Spurred Out Of Service: How Donald Trump Avoided Vietnam

Donald Trump’s history of avoiding the draft has fallen under scrutiny, since his public feud with the parents of a fallen soldier, Humayun Khan, who was killed in 2004 by a car bomb while serving in Iraq. Trump, whom the Gold Star father Khizr Khan said had “sacrificed nothing,” retorted that he had made sacrifices […]

What Is Edward Snowden Up To? Posts Tweet: ‘It’s Time’

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor-turned-whistleblower, posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday, requesting that former colleagues reconnect with him. Snowden tweeted “It’s time” to his more than 2 million followers. Did you work with me? Have we talked since 2013? Please recontact me securely, or talk to @bartongellman. It’s time. https://t.co/AKmgF5AIDJ — Edward […]

State Of The Climate: ‘Earth’s Fever Rises’

During the first half of 2016, temperatures have reached a blistering peak and are still climbing past the record-breaking 2015 averages. Last year was record-breaking for concentrations of all three of the main long-lived greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O), according to EcoWatch. According to […]

Eric Trump ‘Victim Blaming’ Women, Claims His Father Apologized To Khans

Eric Trump sprang to his father’s defense over Donald’s treatment of the family of a slain Muslim U.S. soldier. Eric Trump said that the Republican nominee had already apologized to the Khans and Gold Star families. However, sources say this is not true. Donald Trump has declined to apologize. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2RKv1JxNYg During an interview on CBS […]

Warren Buffett Challenges Donald Trump To Tax Return Dual

Warren Buffett launched a blistering attack on Donald Trump for his self-aggrandizing claims about fortune and sacrifice. Speaking at an Omaha rally in support of Hillary Clinton, the investor and philanthropist Buffett fired away at the Republican nominee in a volley of criticism. Before an audience of several thousand, Buffett challenged Trump to agree to […]

SeaWorld CEO Says Company Is ‘Trying To Change’

SeaWorld’s CEO said that ending its controversial orca breeding program was the “most difficult” decision he has made. A severe decrease in attendance by younger visitors had influenced the choice, Joel Manby said. He admitted in an exclusive interview with Attraction Magazine that SeaWorld is now “trying to change”. #Seaworld CEO: ending controversial #Blackfish breeding […]

Dog Gets Bored Waiting? Crashes Car Into West Virginia Walmart

A dog apparently got tired of waiting for his owner to come out of a West Virginia Walmart, so he took matters into his own paws. The dog, a terrier mix, slid the car into drive, and it slowly ambled across the parking lot while stunned onlookers watched. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNl0b_ECcXU As the canine-driven vehicle approached her, […]

Homeless Hero Pit Bull Stabbed Five Times While Saving Georgia Woman

A pit bull risked his life to save a woman from an attacker in Baldwin, Georgia. The pit bull, a 75-pound stray, jumped in front of the woman, leaving himself vulnerable to the knife-wielding attacker, according to DailyMail. Though he was successful in separating the woman from the attacker, the dog was stabbed five times […]

Dog Gets New Leash On Life Through New Jersey ASPCA Rehab Center

Belle, a lop-eared Shepherd mix, was one face in a crowd of over 300 animals rescued from an overcrowded dog pound in Alabama. The experience had traumatized the dog so much that even when she was adopted, her first owners returned her after only two days. Belle was terrified and unable to cope with life […]

Animal Activists Rally For Dolphins At Japanese Embassy In DC

Animal activists rallied at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C., on Friday, calling for an end to the slaughter of dolphins and whales in Taiji, Japan. The Embassy on Massachusetts Avenue played host for three hours in the afternoon to a demonstration organized in protest of the annual killing of whales. The hunt and […]

Australian Dingoes Destined To Die After Being Used For Goat Control

Dingoes are becoming the tool of conservationists in Queensland, Australia, who want a herd of goats put to death. The dingoes will be released on an island where the non-native goats have been left to overpopulate. Backlash to Pelorus Island goat control using #dingoes as disposable pest control. https://t.co/hvsQJlwgsV via @DSchwartzOz — Andrew Picone (@andrew_picone) […]

Dog Missing For Six Years Reunited With Texas Family

Yet another testament to microchipping happened to a Texas family, whose dog went missing nearly seven years ago. The dog, an adorable terrier mix mutt named Corky, escaped his backyard outdoor kennel in 2009, when he was only a year old. At that time, the family lived in the country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vvpJi0xAyk Jimmy Montez, Corky’s owner, […]

