for a barrage of people claiming to be the long lost son or daughter of the famous singer and has ordered that his DNA be tested just in case. The order by a judge on Friday has led to some speculation that Prince may […]

Five Of The Solomon Islands Swallowed By The Sea — The Cause: Climate Change

Sirilo Sutaroti, 94, is a chief of the Paurata tribe in the Solomon Islands. He and his people recently had to abandon their village. “The sea has started to come inland, it forced us to move up to the hilltop and rebuild our village there away from the sea.” His is just one of several […]

Flight Crew Kicks Family Off Plane Because Their Son, 2, Has A Peanut Allergy

Airlines kick passengers off flights for many reasons, some of them unreasonable, others downright necessary. But what happened to a California family making their way home from Utah might seem a little drastic. Kyson and Sara Dana and their 2-year-old son, Theo, were kicked off an Allegiant Air flight Monday because the child had a […]

Shooting At Las Vegas Daycare Deemed Murder-Suicide — Two Kids, 3 And 4, Injured

Mornings at a popular Las Vegas daycare are usually very busy. But sometime before the doors opened at 6 a.m., a shooting took the life of two parents and wounded their young children. Police arrived just after 6 a.m. and found the bodies of two people — a man and a woman — outside the […]

Andrew Kornfeld, Who Called 911 To Save Prince, May Be In Serious Legal Trouble

A pre-med student who was at Paisley Park when Prince was found and called 911 may face criminal charges for his involvement. Andrew Kornfeld was at the estate when the music legend was discovered in an elevator. But the reason behind Kornfeld’s visit is under scrutiny now because of what Carver County Sheriff’s deputies found […]

Teen Killed Fleeing Fort McMurray Fire As Thousands Escape Flames Of Growing ‘Beast’

A massive fire that officials in Alberta, Canada, have called a “beast” is being fed by winds and “tinder-dry” conditions and sending thousands of people near Fort McMurray fleeing from their homes. And on Friday, a tragic story emerged of a teenager killed while fleeing the blaze with her family, like thousands of others. “Ultimately, […]

The Grim Sleeper’s 11 Known Victims Get Justice, But Lonnie Franklin Jr. May Have Killed More

The 11 known victims of the Grim Sleeper, Lonnie Franklin Jr., finally have justice. After a California jury found the state’s most prolific serial killer guilty, he now faces the possibility of the death penalty. One victim’s father, Porter Alexander Jr., told ABC News he wants the so-called Grim Sleeper to suffer the same fate […]

Tastes Like Chicken! KFC Makes Lickable Nail Polish In Original, Hot & Spicy Flavors

When you smell a bottle nail polish, you probably don’t think, “gee, I wish there was a way I could eat this stuff.” “If only,” this insane line of thought may continue, “there was a brand of nail polish that looked fashionable on my fingertips and tasted amazing, too. ” Wish no longer. KFC — […]

Navajo Girl Ashlynne Mike Was Assaulted, Bludgeoned, And Left To Die In The Desert

The man accused of killing 11-year-old Navajo girl Ashlynne Mike appeared in court Wednesday, and as a result, disturbing details about the crime have emerged. Tom Begaye, 27, told the court that he abducted Ashlynne Monday afternoon with the intention of having sex with her. In a remote spot near Shiprock Pinnacle in New Mexico, […]

Teachers Hoodwinked By Second-Grader’s Handwritten Excuse Note — And Sent Her Home

Seven-year-old Rosabella Dahu is too clever for her own good, and her teachers at Sheldon Elementary in Houston are far too gullible. The second-grader wrote a note to dismiss herself from school, and it worked. Now her father, Charlie, is so angry that he’s promptly transferred his daughter to another school, ABC News reported. The […]

Lost Alligator Visits South Carolina Home And Rings Doorbell, Hoping For Dip In Pool

Humans like to think they’ve dominated the planet and fashioned themselves as nature’s top animal. But every now and then, something happens to remind us that the wilderness is very close and perhaps we’re in its way. Take a lost alligator in South Carolina. Spring has always been their time to roam around. As the […]

Tennis Ball Sized Diamond, Lesedi La Rona, Is Largest Found In 100 Years And Worth $70M

