‘Ready Player One’: Virtual Reality Movie Is Scary Close To Actual Reality

There are many movies that predict the future of humanity. There are those that predict we will have flying cars, while others like Ready Player One which talk about the use of virtual reality as a way of life. Steven Spielberg’s new movie is set to be released in the next few days, but the […]

Amazon Prime Video International Review: Why It’s Not Beating Netflix Yet

The battle of the top streaming service is on the rise. Disney is even planning to release a massive competition for Netflix this coming 2019, as previously reported here on Inquisitr. However, now that it’s just Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, why can’t the bigger company win? Amazon is already a multi-billion dollar company, but […]

‘SNL’s Kate McKinnon Channels Betsy DeVos On ‘Weekend Update’ To Explain Panned ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Kate McKinnon is an SNL veteran that can twist any character at any time, and she did it again with her portrayal of Betsy DeVos. According to Hollywood Life, McKinnon’s DeVos skit was featured during the show’s “Weekend Update.” The biggest issue that was covered in the skit was the education secretary’s stances in her […]

Jared Kushner, John Kelly, And Trump: Here’s The Story Behind The Security Clearance Overhaul

Jared Kushner is in the spotlight this week because the White House is delaying his security clearance. With Paul Manafort being charged in the Robert Mueller investigation, some think this is an opening to go closer toward President Donald Trump’s inner circle. According to USA Today, Kushner has been allowed an interim security clearance for […]

FBI Wiretap Seemingly Confirms Sean Miller Corruption – Legal Ramifications For Arizona Coach

After the FBI went through more than 3,000 hours of phone calls, it was found that Arizona Wildcats Coach Sean Miller negotiated behind closed doors with Christian Dawkins to secure DeAndre Ayton’s enrollment for the team. Miller was included in the investigation after the FBI started creating a profile of Dawkins, a key person in […]

NRA Responds To Sheriff Israel: ‘No… You Were The One That Didn’t PROTECT These Children’

The NRA has been under fire since the Stoneman Douglas shooting, and this time, they’re being targeted by the police authority present during the shooting. A CNN-hosted town hall meeting prompted victims and the sheriff’s office to create a statement regarding the government’s response on how to counter gun violence. During the town hall meeting, […]

Companies Who Cut Ties With NRA Receive Overwhelming Support – Will FedEx & Amazon Come Next To Boycott NRA?

Companies have started boycotting the NRA by cutting ties with the organization. NRA used to have discounts and other privileges with particular companies, but in light of the latest school shooting at Stoneman Douglas and the government’s response to the crisis, these companies took a stand and people are celebrating them for it. According to […]

Jared Leto Faces Backlash For ‘White-Washing’ Yakuza Role For Netflix’s ‘The Outsider’

Netflix has released another film for the first quarter of 2018, but people are creating backlash of the film even before it’s seen. The issue is not on the plot itself, but on the casting. The Outsider is a thriller film that stars Jared Leto as a soldier who loses his way and finds comfort […]

Nokia 8 Pro, Nokia 10: Everything You Need To Know

Nokia is making a comeback and it’s not solely focused on bringing back the 3310 series. This year, the phone manufacturing company is set to release three flagship smartphones that are expected to be at par with Apple, Samsung, and Google’s current offerings. The reason why Nokia’s 3310 series worked is because of its durability […]

Kylie Jenner Calls Out Snapchat – Social Media Responds With New Changes, Again

This year has been filled with changes on Snap, Inc. With their new redesign, they aim to both balance the feature of publishers and the users on one account. However, this new update has left a lot of users with an adjustment period. With the update, Snapchat separated the button for seeing a user’s friends […]

Trump Supports Teachers With Guns – Arming And Training Teachers Solution To Schools’ Gun Violence

We’re nearing the second week of the gun violence controversy and the White House is still looking for ways to pacify the media and the NRA. However, in President Donald Trump’s latest briefing, which was attended by a few students and teachers affected by gun violence, he made a strong stance for maintaining the status […]

KZ Tandingan ‘Singer 2018’: Filipino Singer’s Chinese Rendition Put Her In Regular Spot With Jessie J

Filipino Singer KZ Tandingan has been gracing the top trending spot in YouTube Asia for the past couple of weeks now. This year, she joined the massive Chinese singing show Singer 2018 together with renowned pop star Jessie J. Singer 2018 has different way of judging and ranking its contestants. It’s not a straight-up elimination […]

‘Uncle Drew’ Trailer Features Kyrie Irving Playing Ball With Shaq, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, More!

