NY Post Spreads DEA Disinformation Regarding Kratom

The New York Post recently published an article regarding kratom that relied heavily on blatant misinformation supplied by the DEA. The article claimed 10 percent of the 23,000 respondents to the call for public comments claimed they supported the DEA ban. They relied on a claim of 15 attributable deaths related to kratom that has […]

Oh My! George Takei Accused Of Sexual Assault

The Hollywood Reporter has just broke a shocking story involving beloved Star Trek icon George Takei. According to Scott R. Brunton, a former model, Takei took advantage of him and groped him at a vulnerable time. In an interview, Bruton told THR that though it allegedly happened almost 40 years ago, it was something he […]

Brainwashed ‘Smallville’ Star Reportedly ‘Recruiting Sex Slaves’ For NXIVM ‘Cult’

Alison Mack, one of the stars of Smallville, has evidently been recruiting women to become sex slaves for the NXIVM cult, according to the group’s former publicist. Mack has supposedly been brainwashed by cult leader Keith Raniere. Once the women are recruited, they are forcibly branded with Raniere’s initials, former publicist Frank Parlato told The […]

Kevin Spacey’s Brother Claims Father Was ‘Nazi’ Rapist

Kevin Spacey has made waves in the news recently with the astounding accusations by actor Anthony Rapp and news anchor Heather Unruh. The claims that he sexually abused a family member of Unruh and attempted to sexually assault then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp led to Spacey making a statement. He claims he doesn’t recall the incident […]

Woody Allen And Louis C.K. Films Features Theme Of Teen Sex

Woody Allen has a new film coming out that features themes of a middle-aged man who chases after starlets and starts a sexual relationship with a young teen. Elle Fanning, 20, plays the 15-year-old love interest of Jude Law’s character. The New York Post has skewered the film and its treatment of the “so-called concubine.” […]

‘Ain’t It Cool’ Implodes Amidst Harry Knowles Assault Allegations

Geek culture aficionado and founder and owner of Ain’t it Cool seems to be fiddling while Rome burns. The well-known nerd and geek culture commentator is faced with popular contributors leaving the ship as well as more women coming forward with sexual assault allegations. On Saturday, IndieWire broke the news that Jasmine Baker had come […]

Jonathan Frakes Spills Beans About CBS ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Secrets

Jonathan Frakes has spilled the beans regarding a major sub-plot in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. The latest iteration of the Star Trek franchise will see the Enterprise return to CBS, bringing the decades-long property into the streaming age. CBS has made sure that storyline secrets remain hush-hush, but the actor and director — […]

U2 Cancels St. Louis Concert Due To Riots

U2 has announced the cancellation of their scheduled concert this weekend in St. Louis. The cancellation comes hot on the heels of increasing violence following protests that swiftly turned into riots. The protests were initially a reaction to the acquittal of a police officer charged with first-degree murder, an incident that culminated in the fatal […]

Controversial Rapper XXXtentacion Lynching Video Attracts Attention From KKK

The internet went nuts after rapper XXXtentacion’s disturbing video for the song “Look at Me” went viral. The promotional video, which features a toddler being lynched by the rapper, has become infamous overnight scoring a whopping 10 million views on YouTube in just the first 48 hours. The video may have been taken out of […]

Chelsea Manning Fellowship Rescinded Following Morell and Pompeo Protest

Former Deputy Director of the CIA Mike Morell resigned from his post at Harvard University Thursday, one day after the prestigious educational institution said Chelsea Manning would be invited as a visiting fellow. In his resignation letter explaining the decision, Morell said he could not lecture at an institution “that honors convicted felon and leaker […]

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Defends Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Son

In a strange turn of events, the self-affirmed Neo-Nazi and head internet troll behind The Daily Stormer website has appeared recently on Israeli news to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, for his purportedly antisemitic memes posted online. This wouldn’t be the first time that a major Alt-Right figure had appeared in the Israeli […]

Portland, Oregon, And Vancouver, Washington, Protests See Antifa Arrests

Portland, Oregon, was to be the site of a rally by Patriot Prayer. In keeping with the recent trend, the rally was met with a counter-protest, and tensions mounted between the opposing factions. According to the Portland Police, seven people have been arrested during multiple protests during a permitted march in downtown Portland. The protest, […]

Neil Patel Headlines NextCon Customer Experience Convention

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, customer service specialists, and others will be heading to Scottsdale soon to take part in the second-annual NextCon. The theme of this year’s event is based around becoming customer-experience legends. Last year, NextCon hosted 1,500 attendees, and organizers expect to surpass that number in 2017. Although offering a top-notch experience to […]

WanderJaunt Seeks To Break Into The Short Term Rentals Market

Aided by $2 million in venture capital, WanderJaunt is taking on short-term rental properties company AirBnB with a unique differentiation model. In order to be highly competitive, WanderJaunt has made deals with home goods providers such as Leesa Sleep to guarantee a quality level of experience across the board for their consumers. WanderJaunt is currently […]

Korean Comfort Women: What Side Of The Story Is True?