When a new employee first spotted the tennis-ball-sized Lesedi la Rona diamond in a Canadian mine, he didn’t think much of it. It was November at the Lucara’s Karowe mine in Botswana, and the employee thought finding a rock that big was perfectly normal, CEO William Lamb told the Canadian Press. “He’d only been working […]

Navajo Girl Ashlynne Mike Abducted, Killed After Stranger Invites Her To Movies — Suspect Arrested

A boy named Ian Mike last saw his 11-year-old cousin Ashlynne alive Monday afternoon. The Navajo girl, her brother, and Ian were dropped off at a bus stop a quarter mile from the siblings’ home in Fruitland, New Mexico, when a man in a van — believed to be Tom Begaye, 27 — pulled up […]

Over Exposure: Football Player Flashes Penis In Yearbook Photo — Prank Nets Him 70 Criminal Charges

Last August, 19-year-old football player Hunter Osborn was standing in the bleachers to get his photo taken with his teammates for the yearbook. In an impulsive moment, Osborn was dared to expose himself. And he did, popping out his penis to poke above the waist of his pants. Now, the teen is facing dozens of […]

Elderly Yellowstone Grizzly Named Scarface Shot And Killed — Death Being Investigated

An elderly Yellowstone grizzly nicknamed Scarface had survived 25 harsh winters and violent scraps with other bears in the national park. What ultimately felled him wasn’t old age, but a gunshot wound. Now state authorities and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have launched an investigation into the grizzly’s shooting death, since the animal is […]

Half Of Teens Admit Smartphone Addiction, But Their Parents Are Just As Addicted

Anyone who’s spent a few minutes with teens won’t be surprised by the findings of a new poll: half of young people admit to a smartphone addiction. High school custodian in Homer, Alaska, and father of three Terry Greenwald told CNN that hallways are filled with “teenage zombies who are glued to their phones.” He’s […]

Marines Probe Photo Of Flag Raising At Iwo Jima To Unearth Name Of Misidentified Soldier

When the now-iconic photograph of the Iwo Jima flag raising was released to the American public in 1945, its impact was powerful, recalled retired Associated Press news photo editor Hal Buell. “People were just tired of the war, and all of a sudden out of nowhere came this picture that encapsulated everything. It showed that […]

College Faculty Can Pack Heat In Tennessee — Opponents Say Guns Won’t Make Campus Safer

College faculty in Tennessee are now allowed to pack heat on campus. In an attempt to make campuses safer and despite opposition from students, faculty, and police, the state has approved a bill that will allow employees to carry handguns, with certain restrictions, the Washington Post reported. The end game for some legislators is to […]

A Miracle In Kenya: Baby Girl Rescued From Rubble, 80 Hours After Building Collapse

Three days after a building collapse in Nairobi, Kenya, rescue workers were starting to look for bodies and not survivors. So, a discovery in the early morning hours Tuesday came as a shock and a morale boost as a baby girl was discovered, wrapped in a blanket and stowed in a bucket. She was alive […]

Three Earth-Like Planets Found Orbiting Dim Star, And They Could Be Harboring Life

If there’s any chance to find life on other planets, the three new ones just found orbiting a very dim and cold star are our best bet. The discovery, made by a little telescope called TRAPPIST, has many promising qualities: It could be a sign that even more habitable planets are orbiting other, plentiful dim […]

James Cook’s Famous HMS Endeavour Has Been Hiding In A Rhode Island Harbor Since 1778

The fate of the HMS Endeavour, which Captain James Cook used to discover Australia and Hawaii and sail around New Zealand, has been discovered at the bottom of a harbor in Rhode Island. For years, the location of the most famous ship in naval history has been a historical mystery, since after its time exploring […]

18 Fictional Years After Battle Of Hogwarts, J.K. Rowling Sorry For Killing This Character

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, it may seem odd to mark the date of a fictional battle with somber remembrances for the fallen. But so enduring is the connection between fans and J.K. Rowling‘s wizarding universe that they’re marking May 2 by bowing their heads in memory of the Battle of Hogwarts, and […]

Ghosts Haunt Cincinnati Music Hall And Here’s Why: Bones Beneath The Orchestra Pit

For decades, orchestras that played at Cincinnati Music Hall had an invisible, unearthly audience: the bones of the city’s long dead, laid to rest in the land a century before. The bones of those dead have been unearthed at the Music Hall with grisly regularity since it was first built in 1876, and for Cincinnati […]