Santa Claus: The Meticulously Cultivated Lie

I was eleven years old when my parents first told me that Santa Claus was not real. My mother wanted to maintain the charade, but my father was more pragmatic. “We can’t keep this up,” he told her. “She’s in sixth grade; she’s going to get beaten up.” I understood their reasons behind perpetuating the […]

I-95 Crash: 67-Car Accident Leaves 2 Dead

Two people were killed in a horrific accident in Baltimore on the morning of December 17, as a truck explosion led to a 67-car pileup on I-95. The explosion and subsequent crash were both captured on a bystander’s cell phone, and social media users watched the crash play out on video over the weekend. When […]

Women’s March On Washington: Everything You Need To Know

After receiving a denial for the initial bid for a permit, the Women’s March on Washington was approved in its bid for its projected 200,000 participants to meet in downtown Washington the day after President-elect Donald Trump’s projected inauguration. Listed below are all of the details surrounding the event. Who is organizing it and who […]

Chattanooga Bus Crash Update: Driver Speeding, On Phone

New details have emerged in the case of the Chattanooga bus crash that occurred on November 21 of this year and left six elementary school students dead. CNN reported this week that a police investigator from the Chattanooga Police Department testified in court that, based on his assessment of the crash scene, the driver of […]

Vanderpump Rules Episode 5 Recap: Married Human Beings

Within two minutes of Vanderpump Rules Episode 5, a highly unpopular truth began to reveal itself: not every problem in Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s volatile relationship is the latter’s fault. The episode opens with Katie and Tom landing in LA to meet with their wedding planner and survey the venue. Katie says that this […]

‘Westworld’: ‘The Bicameral Mind’ Recap

“Welcome to the world,” Arnold says to Dolores in the opening scene of “The Bicameral Mind,” the season finale of the hit HBO series Westworld. The beginning of the episode possesses a dreamlike quality, vacillating between a blue-dress-garbed Dolores smiling sweetly at Teddy over the bodies of massacred hosts in the street to Dolores shaving […]

Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, And the Ways It Failed Us

The first installment of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival“A Year In the Life” flashes back to the funeral of family patriarch Richard Gilmore (played by the late Edward Herrmann). In this scene, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) is standing at the bar when she is approached by her old flame, Jason (Chris Eigeman), who, after offering a […]

‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’: Where Are They Now?

With the advent of the premiere of the seventh season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills upon us, it can be fun to reach into the annals of Housewives history and check in with the notable ghosts of ‘Wives past. Some housewives made more lasting impressions than others, and, if nothing else, it […]

11-Year-Old Grand Theft Auto Player Pulled Over On Highway

A night spent playing the smash hit video game Grand Theft Auto ended in a police detainment for an Ontario 11-year-old. At 11 p.m. on Saturday, the Ontario Provincial Police began receiving reports of an unstable driver on a highway just north of Toronto, reported CTV News Canada. It had been a fairly active night […]

Cards Against Humanity Hole: Gag Raises $80,000

The creators of the ribald party game Cards Against Humanity have historically enjoyed a curious relationship with the post-Thanksgiving shopping spectacle Black Friday. This year, they are accepting donations to fund digging a hole on a plot of empty land, according to the FAQ page of their site; each donation funds seconds of digging, […]

RHONJ Dina Manzo Blasts Sister Caroline On Podcast

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Dina Manzo appeared on Heather McDonald’s podcast “Juicy Scoop” recently, and over the course of two episodes, she dished on her feud with her older sister, Caroline. In a no-holds-barred interview, the normally reticent Dina Manzo provided details on the manner in which the original cast of […]

Oscar Pistorius Changes Prisons To Accommodate Disability

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius was transferred from his South African prison to a correctional facility equipped to handle inmates with disabilities. Pistorius was convicted of murder in July for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, after his original sentence for culpable homicide was overturned on appeal. He is currently serving a six-year sentence. Pistorius’ […]

The Fate Of Assange During A Trump Presidency

In a political climate imbued with uncertainty as the transition between the Obama and Trump camps creaks haltingly along (or glides smoothly, depending on the source of the status report), one entity seeks to capitalize upon the new administration: WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, currently residing in exile — and ostensibly without internet access […]

Joe Biden, A Retrospective

Onstage at the Democratic National Convention in July of this year, Vice President Joe Biden teared up as he spoke of his late son, Beau, who died in May of 2015 of brain cancer at the age of 46. Beau Biden had introduced his father at the 2008 convention. “I know I sound like a […]