Asymmetric Jeans Has Social Media Howling At Possible Fashion Trend

First of all, what is this new fashion called asymmetric jeans, and why is social media buzzing about this uneven look today? In layman’s terms, asymmetric jeans combine fitted-leg jeans and flared-leg jeans into one pair of pants from designer Ksenia Schnaider. So far, it looks like these asymmetric jeans offer a topic for social […]

Jayme Closs Rescuer Tells Neighbor ‘Just Call 911,’ As They Stood At The Door

Jayme Closs has the nation’s attention today as she made it home safely after 88 days of being held by her abductor. Before the latest on the missing teen hit the news, a woman walking her dog had the first encounter with the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl. While Jeanne Nutter walked her golden retriever she saw […]

Jessica Simpson Posts Swollen Foot Photo, Then Uses Chicken Instead Of Ice For Swelling

Jessica Simpson just put out a call for help and that call went out to all her 4.4 million followers on Instagram. Once you see the picture she’s posted of her swollen ankle and foot, you can understand why she’s looking for home remedies. The 35-year-old actress, singer, and reality show star-turned-business mogul is pregnant […]

Oprah And Gayle Failed Seduction Stories Include Dressing In Clear Plastic Wrap

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are best friends and when they get together, even their generic conversation is entertaining. They recently joined forces to film The Oprah Gayle Chronicles. This new series from Oprah’s magazine, O, offers anything but idle chitchat. With that said, can you imagine what it’s like when these two powerful women […]

Florida Man Claims 3 Syringes Found In His Rectum Aren’t His

Wesley Dasher Scott is making national headline news today after claiming that three syringes found hidden in his rectum were not his. Scott was arrested on a warrant stemming from a drug charge in Clearwater, Florida. While his arrest is just one of many throughout the day across the nation, it was the excuse he […]

Elizabeth Warren Swigs A Beer Among Kitchen Utensils In Growing Trend

Elizabeth Warren attempted to give Americans a reality-like show from her kitchen, but as she seemed to simmer campaign thoughts, the internet came calling. Warren’s kitchen appearance came just hours after the news conference outside her home. This is where Warren made her big announcement. At that press conference, she told the world of her […]

Dog Pets Cat Then Cat Hugs Dog In Viral Video Hit Seen On ‘Fox & Friends’

A dog pets a cat and then the cat hugs a dog, this was the scene captured on a video that’s gone viral and making a buzz online today. The dog and cat video was also seen on TV news over the last few days as a feel good-like segment for ringing in the new […]

Border Wall Gets Donation In Hillary Clinton’s Name Via GoFundMe

As of late, Trump’s border wall is the buzz of the news, with polarized sides battling everything from cost to design. A GoFundMe page raising money for Trump’s border wall reached close to $15 million as of Saturday morning, according to Fox & Friends Weekend. But it seems that money isn’t the only thing emerging […]

Will Meghan Markle Be The Royal Who Plucks Those Feathers From Their Caps?

Meghan Markle is a thoroughly modern woman, much like her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Slowly, over time, it’s been the women who have made the most impact when it comes to change in royal tradition. While most of the changes are small in the scope of things, the royal women have […]

David Eason Cuts Himself On Instagram As Red Flags Fly For ‘Teen Mom 2’ Alum

Since appearing on Teen Mom 2, David Eason has continued to make headlines and his recent antics have people worried about Jenelle Evans once again. David Eason’s sister posted a few comments about her brother after his recent Instagram post seemed to show Eason embarking on risky behavior. On the heels of the Secret Service […]

Do Royal Family Christmas Cards Look A Bit Bah-Humbug This Year?

Three very popular royal family members released their 2018 Christmas cards for their families this week and they all did something that’s conjuring a bit of slack online today. Kate and William, Meghan and Harry, and Charles and Camilla all sent their tidings and joy for the holiday season via these photo Christmas cards, but […]

Faith Healer Oprah Promoted Faces Arrest For Sex Abuse Allegations From 258 Women

A faith healer that Oprah largely promoted for his abilities is now wanted by the authorities, as over 250 women have come forward with accusations. João Teixeira de Faria, the man who calls himself “John of God,” is wanted by authorities after sex abuse allegations were recently revealed. Oprah’s repeated promotions of Faria, who is […]

’90 Day Fiance’ Cast Salaries Reveal Why Jon, Rachel, Paul, Danielle, And Others Need Money

A new report on the 90 Day Fiance cast salaries is rather shocking when you look at what other reality shows are paying their cast members. Across the social media sites today, reports emerge about the 90 Day Fiance stars who are attempting to raise money. So why is that? While most people think that’s […]

’90 Day Fiance’ Alum Darcey Silva Coos With ‘Freaky Lips’ In NYC

90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva didn’t walk away from the show a bride despite giving it her all. What she did walk away with was a famous face, as people still can’t seem to get enough of her today. Darcey is one of those reality show cast members who polarizes […]

Is Angela Deem Filming New ’90 Day Fiance’ Series Sporting Softer Look?

