Three More Women Accuse Joe Biden Of Touching Them Inappropriately

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been having an increasingly bad week. After former legislator Lucy Flores came forward last week to accuse him of touching her inappropriately and kissing her, the accusations have only grown. By Monday, a second woman had come forward to accuse him of also creeping up behind her and touching […]

Trump’s Border Wall May Be Thwarted By Butterfly Sanctuary

Ever since he started his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump has been promising Americans a wall constructed along the southern border to keep Mexicans and other South Americans out of the country. His fight to get the wall built even resulted in the longest-ever government shutdown from the end of December to the end of […]

Trump Administration Being Sued By Multiple States, D.C., Over School Lunch Standards

During the presidency of Barack Obama, much stricter laws were implemented regarding the lunches that school children should be fed on a daily basis. His wife, Michelle Obama, championed the new standards, which got rid of unhealthy things like sodas from school lunch menus in a bid to stem the rise of child obesity in […]

Senators Sign Bill To Send $400 Million In Aid To Venezuela

Venezuela is a country in crisis. With the authoritarian rule of Nicolás Maduro still clinging to his power in the South American nation, and the opposition leader Juan Guaidó vying for what many believe to be his rightful role as president, the people of Venezuela, along with the army, have risen up. Thousands have taken […]

Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Poll Showing Most Americans Believe Advisers Had Dealings With Russia

President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is at it again with his social media. In the past, the first son has drawn criticism for retweeting known white supremacists, defending misogynistic behavior, and even admitting to having met with Russian lawyers during his father’s 2016 presidential campaign. This latest flub sees Trump Jr. retweeting […]

Mo’Nique Thinks Wendy Williams’ Relationship Drama Is ‘Karma’

Television personality Wendy Williams reportedly has been having plenty of trouble in her personal life of late. Her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been carrying on an alleged affair for almost half their 22-year-long marriage, and the woman who is his mistress gave birth to a baby widely believed to be his last month. The news […]

Dog The Bounty Hunter Shares Sexy Nickname Wife Beth Chapman Has For Him

Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth have been near inseparable for more than 30 years already. The couple has spent years catching criminals together, but are currently facing their biggest battle of all after Beth was diagnosed with incurable stage IV throat cancer late last year. Even with Beth’s cancer diagnosis, the couple is […]

‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Returning Engagement Ring He Got For Cassie Randolph

Ever since the latest season of The Bachelor ended, fans have been eagerly anticipating the moment Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph announce their engagement. It seemed that moment might be imminent when it was revealed that Underwood already has a ring stored away in an underwear drawer somewhere. Alas, apparently that won’t be the ring. […]

Wendy Williams’ Husband Doesn’t Want Marriage To End, Per ‘HL’

Television personality Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, have had a rocky 22-year-long marriage. While Williams admits she struggles with addiction, Hunter has allegedly been carrying on an affair for over a decade already, and it seems things are coming to a head for the couple. On Monday, The Inquisitr reported that the couple […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speaks On ‘AOC Sucks’ Chant, Says Trump ‘Needs A Woman’ To ‘Vilify’

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made waves since she was sworn into office in January this year. Ocasio-Cortez is not only the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress but has been outspoken in her desire to fight for things she believes in. As a result, members of the Republican party are less than thrilled […]

Meghan McCain Calls Joe Biden ‘Truly Decent And Compassionate’ Amid Controversy

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been fighting against allegations that he kissed and touched former legislator Lucy Flores. The accusations have come just as Biden has started dropping hints that he’s planning a bid for the presidency in 2020. Following Flores’ allegations, another woman came forward on Monday to slam Biden for allegedly “grabbing […]

Marvel Fans Horrified By Chris Evans’ Reaction To Watching Full ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Film

It’s officially April, which means that Avengers: Endgame is out this month! Marvel Studios fans have been eagerly awaiting this moment ever since the release of Avengers: Infinity War in April 2018. With half the universe being dusted into nonexistence by Thanos, fans are hoping that the second installment will give the remaining heroes a […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Contrasts Lack Of Response To Climate Change To 9/11 Reaction

