Industrial Chemical Found In New York Food Samples

These days, deadly cancer-causing toxins are everywhere. Scary, unpronounceable things are popping up in our kids’ school supplies and our department store makeup. Even those cute little baby play-mats and yellow rubber duckies are reportedly full of nasty things that no one wants their baby breathing. Now, industrial chemicals are reportedly being found in food. […]

Family Members Of Combat Vets At Risk For ‘Secondary’ PTSD Symptoms

Post traumatic stress disorder can be debilitating for many combat veterans, and a new study shows that vets with PTSD may not be the only one’s medically affected by the condition. A new study claims that partners and spouses of combat veterans with PTSD are at a higher risk for “secondary” PTSD symptoms — including […]

Breathalizers Aren’t Just For Alcohol Anymore, New Breath Test Detects Stomach Cancer

Scientists have developed a new way to test for stomach cancers. For those who have undergone the unpleasant experience of an endoscopy, this news is good news. The new breath test uses a nanomaterial sensor to analyze the chemicals released in exhaled air. Unique chemical breath signatures can indicate developing stomach cancer. While this “bad […]

16-Year-Old Born Without Eyes Or Nose To Receive Facial Reconstruction

Sixteen years ago, Susan Hooper gave birth to a healthy baby girl — a baby girl who was missing her eyes and nose. Now, that baby girl has grown into an ambitious and optimistic teenager, who will soon receive a new nose and eyes thanks to facial reconstruction surgery. Cassidy Hooper, 16, is undergoing a […]

PMSing? Vegetables High In Iron May Reduce Symptoms

PMS symptoms are a nuisance for most women (and anyone within a 50 mile radius), and can be debilitating for some. New research shows that women who eat a diet rich in vegetable high in iron are less likely to suffer the monthly trauma of PMS. In one of the first studies to observe the […]

New Study Claims Sex Cures Headaches: No More ‘Not Tonight, I Have A Headache’ Excuse

Well, folks, the time has come for old excuses to stop. According to a new study, sex can cure headaches. Say goodbye to the old adage, “Not tonight, Honey. I’ve got a headache.” That excuse was getting a little old, anyway. Researchers have found that having sex during a headache can be just as effective […]

$5,000 Online Baby-Naming Contest Revealed As Hoax, ‘Pregnant Mom’ An Actress

Last week, The Inquisitr covered a story about a mom who had agreed to let the Internet choose her baby’s name, to the tune of $5,000. The story seemed unbelievable to readers who thought no one would ever let someone pay them for the rights to name their own child. Turns out, they were right. […]

San Francisco Stroller-Friendly Policy Pleases Parents, Frustrates Others

San Francisco, CA – Parents in San Francisco, rejoice! New public transportation policies have changed to allow parents to bring strollers onto buses and trains. While little tykes in strollers still aren’t allowed on the city’s famed cable cars, this step marks brings a sigh of relief for the parents of San Francisco. In a […]

Toddler Survives Three-Story Fall From Window, Lands On His Feet

Dylan Hayes isn’t a superhero, but he may as well be. The preschooler fell from a third-story apartment window, did two somersaults in the air, and landed on his feet. The four-year-old suffered no injuries from his fall. Jessica Hayes was rearranging furniture so she could shampoo her carpets, according toCBS News. She had reportedly […]

Potato Parties: $250 Worth Of McDonald’s Fries Makes For The Worst Kids Food Fad Ever

Kids in South Korea are allegedly crazy about McDonald’s french fries. So much so that they are purchasing massive amount of the fries and throwing “potato parties.” Since the invention of the McDonald’s french fry in 1948, millions of the greasy little potato wedges have been marketed and sold to children across the globe. But […]

Family Of Four Lives On $14,000 A Year — And Loves It

Danielle Wagasky gets $14,000 a year to spend however she likes. And $14,000 seems like a lot of money if you consider spending it on shoes, or clothes, or a small car. It would pay for a really nice vacation or even that motorcycle you’ve been dreaming about. But could $14,000 feed, clothe, and house […]

Sex-Ed For Five-Year-Olds: Chicago Passes Sex Education For Kindergartners

A new policy will mandate that Chicago schools begin sex education in kindergarten. While most public schools being their sex-ed classes in fifth grade, the Chicago Board of Educators passed their new policy on Wednesday. The new policy mandates that every class spend a certain amount of time on sex education — beginning in kindergarten. […]

Does Doing Less Housework Make Women Fat?

