Child’s Whisper On 911 Call Leads To Arrest

As the adage goes, kids say the darndest things. In the case of this Pennsylvania family, it’s what was whispered that ended up being so important. The Associated Press and ABC report that a child’s whispers on a 911 call it led to an arrest. The chlid whispered “Help us” and hung up early Sunday […]

Scuba Diver Caught Smuggling Pot

Scuba divers are usually explorers who realize how dangerous the activity is. The Inquisitr has done quite a few stories on how perilous scuba diving can be. So it would seem that you would not want to add to the danger. Well, according to the Sun News, someone added to that danger, and it cost […]

Online PSA Recreates Trayvon Martin Shooting

An anti-gun group released an online public service announcement that recreates the Trayvon Martin shooting. As reported by several outlets, the online PSA was released by the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence. As reported by Central Florida News 13, the video “highlights their fears” regarding Stand Your Ground laws. On the CSGV website, they refer […]

Three 1972 Miami Dolphins Refuse White House Trip

In a case of sports and politics colliding, three members of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins have refused an invitation from President Obama to the White House for political reasons. In a report by the Sun-Sentinel, three of the players have confirmed they will not attend. Two additional players are on the fence. They asked […]

Cashman: “Not Comfortable” Talking To Rodriguez

The New York Yankees have never looked like this. On the field, its a team bereft of big names, struggles to hit at times and is hovering around.500. Off the field it seems to be one controversy after another, usually with Alex Rodriguez right in the midst of it. Even winning 2 out of 3 […]

Former Marine Steven Rhodes Ruled Ineligible By NCAA

Former Marine Steven Rhodes wanted to serve his country and play college football. But an odd set of circumstances might keep that from happening. A report by details the rule that makes Rhodes ineligible. Bylaw states that an athlete must sit for one season if they do not play college sports right after […]

Ohio State Starters Suspended For Opener

Two Ohio State starters were suspended Saturday, one day after the program was ranked #2 in preseason polls. Running back Rod Smith and cornerback Bradley Roby will sit out OSU’s opener vs. Buffalo August 31, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch. Leading scorer Carlos Hyde was suspended last month for the Buffalo game as well. […]

NJ, PA Report First Cases Of West Nile Virus

West Nile virus has shown up in various counties around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A Burlington County, NJ man was the first person in the state to be diagnosed this year, according to CBS. The 55-year old man was gardening when he was bitten by an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes captured and tested from Hanover Township, […]

NYC Cops May Get Body Cameras

In a move that New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg deemed “unnecessary,” a federal judge ruled that NYPD police will be wearing body cameras. This is the latest fallout from Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial “stop and frisk” policy. Stop and frisk critics claim cops use the tactic as an excuse to discriminate against minorities. Bloomberg is […]

New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Gun Ban

Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed eleven gun-control measures that were all passed by the state legislature in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. It did not take long for him to change his tune. On late Friday, Christie vetoed a gun ban that he initially supported. The Democratic legislature from the […]

Parody Of Robin Thicke Video Calls For Mayor To Resign

Bob Filner still isn’t off the hot seat. After facing allegations of sexual harassment by 14 different women and going to rehab, the cries for the San Diego mayor to resign persist. The latest group calling for his resignation is local newspaper The San Diego Union-Times. UT-TV, the cable TV affiliate of the paper, produced […]

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Due To Tax Law

Americans are renouncing their citizenship in record numbers recently because they seek a tax break. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a record number of citizens want relief from the massive amounts of paperwork required by U.S. tax law. The 1,130 citizens that renounced their U.S. citizenship in the second fiscal quarter of 2013 […]

Wimbledon Champ Retires: Bartoli Calls It Quits

Wimbledon winner Marion Bartoli announced her retirement Wednesday night after her latest loss in the Western & Southern Open. Her tearful announcement came a mere six weeks after Bartoli pushed through injury to win the only major of her career. She was quoted by ESPN as saying that win took out “the last little bit […]

Grandma Births Twins For Daughter

Suzie Kozisek has gone all out for her daughter. ABC reports that the 53-year old Iowa grandma gave birth to twins for her daughter, Ashley Larkin. Larkin has pulmonary hypertension, which prevents her from getting pregnant. But Kozisek was able to be a gestational carrier for her son-in-law and daughter. For a gestational pregnancy to […]

IOC Will Not Tolerate Gay Protests At Winter Olympics

Any protest of the anti-gay laws in Russia could be punishable by possible disqualification. The International Olympic Committee says it will not tolerate anyone using the event as a personal platform to voice displeasure with the law. An IOC spokesperson told MSN News that Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter states that the Olympics “are […]

AOL CEO Apologizes For Public Firing

As detailed last week on The Inquisitr, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fired a lead designer in a conference call in front of 1,000 employees last week. Patch Creative Director Abel Lenz was let go in a very public showing by Armstrong last Friday, in a clip that has since gone viral. TechCrunch posted Armstrong’s full […]

Teen Pleads Guilty In Utah Referee’s Death

As was reported by The Inquisitr back in May, Ricardo Portillo was a soccer referee who was put into a coma by a teen after penalizing him in a game. Portillo later died from his injuries. His killer has entered a guilty plea in a Utah court on August 5. He was charged with homicide […]

Bank Found To Be Charging Dead Person

Bank of America can’t get out of its own way. The bank giant struggles to deal with negative publicity just got some more. A disturbing report has surfaced by the Los Angeles Times that Bank Of America has charged fees to an account after the user had passed. Rocco Bersane died of a heart attack […]

