Woman Tasered Trying To Buy Too Many iPhones [Video]

Nashua, NH — Police tasered a woman trying to purchase multiple iPhones in what may be a misunderstanding of Apple’s policy on purchasing limits. The incident began when 44-year-old Xiajie Li, who does not understand English, went to the Pheasant Lane Mall Apple Store in Nashua, New Hampshire and purchased two iPhones reports CBS. She […]

Atlantic Mollies Go Gay To Get Females: Scientists Study Purpose Of Homosexual Behavior In Animals

Could the unusual if-at-first-you-don’t-succeed-go-gay mating strategy of Atlantic mollies prove homosexual behavior actually makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? Researchers studying the tropical fish’s interesting bait-and-switch tactic at the University of Frankfurt say it’s a possibility. According to a recent study published in the journal Biology Letters, researchers observed that smaller, less dominant […]

Homosexuality Not Genetic: Epigenetics In The Womb Affects Sexual Preference

Homosexuality is not genetic. Instead, it occurs in the womb due to epigenetics, according to a new study by an international group of scientists in the hunt for the “gay gene.” The scientists, according to i09.com, suggest that homosexuality is not a result of genetics but of the external environmental factors on the genes during […]

Lady Antebellum Singer Hillary Scott Pregnant

Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott is pregnant. The popular country superstar Scott made the announcement via Twitter on Friday that her and husband Chris Tyrrell are pregnant with their first child, reports People Magazine. The female vocalist for Lady Antebellum met future husband Tyrell while they were in college. They lost touch, but reconnected in […]

South Korea Ditches ‘Scientific’ Whaling Plans

Seoul, South Korea — South Korea dropped its highly criticized plan to resume “scientific” whaling as a means of studying the aquatic mammals on Wednesday, opting instead for a “no-kill” approach. South Korea made its announcement to resume whaling during an International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in July. Using a loophole in a global moratorium […]

Shooting Victim Claims Breast Implants Saved Her Life

Alberta, Canada — Breast implants save lives! A shooting victim credited her survival after being shot by her ex-boyfriend to her surgically enhanced bosoms during a court trial Wednesday. Eileen Likness told the prosecutor that her breast implants “took the brunt of the force” from the shots fired at her during a shooting that took […]

Alien Hairspray Could One Day Prove Existence Of Extraterrestrials

Hairspray could one day lead us to the existence of aliens who have reshaped distant worlds, according to researchers who say that such research to find signs of alien life is now open to public funding. Science fiction has long assumed that humans can transform hostile alien worlds into ones that are habitable for humans, […]

Watch Live Online: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Occurs Wednesday

In the early morning hours Wednesday, November 28, stargazers will be able to watch the penumbral lunar eclipse live online as the moon briefly dips into Earth’s shadow. According to Space.com, during the penumbral lunar eclipse, observers will be able to watch live as the November full moon passes into the dim outer edge of […]

Couple Drowns Trying To Save Family Dog, Teenage Son Missing

Big Lagoon, CA — A man and woman have drowned and their teenage son is missing after the trio were swept into the ocean while trying to rescue their dog. The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in Big Lagoon, California when family members went into the ocean to try and save their dog, which was […]

ICU To Rule On Lance Armstrong Doping Charges

Monday means d-day for Lance Armstrong, as the International Cycling Union will rule on whether he will be deleted from the records for the seven Tour de France wins that made him a cycling legend. The US Anti-Doping agency has already placed a lifetime ban on Armstrong, leaving his reputation as a professional cyclist in […]

Naked Armed Woman Shot By Off Duty Cops

Tampa, FL — An armed naked woman was fatally shot by two off-duty police officers Saturday shortly after noon in Hernando County. The Hernando County Sheriff’s office stated in a news release that the two police officers were approached by an “armed, naked and irrational female” around 1:15 pm while at a social gathering on […]

Panda Cub Died Of Insufficient Oxygen To Liver, Says National Zoo

The giant panda cub that died at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington in September is found to have passed away due to a lack of oxygen. The newborn panda cub’s underdeveloped lungs resulted in insufficient oxygen being delivered to the liver, causing it to pass away just six days after its being born, according […]

Bruce Springsteen Campaigns For President Barack Obama

Bruce Springsteen will be adding some star power to President Obama’s campaign along with former president Bill Clinton. Springsteen and Clinton will both be headlining for Obama’s campaign rally in Parma, Ohio on Thursday, according to the Washington Post. The event, for which the President will not be present, is free to the public. Jim […]

Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri Urges For More Protests, Holy War On US

Al Qaeda’s top leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, released an audio message praising last month’s deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and calling for more protests against offensive depictions of the prophet Mohammed. The seven-minute-long message by al-Zawahiri, notes Reuters, was posted Friday on various Islamist websites including the Muhahedin al-Ansar, a website known […]

Shot Fired Through Denver Obama Campaign Office Window

Denver, CO – A shot was fired through the window of President Barack Obama’s campaign office in Denver Friday afternoon. Denver Police Detective Raquel Lopez stated that campaign workers were inside the Obama reelection campaign field office when the shooting occurred but that no injuries were reported, according to Reuters. Detective Lopez added that police […]

Watch Live: Asteroid 2012 TC4 Comes Closest To Earth On Friday

Asteroid 2012 TC4 will give astronomers and stargazers a sight to see as it passes by Earth on October 12, 2012, passing at a distance closer than the moon. Asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass by Earth approximately 59,000 miles (88,000 kilometers) away from the planet. The house sized space rock was first discovered by Pan-STARRS […]

Sosan Firooz Makes History As Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper

Sosan Firooz is making history as Afghanistan‘s first female rapper. The 23-year-old Firooz breaks the traditional rules of Afghan women in a culture that looks down on female artists, according to The New York Daily News. The young rapper sings about the repression of women in Afghanistan’s conservative society, her hopes for peace in the […]

Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel’s Email Threatens Layoffs If Obama Reelected

Founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, David Seigel, sent an email out to all of his employees Monday with the insinuation that if President Barack Obama is reelected their employment within his company may suffer. David Siegel’s email appeared to be a veiled threat to his employees, saying that they could vote for either candidate, […]

North Korea Claims Missiles Can Reach US

North Korea claims its missiles are now capable of hitting the United States after an agreement between the US and South Korea that more than doubled the range of South Korea’s arsenal was unveiled on Sunday. As a deterrent to North Korea, the agreement between South Korea and the US increased the country’s ballistic missile […]

Speedskater Simon Cho Admits To Sabotaging Rival’s Skates

US speedskater Simon Cho is facing a disciplinary hearing after he confessed to sabotaging a Canadian rival’s skate during the 2011 World Team Championship. Cho, who is the reigning national short-track champion, confessed to the tampering on Friday as a part of a coaching scandal that is steadily getting messier, reports Fox Sports. The coaching […]

Eilat Shooting: American Shooter Killed After Opening Fire On Chef

An American man was killed in a shootout with police in Eilat after he shot a chef at a popular resort hotel. The man, who opened fire at the hotel, William Hershkovitz, was from New York. Hershkovitz, 23, is believed to have shot the chef at the popular hotel in Eliat because of an ongoing […]

Justin Bieber’s Mom Goes On Date With ‘The Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison

Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was recently set up on a date with the host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison. Mallette and the dating reality show host Harrison were setup by good friend Ryan Seacrest Tuesday night for an evening that consisted of what else but a Justin Bieber concert, according to reports from Eonline! […]

Maine Senate Candidate Attacked For Playing World Of Warcraft

Maryland’s Democratic State Senate candidate, Colleen Lachowicz, has come under attack by the state’s Republican Party for her “time-consuming double life” as a player in the massive multiplayer online role playing game World of Warcraft. The Maine GOP has even set Colleen up with her own website, which details her so-called double life, claiming, “Maine […]

LeSean McCoy Claims Feud With Osi Umenyiora Over

LeSean McCoy’s personal feud with Osi Umenyiora is over — at least according to the Philadelphia Eagles running back, who stated that the two have decided to hang up the towel in their fight. McCoy announced their decision in a radio interview on Monday, saying that he and the New York Giants’ defensive end agreed […]

UK House Prices Fell For Third Straight Month

Housing prices in the UK fell for a third month in September because of weakening demand that could continue to affect property values. Prices declined 0.1 percent from the month before and 0.5 percent from one year ago, according to a study by Hometrack Ltd., reports Bloomberg. The number of new buyers who registered with […]

