‘Alaskan Bush People’ Is Returning For Another Season On Discovery, According To ‘TV Insider’

Alaskan Bush People is coming back for another season on Discovery. There has been a lot of speculation about if they would return or not and now it sounds like the show will be back. TV Insider shared the details about what fans can expect from another season of Alaskan Bush People. This will give […]

Jordan Rodgers Honors Brother Luke On National Sibling Day, Leaves Out Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Rodgers decided to pay a tribute to his older brother Luke for National Sibling Day, but he left out his other brother, Aaron. These two have been through their own issues over the years, and it looks like they aren’t getting along still. People shared about the post that Jordan made that has fans […]

Polyvore Users Upset After Site Just Shuts Down, Gives Users No Warning

The fashion website Polyvore is one that a ton of people love, but it just immediately shut down and didn’t even give anyone a warning that it was going to close. Life & Style shared about how users are really unhappy with this shutdown. They also feel like they have lost a ton of time […]

Theresa & Larry Caputo Living On Separate Coasts During Split, According To ‘People’

Last season on Long Island Medium it came out that Theresa and Larry Caputo have called it quits. They have moved on from each other, and now People is sharing that Theresa and Larry are living on separate coasts during their split. Theresa talked to Extra and explained that they are not living near each […]

‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Source Says Noah Brown Wants Babies Soon, According To ‘Radar Online’

The viewers are really missing getting to see Noah Brown and the rest of the family on Alaskan Bush People. Now, Radar Online is sharing that a source says there may be babies coming for the Brown family soon. Noah is doing great with Rhain, and it sounds like babies are on their mind already. […]

Corey Feldman Stabbed, Hospitalized After Murder Attempt, According To Mirror

Reality star and singer Corey Feldman has been stabbed, according to Mirror.Co. Corey is known as a child actor, who then turned reality star, but lately, he has been focusing on his music. Corey has been in the news for the fact that he is finally coming clean about several people who molested him and […]

Kendra Wilkinson Allegedly Wants To Divorce Hank Baskett, According To ‘Us Weekly’

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been through a lot over the years. They almost divorced before but were able to work through their issues. Us Weekly shared the news that Kendra is allegedly ready to divorce Hank now after all of these years. The couple has two children together. An insider told Us Weekly […]

Emma Slater And Sasha Farber Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tie The Knot

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber of Dancing With the Stars have tied the knot. The fans got to see the couple get engaged on the show and now they are officially married. It was amazing when Sasha got on one knee and Emma seemed so surprised. Us Weekly shared the details about their big day […]

Ryan Paevey Thanks His Fans In New Statement, Shares What He Will Be Doing Next

Fans are still upset that Ryan Paevey left the role of Nathan West on General Hospital. Michael Fairman Soaps shared that Ryan recently put out a statement thanking his fans and also talking all about his next project. Ryan went to his own website to share this message with his fans, and everyone is glad […]

Former Schlitterbahn Employee Charged In Boy’s Death On World’s Tallest Waterslide

A former Schlitterbahn employee has been now been charged in the death of Caleb Schwab who died on the world’s tallest waterslide. The young boy was decapitated while going on the waterslide with two other women. Both women sustained injuries, but they were not life-threatening. CBS News shared the information about the charges filed against […]

‘Chicago Fire’ Actress DuShon Monique Brown Dead At Age 49

Shocking news is out tonight that DuShon Monique Brown of Chicago Fire has died at the young age of 49. TMZ shared the news that she passed away on Friday, March 23, 2018. Reports are that she suffered an apparent heart attack. Sources for the site explained the details, saying that just a few days […]

Iowa Family Of Four Found Dead After Going Missing On Mexican Vacation

An Iowa family of four was found dead after going missing while on a Mexican vacation. Their family started to worry when they hadn’t heard from them, but it was known that they had arrived safely in Mexico. What had family and loved ones concerned was what may have happened after their arrival. People is […]

Christina Aguilera Speaks Out All About Heartbreak Over An Ex Who Turned Out To Be Gay

