Tesla Motors and Panasonic Announce $5 Billion Gigafactory

Tesla Motors (TSLA) announced on Thursday that it has reached a deal with Panasonic concerning its plans to open a jointly operated gigafactory which will supply the electric auto manufacturer with lithium-ion cells that are required for its electric cars to operate. Investor Place informs us that Tesla has committed to assembling the cars’ battery […]

Dow Jones Plunges More Than 300 Points; 2014 Gains Erased

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and other major indices sustained heavy losses today as a smattering of bad news, both domestically and from around the world, provoked a stock sell-off large enough to cause the Dow to erase all of its 2014 gains. Fox Business informs us that by the end of the trading day, […]

Imminent Disaster; Ebola Scare in the United States

In two close calls threatening to spread the deadly Ebola virus to the United States, WSOC TV in Charlotte, NC tells us that a large portion of the main emergency room at the Carolinas Medical Center was roped off to house a patient who recently had traveled from Africa. Additionally, the Los Angeles Times tells […]

Helsinki Airport to Feature World’s First Real Time Passenger Tracking System

Whether you call it an amazing technological breakthrough or the dawn of an Orwellian age depends on your point of view, but The London Telegraph informs us that Helsinki Airport will be the first airport in the world to feature a real time passenger tracking system. All mobile phones logged into the airport’s network will […]

Rocky Mountain High: Legal Pot Blamed for Increase in Denver Homeless

Colorado’s recent legalization of recreational pot use is being blamed for causing a significant increase in Denver’s homeless population. The increase in Denver’s homeless population isn’t an across the board increase among all demographics either. Yahoo News tells us that Denver area homeless shelters are noticing a specific increase in the amount of young people […]

Fact: The Great Majority of Americans are Getting Poorer

If you feel like you’re working hard and not getting anywhere financially for it, you may be right. The fact is, Americans are getting poorer. And it’s not just a small group or class of negatively affected Americans that are bearing the brunt of this economic reality. According to The New York Times, it’s 94% […]

Israel Rejects U.S. Ceasefire Plan in Favor of Twelve Hour Halt to Hostilities

The first sign of a gap in the raging hostilities between Israel and Hamas appeared on Friday as The Jerusalem Post tells us that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has informed U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, that Israel has agreed to a twelve hour ceasefire with Hamas beginning at 7AM on Saturday, Israeli time. […]

Novel Painkiller Approved That Fights Opioid Addiction

Prescription painkiller abuse has long been an epidemic on the increase. In response, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its approval today to a first of its kind painkiller called Targiniq ER. Targiniq ER is novel painkiller because it is a combination of the powerful opiate oxycodone and the drug often used to reverse […]

Epic Fail: Investors Balk at Ackman’s Efforts to Destroy Herbalife

In a gigantic flop and somewhat of an insult to his ego, William Ackman failed in his attempt to deal an ultimate death blow to Herbalife (NYSE: HLF) today. The threat of Ackman’s death blow loomed large over Herbalife’s stock price this week, but in a dramatic turn of events, iStreet Wire tells us that […]

Scientists Set New Record By Discovering the Two Most Distant Stars Ever Found in the Milky Way

In an effort to test predictions for the formation of the Milky Way, Sky and Telescope tells us that Dr. John Bochanski and his team of astronomers have discovered the two most distant stars ever recorded in the Milky Way galaxy. The discovery by Dr. Bochanski and his team is important because data gathered about […]

China Fast-Food Scare the Latest Embarrassment For McDonald’s Corp. and Yum Brands Inc.

McDonald’s Corp. and Yum Brands Inc. (the parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut) were both caught off guard on Monday by revelations of another fast-food scare in their Chinese market. The Otago Daily Times tells us that employees at Shanghai based Husi Food Co. Ltd. were exposed during a Chinese TV broadcast picking meat […]

The Bitcoin Revolution Moves Forward; Google Adds Bitcoin to Its Online Currency Calculator

Google has added some fuel to the Bitcoin revolution this week with its announcement that it will be adding the Bitcoin to its currency conversion calculator. According to Tech Times, the Bitcoin is rapidly gaining steam as viable online currency through which consumers can order products and services and conduct business. Tech Times tells us […]

Scientists to Conduct Explosive Experiment At Mount St. Helens

Thankfully, it will be nothing compared to what happened on May 18, 1980, but The Chronicle tells us that, very soon, Mount St. Helens will be made to rumble on command. This weekend, 75 geophysicists from Rice University, the University of Washington, the University of Texas at El Paso, and a small number of other […]