Alcohol Enema Case Worries Experts, School Administration

An unruly Tennessee frat party ended with a student hospitalized with alcohol poisoning, introducing the world to alcohol enemas. The drunken exploits of the fraternity revealed the new way of getting drunk, simultaneously worrying parents, administrators, and health care workers another fear, reports MSNBC. Alexander “Xander” Broughton, 20, arrived at the hospital a little after […]

France Introduces 75 Percent Temporary Tax On Super Rich

France’s government introduced a temporary 75 percent tax on the super rich in a 2013 budget that is aimed at showing that France has the ability to stay at the core of the euro zone. The sharp tax hikes on businesses and the rich ill recoup 30 billion euros for the public purse in the […]

Bikini Basketball Team Rips Off Sonics Logo

A bikini basketball team has ripped off the old-fashioned logo of the Seattle Supersonics, bringing back a piece of NBA history, but potentially violating copyright policies in the process. There are just seven teams in the brand new bikini-clad league, which is set to start up in a little over a month, reports Gather. The […]

Nine-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Sexually Assaulted At La Habra Elementary School

La Habra, CA — A nine-year-old girl was allegedly assaulted by three of her young classmates two times in one day at Las Positas Elementary School in La Habra. The girl’s mother reported the sexual assault and Kelly Julian went before the school board on Thursday night to speak about the incident, reports KLTA News. […]

Bank Of America To Pay $2.43 Billion In Merrill Lynch Settlement

Bank of America has agreed to a settlement for a class-action lawsuit related to its acquisition of Merrill Lynch during the height of the financial crisis, which will result in the big bank paying out $2.43 billion. Shareholders alleged in the lawsuit that Bank of America and some of its officers did not tell the […]

Band Heart Gets Walk Of Fame Star

The legendary rock band Heart accepted the 2,481st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday, joining stars like Scarlett Johansson and Alice in Chains. The band’s founding members, Ann and Nancy Wilson, unveiled the tile in front of an excited crowd on Tuesday, shich included their children, members of Alice in Chains, and […]

Researchers Invent Dissolvable Electronics

Researchers have invented ultra-thin dissolvable electronics that are made of silicon, magnesium, and magnesium oxide, surrounded by a layer of silk. The same researchers who developed “electronic tattoos” last year that bend and stretch on skin unveiled the thin electronics that dissolve when their job is done, reports CNet. The small electronics are called “transient” […]

World’s Most Expensive Dress: Diamond Frock Costs $5.7 Million

The phrase diamonds are a girl’s best friend has a whole new meaning when it comes to a dress made by British designer Debbie Wingham. The dress is encrusted with 50 two carat black diamonds and weighs an impressive 29 pounds, reports The Daily Mail. The dress was featured at the Ukraine Fashion Show where […]

Reds Manager Dusty Baker Reveals He Suffered A Minor Stroke

Dusty Baker suffered a minor stroke just as he was being discharged from Northwest Memorial Hospital in Chicago last Friday, according to a statement by the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds Manager was immediately treated by the hospital’s stroke team to minimize the effects of the stroke, reports USA Today. The Reds noted that Baker was […]

Paris Hilton Hits The Beach With New Beau

Paris Hilton is apparently “having so much fun” on holiday with her new boyfriend as the two hit the beach in Hawaii. Hilton’s new beau may be 19 years younger than her, but the Spanish model, River Viiperi, doesn’t seem to mind, reports NDTV. The 31-year-old socialite and Viiperi have reportedly taken part in a […]

Circumcision Turned Amputation: Doctor Sued For Removing Man’s Penis Without Consent

Frankfort, KY — A Kentucky man that went under the knife for a circumcision only to wake up with an amputation of his penis has asked the Kentucky Court of Appeals to overturn a previous verdict siding with the doctor who performed the operation. Phillip Seaton was supposed to undergo a standard circumcision as a […]

Teen Takes Pictures Of Earth From Space With Simple DIY Project

British 19 year-old Adam Cudworth accomplished a feat generally reserved for astronauts and NASA scientists. Using a simple do-it-yourself project that he created during his spare time after school and then launched last Thursday, Cudworth took pictures of the Earth from space. Cudworth’s homemade spacecraft included a camera he purchased from eBay for just under […]

16th Century Priest Had ‘Magic Superpowers,’ According To Trial Documents

On January 30, 1540, an epic trial began in Mexico City involving an ordained Catholic priest, Pedro Ruiz Calderon, who was accused of practicing black magic. Instead of denying the accusations like many people did then, the priest instead lauded them, reports Yahoo! News. Among his abilities, Calderon claimed to be able to teleport between […]