Christina Aguilera is now speaking out about a heartbreak that occurred when an ex turned out to be gay. Us Weekly shared what Christina had to say about what went down years ago. She isn’t holding back at all about the heartbreak. While on the Season 10 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s aftershow Untucked on […]

Fans Love The Idea Of Jana Duggar Dating Nathan Bates, According To ‘In Touch Weekly’

Jana Duggar is still single, and the fans always want her to find love. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that the fans have someone in mind for her and that is Nathan Bates. Considering that the Duggars have been such good friends with the Bates over the years, it wouldn’t be surprising at all […]

Blake Griffin Can’t Wait To Have More Time To Spend With Kendall Jenner, According To ‘Hollywood Life’

Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin have been together for a while now, but they both have really busy schedules. Now, Hollywood Life is sharing that Blake is really excited for some free time, which also means getting to spend more time with Kendall. It turns out that Detroit may not make the playoffs, and if […]

Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Lauren Burnham Already Have Wedding Plans And It Is Soon According, To ‘Life & Style’

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Lauren Burnham seem to be doing great since he made the decision to be with her instead of Becca. They are spending time together and she already made the move to live with him. Now, Life & Style is sharing that Arie and Lauren already know when they want to get […]

Meri Brown Finally Speaks Out About Rumors She Is Leaving ‘Sister Wives’ And The Brown Family

The fans of Sister Wives have watched how everyone assumes that Meri Brown is leaving the show along with the family. Now, Meri is finally speaking out and sharing what her real plans are for the family. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what Meri had to say about how she will be sticking […]

‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Mariah Brown Has Gay Bar Experience, Takes Mother, Meri, With Her

This week on Sister Wives, things are going to be shaken up as Mariah Brown has her first experience at a gay bar, and brings her mother, Meri, along with her. People shared the details about this week’s new episode of Sister Wives. Meri, Mariah, and Mariah’s girlfriend, Audrey Kriss, are heading out to a […]

Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Save Marriage, According To ‘Life & Style’

There have been rumors flying for a while that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were having problems in their marriage. The fans had a hard time believing that they were not okay. Now Life & Style Magazine has shared that Carrie and Mike have fixed their marriage and that things are going better. An insider […]

Kody Brown Allegedly Proposes To Possible New Wife, Gets Rejected, According To ‘Life & Style’

Kody Brown of Sister Wives has four wives already, but according to Life & Style, he was hoping to get a fifth and it just didn’t work out. They also shared something else pretty shocking about Meri Brown allegedly leaving the family in December. A source revealed that Kody Brown allegedly picked out his fifth […]

Cheryl Burke Shares She Is Taking A Social Media Break Due To Personal Issues

Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the Stars is taking a break from social networks. E! Online revealed that Cheryl went to her Twitter and Instagram to explain that fans won’t be hearing much from her. She isn’t giving them a lot of details just yet, though. Cheryl Burke didn’t share the exact details, but she […]

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid Allegedly Split, According To ‘Hollywood Life’

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have seemed like a great couple for the last two years. Now, Hollywood Life is sharing that these two have allegedly split. A source claims that they broke up earlier in March, but it seems like they might not be ready to tell the world. According to the source, the […]

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Sexy Legs, Entire Closet Of Handbags

Kylie Jenner may be a new mom, but she is looking great already. She recently went to her Instagram page and shared a photo showing of her sexy legs and also the big handbag collection she has in her closet. In this pic, you can see Kylie from a distance and it looks like she […]

Victor Minjarez, Oklahoma Father Arrested In Son’s Death, Reveals His Side Of What Happened To Jody Minjarez

Victor Minjarez, who was arrested in the death of his son Jody Minjarez, is now sharing his side of what allegedly happened to the little boy. Yesterday an Amber Alert was issued by the Oklahoma City Police Department for the 7-month-old little boy who was taken by Victor after he got into a fight with […]

Oklahoma Father Arrested For Murder, Desecrating A Human Corpse After Amber Alert Was Issued

In shocking news this morning, an Oklahoma father is now being accused of murder and desecrating a human body after an Amber Alert was issued yesterday for his missing son. KFOR shared the news about the arrest of 31-year-old Victor Manuel Minjarez. This Amber Alert was issued yesterday for his son seven-month-old Jody Minjarez. At […]

Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Eight-Month-Pregnant Belly In Sexy, Tight Dress

Khloe Kardashian is about ready to have her first child, which is a baby girl. Just last week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, they announced the sex of her baby. Us Weekly shared that Khloe was seen out recently showing off her baby bump in a tight and sexy dress. This dress didn’t leave […]

Teri Hatcher Is Hopeful For A ‘Desperate Housewives’ Reunion

So many shows are doing reunions and now Teri Hatcher is speaking out and saying that she would love a Desperate Housewives reunion. Fans were sad when the show came to an end, and they love the idea of it returning once again. E! shared what Teri had to say about it all. Teri was […]

‘The Bachelor’ 2018: Becca Kufrin Opens Up After Heartbreak In New Blog

Tonight on The Bachelor 2018, fans saw Arie Luyendyk, Jr. break the heart of Becca Kurfin. He told her that he made a mistake by proposing to her because he still has feelings for Lauren B. People shared that Becca wrote a blog all about her thoughts on what happened. In this post, Becca opened […]

‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Ending: Fans React To Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s Controversial Ending

Tonight, on the big finale of The Bachelor, fans were shocked to watch Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s big ending. Us Weekly shared how it all went down. The spoilers had been out for a while and it turned out that they were right. Arie proposed to one girl and dumped her, then moved on to the […]

‘Roseanne’ Revival’s First Trailer Is Finally Here As Premiere Is Quickly Approaching

The Roseanne revival trailer is finally here and fans can’t wait for this show to return. The idea of seeing Roseanne Barr and John Goodman on television again is something the fans are really excited about and it is now just a few weeks away. E! shared that the first trailer is finally out. This […]

Khloe Kardashian Reveals The Gender Of Her Baby On Tonight’s ‘KUWTK’

Tonight on a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian announced the big news that she is having a girl. Hollywood Life shared the announcement of Khloe and Tristan’s new baby’s gender. On tonight’s episode, Khloe and Tristan were waiting to hear from the doctor about the sex of their baby. They […]

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Trailer Is Here, Revealed At Oscars

Tonight at the Oscars, they shared the preview for Mary Poppins Returns. E! Online shared the news about this big preview coming out and what the fans can expect. Disney finally released the trailer that fans have been waiting for that shows Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins. This is a live-action film just like the […]

Ryan Seacrest On Oscar Red Carpet: Host Talks To Far Less Stars Than Usual

There was a lot of talk before the Oscar red carpet about if Ryan Seacrest should be allowed to be there or not after his ex-stylist shared that she had dealt with “years of unwanted sexual aggression.” So far, there is no proof to it, but some people felt like Ryan shouldn’t be allowed to […]

Miranda Lambert Split Rumors Still Fly As She Talks About Heartbreak At Recent Concert

The rumors have been flying that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East are over, but so far the couple hasn’t even touched on them. Fans want to know what is going on, but Miranda and Anderson are staying quiet for now. The Inquisitr recently shared, citing In Touch Weekly, that these two split and were over, […]

Vibrant Body Company Responds To Claims Of Free Bra Scam

Last night, a post went wild on social networks regarding how you could get a free bra from Vibrant Body Company. As the Inquisitr shared, people thought it was a scam and were actually getting scared. It was revealed that this offer was a code that was meant for cancer patients, but got leaked and […]

Free Bra From Vibrant Body Company Post Goes Viral As Rumors Fly It Is A Scam

If you were on any social network tonight, then you probably saw the post about getting a free Vibrant Body Company bra. This company has bras and if you used a code you would be able to get it entirely free. This post went viral quickly tonight, but now social networks are going crazy with […]

‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Show Casts Their New Kyle Abbott

The Young and the Restless has finally cast their new actor to play the role of Kyle Abbott. Michael Fairman Soaps shared the details about the fact that they have decided who will play the role. Michael Mealor will take over the role of Jack Abbott’s son by playing Kyle starting in late March. This […]

‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Update: Robert Buchel Dies At Age Of 41

Tonight on a new episode of My 600 Lb. Life, everyone was shocked to see that instead of losing weight, Robert Buchel passed away from a heart attack back in November. Reality Blurb shared the details about what happened to Robert and what went down on the new episode tonight. It was revealed tonight that […]

Gwen Stefani Stuck In House Where Gavin Cheated, According To ‘Radar Online’

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have been divorced for a while, but now it turns out that he is still allegedly driving her crazy by causing her to remain in the house that they bought together. Radar Online shared the details about what is allegedly going on with her house. A source is sharing that […]

Miranda Lambert, Anderson East Allegedly Split According To ‘In Touch Weekly’

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East seem to be doing great and have made it look like they are the perfect couple. There have been rumors for years that they were going to get engaged or even married right away, but it has never happened. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing the news that these two […]

Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher’s Marriage Suffering Because He Won’t Do Counseling, According To In Touch

The rumors have been flying for a while that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are having marriage issues, but Mike denied them. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that part of the issue is allegedly the fact that Mike won’t go to couples counseling with her. This is according to a source and not actually […]

Lala Kent Wants Marriage With Boyfriend, Plans For A Family

Lala Kent is speaking out and saying that she really wants to end up getting married to her boyfriend Randall Emmett at some point. These two didn’t go public with their relationship until recently. Us Weekly shared the news about what Lala is hoping for in the future. It looks like she is sure that […]

Khloe Kardashian Finds Out Sex Of Her Baby On ‘KUWTK’

Tonight on a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian found out the sex of her baby. At the start of the episode, she was talking to her sister, Kim, all about how she is going to have her doctor fly out to Cleveland when she gives birth. Of course, Kim told […]

Kate Stoltz Gets Asked If ‘Breaking Amish’ Is Scripted, Shares Her Thoughts

Kate Stoltz may be done with Breaking Amish, but that doesn’t mean that people are done asking her about the show. In Touch Weekly shared that Kate was recently asked about if the show was scripted or not and her answer says a lot without actually saying it. There have been rumors for years that […]

Mama June Talks Her Weight Now And If She Wants More Plastic Surgery

Mama June is looking great since losing all of the weight and having several plastic surgeries. In Touch Weekly got the chance to talk to June and find out how she is doing now and her plans for the future. Everyone is curious if she wants to gain some of the weight back and if […]

Gina Neely Admits She Wants To Get Married Again, Shares Details

Gina Neely joined the show To Rome For Love, and the reality star is sharing that she is ready to get married again. People shared what Gina had to say about being ready for love. Fans know her from Food Network, and her relationship with Pat seemed great until the two shocked everyone by sharing […]

‘Sister Wives’ Stars Take Huge Risk Going To Polygamy March In New Episode

This week on a new episode of Sister Wives, the Brown family is going to take a huge chance by heading to Utah to be part of a polygamy march. If you remember, they actually left Utah because of the fear of being arrested for living the polygamist lifestyle and live in Las Vegas now. […]

Tyler Henry, Of ‘Hollywood Medium,’ Will Give Gigi Gorgeous The Closure That She Needs

Tyler Henry is coming back for another season of Hollywood Medium and he is going to give Gigi Gorgeous the closure that she has been looking for. E! Online shared the details about what will happen when Gigi has a reading with Tyler. It will be a 360 VR Experience reading, and right away, Tyler […]

Zoologists Shocked When Oklahoma City Lioness Grows Rare Mane

A zoologist is totally confused after a lioness in Oklahoma city started growing a main. This 18-year-old lioness is at the Oklahoma City Zoo. ABC News shared the details about what is going on with this lioness and why it has everyone puzzled. This all started back in 2017 when Bridget, an African lioness, started […]

Teresa Giudice Reveals Joe Has Lost 60 Lbs. In Prison, Shares Details

Teresa Giudice is speaking out about how Joe has been doing during his time in prison, and it sounds like things are going really well. Us Weekly shared the details and reported that Joe has actually lost a lot of weight during his stint behind bars. Now that Joe Giudice has so much free time […]