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem’s latest photo is gathering kudos online as she’s never looked so good. On her latest trip to Nigeria to visit her long-distance love, Michael Ilesanmi, she’s wearing clothes that look a bit more conducive for that neck of the woods. During Angela’s first trip to Michael’s country many months […]

Dog Guards Burned Home For Weeks After California Wildfires

When Andrea Gaylord was finally allowed back into the area where her home burned to the ground in the California fires, she had a surprise waiting. The wildfires in California devastated her neighborhood but one family member never gave up waiting. Her dog Madison was faithfully guarding the property where her house once stood. The […]

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Spring Baby Brings Ami Brown ‘Back To Life’

One of the first things fans learned about the Alaskan Bush People family is this is one tight-knight brood. Although, like any other family they’ve hit a few rough patches along the way, which is what happened to Noah Brown and his wife Rhain. It sounds like Noah and his wife had a bit of […]

Spiked Vest Stops Coyotes From Killing Dogs And Hawks From Flying Away With Them

Dogs aren’t just pets anymore, as they’ve become four-legged family members in many homes across the nation. Protecting your pet is serious business today, with all the dangers that lurk outside your front door. From a tiny tick carrying Lyme disease to coyotes looking for their next meal, your dog is at the mercy of […]

Queen Elizabeth, At 13, Swooned Over Prince Philip, 18, Which Amused Him

Queen Elizabeth was only 13 when she kept a picture of 18-year-old Prince Philip by her bedside. Elizabeth swooned over his portrait and wrote letters to Philip. It seems Philip did his fair share of letter writing to the 13-year-old Elizabeth. With that said, on his part, it was nothing more than an “amusing diversion,” […]

Trumps, Obamas, and Clintons’ Greetings Include ‘Cold Shoulder’ At Bush Funeral

Donald and Melania Trump greeted Michelle and Barack Obama at the funeral services held for George H.W. Bush today, and it seems some reports put the Clintons as being left out of a handshake greeting from the president. A group of six of the world’s most influential people sat side-by-side today, but the tension was […]

Meghan Markle Fans Not Alone, Just Ask Piers Morgan’s Head-Banging Co-Workers

Meghan Markle had a verbal portrait painted recently by Piers Morgan and it was far from a Picasso of words. Calling Meghan a “ruthless social climbing actress” sent Meghan Markle’s fans to the social media sites to slam Piers Morgan for his Good Morning Britain rant. The former Suits star’s fans are not alone when […]

Dog Sully Guarding George HW Bush’s Casket Is A Sad Reminder Of Death Impacting Pets

A picture of Sully the dog asleep in front of George H.W. Bush’s casket has not only evoked tears, but also offered a reminder of how death impacts pets. Sully came to the former president shortly after the former president lost his life partner and devoted wife, Barbara Bush. The much-loved canine is a service […]

Meghan Markle Urged To Fix Tyrant-Like Rumors With Queen’s Help

It looks like Meghan Markle is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the explosive reports making her out to be a royal tyrant. Despite Buckingham Palace putting the lid on the rumored row between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, the headlines still persist. Meghan has never publicly addressed anything that’s […]

Here’s How ‘Fortnite’ Battle Royale Bundle Buyers Are Getting Ripped Off

Fornite is a popular game, and the Fornite Battle Royale mode is the most popular aspect of it. Parents who don’t know much about the game are easy prey, as they hit the stores this holiday season. Parents are out to get their kids the hottest video games going this year, but they need to […]

NYPD Manhunt Over As Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring During Proposal Is Found

It looks like some members of the New York City Police Department have a romantic side, as they embarked on a manhunt where the only crime for the perpetrators was love. A marriage proposal in New York City’s Time Square is something you’ll remember the rest of your life. This couple now has extenuating circumstances […]

Is Meghan Markle’s Father Throwing Stones At British ‘Snobs’ For Berating His Daughter?