Mom’s Back-To-School Happy Dance Goes Viral [Video]

Framingham, MA – One Massachusetts mom is celebrating back to school with a special “happy dance” in the streets in a video that has gone viral. Tracy Moutafis started celebrating back to school time with her happy dance to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang four years ago and decided to continue the tradition because […]

MMA Legend Renzo Gracie Beats Down Muggers, Tweets Play-By-Play

MMA legend Renzo Gracie allegedly beat down a pair of would-be muggers before immediately taking to Twitter to give fans a play-by-play of the incident. According to Gracie’s account, the attempted mugging took place on 10th Avenue and 25th Street in New York, close to the MMA trainer’s gym, reports Yard Barker. Gracie was approached […]

Brandon McCarthy Jokes On Twitter, Showing Positive Signs Despite Brain Injury

Brandon McCarthy is back to joking around with his Twitter followers, a sign that the Oakland A’s pitcher has a positive outlook, despite suffering a serious head injury that left him in life-threatening danger. McCarthy was beamed in the right side of the head by a hard hit from the bat of the Angels’ Erick […]

Sorry Girls, Ryan Lochte Will Not Be Next Bachelor

Sorry Girls, but Ryan Lochte has been rejected by The Bachelor, and will not be appearing on the next season of the reality dating show. Lochte is officially out of the running to be the next Bachelor star, though a source claims that the Olympic swimmer was “honestly briefly considered,” reports The Detroit Free Press. […]

MMA Fighter Pleads Guilty To Ripping Out Friend’s Heart And Cooking It

Crescent City, CA — Former mixed-martial arts fighter Jarrod Wyatt pleaded guilty to first degree murder and mayhem Thursday after he was charged for cutting out the heart and tongue of friend and fellow spring partner Taylor Powell, tossing Powell’s heart in a wood burning stove. Considering the nature of the gruesome crime, Wyatt is […]

Top Canadian Medical Journal Seeks Spanking Ban

If a medical journal in Canada gets its way, then the country could soon make spanking illegal. The editor-in chief for the Canadian Medical Association Journal, John Fletcher, has said that multiple studies show spanking is ineffective and a “flawed discipline tool.” Fletcher believes that physical punishment elicits compliance the same way that other methods […]

New Jersey Mom Suing After Breastfeeding Video Turned Into Porn

A New Jersey mom is suing after an educational video showing her breastfeeding her baby was turned into porn. Before shooting the video, which the mother participated in in 2010, MaryAnn Sahoury did not read through the release she signed before agreeing to the video — a move that turned out to be a huge […]

Gabby Douglas Takes Gold: First African American To Win Olympics Women’s All Around

U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas won gold in the 2012 women’s all-around Olympic finals Thursday, making history as Douglas also becomes the first African-American to win the all-around title. As CBS News reports, the 16-year-old American gymnast became the third straight American to win gold in the women’s all-around competition. She took the lead with the […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Sex Scene Request Filming “The Canyons”: Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine

Lindsay Lohan’s sex scene in “The Canyons” required a special request of the crew before the star would appear topless for the cameras — they had to strip too. According to reports by TMZ, Lohan was a little more hesitant than one might expect when it came time to film a steamy sex scene for […]

U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team: Fab Five Wins Gold At 2012 London Olympics

The U.S. women’s gymnastics team won gold Tuesday at the 2012 London Olympics as the Fab Five took home first place in the gymnastics team finals for the first time since 1996. The Fab Five beat Russia by over five points, with a score of 183.596, reports Yahoo! News. Russia came in second with 178.530 […]

Cremation Creations: Companies Offer Creative (Creepy) Ways To Remember Loved Ones

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and many companies are giving loved ones creative, if not creepy, things to do with the ashes — like making diamonds. As Mercury News points out, 41 percent of deaths in the United States result in the remains of loved ones being cremated, a noticeable increase from […]

U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team Finishes Shocking Fifth Place, China Takes Gold

The U.S. men’s gymnastics team finished fifth as China took gold in a disappointing ending to the finals at the London Olympics today. The Detroit Free Press reports that after finishing first in qualifying on Saturday, the U.S. men’s gymnastics team headed into the finals on Monday with supreme confidence that they would be walking […]