Jason Aldean Takes His New Style On Tour To Promote ‘Night Train’

Jason Aldean might be the most well-known yet under-appreciated man in modern country music, but the under-appreciation factor is certainly not coming from his legions of dedicated fans. Cleveland.com tells is that today, Jason Aldean will dominate Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH with his “Burn It Down” tour. The show starts at 7 pm and […]

Maria Menounos Joins E! and Debuts Her New Show, “Untold With Maria Menounos”

Aside from modeling her bikini clad body in an impressive photo shoot (as the Inquisitr shows us), television personality Maria Menounos is about to make her premiere debut on E! with her new show, “Untold With Maria Menounos.” Broadway World informs us that “Untold With Maria Menounos” is a sixty minute news magazine show that […]

“Walking Dead” Actress Shannon Guess Richardson Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Mailing Ricin Laced Letter to President Obama

Actress Shannon Guess Richardson was sentenced to 18 years in prison today by Federal District Judge Michael Schneider for mailing ricin laced letters to President Barack Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Mark Glaze (formerly the director of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns). The Huffington Post tells us that according to Shannon Guess […]

IKEA Announces Its Entry into the Las Vegas Market With New Store to Open in the Summer of 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada will soon join the exclusive club of US metropolitan areas able to boast the rather elusive title of being home to an IKEA store. That title doesn’t come easily, as Bloomberg Business Week informs us, IKEA presently has 38 stores in 21 states with limited plans for expansion and no plans to […]

Leading Internet Based Companies Issue Comment on Net Neutrality

The head to head fight between internet service providers (ISP’s) and internet technology companies, represented by the Internet Association, lurched forward into the next round Monday. As PC World informs us, three dozen internet technology companies represented by a singular voice under the guise of the Internet Association filed a statement with the Federal Communications […]

The Coolest Cooler is the Most Awesome Summer Invention Since Summer Began, Kickstarters the World Over Agree

With summer in full swing, I can think of very few must-have inventions that are cooler than the Coolest Cooler. The Coolest Cooler has become a Kickstarter phenomenon. Pocket-lint tells us that the Coolest Cooler has been met with such an eager reception that it has literally smashed its Kickstarter goal in its first day. […]

Donald Sterling Courtroom Outburst Mars Probate Trial on Day One

The Donald Sterling probate trial to determine the fate of who will own the LA Clippers took an awkward, and somewhat troubling turn today. The trial itself is centered on the issue as to whether Donald’s wife, Shelly Sterling, had the authority to remove Donald as Co-Trustee of the Sterling Family Trust and to then […]

Record Tornado Ravages Smithfield, NY Causing Death and Destruction

A series of deadly storms and tornadoes ravaged the eastern states on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. NBC News tells us that the hardest hit community was Smithfield, NY, a small town located in Madison County, NY between Utica and Syracuse. NBC News reports the tornado that touched down in Smithfield, NY was the states’ […]

Selfie Crazed Crowds Present New Challenge in This Year’s Tour De France

As cyclists in this year’s Tour De France set out to make new records, it’s a sure thing that the spectators of the event, especially as it winds its way through the United Kingdom, are setting records of their own. The Guardian tells us that five time Tour De France winner Bernard Hinault said that […]

Rockstar Wins With GTA V and GTA Online Content and Events

It’s not new news that, according to Metro, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (GTA V) has smashed seven Guinness World Records, including best-selling video game of all time, and has become the only entertainment property (including books and movies) to gross over $1 billion dollars, which it did in its first three days on the market. […]

Virtual GTA V Character Lacey Jonas Sued By Real Life Character Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan announced this week that she has filed a lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games, the makers of the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). Forbes tells us that Lindsay Lohan alleges that Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games incorporated her image and likeness into the GTA V character Lacey Jonas. According […]

Dov Charney Mounts Effort to Wrest Back Control of American Apparel

Embattled former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has no plans to walk away from the company he founded without a fight. Conversely, The New York Times informs us that Mr. Charney intends to wrest back control of American Apparel. Charney was fired from his position as American Apparel’s CEO least month, after the board grew […]

