Latrell Sprewell Wants To Pay You To Follow Him On Twitter [Opinion]

NBA Superstar Latrell Sprewell was just on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and offered to pay them, and anyone else, to follow him on Twitter. Sprewell has had an interesting history on Twitter throughout the ups and downs of his career. It started off when he came out in support of President-elect Donald […]

Adam Saleh Scandal ‘Terrorists On A Plane’ Possibly Used YouTube Growth Hacking On Subscribers And Views

YouTube superstar of “Terrorists on a Plane,” Adam Saleh, might have played a prank on his own YouTube account many months ago. Recently, Adam made the news when he filmed a prank video for YouTube while on an actual airplane with real people flying somewhere across the United States. He has made previous pranks on […]

Trump Twitter Ethics Forces GOP Congress To Keep Independent Ethics Committee, Vows To Drain The Swamp

President-elect Donald Trump has caused another firestorm on Twitter, publicly bashing the recent proposal from GOP members of Congress. They motioned and voted to dismantle the famous Independent Ethics Committee, and faced a lot of backlash from progressive-leaning Democrats. At a time when the Democrats have lost virtually all control of the government, the Independent […]

Donald Trump Taps Kellyanne Conway As First Female Counselor To President

In a historic move, President-elect Donald Trump tapped Kellyanne Conway as the United States of America’s first female Counselor to the President. Kellyanne Conway has broken two United States records and is literally shattering glass ceilings in 2016, as she has already become the first woman in the United States to successfully manage a presidential […]

Donald Trump Picks Peter Navarro For New Trade Post [Breaking]

President-elect Donald Trump has just announced his pick for White House Trade Council Peter Navarro. Navarro is extremely hawkish on China relating to trade deals, and one of his main aspirations is to renegotiate the current state of trade deals with China. He is a University of California, Irvine, Professor of Economics, and has been […]

German Police Arrest Wrong Man in Christmas Terrorist Attack [Breaking]

According to recent reports, German police announced that they have arrested the wrong man. “We have the wrong man,” said a senior police chief. “And therefore a new situation. The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause fresh damage.” According to the Berliner, the blood and DNA found in the truck do […]

Russia’s Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated Inside Ankara [Breaking]

Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey has been assassinated in Ankara, Turkey, just minutes ago, according to Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency. Andrey Karlov was shot inside an art gallery, and there are already graphic pictures of the aftermath. Karlov was in the middle of giving a speech to the visitors of the art exhibition when the […]

How Donald Trump Could Have Used ‘Growth Hacking’ To Hack His Campaign And Blame Russia

Many find it sad that we see so much Cold War rhetoric now in the age of technology, peace, and communication. With the recent headlines across major news outlets, that isn’t shocking. News has come from major networks about a massive Russian attack on our sovereignty, blatant hacks of our political organizations, and propaganda perpetuated […]

Aussie-Based YouTube Star Jason Pinder Launches Simple Cooking Club

An Australian native named Jason Pinder has just over 1.2 million subscribers for his world famous cooking channel on YouTube. Now he’s launching, a website that aims to host all of his recipes and serve as a focal point for the community of people who love to cook at home. How did he get […]

Donald Trump On Twitter Focuses On ‘SNL’

This weekend continues the battle between Donald Trump and his legion of supporters and the Saturday Night Live team. The latest skit from SNL featured a sarcastic version of Trump who is spending his time retweeting random people on Twitter while delaying the work required of a President. It also featured Mr. Trump taking credit […]

Calls On Twitter To Suspend Donald Trump For Violating Terms Of Service

President-elect Donald Trump has a long history on Twitter. In the past, his tweets were rather harmless and at times humorous. Since the start of the election, he’s used Twitter to his advantage by rallying his supporters and spreading his message. Now that Trump won the election, he is the common target for the media’s […]

WikiLeaks News Claims Clinton Used Pay-To-Play For Port Canaveral Deal

WikiLeaks has surfaced in the news again with its release of more than half a million U.S. cables, some that date back to the late 1970s. This leak was the follow-up to the recent Julian Assange interview, where he squashed rumors of his demise. The content of the leaks takes us back in time when […]