NHL Season Preview: Pittsburgh Penguins Seek Cup, Unveil New Jersey

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a lot on the line coming into the 2014-2015 NHL season. The players must redeem themselves after last season’s epic playoff collapse. Remember back in April when there were few National Hockey League teams hotter than the Pittsburgh Penguins? The Pens had captured the inaugural Metropolitan Division crown and boasted a […]

BlackBerry Passport: ‘The Hobbit’ Phone with Phablet Ambitions

Unlike the failed Scottish Independence vote, BlackBerry is actually going to be issuing a “Passport” of its own this year. The yet-to-be released BB Passport aims to make your smartphone work for you by combining form and functionality unseen in current mobile devices. A decidedly unique 4.5 inch by 4.5 inch screen dominates the front […]

iPhone 5c Failed to Wow Consumers: Will Apple Ever Release a Cheap Model?

Nearly a year ago Apple executives left their respective offices and traveled the short distance to the Cupertino, CA campus’ auditorium for an iPhone announcement. CEO Tim Cook and SVP Eddy Cue, among others, took to the stage with unbridled excitement. Like the WWDC Keynote address, the annual iPhone special event was a blockbuster. Reporters […]

‘The Rolling Stones’ News: Mick Jagger and Co. Still Rocking in 2014

The Rolling Stones are a band that never dies, always stays relevant and certainly never stops partying. For the half-century plus the four-piece band has been together, the guys have experienced a series of highs and lows. But the Stones are doing it up big in 2014 and are currently taking a short break from […]

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ News: PS4 Release Date Confirmed, Plus DLC Updates

Rockstar Games employees may not know how to put out a hit record, but they sure do know how to put out an unbelievably successful & controversial video game. They are also busy working on re-releasing Grand Theft Auto V for the batch of brand new consoles (PS4/Xbox One) and Windows PC. The three platform […]

‘Hercules’ Again Does Well at Box Office: Will Dwayne Johnson Return For A Sequel?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has come a long way from his days as a rabble rousing, eyebrow lifting ring rat. While he still throws down on the side, Johnson has morphed into a bona fide movie star with a lot to give. With his latest hit movie Hercules out worldwide, Johnson has truly become an […]

Ed Sheeran News: #1 Album & Taylor Swift Drama

British singer Ed Sheeran is on everyone’s minds these days. The “I’m a Mess” singer has a hit album, X, and has been seen out and about with a wide variety of female pop stars including Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Ellie Goulding. The very pale, redheaded, and heavily tattooed Sheeran doesn’t sport a traditional […]

Teen Wolf Season 4 Update: Co-star Tyler Posey Debuts New Look

Teen Wolf is MTV’s summertime smash. For a season that is usually light on great shows and heavy on sunburnt skin, Teen Wolf bucks the need to rely on reruns to stimulate your mind. It’s truly must see TV. Understandably, the Teen Wolf reviews have been really solid. Entertainment Weekly posted a glowing review on […]

Sam Smith Album Update: New Song Remixed by Boston DJ

Sam Smith, the singer behind hit album In the Lonely Hour, is known across the pond for his fabulous fashion sense and smooth voice. Smith’s also related to fellow Brit musician and bad girl Lily Allen, but they don’t sound like carbon copies of one another. Openly gay, the album is based upon a boy […]

‘Sins of Jerry Jones’ Extortion Plot: Is Dallas Cowboys Owner a Creeper?

Jerry Jones is a football legend. A star running back is for Little Rock High School in Arkansas, he later struck it rich as an oil man. Now a billionaire, Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and the rest they say, is history. But now another chapter in his storied life has been written. It is […]

James Corden Top Five Facts: Possible ‘Late Late Night’ Host is a Riot

James Corden has been pegged as a possible successor to Craig Ferguson as The Late Late Show Host. E! News is adamant about the fact that Ferguson wasn’t forced out about his position. It was Ferguson’s decision to take a step back and let someone else (possibly Corden) take the reigns. “I’ll be stepping down […]

Who is New Spurs Assistant Becky Hammon? WNBA Star is an Olympic Medalist

The NBA champion San Antonia Spurs made history on Tuesday when they announced the hiring of WNBA superstar Becky Hammon as an assistant coach. A 16-year WNBA veteran, Hammon has drawn praise for her high basketball IQ and selfless play. Those types of skills translate well into the coaching aspects of the game. Known for […]

Daniel Cormier Light Heavyweight Title Chances: Can Anyone Defeat Bones?

UFC 178 doesn’t take place until next month, but don’t tell Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier that. Daniel got in Jon’s face and the champ shoved him during UFC 178 Media Day. Eventually Jones knocked Cormier off the stage in Las Vegas before the two were separated. The two fighters regret their infamous dust-up, but […]

Kate Upton Seeks Attention, Receives Baseball from Cy Young Winning BF

Kate Upton looks good in a bathing suit, this much we know. But how would she look if she was decked out in the black and orange uniform of Major League Baseball’s the Detroit Tigers? The Tigers may want to finding out the answer fast, because the gleaming 22-year-old beauty can catch! Upton’s highlight reel […]

Taco Bell Serves Breakfast, But Do Customers Care?

Soda Giant PepsiCo used to own fast food chain Taco Bell, but decided to spin-off the brand in 1997 after sales fizzled out the year before. Reports as to why this happened differ, but it was a smartly calculated move. The New York Times reported that PepsiCo vowed the move was not made ‘for drama […]

Miranda Kerr Love Triangle: Wanted and Desired

No one woman on this planet may be more striking to look at than supermodel Miranda Kerr. Unfortunately, her rumored lover Justin Bieber and estranged husband Orlando Bloom took that notion quite literally last week. If you haven’t been following the celebrity gossip wagon since that time, the singer and actor had a much publicized […]

As Alibaba Prepares To Go Public, Investors Wonder Where The Ceiling Is?