Kohl’s Embarks on Plan to Beome the Most Engaging Retailer In the Nation

Kohl’s CEO, Kevin Mansell, has stated that he intends to turn Kohl’s into the most engaging retailer in the nation. Though, as Wisn.com tells us, the nationwide department store chain remains very profitable, Kohl’s will face an uphill climb before it can claim the title of “most engaging retailer in the nation.” The Milwaukee, Wisconsin […]

USPS to Close 82 Distribution Centers Nationwide In Major Cost Savings Effort

The financially plagued USPS (United States Postal Service) has announced its plans to close 82 of its facilities nationwide. According to Channel3000.com, the USPS will begin closing affected facilities in January, 2015, impacting 15,000 total employees. The USPS distribution center closings are the organization’s next round of drastic budget cuts as it grapples to pay […]

GoPro (GPRO) Goes Pro On The NASDAQ Exchange And Has Investors Smiling

GoPro Inc. (NASDAQ GPRO) has come out of the gates strong, beating investor expectations since its IPO offering last Thursday. Tech News informs us that GoPro stock has already risen more than 30 percent to top out at $31.34 per share after initially being offered at $24.00 per share. 24/7 Wall St. further informs us […]

Eating Fruits and Vegetables Won’t Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

As we rapidly approach the summer swimsuit season, that seasonal American obsession with weight loss is already cranking into high gear. Words and phrases like weight loss, diet, and diet pills, among many others, abound all over the internet and grace bikini clad tabloid covers in supermarket checkout lines from coast to coast. It can […]

Jaguar Axes XK Series in Favor of F-Type Agility and Performance

In a surprise move announced by Jaguar at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the luxury and performance car manufacturer revealed that it will be discontinuing production of its XK Coupe in model year 2015 in favor of focusing its energies on producing its F-Type sports cars. Motor Authority informs us that the bevy of […]

Ann Coulter Hates Soccer and She Says You Should Hate It Too

Controversial conservative columnist Ann Coulter has managed to do it again. And by it, I mean she has done what she, on so many occasions, has done so well. As American soccer fans come to terms with Team USA’s World Cup loss to Germany today, earlier this week, Ann Coulter likened the entire sport to […]

Trey Songz Thanks Nicki Minaj in a Big Way

Trey Songz showed his gratitude to Nicki Minaj in the most old fashioned and sincere way this week. According to MTV News, Trey made a big impression… with a whole lot of roses. That’s right. In return for Nicki Minaj’s collaboration on his new song “Touchin’ Lovin,’” which debuted via stream on MTV Tuesday, the […]

‘The Sims 4,’ Coming September 2 To A Town Near You!

Successfully producing a major hit in an already established game series has proven to be an almost unattainable task as of late (just ask the developers of Diablo 3), but that’s exactly what developer EA Games and Maxis intend to do with their next installment of the ever popular The Sims series with the release […]

Hyundai Cars Are Close To Tops On This Year’s JD Powers Quality Study

Hyundai finds itself near the top of the list for being one of the best cars on the market behind the big price tag brands, according to JD Power and Associates’ 2014 Initial Quality Study. USA Today tells us that the survey ranks brands and individual models for fewest problems per 100 vehicles within the […]

Dov Charney Fired As American Apparel’s CEO Amidst Allegations of Sexual Improprieties

Embattled American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has been stripped of his chairmanship of the board and placed on suspension without pay for 30 days pending termination from the company. According to the New York Post, the board took action to terminate Charney during its Wednesday meeting in light of new information in which Charney is […]

Magic Johnson Builds Community Through Business Growth and Development

NBA legend and Hall-Of-Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson is making magic again, this time in the business world. In a flurry of announced business activity this week, News 12 the Bronx informs us that Magic Johnson dropped by a Cablevision call center in the Bronx today to promote his new TV channel “Aspire.” Magic’s Aspire channel […]

Kindle Fire HD’s and HDX Make a Comeback! Terrific Choice for the Mid-Range Tablet Market

Some new developments this week have put Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDX 7 on the map again despite the majority of media attention being focused on Amazon’s newly announced Fire smartphone. To start off, TNW informs us that Oyster is now available for android operating systems and Kindle Fire Tablets. As TNW describes […]

Attention AirBnB Entrepreneurs of NYC; Your Money Making Aspirations Just Got A Little Safer

In a landmark legal decision, Manhattan Housing Court Judge Jack Stoller just became the friend of cash strapped tenants everywhere. Justice Stoller ruled today that a financial district renter, Kimberly Freeman, could not be evicted from her apartment for subletting her two bedroom rental unit to short term renters via the San Francisco based accommodations […]