Cleaning is apparently good for you. A recent study shows that women are cleaning less than they were 50 years ago. And less cleaning could be contributing to weight problems as household activities are being weeded out of our daily routines. Dr. Edward Archer, a research fellow with the Arnold School of Public Health at […]

Mom Sells Right To Name Her Baby For $5,000, Critics Cite ‘Irresponsible Parenting’

What’s in a name? Or rather, what’s in a parent’s responsibility to bestow a name? One mother has sold her rights to name her child for $5,000 as part of an online contest. One conservative group is calling the contest “irresponsible parenting,” stating that giving up parental rights to name a child is destructive to […]

Seven Siblings Vanished From Home, No One Noticed Anything Amiss

Police are searching for seven California siblings who disappeared from their home last weekend. According to reports, the children were home alone while their stepfather and mother went to the store. When the parents returned, all seven siblings were missing. All of the children’s clothing and luggage were gone as well. Police believe that this […]

Colorado School Bans Transgendered First Grader From Using Girls’ Bathroom

Six-year-old Coy Mathis wears dresses to school. Her passport states that she’s female, and her state-issued identification confirms that she is a girl. Like most girls, she wants to use the girls’ restroom at her elementary school. School officials, however, won’t let her. Coy Mathis is transgendered. While she identifies herself as female, she has […]

Disabled Children ‘Should Be Put Down’: City Councilman Apologizes For Comment

A city councilman in England claimed he was just trying to elicit a reaction when he publicly stated that disabled children “should be put down.” Cornwall councilman Collin Brewer made the comment to staff from the Disability Cornwall group — a group of advocates for those with disabilities. Independent councilman Brewer has since been removed […]

Smartphone App Tests User’s Urine For Disease, Brings Healthcare To The People

Need a urinalysis? There’s an app for that. A new app revealed at this year’s Technology, Education and Design conference in Los Angeles uses a phone’s camera to scan urine for a variety of medical conditions. The Uchek tests for 25 different health issues, and is not the first app of it’s kind. According to […]

Woman Dies Saving Husband From Alleged Drunk Driver

Teresa and Albert Marquard were out for their regular Sunday morning walk when their lives changed forever. The couple, who had been together for over 40 years, were walking in their hometown of Wissinoming, Pennsylvania when a drunk driver swerved off the road and headed straight toward them. With just enough time to push her […]

Marissa Mayer: Bring Your Baby To Work Day Is Every Day — If You’re The Boss

Marissa Mayer said that she knew it would be hard to run a Fortune 500 company and have a baby. She knew that she’d only take two weeks of maternity leave. Reports say that she was back to work within hours of her son’s birth, and that she was back to full days at the […]

The Naked Chefs: Vegan Food Bloggers Launch Naked Cooking Revolution

Three British roommates have caused quite a stir — and gained quite a fan base — with their food blog “Naked Vegan Cooking.” The trio allegedly thought of the idea of a naked cooking site when they moved in together two years ago. The idea has gone viral, with thousands of self-proclaimed “naked chefs” sending […]

California Hiker Rescued By CHP After Being Stalked By Mountain Lion

A California hiker was rescued from an aggressive mountain lion by California Highway Patrol, reports say. The hiker was trapped by a mountain lion about 25 feet from the trail head when he was rescued. The California Highway Patrol was able to fly low in a helicopter. The noise from the chopper — combined with […]

Family With Young Children Missing After Sailboat Sinks Near San Francisco

A family of four is missing after their sailboat allegedly sunk off the California coast. The four people — including a couple an two children under 8 years old — went missing after making an emergency call for help. The group said that their boat — a 29-foot sailboat thought to be named the Charmblow […]

Geico Accused Of Promoting Bestiality In New Commercial

Geico is being accused of promoting bestiality in their new commercial. One Million Moms — a conservative group that monitors children’s television programming — issued a statement calling the commercial “repulsive.” According to a statement issued by One Million Moms, the Geico commercial featuring Maxwell the Pig promotes bestiality. The group has called for the […]

People With Disabilities At Greater Risk For Violence, Subsequent Mental Health Problems

While stories exists in which people stand up for those with disabilities, there are also an alarming number of reports of discrimination against them. Perhaps most disturbing are the reports of sexual and physical violence against people with disabilities — and the consequences that those experiences have on those involved. A recent report shows that […]

