Father’s Day In Florida: Week Of Tragic Attacks Ends With Father’s Day, Hundreds Protest Bear Hunting Season

Florida has played host to a week of tragic attacks ending with Father’s Day 2016, and hundreds turned out to protest the bear hunting season on the eve of the summer solstice. While grieving for and memorializing the many young men and women murdered in Pulse Orlando and campaigning for wildlife conservation are not the […]

Belgium Vs Ireland: Major Terror Attack On Fans Watching Euro 2016 Match Foiled In Belgium

Plans for a major terror attack on fans watching today’s Euro 2016 match, Belgium vs Ireland, were foiled by Belgian police after terror raids overnight. The terror attack was planned to target fans watching the match between Belgium and the Republic of Ireland teams this afternoon, with the game taking place in Belgium’s neighboring country, […]

War News: Are Ethiopia And Eritrea At War Again? Information Withheld Amid Eritrea Claims Of 200 Ethiopian Soldiers Killed In Border Clash

Are Ethiopia and Eritrea at war again? Information is largely withheld by both governments amid Eritrea’s claims of 200 Ethiopian soldiers being killed in a border clash on Thursday. The latest news from the war-ravaged Horn of Africa region reports that a bloody clash at the Ethiopia-Eritrea border left 200 soldiers dead; 200 Ethiopian troops, […]

Muhammad Ali’s Poetry Touted Precursor To Rap Music, Will Live Long After Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

Muhammad Ali is well remembered as one of the world’s greatest boxers, an inspirational athlete and equality activist; his name will not soon disappear from our collective consciousness nor history books the world over. What many forget — or, perhaps, never really knew — is that Muhammad Ali was a talented poet, and in fact, […]

Euro 2016 Vs Adidas Yeezy: Adidas Superstars Compete For Headlines With New Paul Pogba Ad And Adidas Yeezy Launch, Sold Out After Six-Day Camp-Out

Adidas’s current biggest engines for publicity and revenue are undoubtedly its Euro 2016 merchandise, its UEFA Euro 2016 superstar protege Paul Pogba, and Kanye West, the hip-hop royal behind the Adidas Yeezy collection. This week, Adidas’s superstars competed for headlines with a new Paul Pogba ad and the Adidas Yeezy launch, which sold out after […]

Immigration News: NSM Homeland Security Hotline Open, Increased Raids On Immigrant Families Under Obama’s Immigration Reform Expected

In a climate of intense scrutiny and activism relating to the global refugee and immigration crisis, the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia has has established a hotline to field tips on illegal immigrants in response to activities within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The immigration news that NSM’s hotline is open means increased raids […]

Fleet Week NYC: Gay Events Schedule For 2016 Celebration Of Sea Services Promotes Equality And Diversity

Fleet Week NYC has kicked off in the Big Apple, and hoards of sailors are in New York City to celebrate and honor the U.S. Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. The annual festival serves another equally important purpose: Fleet Week NYC’s gay events schedule for the 2016 celebration of sea services promotes equality and diversity […]

Sheep, Drugs, And Stock Control: Dumped Cannabis Stash Sets Sheep On Rampage In Swansea, FDA Approves Revolutionary Drug Addiction Treatment

Today’s world is a series of staggering contrasts. In the same week that the FDA approves a ground-breaking implant for opioid drug addiction treatment, a grass-loving flock of sheep from the Welsh village of Swansea discovered a dumped cannabis stash and went on a rampage through Swansea village. The cannabis had been dumped beside a […]

ISIS, Taliban And EgyptAir: Terrorism On The Rise? Or Does Death Of Taliban’s Leader Mansoor Mean Progress?