Luke Bryan Rides Wave of Positive Accomplishment; Recognizes His Wife and Family As Essential to His Success

Country music sensation Luke Bryan continues to make headlines this week as he stopped in to take part in batting practice with the Saint Louis Cardinals while in town for his “That’s My Kind of Night Tour.” Bryan owes the event in large part to his friend, Cardinal’s starting pitcher Adam Wainwright. Though the interlude […]

Scottie Pippen’s Defamation Lawsuit Rejected Again, This Time Forever

In a negative turn of events for retired Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen, the Supreme Court has decided to let stand lower court decisions to dismiss a $10 million lawsuit that Pippen filed against several major national media outlets by refusing to comment on the case. The lack of comment from the nation’s high court […]

The 2016 Presidential Election And The Next Manchurian Candidate

Incoming, US presidential election 2016! Radio talk show hosts, national news publications, and paid off political pundits from “A” to “Z” are busy speculating on who their next “shock and awe” candidate will be during the fast approaching 2016 presidential election. Inquisitr has already given us a nice election 2016 preview of who the “good […]

SEPTA Strike Brings 13 Regional Rail Lines And Thousands Of Commuters To A Standstill

In a move that will affect 13 rail lines and as many as 60,000 daily commuters around the Philadelphia area, two separate unions have informed SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority) that, because of their inability to reach a deal in negotiations that had been ongoing with SEPTA, they are officially on strike as of 12:01 […]

Russian Bombers Spotted Off Northern California Coast; Putin Flexes Muscle Against Declining US Hegemony

In the latest series of saber rattling events between Putin’s Russia and the United States, four Russian bombers triggered American air defense systems on Monday when they came within 50 miles of the US Pacific coastline. The Inquisitr tells us that at 4:30 pm, four Russian Tu-95 Bear H nuclear capable strategic bombers supported by […]

Warp Speed Travel to Alpha Centauri and 100 Million Life Supporting Planets Around The Milky Way Inches Closer to Reality

Have you ever wanted to travel to the distant reaches of the Milky Way? All aboard the IXS Enterprise! The next destination is Alpha Centauri; only a cool 4.65 light years away! Your trip will include full meal service and the best part is, we’ll be traveling so fast that hyper-sleep won’t be needed. Obviously, […]

Sarah Palin Calls Out Clinton’s Book And Bashes Cantor All In One Week

Sarah Palin has re-entered the media spotlight this week, making waves on two fronts seemingly simultaneously. Palin began the week by reminding the American public who really took the first shot in the “War on Women.” While Hillary Clinton made the rounds to promote her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” Palin zeroed in on one instance […]

Differing Accounts Of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Torture and Captivity Come To Light

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was held in a metal cage in darkness for weeks and possibly months in retaliation for one or possibly two failed escape attempts, according to The New York Times. Bergdahl is currently undergoing treatment at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany. He has been assigned a team of doctors and specialists […]

Pot Impersonators? Hershey Sues Colorado Marijuana Edibles Maker

In a first of its kind lawsuit, America’s largest chocolate maker, The Hershey Company, has filed a lawsuit against a Colorado based marijuana edibles maker. According to USA Today, the Hershey Company is claiming trademark infringement against Colorado based TinctureBelle and is alleging that Tincturebelle’s “Ganja Joy” mirrors Hershey’s Almond Joy, “Hasheath” mirrors Hershey’s “Heath […]

The Delicious Facts Behind National Donut Day

Americans are internationally known for their love affair with certain kinds of foods like hamburgers and hotdogs, and of course, the wonderful, sweet treat known as the donut (or doughnut depending on your grammatical inclinations). This past Friday marked the occurrence of that auspiciously acclaimed nationwide celebration, trumpeted all over the internet among other places, […]

New Net Neutrality Changes; Code Words For “Pay to Play”

The open internet is once again under attack, this time through proposed changes to net neutrality. If the FCC enacts the changes, the free and open internet may be less open and a whole lot less free sometime soon. So troublesome are the proposed net neutrality changes that Xconomy tells us that New York’s tech […]

San Francisco Sickout Brings Union & City Relations to Fever Pitch

What happens when a public transportation system serving around 700,000 passengers per day comes to a complete stop? The people of San Francisco got to find out this week as the “San Francisco sickout” enters its third day. San Francisco transit workers are at odds with the city’s Municipal Transit Agency (Muni) over a proposed […]