It is not unusual to find NBA superstars on the silver screen, but Uncle Drew features a few fan favorites. Lionsgate has finally released the trailer for Uncle Drew, a story that will revolve around basketball enthusiast Dax, played by Lil Rel Howery, who drained his life savings in pursuit of a Harlem basketball team’s […]

Danielle Cohn: Most Hated Teen On Instagram Helped Mom Quit Two Jobs, But Her Fame Comes With A Price

Social media could be a good opportunity to create your own personal brand. Social media stars like PewDiePie were able to create a sustainable living from creating content on YouTube. Now, 13-year-old Danielle Cohn is in the spotlight as she and her mom try to build up her entertainment career. Cohn started creating content on […]

NBA Trade: Dwyane Wade Looks Forward To Returning to Miami Heat — ‘Only Other Place I Can Be’

The NBA trade deadline is now closed and everybody is shocked with the final trades of the season. Though these major trade decisions have had the public in a divisive stance, NBA star Dwyane Wade is now sharing his thoughts about the turnout. In an exclusive interview with the Associated Press, Wade talked about how […]

Ariana Kukors On Alleged Sexual Harassment From USA Olympic Coach, Story ‘Too Important To Go Unwritten’

It hasn’t been too long since Larry Nassar’s sentencing has been finalized and the Olympics is now facing another storm. Ariana Kukors, a 2012 Olympic swimmer, has accused a U.S. Olympic team coach of sexual harassment. The former coach, Sean Hutchison, 46, is now being investigated by authorities after Kukors forwarded her case to the […]

Gisele Bundchen Criticized For How She Explained Husband’s Super Bowl Loss To Kids

The Super Bowl is now over and Tom Brady and his team suffered a big loss. While fans are pouring out their support for the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen has received criticism after she explained her husband’s loss to their kids. After the Super Bowl LII, Brady’s kids were seen […]

PepsiCo Under Fire After Provocative Lady Doritos Campaign

Another controversial ad campaign has been launched, and this time it came from PepsiCo’s CEO, who’s the main proponent of the new Lady Doritos. In an interview with Freakonomics Radio, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi talked about the “gap in the market” that they are looking to fill. Nooyi’s reductive interpretation of the call for equality […]

Logan Paul’s Comeback Starts With Tide Pod Eating Challenge And People Are Not Happy

Logan Paul is back from his sabbatical and people are not happy. The last time Paul was in front of the public was just months ago when he posted a YouTube video of a forest in Japan where people are known to commit suicide. Paul received massive backlash after showing an actual footage of a […]

Banks Challenge Bitcoin – New Frauds Arise As Critics Call For The Big Decline Of The Crypto

Lloyds Bank and other major banks have announced that they will be preventing their customers from purchasing Bitcoin using credit cards attached to their banks. According to Fortune, this decision was made to protect banking consumers from “both financial and legal risk” of investing in Bitcoin. Along with Lloyds Bank, Bank of America and JPMorgan […]

Olympics Boxing 2020 Ban: Speculations On Corruption And Crime Causes Concern For The Sport

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has given the boxing industry a grave warning since there is a big concern about the governing body in boxing. If the investigation proves that there’s a coordination between managers and players, boxing may be banned in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. According to The Sun, the allegations have been taken […]

‘One Piece’ Creator To Reveal Luffy’s Origin Story – Is Garp The Key To Unraveling His Past?

Longstanding anime One Piece is off to another great start this year. Though there have been various promising characters to come on the franchise, Luffy, the protagonist, will still be the top favorite. Because of that, the show creator is planning to dig deep into Luffy’s past. According to SegmentNext, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda […]

Must See New Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Anime Is Coming To America – ‘Next Big Thing In Animation’ For 2019

An exciting new anime is coming to America. With the push of anime content on Netflix, it seems that U.S. audiences are looking for more of these Japanese animations. Though this one is not set to launch on any streaming site yet, the hype is still on the rise. Created by one of Voltron’s top […]

Memo Would Potentially Backfire On Trump Administration Itself — Devin Nunes Leaves Key Fact In Memo

U.S. President Donald Trump has allowed a memo, which supposedly proves bias within the FBI against the president, to be released to the public. Months before, the Republican Party including Donald Trump Jr. were ecstatic about the memo. They believe this is the key document to put FBI’s Robert Mueller to rest. Mueller has continued […]

Prom Season: Alabama School Suspends Two Female Students Who Planned Same-Sex Prom Proposal

It’s the prom season and a school in Alabama is having a hard time going with the times. According to local site Alabama, two female students were suspended for arranging a prom proposal together. Two teens were suspended Wednesday according to Ashley Fadely, senior student at Alexandria High. Fadely said that the event happened during […]