Media is saturated with stories of ISIS, the Taliban, and EgyptAir’s terrorism-linked crash, but whether this means terrorism is on the rise is difficult to discern. The death of Taliban leader Mansoor could mean progress, and U.S. and Afghan drone strikes have seen terrorists and financiers of ISIS, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and other Islamic State […]

Egypt Air Crash 2016: Investigation Reveals Possible Bomb Explosion, Chilling Plane Crash Photo Posted By EgyptAir Stewardess On Flight MS804

Data arising from the air crash investigation into EgyptAir flight MS804 reportedly reveals facts about how the air crash occurred and where the fire that caused the plane crash started. The Egypt Air crash of 2016 investigation reveals that a possible bomb explosion occurred, and a chilling plane crash photo posted by an EgyptAir stewardess […]

AI: Google AI Tool ‘Parsey McParseface’ Could Detect Lies, Eliminate Problems Of Human Language With Artificial Intelligence Language Program

Artificial intelligence is one of the world’s fastest-developing fields of study, and Google AI tools have already surpassed our expectations of the human brain-like capabilities of AI technology. Having created a groundbreaking “parsing” program, new Google AI tool Parsey McParseface could detect lies and eliminate problems of human language with an artificial intelligence language program. […]

Justin Trudeau’s Wife Admits ‘I Need Help’ With Role And Duties: Sophie Trudeau Faces ‘Sexist’ Criticism For Requesting Extra Staff

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau has come under fire for recently telling a Quebec magazine that she struggles to keep up with her responsibilities as the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau’s wife admitted “I need help,” with her role and duties, and faced “sexist” criticism for requesting extra staff to help her keep up with […]

Cannes 2016: Red Carpet Fashion Statements And Oscars 2017 Predictions For Aishwarya Rai And Ruth Negga At Cannes Day Five

Festival de Cannes is always rich with red carpet fashion, stunning films, and breakout talent, and this year was no exception. In equal measure, Cannes 2016 saw red carpet fashion statements and Oscars 2017 predictions made for silver screen stars, with two stand-out names dominating Cannes conversations: Bollywood beauty queen Aishwarya Rai and Loving actress […]

Turkey: Helicopter Crash And Clashes With Kurdish PKK Rebels Leave 14 Soldiers Dead

In the violent civil conflict currently playing out in Turkey, a helicopter crash and clashes with Kurdish PKK rebels left 14 soldiers dead in the nation’s southeast early this morning. Turkey’s government has outlawed the PKK — the Kurdistan Workers Party — but Kurdish nationalists continue to rebel in the fight for sovereignty in the […]

Ali Haider Gilani Rescued After 3 Years: Former Pakistan-PM’s Son Recovered From Taliban Captivity

A successful operation by joint U.S. and Afghan forces saw Ali Haider Gilani rescued after three years: the former-Pakistan prime minister’s son was recovered from Taliban captivity yesterday. Ali Haider, the son of ex-PM Yusuf Raza Gilani, was kidnapped by Taliban militants three years ago from his hometown of Multan, in central Pakistan, while campaigning […]

Manchester United New Kit: Club’s New Kit For Away Games Plus Premier League 2016-17 Kits For MUFC, Arsenal, And Liverpool

Premier League sides, including Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, have revealed team kits for the 2016-17 season, as well as Manchester United’s new kit for away games. With another season drawing to a close, the unveiling of next year’s new Premier League kits can provide an exciting insight into what teams will be wearing next […]

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Release Date Brought Forward Two Weeks: ‘PP3’ Hits Cinemas July 21, 2017

In a characteristically fickle move by the producers of Pitch Perfect 3, the release date was brought forward two weeks to July 21, 2017, according to an announcement from Universal Pictures yesterday. The blockbuster comedy about a group of unlikely girlfriends brought together by their love of a cappella was initially to hit cinemas on […]

Landslide In China Leaves 26 Dead, 13 Missing: Grave Fears For Fujian Construction Workers Still Buried

Days of extreme, inclement weather in southeast China are being blamed as a landslide in China that left 26 dead and 13 missing. Authorities have expressed grave fears for those Fujian construction workers still buried beneath the tons of mud and rock brought down by the landslide. Dozens of workers were crushed and killed when […]

Mogadishu Attack: Police And Civilians Killed In Terrorist Attack, Civilians Shot By Police

Terror struck Somalia yesterday with the Mogadishu attack, where police and civilians were killed. At least three police officers and two civilians are dead, with more civilians wounded. Authorities have confirmed that al-Shabaab, the al-Qaeda-aligned Islamic jihadist faction operating in Somalia, claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. The Mogadishu attack saw at least five people, […]