PastaGate: Italian Restaurant Under Fire For Using Too Many Italian Words

When you go out to eat at an Italian restaurant, you expect to find a little Italian, right? The words “pasta,” “calamari,” and “ravioli” frequently appear on menus of Italian eateries — and for good reason. But one Italian restaurant is under fire for filling their menus with too many Italian words. Language officials in […]

FBI Battling ‘Rash Of Sexting,’ Reports Of Sexual Deviance Among Employees

The FBI investigates all kinds of crimes and misdemeanors. One woman was caught texting naked pictures of herself to her colleagues. One man was caught, drunk and violent, fighting with his mistress. Another case involved a woman in a romantic relationship with a known drug dealer. But these cases aren’t ones that the FBI is […]

Women Talk More Than Men, But It’s Not Our Fault

In recent years, the traditional roles of men and women have shifted. More men are opting to stay home with their kids, while more women are entering the workforce. But some stereotypical characteristics of men and women have stayed the same, possibly thanks to genetics. Most of us know that women talk more than men. […]

TSA Traumatizes 3-Year-Old Disabled Girl, Video Goes Viral And Forces TSA To Apologize [Video]

The Transportation Security Administration is under fire after a video of officers singling out a disabled girl went viral. A Missouri couple was headed to Disney World with their daughter, who is confined to a wheelchair, when TSA officers at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport singled them out. Annie Frock videotaped the incident, which has […]

Russia Investigates Adopted 3-Year-Old’s Death In Texas

Russia investigators are searching for answers in the death of 3-year-old Maxim Shatto. Little Max — who was adopted by a Texas couple — was brought to the hospital where he died on January 21. While autopsy reports have yet to be released, officials suspect murder. Russian officials claim that Max’s death came at the […]

Good Moms Buy Their 12-Year-Olds Bras At Victoria’s Secret [Commentary]

COMMENTARY | Victoria’s Secret has a new customer — and she hasn’t even hit puberty yet. Victoria’s Secret PINK brand — originally geared toward college students — is now bringing in an even younger fan base. With it’s new line of “bralettes” and “bandeaus,” girls as young as nine are gravitating toward the bubble-gum pink […]

Long Prison Terms Linked To Increased Poverty

Long term prison sentences are being blamed for increased poverty, according to social sciences experts. When convicted criminals are sentenced to longer prison terms, they’re ability to provide for themselves and their families greatly diminishes. While the rate of criminals on the street may be decreasing, longer prison terms mean that many men who are […]

Patriotic High School Students Suspended For Cheering, ‘U.S.A!’

A group of California high school students were reportedly suspended for wearing American-flag-printed bandanas and chanting “U.S.A! U.S.A!” at a local basketball game. The students were accused of racism as they stood in the stands at the game and chanted in support of their team. Due to complaints from others, the school’s principal has since […]

Father Arrested For Tattooing Gun Logo On Daughter’s Wrist

Richland County, SC – A father was recently arrested for giving his daughter a tattoo. At home. Without a license. And if any of you were wondering if this guy has any common sense, just wait until to hear what he tattooed on the 14-year-old’s wrist: “Daddy’s Girl.” Oh, and the Browning gun firm logo. […]

Teen’s Quick Texting Saves Family From Sex Offender

Nathan Lane can be proud of his quick texting skills. The 15-year-old sent a text message from a locked bathroom that ultimately saved his family from a possibly armed robber — and a girl from a potentially dangerous sex offender. Nathan Lane and his family were visiting Chicago when they decided to stop at a […]

Eternal Love: Deceased Husband Sends Wife Flowers From The Grave

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the newly-in-love. Apparently, nor is it just for the living. A deceased husband arranged to carry on his yearly Valentine’s Day tradition so that his wife would know that his love for her is eternal. Sue Johnston, 68, wrote in to a magazine and explained that her husband would send […]

Playmobile Bank Robbery Set ‘Horrendous’ Say Anti-Gun Activists

Playmobil is known world-wide as one of the foremost inventors of elaborate children’s play sets. Their collection of moveable figurines and tiny accessories has helped develop children’s imaginations for nearly forty years. Now, the German toymaker is under fire for one of their newest play sets: “Bank with Safe.” Anti-gun activists in the U.K. are […]