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has blasted onto the political scene with gusto, making plenty of noise as she fights for what she believes in. Of course, along the way, she has ruffled plenty of feathers, mostly those belonging to members of the Republican party as she refuses to sit down when it comes to things […]

Dog The Bounty Hunter Breaks Down Speaking About Wife Beth Chapman’s Cancer

Beth Chapman has been battling an incurable form of throat cancer since late last year. The reality television star was first diagnosed with the disease in August 2017 but was declared cancer-free by her doctors after undergoing minimal radiation therapy and surgery to remove the tumor. Unfortunately, when she went for a checkup at the […]

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Star Zoe Saldana Responds To Director James Gunn’s Return

Last year, after discovering a number of old tweets he had posted, Disney fired James Gunn from his upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Since then, there has been plenty of speculation about who would take his place, with a number of Marvel Studios directors saying they didn’t want to take over his […]

George Clooney Calls For Boycott Of Hotels With Ties To Brunei After Anti-LGBT Laws Passed

Just last week, it was reported that the Asia country Brunei had passed laws that would make gay sex and adultery punishable by public stoning to death, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The country, which has been passing increasingly strict anti-LGBT laws in recent years, is run by the executive power of the Sultan of […]

Kellyanne Conway Slams Fox News Host For Inappropriate Questions About Her Marriage

It seems White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is getting a little tired of defending her marriage to George Conway, who is vocal in his opposition of President Donald Trump and the GOP. Speaking to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, Kellyanne lost her temper slightly when his line of questioning turned to her marriage again. […]

‘xXx: Return Of Xander Cage’ Lawsuit Against Vin Diesel Revived

American action film xXx: Return of Xander Cage caused some controversy among the cast and crew back when it was released in January, 2017. While Vin Diesel headlines the popular series, producer George Zakk was furious to realize that he hadn’t been credited for his work on the project after being shut out of the […]

Donald Trump Approves Construction Of Controversial Keystone Pipeline

Donald Trump has signed an order that will allow the construction of the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline, according to the Washington Post. Trump’s order, which he signed before the weekend, “gives TransCanada permission to construct, connect, operate and maintain the pipeline in U.S. territory.” The president has signed the permit months after a judge […]

House Republican Argues It Would Be ‘Illegal’ To Release Mueller Report

Last week, special counsel Robert Mueller finally released his report after a nearly two-year-long investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with Russia. After numerous indictments and sentences handed out to President Donald Trump’s employees and members of his campaign, people were becoming more and more anxious for the final result of his report. Upon […]

Milkmen Coming Back To London As Millennials Eschew The Plastic Bottle In Favor Of Glass

All over the world, teenagers have been skipping school to protest to their governments over climate change and adopting more environmentally friendly policies. Millennials have started taking more steps to be environmentally friendly in their own lives, opting not to make use of things like disposable plastic bags when shopping or plastic straws. One of […]

Seth Rogen Launches Weed Company To Teach People ‘To Love Cannabis’

Across the globe, more and more countries have hopped on board of late to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Although it’s not yet legal across America, several states have already passed laws to legalize it, and the neighbors to the north have also made it a legal pastime. Given the legality of the drug’s use […]

Michael Jackson’s Friend, Paul McCartney, Says He’s Shocked By ‘Leaving Neverland’ Allegations

During Michael Jackson’s lifetime, he stirred up plenty of controversy with allegations that he had sexually molested young boys at his Neverland Ranch. But after a lengthy process in court, he was cleared of the charges against him. The buck hasn’t stopped there though. Now, nearly a decade after Jackson’s death, allegations have surfaced again, […]

NAACP Awards Host Anthony Anderson Hopes Jussie Smollett Wins Days After Charges Dropped

The mysterious case of Empire actor Jussie Smollett took another twist this week. On Tuesday morning, the announcement was made that the prosecutor in his alleged staged attack case had dropped all 16 charges against the actor. It’s fortuitous timing, of course, given that this weekend is the NAACP Image Awards ceremony, for which Smollett […]

Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend, Camille Kostek, Flaunts Her Assets In Tiny Bikini To Promote ‘SI’ Swimsuit