Death Penalty News: Study Finds Death Row Inmates Socio-Economically Disadvantaged, Death Penalty Delays Possibly Unconstitutional

A landmark study of India’s legal system has given rise to concerning death penalty news. The report revealed that over three-quarters of death row inmates are socio-economically disadvantaged from their first breath and suffer horrific mistreatment while awaiting the death penalty. This death penalty news raises questions about the lot of death row inmates in […]

Dalai Lama: Website Launched By Dalai Lama, Atlas Of Emotions, Blends Science And Spirituality To Create Mind Map And Reach Global Audiences

The Dalai Lama never ceases his quest to help others navigate the complex human psyche as part of the path to inner peace, and the Dalai Lama’s website is designed to do just that. In a truly creative and contemporary collaboration between a Hollywood producer, world-class scientists, and the Dalai Lama, a website, named Atlas […]

David Attenborough: Ship Voted ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Is Actually Named RRS Sir David Attenborough, Name Lives On As Sub-Sea Research Vessel

David Attenborough is the new namesake of the $290 million research ship that was to be named “Boaty McBoatface” after the name won a public poll held by the National Environment Research Council. While Boaty McBoatface was the voted winner for the name of the British polar research ship, Science Minister Jo Johnson announced today […]

Missionaries Murdered In Jamaica While Building Home For Impoverished Community

Two missionaries were murdered in Jamaica over the weekend after having worked together in the country since 2002. The missionaries murdered — Harold Nichols, 53, and Randy Hentzel, 48 — had been working in an impoverished community in Jamaica when their battered bodies were found on Sunday evening at approximately 5 p.m. The tragedy of […]

Class-Action Lawsuit Against Uber Threatens To Force Sharing Economy Platforms To Regress

When thousands of Uber drivers this week filed a class-action lawsuit against ride-sharing app Uber for better, more traditional working conditions, the sharing economy suffered yet another blow to its unique modes of operation. The class-action lawsuit against Uber threatens to force sharing economy platforms to regress to the traditional business structures that were so […]

Armenian Genocide: Kim Kardashian Slams WSJ For Publishing Ad For Armenian Genocide Denial Website

Kim Kardashian has slammed the Wall Street Journal for publishing an ad promoting Armenian Genocide denial website FactCheckArmenia.com on the international Armenian Genocide remembrance day last week. The full-page ad was paid for by Turkic Platform and features a leading statement of “Truth = Peace” and an explanation of the genocide remembrance day as a […]

Gay Couple Wins Custody Battle Against Thai Surrogate Mother: A Win For LGBT Parenting Community

An American-Spanish same-sex couple have won the custody battle launched against the Thai woman who agreed to be the surrogate mother of their child and later refused to sign over custody of the child when she discovered that they were gay. The gay couple won the custody battle against the Thai surrogate mother this morning […]

Canadian Hostage Killed In Philippines: Justin Trudeau Confirms Death Of John Ridsdel

A Canadian hostage killed in the Philippines by Islamic State militants has been the subject of outpourings of grief and sympathy from friends, media, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Hostage John Ridsdel was beheaded by Islamic State militant group Abu Sayyaf in what Trudeau called “an act of cold-blooded murder,” having been one of […]

New York Primary Results: Hillary Clinton Has Won New York Democratic Primary, Ending Sanders’ Winning Streak

The New York primary results indicate that Hillary Clinton has won the New York Democratic primary, according to projections of multiple news sources. The NY primary results, according to AP‘s live data published by the New York Times, show 57.6 percent of votes allocated to Clinton, meaning that Clinton has won New York primary by […]

Castaway Rescued From Desert Island By TV Crew ‘Hours From Death,’ Stranded Off Australian Coastline

The filming for an episode of Animal Planet’s River Monsters took an unexpected turn when a castaway was rescued from a desert island by the TV crew after host Jeremy Wade spotted a weak and disoriented man on the island’s edge. The castaway was stranded on a remote, uninhabited island of the northern coastline of […]

Ecuador Earthquake: Victims Identified And First Stories Arise As Death Toll Reaches 413