Meghan Markle Breaks Another Royal Protocol — ‘Affectionate’ Wedding Vows Never Done Before

Ever since the announcement of Meghan Markle’s wedding to one of the hottest former bachelors in Britain, the American actress has already made news with their unorthodox public relationship. The British royal family is known for its protocols and strict set of rules. With the production of the Netflix show, The Crown, the masses also […]

Octavia Spencer To Buy Entire Mississippi Movie Theater For ‘Black Panther’ Viewing

Octavia Spencer is willing to buy out entire movie theaters in Mississippi for underserved black communities. Spencer took to Instagram to make this announcement to highlight the importance of the “crucial, simple yet often overlooked” social problem of representation. According to Huffington Post, Spencer has always been a big supporter of black films. Last year, […]

Toronto Landscaper Caught, One Of The Cruelest Serial Killer Crimes This Year

Toronto landscaper Bruce McArthur was charged with murder after remains of his victims were found in the planters where he worked. According to the New York Times, the authorities were able to account for three different bodies in their investigations and McArthur is directly linked with the newly found bodies. The 66-year-old McArthur was charged […]

Gamers Vs. Cryptominers: Nvidia Urges Retailers To Prioritize Gaming Use

Now that there’s a shortage of GPUs, Nvidia released a memo to its retailers saying they should prioritize gamers versus users who are buying the products for cryptocurrency mining. Since last year, there has been a lack of available graphic cards on the market. According to Vice, it is because of the crypto miners who […]

LeBron James Marks 30,000th Point — Here Are His Other World Records

LeBron James just hit another NBA milestone that only a few legends has achieved: reaching the 30,000-point mark. The moment has been celebrated in-game with Spurs and his fans were ecstatic. Upon reaching the seven points he needed to break the milestone, Spurs and all of the attendees of the game gave him a standing […]

Chelsea Manning Runs For Senate But The Web Is Unsure About It All

Chelsea Manning is one of the names that made headlines during the Obama administration. Formerly known as Bradley Manning, the transgender who was sentenced to prison for leaking 700,000 classified documents back in 2010 to Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning is now running for Senate. Former President Barack Obama commuted her sentence from 35 years to life […]

Netflix Review: David Letterman’s ‘MNGNNI’ Was A Bittersweet Nostalgia Of Obama And ‘Old’ America 1 Year Ago

Netflix just unveiled their latest masterpiece by starring David Letterman in his comeback show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Though it has been a long time since Letterman came out on TV, he sure made a magnificent come back by featuring the 44th president of the United States as his pilot guest. Letterman’s format […]

YouTube Looks At ‘Further Consequences’ For Logan Paul, Is There An Option For Complete Ban Or Firing?

Logan Paul told his fans that he will be taking a break after posting a suicide video when he visited Japan. Paul has received a lot of criticisms because of his apathy on the scene. The video apparently featured a real suicide victim who has hung himself on the tree. The now-deleted video still garnered […]

Are U.S. Air Bases Harboring Toxic Chemicals? 65,000 Coloradans Exposed While Others Acquired Cancer

Residents in Colorado Springs, Co., have come out with claims that the firefighting foams stored at Air Force bases since the 1970s have allegedly caused illness in the community. According to CBS News, the foams were meant to “save lives” and not harm them, but they contain “highly fluorinated chemicals” known as PFCs. This has […]

Saoirse Ronan’s Best Actress Win In Golden Globes Sparks Oscar Win For Her And ‘Ladybird’

Saoirse Ronan has been one of the most promising actresses in her generation and Ladybird may be the gateway to her grabbing her first Oscar win. This is not the first time the actress’s talent has been recognized by the academy. Ever since she was a child, she’s received nominations for her work, including Best […]

‘Sorry Bro,’ Coachella Bans Marijuana, But Offers Biggest Latino Lineup

Coachella is setting ground rules for this year’s festival. With the great debate on the use of marijuana, the festival is taking its stand against it. According to Digital Music News, despite the legalization of marijuana for casual use in California, the music festival still decided to prohibit its use during the festival. Though California […]

Wichita Police Aimed To Shoot A Dog But Injured 9-Year-Old Girl Instead, Mother Files Case Against The Police

A 9-year-old girl was injured after a police officer from Wichita, Kansas, fired towards their family dog. The bullet remnants fractured the little girl who was at their home during the incident. According to KWCH12, the police responded to a 911 call by Daniele Maples, who said they only called because her husband was threatening […]

Is Kristen Stewart Hollywood’s Next Big Director? Debut Stuns Critics With Hunting Psycho-thriller [Watch]