Why Even Harry Potter Fans Are Asking J.K. Rowling To Stop

As the new play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premieres Saturday, with publicity efforts that some are likening to George Lucas, the word is that J.K. Rowling is wearing out the Harry Potter franchise. Rowling has established an almost weekly tradition of engagement with fans, offering revisions, apologies or explanations about characters to her […]

U.S. Marine Horse ‘Sgt Reckless’ Awarded Posthumous Medal Of Valor

The U.S. Marine Corps awarded a posthumous medal for outstanding bravery in the line of duty during the bloodiest battles of the Korean War to Sergeant Reckless, a horse. The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), an animal charity, awarded Reckless with the Dickin Medal. The animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, this highest British […]

Santa Barbara Dolphin Biologist Creates List Of 10 Worst Tanks For Whales: SeaWorld Owns Top Three

A Santa Barbara dolphin biologist has teamed up with international animal protection organization, In Defense of Animals, to create the first-ever 10 Worst Tanks for Dolphins & Whales list. The list was released for facilities in North America, with the SeaWorld as Number One for, “most disappointing”. Dolphin Biologist Creates 10 Worst Tanks 4 Dolphins […]

World’s First Solar-Powered Plane Circles The Globe In Historic Flight

https://rumble.com/embed/vd4hv/ In a boon for clean energy, the first round-the-world flight fueled only by solar power made history Tuesday, touching down in Abu Dhabi. The plane, called Solar Impulse 2, had amassed a 25,000-mile journey that began over a year ago. The Swiss-engineered plane had made 16 stops across the world, using no fuel. The […]

Nick Cannon Releases ‘Dallas Flowers’ Video In Memorial Tribute

Nick Cannon, a supporter of Black Lives Matter and an advocate for victims of police brutality, has released a new clip entitled “Dallas Flowers.” Cannon’s piece is a poem which hit YouTube on Sunday, in conjunction with his “Spoken Word Sundays.” The video is a reminder of all those lost in Dallas, as well as […]

Dog Hired To Protect Wildlife At Glacier National Park

A border collie named Gracie is the first dog to be employed by a national park. Her job should come to her naturally. Gracie herds sheep for her owner, Mark Biel, and her job will be to keep bighorn sheep and mountain goats out of the way of tourists at Glacier National Park in Montana. […]

Blair Witch The Sequel: Following The River Of Movie Mistakes?

Lionsgate blew the roof off the cinema with an unsuspecting twist on Friday at Comic-con, when they screened the entire, finished version of The Woods, in a surprise reveal: It is actually the third movie in the Blair Witch series. Simply titled Blair Witch, the film was filmed covertly last summer. It brings an entirely […]

Boston Tattoo Artist Finishing 151 Pokémon Inks

Boston Tattoo Company’s Alicia Thomas began an ambitious project two years ago. She wanted to tattoo 151 Pokémon characters on 151 different customers. Thomas began her quest before the height of the Pokémon GO mobile app. But she has reached a block in the process, like a bottle of dried-up ink. A Somerville tattoo artist’s […]

Ted Cruz Says He Is No Puppy Dog For ‘The Donald Trump Show’

The Republican National Convention has been rife with controversy, crowning Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee despite heavy protest. The upheaval included jeers at Ted Cruz, who said on Wednesday that he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump. Cruz doubled down on his reluctance today. MoveOn members joined with local organizers around Ohio to respond […]

Republican National Convention Opens With Ammunition Against NRA

The Republican National Convention was preceded by a letter sent en masse by a group which asked for a $25 donation to fact check talking points by the NRA. The group, “Everytown for Gun Safety,” specifically blasted away at Donald Trump’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence, whose NRA worldview they described as “radical.” The group […]

Harry Styles Saves Whales From SeaWorld: New Film To Be ‘Blackfish’ For Belugas

Harry Styles of One Direction has been credited by The Independent for doing more damage to SeaWorld than the movie, Blackfish. Styles used a concert in San Diego in July 2015 to urge his fans who love dolphins to boycott SeaWorld. Over the past year, the musician’s comments contributed to a 400 percent spike in […]

‘Circular Muskegon River’ Trip Goes Awry: Panicking Tubers Lead To Hilarious Reactions

A summer afternoon float down Michigan’s Muskegon River turned into a much bigger adventure than three women bargained for. Embarking on their journey, the women, who were all in their 20s and all from Muskegon and Muskegon Heights, set out alone at 4 p.m. Tuesday. They were rescued by fire officials around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, […]