As the death toll from the devastating Ecuador earthquake reaches 413 — and is predicted only to rise — names of the Ecuador earthquake victims are being identified and the first stories arise now from the rubble of the 7.8 magnitude quake on Friday night. CNN reports that the death toll has risen to 413 […]

German Train Crash: Dispatcher Allegedly Distracted By Phone Game Caused Train Crash And 12 Deaths

The German inquest into the horrific train crash in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, in February this year has found that the dispatcher, distracted by a game on his phone, caused the train crash and the deaths of 12 people that resulted from it. At the time of the tragic train crash, the dispatcher at the helm […]

Tupac Shakur Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ Honored In Clark County As Rapper’s Stepfather Vies For Parole On Deadly Bank Heist Sentence

In a poignant collision of circumstances related to slain rapper Tupac, the cast and crew of the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me were honored in Clark County just as Shakur’s stepfather vies for parole on his sentence for a series of deadly bank robberies. The director, the star – Demetrius Shipp Jr. in […]

Suspect Arrested Over Attempted Assassination Of Chief Forensic Expert In MH17 Crash Investigation

Another small step towards closure in the tragic downing of MH17 was made yesterday when Ukrainian police announced that a suspect was arrested over the attempted assassination of the chief forensic expert in the MH17 crash investigation. When Ukraine’s most senior forensic scientist, Oleksandr Ruvin, was shot in the leg last year, police linked the […]

Donald Trump’s Charitable Donations Not From His Own Money, Politically And Personally Motivated

An investigation into the charitable donations Donald Trump claims to have made over the past 5 years — donations of over $100 million — has revealed that, in fact, Trump’s charitable donations have not been made from his own money. The investigation, spearheaded by The Washington Post, suggests that Trump’s donations have usually been made […]

Bayport Plane Crash: Pilot And Passenger Rescued From Flaming Wreckage Of Small Plane Crash On Quiet Bayport Street

A suburban residential area in Long Island was visited by panic and chaos by the Bayport plane crash that took place around 7 p.m. on Sunday night, an otherwise peaceful time of the week. The small plane was carrying the pilot and one passenger when it crashed onto a quiet Bayport street and burst into […]

Five Victims Identified In Deadly Highway 12 Head-On Collision: Two Toddlers, Three Women Dead

A high-speed, head-on collision on California’s Highway 12 on Saturday night has left two toddlers and three young women dead: deaths that could have been avoided, according to Highway Patrol. The coroner’s office today announced that the five victims identified in the deadly highway 12 head-on collision are two toddlers and three young women, all […]

Hatchet-Wielding Woman Shot By Officer In Wisconsin Walmart, Dies From Wounds At Age 25

A 25-year-old developmentally disabled woman has been shot in a Wisconsin supermarket for refusing to lay down a hatchet she had picked up from a shelf. The hatchet-wielding woman was shot by an officer in a Wisconsin Walmart when she launched at him with the hatchet, then taken to hospital with wounds to her abdomen […]

Odell Beckham Jr. Is Living With Drake: NFL Player Spending Off-Season At Rapper’s House

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. told Ronda Rousey in a video discussion for Draft Kings that he has been keeping OVO rapper Drake company at his mansion recently. That’s right: Odell Beckham Jr. is living with Drake while the NFL player enjoys some off-season activities, and while Drake finishes work on his new album, Views […]

Planned Parenthood: Police Raided Anti-Abortion Activist David Daleiden’s Home, Seized ‘Very Damning’ Evidence

California’s Department of Justice has seized a laptop and multiple hard drives as evidence as part of an ongoing investigation into undercover videos targeting Planned Parenthood. Investigators with the California Police raided anti-abortion activist David Daleiden’s home and seized what Daleiden calls “very damning footage” from his illicit filming at Planned Parenthood clinics. The Planned […]

Justin Bieber: Celebrities Act Out Hilarious Justin Bieber Soap Opera For ‘The Bold And The Lyrical’

For anyone that has found Justin Bieber’s lyrics overly dramatic, extreme or generally bizarre, this segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which celebrities act out a hilarious Justin Bieber soap opera, proves that you are not alone. Corden invited Salma Hayek, Ray Romano, and Gary Oldman to join him in a […]

San Francisco Approves Paid Parental Leave: Sets Equality Precedent For Rest Of U.S.