Meghan Markle has been put in some rather uncomfortable positions by her father with his past public interviews, not to mention what his older daughter Samantha Markle has said to the press about Meghan Markle. It seems the tables have turned as Thomas Markle is now speaking out against all the negativity surrounding his daughter […]

Queen Must Be Notified First When Meghan Markle Gives Birth

Meghan Markle is expected to follow the royal protocol upon the arrival of her new little prince or princess. Before she can call her mom, Doria Ragland, Queen Elizabeth must be notified of the baby’s birth and the baby’s gender. The birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby won’t be revealed until the Queen […]

George HW Bush Oldest, Youngest, First, And Best Historic Milestones

George H.W. Bush passed away at 94-years-0ld, and during those nine and a half decades, Bush 41 made historic milestones. As the world mourns the passing of the former American president, he is remembered for these milestones today. The nation will say their final goodbye to President George H.W. Bush during the next few days. […]

Meghan Markle Develops Coping Strategy As British Press Negativity Continues

It wasn’t too long after the relationship of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first made the news that Harry had to take matters into his own hands. Meghan Markle’s welcome from the British press was rather atrocious, and Prince Harry wasn’t having any of it. The UK’s beloved prince called out the British press for […]

Bill And Hillary Clinton Face Half-Empty Arena On First Stop Of Paid Speaking Tour

All the hoopla around Bill and Hillary Clinton taking to the road to bring their message to the masses didn’t help push the ticket sales. Or at least that’s what it looked like on Tuesday night when the Clintons kicked off their tour with their first speaking engagement. Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning reported […]

Mel B Admits She Keeps A Piece Of Surgically-Removed Skin With Tattoo Of Ex’s Name In A Jar

Mel B keeps the surgically-removed skin from a tattoo in a jar and that piece of her skin has the name of her ex-husband on it. That tattoo once declared her everlasting love for her ex, Stephen Belafonte. That jar sits on top of her wardrobe and while Mel B admits it sounds terrible, she […]

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s New Home Offers Good, Bad, And Ugly Points To Ponder

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are slated to make Frogmore Cottage their main residence early next year. Frogmore Cottage is more like a mansion than a cottage as it offers 10 bedrooms. This countryside residence has served as a retreat for the royal family for more than 300 years and a lot of water has […]

‘The View’ Ponders Kim Kardashian’s Ecstasy Reveal But Social Media Rips Her Apart

Kim Kardashian didn’t create too much of a surprise when she revealed she used ecstasy during two life-changing events in the past. What she did create was bewilderment and anger, which is evident on social media today. Not too many fans were surprised to learn that Kim Kardashian made her infamous sex tape with Ray […]

Roman Reigns Makes First Public Appearance Since Cancer Reveal

Roman Reigns is one of the most controversial WWE wrestlers who ever jumped into the ring only because fans either love him or they love to hate him. While fans might boo Roman as he makes his way into the ring, without him there, they’re miserable. This is Reigns’ second bout with leukemia. He hasn’t […]

Princess Diana Wasn’t In On The Royal Gag For Her First Christmas

When Princess Diana celebrated her first Christmas as a royal family member, she was not informed of the Queen’s gift-giving protocol. While Diana made sure everyone in the family got a gift, she had no way of knowing she went overboard when buying those presents. Princess Diana wasn’t aware of the Queen’s tradition that entailed […]

Rumors That Meghan Markle Is Having Twins Circulate, Betting Increases

Is Meghan Markle having twins? It looks like some people believe this is so, as bookmakers were forced to suspend the betting on twins for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s forthcoming birth. Friday morning something sparked an abnormal amount of bets on Meghan Markle giving birth to a set of twins. Paddy Power, the Irish […]

Meghan Markle’s Baby Name – Astonishing Shortlist Suggested By Prince Charles

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby name possibilities highlighted a speech given by grandpa Prince Charles recently. Harry and Meghan haven’t yet revealed the due date of their blessed event, but Prince Charles got a jump on the shortlist of baby names. Many expect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to honor the royals by pulling […]

How To Cook A Frozen Turkey – SOS For Thanksgiving Dinner

If you are looking at a frozen turkey this Thanksgiving morning don’t worry, you are not alone. Even the most seasoned cooks forget to defrost their turkey or find their turkey hasn’t thawed completely through. As Fox & Friends reminded their viewers on Thanksgiving morning – do not fry a frozen turkey. But seasoned cooks […]

Donald And Melania Trump Hold Hands, Barron Towers In Height — But Buzz Is On Work Ethics?