Kristen Stewart has graduated from being Bella Swan to one of Hollywood’s upcoming directors. In her debut film Come Swim, Stewart proved how her creativity can also go behind the scenes. Come Swim is a production for Refinery29’s Shatterbox Anthology film series. The film already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Fest […]

Discover Victoria Beckham’s Key Style Tips For Acing A Low-Key Airport Ensemble

Airport style is hard to pin down. You want to look effortless, but not too shabby that you look completely dejected. According to Vogue, there are a couple of ways you can mimic Victoria Beckham’s key highlights when it comes to airport styling. During New Year’s, the Beckhams were chilling in the English countryside, but […]

Minimum Wage Increase Effective Now, Know The 18 States That Implemented Up To 20 Percent Wage Hike

The minimum wage increase is now effective in 18 states. This decision will affect almost 4.5 million U.S. workers. The change in minimum wage received praise and opposition from both sides of the coin. A business owner in Owen Sound, Ont., Stellios Dimakos, said the 20 percent wage hike from $11.60 per hour to $14 […]

Camila Cabello Says Goodbye To Fifth Harmony Days And Looks Forward With Her New ‘Never Be The Same’ Video

The year 2017 has been a rocky road for former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello as she tried to create her own name outside the girl band. As the year closes, the artist released a music video for her newest single, “Never Be The Same,” and it’s the perfect nostalgia for her journey so far. […]

Steve Bannon: ‘Javanka’ Stirs ‘Bad Decisions’ In W.H., Couple Can’t Comprehend Their Insignificance

After being ousted from the White House, Steve Bannon is now spilling the deepest secrets of the Trump administration, according to his own views. In his recent interview with Vanity Fair, Bannon highlighted the always-questioned Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. He said that the duo is simply bringing in more bad decisions in the White […]

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Wedding: Is Trump Trying To Block The Obamas’ Wedding Invite?

The Obamas and the British royals have bonded for real, but this causes concern for Donald Trump and his ego. As Michelle and Barack Obama were often seen with Prince Harry, many wonder if the two are going to be invited to the upcoming royal wedding next year. However, if you’ve seen House of Cards […]

‘Doctor Who’ 2018 Jodie Whittaker: What Can We Expect Of The World’s First Female Doctor?

Peter Capaldi has bid farewell to the TARDIS during the Doctor Who Christmas Special. As Jodie Whittaker enters the realm of impossibilities, fans are excited with her first two words, “Oh, brilliant!” After Jodie came in, fans were ecstatic, even though the last scene with Capaldi featured the TARDIS missing again. As fans grew more […]

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Review: Less Macabre With A Little ‘Doctor Who’-esque Ending

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Black Mirror is one of Netflix’s top original and with Season 4, they gave people another view of artistry. However, there are some key differences with the previous seasons. With the release of the Star Wars blockbuster and Will Smith’s Bright on Netflix, some thought it would be challenging to pair up […]

Four Charged For Rape And Torture Of 16-Year-Old Girl, Fifth Person Still On The Run

Four people are now facing charges after a 16-year-old was found strapped to a chair by duct tape with hair shaved off and burnt using cigarettes. According to Massachusetts Live, the girl was drugged before the four suspects raped her. The Worcester Central District Court released a statement saying the crime happened in Auburn. The […]

New Tax Law Won’t Increase U.S. Jobs, But It Will Introduce Rise Of Real Estate Value

Trump’s White House has been counting the newly implemented tax law as a win for this administration. However, the impacts are slowly coming in. A rise in housing prices in the United States can be expected in the coming year as the old tax code which subsidized homeownership has now been scaled back. To pay […]

Russian Tankers Allegedly Smuggled Oil To N. Korea, But Trump Calls Out China

Russian tankers have reportedly transferred oil to North Korea on at least three occasions over the past months. According to an exclusive report from Reuters, Russia used their ships to deliver the cargoes. Two senior Western European security insiders, acting as sources for the media outlet, have confirmed the oil smuggling allegedly conducted by Russia. […]

F1 Racer Lewis Hamilton Slammed For Shaming Nephew Who Wore A Dress

Christmas Day is a big reunion holiday, and Lewis Hamilton was with his family. However, in the gift-opening event, his response to his nephew’s Santa wish backfired. Hamilton posted an Instagram showing his family around. He then said he was “sad” after pointing the camera at his nephew wearing a pink and fuchsia dress with […]

Michael Schumacher Update: Scammers Plot To Get Big Bucks For Alleged Accident Footage

As F1 legend Michael Schumacher fights for his recovery, scammers are attempting to take advantage of the situation by claiming they have the footage of the day Schumacher got into an accident in the French Alps. The racer has been under observation since he suffered a traumatic brain injury after a skiing accident in 2013. […]