San Francisco has become the first U.S. city to approve fully paid parental leave for all new parents: male, female, single or same sex— every parent in San Francisco is now entitled to six weeks of paid leave to bond with their baby. It was by a unanimous vote that the policy-makers of San Francisco […]

Melania Trump Speaks In Support Of Husband: He Is A ‘Great Communicator’ Who Will ‘Treat Everyone Equally’

Melania Trump joined her husband Donald Trump onstage to vouch for his “kind” nature and passion to “fight for his country” on Monday night at the latest stop for the Republican candidate. Melania Trump spoke in support of her husband on the campaign trail in a suspected bid to appeal to female voters in the […]

The Weeknd’s Five-Award Sweep At 2016 Juno Awards Shows Us What Good New Music Is

The Weeknd has smashed out the competition at the 2016 Juno Awards in Calgary, Canada, taking home multiple prestigious awards at the ceremony over the weekend for his spectacularly successful array of track releases last year. With praise and concurrence widely expressed by fans and industry professionals alike for The Weeknd’s receipt of the awards, […]

Seven Killed In Quebec Plane Crash: Mother Bereft Of Two Sons And Daughter On Way To Husband’s Funeral

Tragedy struck Canada last night when a small plane crashed on a Quebec island late on Tuesday evening, leaving all seven passengers dead and a Quebec mother bereft of her two sons, her daughter, and her daughter-in-law who were on their way to her husband — their father’s — funeral. Among the seven killed in […]

New Suspect In ‘Making A Murderer’ Case: Avery’s Lawyer Has Found A New Suspect In The Murder Of Teresa Halbach

Avery’s acclaimed new defense attorney, Kathleen Zellner, is a force to be reckoned with in the wrongful conviction field. With an unrivaled reputation in exonerating the falsely convicted, she has now found a new suspect for the murder of Teresa Halbach— an Arizona man with a criminal record to whom Halbach had made two phone […]

San Bernardino Gunman’s iPhone Unlocked By FBI: ‘Mystery Method’ Ends Legal Battle For Apple

The San Bernardino Gunman’s iPhone has been unlocked by the FBI using a new “mystery method” pioneered this year to hack into the terrorist’s iPhone unassisted by its tech giant manufacturer, Apple. The legal battle surrounding the FBI’s demand to have the gunman’s iPhone unlocked began after Syed Farook, the gunman, and his wife, Tashfeen […]

Pentagon Officials Say Increase Of U.S. Troops In Iraq Likely

Pentagon officials say an increase of U.S. troops in Iraq is likely, after military experts undertook to recommend that President Obama step up U.S. forces in the fight against Islamic State in Iraq. General Joseph Dunford, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, said that his recommendation was to increase the U.S. troops already in Iraq – […]

Happy Easter, Here’s A Syringe: Australian Man Found Syringe In Easter Bunny

Some Easter periods run smoothly for retailers and consumers alike; some, a little less so. For one Australian man who found a syringe in an Easter bunny on Good Friday, and the Woolworths grocery store the chocolate bunny was purchased from, the latter was definitely the case. Australian man Peter Oakley was given a Cadbury […]

Brussels Attacks Victims: Information Emerges, American Teen Survives Second Terror Attack, First Victim Identified

As Belgium’s flag is illuminated upon great landmarks across Europe in shows of solidarity, information about the Brussels attacks victims emerges 24 hours after the deadly attacks rocked Brussels’ airport and a busy metro station in the early hours of Tuesday. So far, the death toll stands at 34 — a number that may rise, […]

Kentucky Bribed Chicken: Romanian Politician Jailed For Bribing Voters With Fried Chicken

A recent court decision has seen a Romanian politician jailed for bribing voters with fried chicken in order to secure a high political position in his region. Florin Popescu has been under police investigation for bribing voters in his electorate since 2012, when the corrupt politician was found to have distributed approximately 60 tons of […]