Former New England Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek is pulling out all the stops to promote the newest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. The model, who has been featured prominently in Sports Illustrated in the past, is excited for the latest release, and took to her Instagram account to share what looks suspiciously like a sneak peek […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Reaches A Major Milestone In TV History Before Ending

The Big Bang Theory has been warming hearts and earning snorting laughter in living rooms across the globe for more than a decade, since it first hit the airwaves back in September of 2007. Unfortunately, in 2018, it was announced that this season, the 12th one, will be the show’s last. Even with that sad […]

‘Captain America’ Star Chris Evans Reveals Marvel’s Thoughts On His Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Chris Evans is best known on the big screen for his role in the red, white, and blue costume of superhero Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Off the screen, Evans seems to put on a display that would make his character proud, helping actresses navigate staircases at awards shows, sharing those events with […]

Brunei Passes Law To Make Gay Sex Punishable By Stoning To Death

While most of the world moves forward with equal marriage rights and recognizing people who identify as a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth, there are some corners of the Earth where people and countries are insisting on taking steps backwards in this regard. The small Asian nation of Brunei is […]

Donald Trump Capitalizing On Mueller Investigation With ‘Witch Hunt’ Merchandise

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s nearly two-year probe into whether or not President Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to win the election in 2016 finally ended on Friday last week. Unfortunately, it was somewhat of an anticlimactic ending, with Mueller concluding that there was neither enough evidence to either charge or exonerate the […]

Here’s What People Are Doing With Their Robert Mueller Merchandise After Investigation

For nearly two years, special counsel Robert Mueller kept the world on its toes as we waited to hear whether there was evidence that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign had colluded with Russia to ensure the win. In that time, Americans were divided over the investigation, with Mueller both loved and hated depending on who […]

Alex Jones Reacts To Mueller Report By Offering To Execute ‘Traitors’

Last week, after a nearly two-year-long investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller finally released his report on the Russia probe. The response to the report has been split down the middle, with many taking the fact that Mueller has not made suggestions for further indictments to mean that President Donald Trump has been completely exonerated after […]

Nancy Pelosi Introduces Climate Action Now Act To Honor Paris Agreement

After U.S. President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, one of his first moves was to get America out of the Paris Climate Accord. The deal, which was signed by every country in a bid to lessen the negative impact of the environment, was seen by some as a ploy to somehow disadvantage the […]

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Wants A Jury Trial In Prostitution Case

Back in February this year, news broke that the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft had been charged on charges of soliciting prostitution out of a massage parlor in Florida. The charges came after he was caught on tape during a sting operation. Throughout the saga, Kraft has maintained his innocence. Now he has requested […]

Revolutionary Group Claims Responsibility For Raid On North Korean Embassy

The mystery of a raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid, Spain, last month appears to have been officially solved. On Tuesday, revolutionary group Free Joseon claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the Washington Post. This comes weeks after it was reported that they were suspected to have been the culprits by several […]

Man Accidentally Circumcised After Paperwork Mix-Up

Most people put a lot of faith in their doctors. We expect them to be able to diagnose us on a dime, typically with half the information they really need, and to know exactly how to treat us to get us healthy as a horse again. When going into surgery, they generally reassure the patient […]

Khabib Nurmagomedov Savagely Responds To Conor McGregor’s Retirement

On Tuesday morning it was announced that UFC star Conor McGregor, who is known for not only enjoying a fight or two in the ring, but also outside of it, would be retiring from the sport. It’s the second time in recent years that the 30-year-old Irishman has decided to pack in the towel on […]

Mother Of Christchurch Victim Dies Of Heart Attack 1 Day After Burying Son

The whole world was horrified to hear that there had been a mass shooting in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand — one that claimed the lives of 50 people. A further 50 were injured by the gunman, who walked into two mosques on March 15 brandishing an assault rifle. In the past week, after […]

Marvel Fans Have Forgiven Star-Lord As ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Wouldn’t Exist Without His Mistake

By now, every Marvel fan has seen Avengers:Infinity War, so I feel confident not having to warn of spoilers. In April 2018, arguably the biggest crossover in cinematic history blasted into theaters as superheroes from all across the universe came together in Avengers: Infinity War to fight Thanos, the mad Titan who believes half of […]