‘Pokemon Go Goes Wrong’ Parody Video Goes Viral

A new video parodying the smash hit game, Pokemon GO has instantly gone viral through Huffington Post. The video was created by comedian team Nick Paris and Kelley Lord, the stars of The Nick and Kelley Show as well as Elite Daily’s hit web series Generation whY?! By now, if everyone’s not playing Pokemon GO, […]

Jennifer Aniston Zaps Tabloids, Fans Break Twitter

Jennifer Aniston let loose on the media with a verbal one-two punch about body shaming and other issues facing modern women. Aniston, who has been tabloid fodder of late with rumors of pregnancy, has finally “had enough.” The mega-star posted an article on Huffington Post called, “For the Record.” In this statement, according to Jezebel, […]

Violent Death Of Matador Spurs Activist War On Bullfighting

Bullfighting rose to the top of animal rights controversy late Saturday, as matador Victor Barrio was gored to death before hundreds of horrified spectators at the festival Feria del Angel in Teruel, Spain. Barrio’s death marks the century’s first matador to be killed during an event. The 1,200-pound Maños bull, called Lorenzo, tossed the man […]

Rudy Giuliani Says ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is To Blame For Dallas Shootings

Rudy Giuliani told Brian Williams on MSNBC that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is to blame for the shootings of several police officers in Dallas on Friday morning. According to Media Matters, Giuliani said that the movement is “putting a target on police officers’ backs.” “So the way we deal with it is to put […]

Protesters Chant Outside Opening Of Kentucky Noah’s Ark Park

About 100 protesters spent Friday morning standing in the heat and rain, holding signs at the exit closest to the new Williamstown attraction, a replica of Noah’s Ark. The group was closely watched by a cadre of police officers across the street. The protesters, who had rallied in the name of science in order to […]

Michigan Boy Attacked By Pit Bull Saves Himself

Owners of a pit bull-type dog in Washtenaw County, Michigan, have requested that the dog be euthanized after it mauled their 10-year-old child. The boy’s mother released the dog to Washtenaw County Animal Control, which turned it over to the Humane Society of Huron Valley. The dog’s owners requested the dog be euthanized, which should […]

Military Dog Reunited With Navy Handler In Norfolk

A former Navy dog handler was reunited with his retired German Shepherd just in time to celebrate Independence Day. The dog, named Freddy, had spent a year apart from Petty Officer 1st Class Chad Perez, after Perez was sent from his station in Italy to Norfolk, Virginia. Freddy was already a 7-year-old veteran war dog […]

Tilikum’s Health Improving As Tanking SeaWorld Turns To Saudi Arabia

Tilikum, the world’s best known Orca, might be beating the odds. SeaWorld announced on Tuesday that Tilikum’s health is improving following a bout with a lung infection which was expected to be fatal. Director of Animal Training at SeaWorld, Kelly Flaherty Clark, said that the whale is well enough to take him out of isolation. […]

Corgis Gather By The Hundreds In Massive Dog Rescue Effort

Corgis took over the day at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on Saturday, June 25, to raise funds for animal rescue organizations. Corgi Con, a semi-annual event, was created in 2013 when founder Cynthia Lee began to regularly host small gatherings with just a few dogs in Northern California. 700 corgis take over beach in CA […]

‘Titanic’ Fans React To Billy Zane’s Alternate Ending

Billy Zane thinks Titanic should have ended with his character, the smug, abusive Cal Hockley making amends with Rose after Jack Dawson’s death. Zane told The Today Show on Monday that things could have gone differently, making Cal a more sympathetic player in the Titanic storyline. “I think he [Cal] found redemption by the end, […]

Tunnel Discovered Under Holocaust Massacre Site

A tunnel has been discovered beneath a Lithuanian camp that served as a dumping site for bodies of Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust. The tunnel is 100 feet long and was dug with spoons found on the bodies that captives were forced to exhume. The passageway is between five and nine feet below the surface. […]

Pit Bull Saved From Abuse When Philly Rescue Faked Her Death

A pit bull suffering daily beatings, at the hands of her owner in Cairo, had a lucky break when an American dog rescue stepped in. The pit bull, now called Lucy, lived in Egypt; according to The Dodo, pedigreed dogs are viewed as status symbols in the country. It may have been for this reason […]

24 Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Killed In Kuwait By American Company

Twenty-four dogs, all deceased and piled in a narrow corridor in a mass of fur and paws, have been photographed, and the image is going viral on the internet. The dogs, who were all trained to sniff out explosives, had been massacred on the grounds of a U.S. security company in Kuwait, according to a […]