Whitey Bulger Convicted On Racketeering, Conspiracy Charges

According to multiple breaking reports, reputed Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger was convicted of racketeering and conspiracy in a Boston courtroom on Monday. Bulger, 83, led authorities on a manhunt that lasted 16 years. A report by goes into further detail about how Bulger did his business. Witnesses testified that Bulger would take […]

Deontay Wilder Is Undefeated And Wants Title Shot

Deontay Wilder is undefeated and making a lot of noise in the heavyweight boxing ranks. For one, Wilder has beaten every opponent by knockout. Siarhei Liakhovich was the latest victim, dropped with 1:43 left in the opening round Friday night. For two, he’s witty. After the victory, Wilder was asked about his knockouts. His response? […]

Bus Driver Criticized For Not Stopping Fight

School bus driver John Moody will not face criminal charges for not breaking up a fight among several teens who were on his bus fighting this past July. A UPI report says the teens involved in the beating are facing aggravated battery charges. The victim suffered a broken arm as well as several cuts and […]

Thirteen MLB Players Suspended; Rodriguez Appeals

A report by ESPN detailed which players would receive 50-game suspensions for their involvement in the Biogenesis investigation. Alex Rodriguez received the harshest punishment, with his suspension extended to the end of the 2014 season. The 211-game suspension will be the longest in Major League Baseball history. Rodriguez is the only of the suspended players […]

DEA Using NSA Records In Investigations

According to a Reuters report, a secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration group is sharing its findings with various authorities nationwide. The information is being shared in hopes of building criminal cases against American citizens. The Special Operations Division, or SOD, funneled information to the DEA. The DEA then had to do what was called “parallel […]

San Diego Mayor Filner Heading To Rehab

Embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is slated to spend the next two weeks in rehab following sexual harassment charges. As we have reported here, Filner is facing numerous allegations from women regarding his bad behavior. Filner was known for the “Filner headlock,” which was a way he would physically control women in order to […]

Greg Oden Signs With Miami Heat

Greg Oden and the Miami Heat agreed a two-year veteran minimum contract on Friday, as reported by the Miami Herald, among many other sources. The deal has a player option, which gives Oden the choice to return or opt out after the second year. The maligned center had been out of the league roughly two […]

Terror Threats May Be At Pre 9/11 Levels

The closing of nearly two dozen embassies this weekend was based on “chatter” that reminded many of pre 9/11 leves. A report from the outlines the action taken by embassies throughout the Middle East. They included the release of a worldwide travel alert that warned of al-Qaeda attacks in the Middle East as well as […]

Man Loses Leg During California Plant Implosion

An unidentified 44-year old man was a spectator during a controlled implosion when he was hit by debris and lost his leg, according to KDVR News of Bakersfield. The man was among what is thought to be among as many as five injured on the scene of the demolition of the Pacific Gas & Electric […]

Obama Vetoes Ban On Sale Of Some Apple Products

On Saturday, the Obama administration vetoed a U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) decision to ban the sale and import of several Apple products, most notably the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. According to Ian Sherr of, this takes away from an earlier ruling in favor of tech giant Samsung. In a letter to the […]

Parcells To Head 2013 NFL Hall Of Fame Class

Bill Parcells, Warren Sapp and Cris Carter are among seven people slated to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame this weekend, as reported by Also, it is the 50th anniversary of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, located in Canton, OH. This is the eighth consecutive year that the Hall Of […]

Disabled Man Crawls Onto Delta Air Lines Flight

D. Baraaka Kanaan, a 40-year old parapalegic, is suing Delta Air Lines after being forced to crawl on and off flights. According to ABC News, Kanaan is suing because he says he “endured physical and extreme emotional suffering” from the incidents. The first incident took place July 27, 2012 on his initial flight from Maui, […]

Bradley Manning Verdict Expected Tomorrow

Bradley Manning is expected to learn his fate tomorrow.. The judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, is expected to announce her verdict at 1 PM, military officials told NBC News. Manning is facing 20 charges, the most serious of which is ‘aiding the enemy’. After pleading guilty to some lesser charges back in February, Manning is […]

Hairston Dismissed From UNC Hoops Team

Leading scorer PJ Hairston was dismissed from the team late Sunday night, according to USA Today. Tar Heels coach Roy Williams suspended Hairston indefinitely. The sophomore forward was cited for speeding and careless and reckless driving after being clocked at 93 mph in a 65 mph zone. The car was registered to Randi Lee Furr, […]

Georgia Mother Lied About Who Killed Son

Sherry West may have endured the worst as a parent. In March, her 13-month-old was slain during a robbery attempt. Now things take a turn for the worse as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reveals that gunpowder residue was found on both West and Louis Santiago, the dead child’s father. According to WJXT News, the […]

Who Are We At War With? Government Won’t Say

American citizens would really, really love to know who the country is at war with. However, the Pentagon feels that information is secret. Even when Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., asked the Department of Defense for this information in a May hearing, they provided it after the fact. Also, they told Levin’s office not to release […]

DEA Raids Legal Pot Dispensaries In Seattle

DEA agents raided several Washington marijuana dispensaries this week. This raises more questions regarding states’ rights in the face of federal laws regarding personal use of the drug in the state. According to the UPI, five Puget Sound-area dispensaries were targeted after a two-year investigation. Many of the same dispensaries were under the scope in […]

Family Zimmerman Rescued Backs Out Of Press Conference

The family George Zimmerman rescued from a traffic accident last Thursday has backed out of a press conference. It was scheduled for today, but a fear of “blow back” from the incident, according to ABC News, caused the cancellation. Mark and Dana Gerstle decided against the media appearance and contacted Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara hours […]