Anti-Vaxxers Banned From Using GoFundMe To Finance Misinformation About Vaccines

Despite plenty of scientific evidence to contradict their beliefs, the anti-vaxxer movement seems to have been gaining steam as of late, with more and more people becoming skeptical about the health risks associated with certain vaccines. At the same time, the teenage children of anti-vaxxers are growing up and trying to find a way to […]

Jimmy Carter Is Officially The Oldest Living Former President

Being president in the United States is the highest office an individual can hold. It comes with plenty of trust and expectations from the general public, plenty of state secrets, and, if former President Barack Obama is anything to go by, plenty of grey hairs. But what does one do after being president? Go back […]

Marvel Auctioning Off Props From Canceled Netflix Shows ‘Daredevil’, ‘Luke Cage’, & ‘Iron Fist’

At the end of last year, Netflix made the shocking announcement that Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, all series featuring Marvel Comics characters, would be canceled at the end of their current seasons. This was done despite how they all enjoyed enormous success in the streaming service. But there was hope for Marvel fans, […]

Thousands Sign Petition To Nominate New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern For Nobel Peace Prize

On March 15, the world was horrified to learn that a mass shooting had taken place in New Zealand. The city of Christchurch was rocked by the attack, which took place at two mosques in the city, during Jumu’ah on the Friday afternoon. Fifty people were killed in the attack, from grandparents all the way […]

Luke Perry’s ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Co-Star Shares Funny Photo With The Late Actor

The entertainment world was rocked when news broke almost three weeks ago that 52-year-old Riverdale actor Luke Perry had passed away after suffering a massive stroke. Those closest to him were horrified by the news, and tributes poured in from his family, friends, co-stars, and thousands of fans around the globe. Tributes came in the […]

Bryce Harper Explains Signing With Phillies Over Giants

Up until a few weeks ago, Bryce Harper was a free agent. Through his search for an agreeable contract, the buzz around the right fielder was intense, with rumors of all kinds flying about regarding his personal preference, his desire to break records, be close to home, and more. Until the very last minute, Harper […]

Tesla Accusing Ex-Employee Of Selling Self-Driving Technology To Chinese Rival

Tesla has been renowned as a pioneer in its field, creating incredible, more environmentally friendly cars that run without petroleum gas and working on technology that will one day mean cars will be able to completely drive themselves. That technology has been improving drastically under the Tesla banner, but the brand has recently had some […]

‘Fox & Friends’ Co-Host Slams Donald Trump For Continued Attack On Late John McCain

Sen. John McCain has been dead for almost seven months, but that hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump from leveling continued complaints and insults at him. Last weekend, Trump set off a tweet storm, sending out over 30 tweets in just 12 hours. Some of them were aimed at McCain, and he has continued that tirade […]

Volunteer At Nonprofit Benefiting Families Of Fallen NYPD Officers Caught Stealing $400,000

Police officers give so much of their lives to the community. They risk their lives every day by walking voluntarily into dangerous situations to protect members of the public, and for some of them, it literally costs them their lives. For their families, it’s a devastating blow they will never fully recover from, and one […]

John Legend’s ‘Florida Man’ Birth Date Story Is Hilarious

“Florida Man” stories have been entertaining the world for years now, with bizarre tales of strange things that have happened in the Sunshine State. From funny stories about a Florida Man getting caught out after calling the police basically on themselves, to the more concerning variety where a Florida Man gets violent and acts out […]

Petition To Revoke Article 50 & Remain In EU Hits 2 Million Signatures, As Brexit Date Nears

With just days until the deadline for Brexit hits, British Prime Minister Theresa May still doesn’t have an agreed upon deal with the European Union. As panic starts to mount with March 29 looming, a petition has been doing the rounds to revoke Article 50 and opt instead to remain in the EU. According to […]

Gang Pledges To Stand Guard Outside Mosque During Friday Prayers 1 Week From New Zealand Shooting

Friday will mark one week since a white nationalist stormed into two mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, with automatic rifles, opening fire on those saying their mid-afternoon prayers. A total of 50 people lost their lives, from elders all the way down the generational ladder to young children murdered as they tried […]