Service Dog Killed By Alligator While Saving Florida Man From Attack

A service dog gave her life for her owner in a heartbreaking episode on a dimly lit Florida dock. The dog, named Precious, was specially trained to detect epileptic seizures in her owner. The 6-year-old pit bull lived on a boat with her owner, Robert Lineburger, at the Port LaBelle Marina. Lineburger, a veteran, was […]

Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan Debut Innovative Split-Screen Visual For ‘Make You Stay’

Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron are back as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher in the adorable new music video, “Make You Stay” which trended worldwide on its first day on YouTube, June 16. McCartan plays the dorky Boy Next Door ready to pick up the pieces for Dove when she ditches her drama-riddled beau, played […]

New Jersey Dog Hoarders Charged With 552 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

A New Jersey couple who had 276 dogs living in their home have been charged with more than 550 counts of animal cruelty. In what some sources are calling Monmouth County New Jersey’s worst case of animal hoarding, Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni charged Charlene and Joseph Handrik of Howell with 276 counts of animal cruelty, […]

Will Leo DiCaprio Be Made ‘Toupee’ For ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’?

Leo DiCaprio has been ordered to testify in a civil lawsuit over the film The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio, who was accused of “evasiveness” by plaintiff Andrew Greene’s attorney, was finally nailed down by a court order to appear after repeated attempts to meet with the actor fell through. Greene is suing Paramount (along […]

Rampaging Monkeys Take Over Village As China Tourism Scheme Backfires

Chinese residents began a scheme that they hoped would rake in piles of cash through tourism. But the main attraction — live monkeys — has caused the whole plan to go terribly wrong. The Chinese landscape boasts a mountain range teeming with wildlife, surrounding the struggling Xianfeng village. In 2003, residents decided to exploit their […]

Orlando Shooter Used Social Media During Massacre, Senate Asks Facebook For Help

Orlando murderer Omar Mateen checked Facebook during his attack, looking to see what kind of impact his actions were having on social media. During his killing spree, Mateen used the search terms, “Pulse Orlando” and “Shooting,” according to a letter released Thursday by a senate committee. Source: Orlando shooter and his wife exchanged text messages […]

Therapy Dogs Sent In Force To Comfort Orlando Shooting Survivors

Therapy dogs from around the country are serving to comfort Orlando shooting survivors. The dogs were among the first responders to the devastating aftermath of the Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub which left 49 dead and another 53 injured on Sunday, June 12. The dogs, which are mostly golden retrievers, are trained to provide empathy […]

Christina Grimmie Targeted By Shooter From Another City, Police Say

Christina Grimmie, an alum of The Voice and rising pop star who was fatally shot in Orlando on Friday night, was not acquainted with her killer, police said. The 21-year-old man had never attempted to get in touch with her via social media, but he arrived at her concert Friday night with two handguns, two […]

Waterford Michigan Police Issue Citation For Diggy The Dog, But Vet Says He’s Not A Pit Bull

A Michigan musician, Dan Tillery, was featured in a photo with his new pal, named Diggy, which he had just adopted from Detroit Dog Rescue. The selfie, picturing Tillery’s goofy grin next to the dog’s elated, gaping maw, instantly went viral. Two Waterford Township police officers visited Tillery’s home about 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, the […]

Roger Moore Stirring Awareness For SeaWorld Orca

Roger Moore, best known for playing the iconic British secret service agent James Bond in seven films, has made a statement about the captive SeaWorld orca named Morgan. Moore is responding to a viral video featuring the whale stranding herself on a concrete slab in order to escape aggressive tank mates. #SeaWorld #Orca #Morgan Is […]

SeaWorld Orca Morgan Is Deaf, Leaping Out Of Tank To Escape Bullying

Morgan the orca captured international attention when she was caught on video stranding herself on a concrete ledge by her pool. The beached killer whale lay there for at least 10 minutes, ignoring trainers’ signals to get back in the water. Morgan’s actions created a firestorm of reactions on the internet, including speculation that the […]

‘Sledgehammer’ Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary, Calls Trump ‘A Disgrace’

Elizabeth Warren ended a long period of silence as to whom she would endorse in the 2016 presidential election. In an interview with the Boston Globe Thursday, Warren said that Clinton was her choice. Warren followed up Thursday evening on the Rachel Maddow Show. Her interview included a blistering attack on Donald Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqHXrUNh88Y It […]

Malia Obama’s Graduation Day To Precede A Year In Madrid

Malia Obama will graduate from high school on Friday, June 10. The event will kick off the First Daughter’s gap year before college, during which time she may be traveling to Madrid. Malia may be doing a summer internship at the U.S. Embassy, according to The Local. President Obama is planning a trip to Spain […]