Alibaba is an eCommerce giant, though it’s largely unfamiliar to Americans. Founded in 1999 by former teacher Jack Ma and headed up by CEO Jonathan Lu, the site made an estimated $170 billion in sales in 2012. That gigantic number means the company made more money than eBay and Amazon combined. Unsurprisingly, Alibaba is also […]

‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Pay Astronomical, But Not Uncommon

The news has been out for roughly a day now, but in case you didn’t hear it, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory have more than tripled their salaries to one million dollars per episode. The trio’s previous deals saw them collect $300,000 per episode. Mind you that […]

Google Doc’s Face Lift: New Design Language Takes Aim at Apple

Mountain View, CA-based Google Inc. announced its all new UI, Material Design, ahead of the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now the technology giant is extending Material Design beyond just smartphones and tablets. Google Drive, one of Google’s most important user services, has received an all-new look. The design changes affect the entire Google Drive […]

Bruno Mars, King of New York: “Moonshine Jungle” Tour Hits Madison Square Garden

Can’t get enough of Bruno Mars? The “It Will Rain” singer has out of this world talent. And never has that been more apparent than this year. Mars has been soaking up the attention and admiration he’s received in droves ever since his grandiose halftime performance at Super Bowl 48. Bruno also serenaded a crash […]

Kobe Bryant Wants Melo and Coach Byron Scott on the Lakers

Kobe Bryant is synonymous with Los Angeles Lakers basketball. The five-time champ helped revive SoCal’s favorite basketball squad back in the late 90s. With Kobe, the Lakers have been one of the NBA’s most exciting and well-disciplined teams. Prolonged periods of greatness are expected. But the past two years have not been kind to Kobe […]

TMNT’s Megan Fox on raising two boys: ‘No Computers, No Cell Phones’…

Megan Fox starred in two Transformers films and this September fans will see the new mom reunite with director Michael Bay for Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. All of Fox’s collaborations with Bay have been heavily influenced by technology and made possible by whiz-bang visual effects. However, Fox’s propensity to star in these types of green-screen […]

Ava Sabrina London Sex Change Cost: $50k and Counting!

Ava Sabrina London may be seen as trashy, after all she may very well be a home wrecker, but boy does she know how to work it. The voluptuous transsexual at the heart of the Hank Baskett-Kendra Wilkinson infidelity scandal has gone a long way towards making herself look passable and then some. Her YouTube […]

Zayn Malik’s Wacky Relationship With Perrie Edwards Profiled

Zayn Malik. Remember that name, because these days everywhere you look, you’ll find a story about him. The 21-year-old One Direction heartthrob was rumored to be having a row with bandmate Harry Style. Zayn’s “bad behavior” was apparently getting under Styles’ skin. But any lingering resentment or ill will just doesn’t seem to exist between […]

‘Criminal Minds’ Cast Addition: Jennifer Love Hewitt Onboard

Criminal Minds has been must-watch TV for a decade now, and the CBS drama shows no signs of slowing down entering its tenth season. And it still sports good ratings despite a plethora of new shows premiering year in and year out on competing networks. One could even argue that nothing should interfere with that […]

Lana Del Rey Artist Portrait Depicts Her Bitter End

Lana Del Rey has a very morbid imagination. Now a fine arts painter has commenced work on a portrait of the mercurial 28-year-old singer. The work is truly skin deep and comes at a bizarre juncture in Del Rey’s life. The “Born to Die” signer just released a new album, Ultraviolence. One could argue that […]

Kendall Jenner ‘Love’s’ Fashion: All the Details on the Hot New Photo Spread

Kendall Jenner isn’t technically a Kardashian, but she sure does know how to market herself like one. That’s because Kendall has been focusing less on starring in the popular reality TV show that made her famous, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and more on her burgeoning new fashion modeling career. The lanky 18-year-old with perfect […]

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ Teaser Trailer Impressions

Suzanne Collins, the author of the best selling The Hunger Games book series, is unquestionably even more successful now that her creation has been turned into a big-time movie franchise. The first two films in The Hunger Games series cemented the A-List status of Jennifer Lawrence, who was previously only known for her Oscar-nominated turn […]

Shia LaBeouf Arrested After Wild Weekend

The weird, bizarre antics of Shia LaBeouf continued through this weekend. The former child star, perhaps best known for his role as Louis Anthony Stevens on the Disney Channel‘s Even Stevens, found himself on the wrong side of the law again. Variety reported that Shia was arrested after he caused a disturbance at a Broadway […]

Robin Thicke ‘Get Her Back’ Video: Wife Paula Patton Pressured Into Reconciliation

Musical sensation Robin Thicke desperately wants his estranged wife, the beautiful actress Paula Patton, back into his life. Patton split from her longtime hubby after he cheated on her with their massage therapist “Jasmine.” The three of them had been engaged in a steamy, ongoing three-way. This was all at the behest of Robin, who […]

Albert Einstein Wrong: Speed of Light Calculation May Be Incorrect

It turns out that Albert Einstein, the brilliant theoretical physicist (because is there any other kind?) who helped the Americans develop the technology behind nuclear weapons, wasn’t always correct. In fact, one of Albert Einstein’s hallmark findings, that the speed of light travels at a constant 186,282 miles per second in a vacuum, is under […]