Teens Are Still Having Sex, But Pregnancy Rate Hits All Time Low

The inevitable new is that teens are still having sex. But the good news is that teen pregnancy has hit an all-time low. New research indicates that, while only slightly fewer teens are sexually active, more and more teens are waiting until they are older to engage in sex. They are also more likely to […]

Women Pull ‘Fake’ Sick Days Better Than Men, A Recent Survey Shows

Women are better a pulling off fake sick days, according to new research. However, when it comes to really being sick, women are more likely to slough it off and head to the office anyway. Men, on the other hand, tend to get caught when they fake it and stay home, but are better at […]

Girl Scouts’ New CEO Nicknamed ‘The Cookie Monster’ After Firing Staff

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez has recently been nicknamed “Cookie Monster.” And it’s not because she really, really likes Girl Scout cookies. The new CEO of the widely known organization is “getting no badges of honor from her co-workers,” cites The Daily Mail, after firing many long-term employees for allegedly disputable reasons. A group […]

Breastfeeding Is On The Rise, But Few Mothers Stick With It For The Recommended Time

Breastfeeding has been a hot topic among the public of late, but the dose of negative comments from a wary public has not had an affect on breastfeeding moms. In fact, breastfeeeding is on the rise among U.S. moms, says a new report. A record number of those mothers are still breastfeeding at 6 months. […]

Homeless Man Rescued By Faithful Dog

A homeless man was rescued by his faithful dog, Buddy. The homeless man — who is from a remote location in Washington state — suffered a medical emergency and had no way to call for help. Isolated at his camp in the woods, he sent his loyal pooch to look for help. And Buddy found […]

Dying Mom’s Wish Fulfilled, School Holds Gradaution Ceremony For Son In Hospital Room [Video]

A dying mom got her wish when she was able to see her son graduate high school from her hospital bed. Eighteen-year-old Ben Linnabary fulfilled his mother’s wish, working with the local school district to hold a private graduation ceremony in his mother’s hospital room. She died the next day. She was 52 years old. […]

‘My Strange Addiction’: Couple Addicted To Coffee Enemas, Up To 100 A Month

Mike and Trina aren’t odd in their addiction to coffee. While he likes a “saturated” blend a bit “on the cold side,” she likes her espresso blend “warm and thicker.” But these folks don’t drink their coffee — they take it in an enema. The St. Petersburg, Florida couple will appear on TLC’s My Strange […]

Beware Of ‘Manscaping’: Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries On The Rise

If you’re looking into a “manscaping” job or a DYI bikini wax in early preparation for swimsuit season, beware. Pubic hair grooming injuries have increased by five times over the last decade, according to a recent study. So before you stick that wax in the microwave or pull out a new razor, take care. The […]

Alzheimer’s Numbers Could Triple By 2050, Research Suggests

The number of Alzheimer’s patients could triple by 2050, new research indicates. The rise is attributed not just to an increase in the disease, but also to a greater detection and diagnosis. While Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to potentially fend off the onset of the disease, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, the […]

Colorado Teen Threatens To Kill Parents, State Says She Doesn’t Need Mental Health Care

A Colorado teen repeatedly threatens to kill her parents, but the state says that she doesn’t need mental health care. She has repeatedly been a danger to herself and others, according to her medical records. She has even attempted to poison the others in her group home, putting bleach in the ice cube trays instead […]

Trouble Sleeping? Your Diet May Be To Blame

You are what you eat. And you may sleep how you eat too. A new study suggests that diet affects sleep patterns. The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, shows an association between what we eat and how we sleep. To make this connection, researchers examined the daily caloric intake […]

‘Both My Sons Deserve To Live’: Mother Pleads With FDA To Save Both Her Sons

“Both my boys deserve to live,” pleads a mother of two boys who suffer from a deadly disease. While 10-year-old Max was approved for a new drug trial, his 13-year-old brother was not. Now, the boys’ mother is pleading with the FDA to help both her boys. Max and Austin suffer from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, […]

‘Well-Behaved Kids’ Discount Debate: Should We All Take Our Kids To Nice Restaurants?

Commentary — Going out to eat with kids can be downright intimidating. First, you have to make sure that everyone is dressed and looking remotely presentable and buckled in the car in one piece. Then you have to make sure you look presentable, after shuffling the kids around for an hour trying to get ready […]