It seems that Donald and Melania Trump can’t make a move without every step and gesture getting analyzed. Trump supporters got to see the picture of a happy family departing for their Thanksgiving holiday, while the Trump critics painted a portrait of a different hue. President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Barron Trump were […]

Tori Roloff And Jackson In ‘Terrifying’ Car Accident – Car Totaled

Tori Roloff shared the “scariest moment” in her life with fans yesterday after she was involved in a car accident that left her car totaled earlier in the month. The Little People, Big World mom was in the car with her 1-year-old son Jackson when the accident happened. Despite their Ford car getting totaled in […]

James Woods Springs Into Action When Vet Tweets – ‘I’m Going To Kill Myself’

Actor James Woods didn’t know this veteran who tweeted for the first time in his life to say goodbye. The unidentified man was at a point in his life where he couldn’t see a future and he was ready to take his own life. Furthermore, the distraught man felt very much alone – but he […]

Meghan Markle Conjures Up Double Take From Queen – White On Wedding Day A Surprise

Queen Elizabeth was perplexed with Meghan Markle’s choice of wedding dress color, but as critics ask, what color was she supposed to wear? It’s the year 2018 and things are a lot different when it comes to proper attire these days. While Queen Elizabeth is going by some of the older traditions a bride used […]

Trump Campaign Concocts Joe Biden Nickname Ahead Of 2020 Race In New Report

Donald Trump once called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and that’s a name that stuck around. So when the Trump campaign started to toy around with nicknames for their possible opponents in the 2020 race, Joe Biden’s name popped up. The New York Post reports that Trump’s team is “hard at work” finding just the right […]

Kim Kardashian’s Voluptuous Bikini Curves Interrupted By ‘Rotten Toenail’ Observations

If you were wondering what Kim Kardashian was up to when she recently posted a photo of her feet done up in yellow nail polish without so much as one word for a caption — wonder no more. That photo appeared to be a visual rebuttal aimed at all the nasty comments about Kim’s latest […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Alum Gets Totally Naked — Even Leaves Dancing Shoes Behind In Photos

There are many ways to mark the end of a honeymoon, but that usually entails hopping on a plane with a bag of souvenirs that you’ve collected during your first weeks of wedded bliss together. It seems Mark Ballas and his wife had their own way to commemorate the end of their honeymoon, and that […]

Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Rattled By Mates Mocking Mum’s Skimpy Bikini Posts: Urges Mum To Stop, Claims ‘Mirror’

Damian Hurley is getting a ribbing from his friends over his mom’s bikini shots online, claims a source close to Elizabeth Hurley’s son in the latest reports. LADBible suggests that Damian “is at the age where everything his mum does is embarrassing.” A report from the Mirror claimed that Damian Hurley “begs mum to stop […]

Queen Elizabeth Is Devastated Over The Death Of Her Corgi: Willow Was The Last Of The Royal Canine Line

Queen Elizabeth is taking the death of her corgi especially hard, as Willow was the last corgi in her royal line of canines. After being a loyal and trusted companion to the Queen for the past 14 years, Willow had to be put down after suffering “a bout of damnable cancer,” according to the Washington […]

Shark Rips Man’s Arms and Legs To ‘Shreds’ In Waist-Deep Water: Graphic Photos Show Severity Of Shark Attack

Gruesome photos taken of a man in the aftermath of a shark attack demonstrate the violence the victim endured in this horrific event. The man was attacked by a shark while in shallow water, which is described as being “waist-deep.” The disturbing pictures show the man’s limbs mauled and covered in blood. According to Page […]

Woman Reportedly Dies After Partially Sucked Out Of Smashed Window Of Southwest Airline Flight At 32,000 Feet

A Southwest Airlines jet engine reportedly “shredded” shortly after takeoff, sending shrapnel flying into the aircraft and causing a hole in the plane’s fuselage. One woman has died after suffering a head injury when she was partially sucked out of the plane through a broken window, according to the Press of Atlantic City. The shrapnel […]

Melania Trump’s Outfit So ‘Off-Beat She Might As Well Have Been Dressing Badly On Purpose,’ Claims ‘Express’

Melania Trump’s $700 spike heels were mentioned in a critique of the first lady’s outfit just before her attire was criticized piece by piece. This critique uses words like “strange,” “bizarre,” and even “bonkers” when describing Melania’s “getup” during a recent outing. The Express suggests that Melania’s choice of attire “distracts” from Donald Trump’s “controversial” […]