Goodwill Investigation: Company Looks Into Possible Credit Card Data Breach

Goodwill investigation into a possible credit card data breach was announced Monday, July 21, after the company received a call from federal authorities. On Friday, July 18, Goodwill Industries International was contacted by a federal fraud investigation unit about the possible data breach but only at its American stores, according The New York Times Blog […]

Project Zero: Google Hires Bug-Hunting Hackers To Eliminate Security Flaws

Project Zero was announced Tuesday by Google, which is the company’s hired team of hackers tasked with searching for bugs and security flaws. In the security world, bugs that can be used for hacking are called “zero-day” vulnerabilities, which are then exploited by criminals, governments, and intelligence agencies, according to Wired. Hackers not only use […]

Google Plus Drops Real-Name Policy

Google Plus recently dropped its name policy, which required users to use their real names. When Google Plus first started over three years ago, they had a lot of restrictions on names — well, one restriction: You had to use your real name. As the company put it, the real-name policy was enforced so it […]

Rita Ora’s New Album Hits Snag After Split With Calvin Harris

Rita Ora’s new album might have hit a snag after her recent split with Calvin Harris. Rita Ora was working on a new album and was receiving a lot of help from her boo. Apparently, he made a number of songs for her, enough songs that when Harris said he didn’t want her using any […]

Lindsey Vonn, Roger Federer Play Tennis On A Glacier In The Swiss Alps

Lindsey Vonn might be a champion in the sports world, but no one would have expected the ski racer to face Roger Federer in a game of tennis. On a glacier. In the Swiss Alps. Federer invited Lindsey Vonn to Switzerland to challenge him in a game of tennis, which would be perched 3,454 meters […]

Harper Lee Denies She Authorized New Memoir By Former Chicago Tribune Reporter

Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, spoke up this week to say she did not authorize the memoir The Mockingbird Next Door: Life With Harper Lee. And this isn’t the first time. The memoir was written by former Chicago Tribune reporter Marja Mills and was published this week. It describes Mills’ time in […]

Radiohead To Work On New Album This September

Radiohead will finally head back to the studio this September to work on new music after three years since King of Limbs. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood spoke on Mary Anne Hobbe’s BBC 6Music Show on July 12 and divulged the news. “We’re going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing, and recording and see how it’s […]

Pizza Hut To Ride Into Battle For Success On Backs Of Chicken And Turtles, Wielding Katanas?

Pizza Hut has been having difficulties selling its pies in the U.S., and the numbers have shown the company’s struggle, especially against rival Domino’s. However, Pizza Hut isn’t about to give up. No, the company plans to ride into battle for success on the backs of chicken and turtles, brandishing their shiny katanas. The situation? […]

J. Crew Adds ‘000’ Size For 23-Inch Waist: Good Or Bad? What’s The #jcrewtruth?

J. Crew recently added ‘000’ to their sizing chart for those with a 23-inch waist, and whether this is a good or bad thing isn’t too clear. Are they trying to glorify a smaller waist? Are they just trying to appease the growing demand for smaller britches? Or are they cheap and want the market […]

Justin Timberlake Toasts Late Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson

Justin Timberlake played a sold-out show at First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, and to the audiences delight, he toasted the late Bills owner Ralph Wilson. If there’s one way to reach a Buffalonian’s heart, it’s through the city’s undying, stubborn (Buffa)love for the Bills. And the USA Today reported JT did just that. […]

Trey Songz’ Album ‘Trigga’ Drops, To Debut On Top: Listen On YouTube

Trey Songz dropped his new album Trigga July 1, and critics are split on how good this album is and what it means for his career. Trigga is the R&B artist’s sixth album and is on its way to debuting at the top, according to Billboard. This will be particularly easy as Robin Thicke’s Paula, […]