December 28, 2015, was a truly historic day in the story of South Korean comfort women. It was the day when the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea came to an agreement on the very long running issue of comfort women. It appeared that there would finally be a resolution to this long-standing and […]

Bot Or Not: A Tale Of Two Minceys

A bot or not a bot, that was the question in major media venues since the takedown of supposed “Trumpbot” Nicole Mincey at Twitter. Despite several reports to the contrary, the Nicole Mincey/proTrump45 Twitter profile was neither a bot nor purged from the site for being a bot. In actuality, after the controversy made its […]

Jim Acosta Calls Trump Statement ‘Fake News,’ Regarding 17 Intelligence Agencies And Russia

Jim Acosta, a CNN White House correspondent, may be putting his foot in his mouth, after claiming incorrectly that Trump’s reference to a story that was finally debunked via New York Times and AP corrections was “fake news.” Acosta went as far as to refer to the press meeting in Poland as a “fake news […]

George Washington University ‘Profiling Project’ Investigates Seth Rich Murder

An independent team of George Washington University students are undertaking an independent investigation of the Seth Rich murder. Currently, D.C. Police are still investigating Seth Rich’s murder as a botched robbery. The forensic psychology, criminal investigation, and profiling experts-in-training, who spent three months investigating the homicide, are not so sure of this. Currently they surmise […]

Cassie Jaye Receives Backlash In Australia For ‘The Red Pill’ Documentary

Former feminist Cassie Jaye has experienced a rash of backlash in Australia regarding her documentary, The Red Pill. Her appearance on Sunrise on 7 was no exception. “I’ve never been treated like I was on Sunrise and also The Project… a lot of people don’t realize, my interview with The Project was heavily edited down,” […]

Christopher Miller Plans To Challenge Legality of Kratom in Tennessee

Clarksville native Christopher Miller was recently arrested in Nashville, TN for attempting to sell kratom. Kratom is an herb that recently faced up against a possible DEA ban. Luckily for the thousands who use kratom for pain, depression, anxiety or even to wean off of opiates, bipartisan support of congress and medical doctors, ethnobotanists, pharmacologists […]

Susan Ash Steps Down As American Kratom Association Chair

Susan Ash, of the American Kratom Association, announced shortly after a meeting in Washington, D.C., with Congressman Mark Pocan that she will be stepping down from the board of the American Kratom Association. The American Kratom Association is one of a handful of grassroots organizations that have sprung up to preserve the legality of kratom, […]

Nascar Says No Go On Logo: Carl Long Loses Sponsor Over Marijuana Controversy

Nascar officials stripped Carl Long and his green and yellow #66 of his hood sponsor Veedverks Friday before the Kansas Cup. Veedverks, a Colorado-based hemp oil vape pen company was deemed to be “detrimental to the sport” and public image. The Veedverks’ product was widely reported to be medical marijuana but was actually a 50 […]

Sean Spicer Returns: Is ‘SNL’ Jumping The Shark With Spicer In The Bushes Skit?

Is Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer impersonation a case of SNL jumping the shark? SNL has recently had a heyday with President Trump and his staff’s antics. Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Press Secretary Sean Spicer as a blustering blowhard with a violent streak has raised a lot of comment over the past couple of months. Spicer […]

Daily Show Reunion On The Late Show After Colbert Controversy [Video]

The Daily Show Correspondents reunion on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert comes hot on the heels of Colbert’s coming under fire for inappropriate, specifically insensitive language. Colbert’s blistering Late Show monolog aimed towards President Trump was widely perceived to be homophobic. Fallout already includes a possible FCC investigation and a #FireColbert hashtag campaign. FCC […]

Betsy DeVos Booed At Bethune-Cookman Commencement [Video]

Quite an uproar was raised as Betsy DeVos was booed at the Bethune-Cookman University graduation commencement this Wednesday. “Thank you so very much for this great honor and privilege. I am honored to become a Wildcat,” DeVos announced to the audience at Bethune-Cookman University’s graduation commencement. From the beginning of her speech, a number of […]