The Excavation Of A Tomb In Corsica May Help To Explain Why The Etruscan Civilization Disappeared

Archaeologists in Corsica have just excavated an Etruscan tomb holding both a skeleton and a large number of rare artifacts, which they believe may help them to understand more about why the ancient civilization eventually disappeared. As Reuters reports, the Etruscans were once a very wealthy and privileged society who lived in the north of […]

An Ancient Monument In Greece May Reveal Why Octavian’s Ships So Easily Defeated Those Belonging To Cleopatra

After new research was conducted on an ancient victory monument in Greece, archaeologists now believe they have vital clues as to why Octavian’s ships so easily defeated those belonging to Cleopatra and Mark Antony, giving Octavian a crucial advantage to a fierce sea battle which ended up securing him his role as Augustus, the first […]

A New Study Suggests Neanderthals Resorted To Cannibalism As A Result Of Climate Change

When climate change became too much to endure 120,000 years ago, a group of Neanderthals who were living in the south of France are believed to have become so desperate for food that they resorted to cannibalism, slaughtering and consuming six of their own, according to a new study conducted by Alban Defleur and Emmanuel […]

Archaeologists In Egypt Have Unearthed A Lost Palace Hidden Inside The Ancient Temple Of Ramesses II

During recent excavation work at the ancient temple of Ramesses II in Abydos, Sohag, archaeologists under the direction of Sameh Iskander unearthed a hidden palace that once belonged to the famous Egyptian pharaoh. As Ahram Online reported, Mostafa Waziri, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the new discovery of a […]

Archaeologists In Israel Have Discovered A ‘Grotesque’ Ancient Clay Deity Used For Scaring Away Evil Entities

Archaeologists in Israel have unearthed a Persian-era clay jar in Jerusalem’s City of David which was a representation of an ancient and “grotesque” deity which the faithful once used to scare away evil entities. As Fox News reports, the small fragment which was discovered has been dated and was found to have been in use […]

The Hubble Space Telescope Has Captured Stunning Images Of A Massive Storm Swirling On Neptune

For the first time, the Hubble Space Telescope has been able to capture stunning images of the massive storm swirling on Neptune which is part of the planet’s Great Dark Spot. As reports, while most people are aware that Jupiter has a storm called the Great Red Spot, which is believed to have been […]

Archaeologists Have Just Discovered A Rare And Historic Viking Ship Burial In Norway

After using georadar or ground-penetrating radar (GPR), archaeologists have identified what they believe is a rare and historic Viking ship burial in Borreparken, which can be found in Vestfold County, Norway. As Forbes reports, this particular burial site is already quite famous for its many Viking treasures, including the Oseberg and Gokstad ships, which are […]

A New Study Has Revealed Jupiter’s Incredible Origins, Detailing Its Journey Which Began 4.5 Billion Years Ago

Because the vast majority of gas giant planets are generally found quite close to their respective suns, it has been assumed that Jupiter, too, also formed near the sun. However, new research has revealed that Jupiter is now thought to have originated at a much greater distance from the sun than originally thought. As […]

Scientists With Asgardia Are Demanding Swift Action To Stop Threat Of Apocalyptic Asteroid Strike On Earth

With the knowledge that an asteroid caused the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, along with 75 percent of the other life which also existed on Earth, scientists have been concerned that an asteroid impact like this could occur again, and are now demanding action to stop the threat of another apocalyptic asteroid strike […]

NASA Unveils Stunning New ‘Marble-Like’ Image Of Jupiter, Showcasing Its Spinning Storm

While the Blue Marble image that NASA gifted us in 1972 still remains a breathtakingly beautiful photograph of Jupiter, NASA has just released a stunning new image called Jupiter Marble, which brilliantly captures the planet’s enormous spiraling storm, otherwise known as the Great Red Spot. As CNET reports, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which is so […]

Scientists Have Created A Robust ‘Terminator-Like’ Liquid Metal That Can Change Shapes And Stretch

Suggesting that films with towering and terrifying robots may be more than just a little prophetic, scientists have just created a robust “Terminator-like” liquid which is not only able to change its shape, but is also able to be stretched for great distances both vertically and horizontally. According to Fox News, the new research has […]

Japanese Scientists May Have Finally Discovered The Origin Of The Ryugu Asteroid

After several months of study with Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft, scientists believe they have finally discovered the origin of the Ryugu asteroid, and have suggested that it was formed from one of two other asteroid parents. As the New York Post reports, the Hayabusa2 spacecraft first touched down on Ryugu late last year, and in February, […]

Stunning Aerial Photos Show SpaceX’s Majestic Starship Hopper On Launch Pad Ahead Of Next Week’s Test Flight

As SpaceX and Elon Musk prepare for next week’s tests of its prototype Starship suborbital vehicle — which is currently sitting on a launch pad at SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas, facility — new aerial images of the majestic hopper have just been published ahead of its suborbital hop tests. As Space reports, Musk recently suggested […]

Elon Musk Shares Tantalizing Video Post Of The SpaceX Starship’s Fiery Hexagonal Heat Shield Tests

SpaceX has just submitted its Starship spacecraft to a series of tests which have seen its hexagonal heat shields barraged by heavy amounts of intense flames, and Elon Musk has shared a tantalizing video post of this work which was conducted to prepare the Starship for its future deep-space missions. As Space reports, the hexagonal […]

Archaeologists Have Discovered The Perfectly Preserved Remains Of A Roman Skeleton In Cumbria, England

While archaeologists were busy excavating a medieval site in Cumbria, they were surprised to discover the perfectly preserved remains of a Roman skeleton in a field very close to Bridekirk. As Cumbria Crack reports, the skeleton was unearthed while archaeologists were studying an area where a new water pipeline had just been installed by United […]

A Rare Mariner’s Astrolabe Dating Back To 1503 Has Just Been Listed As The World’s Oldest Navigational Tool

A mariner’s astrolabe that dates back to between 1496 and 1501, which was on a ship that sank in 1503, has just been listed as the world’s oldest astrolabe by Guinness World Records. As Live Science reports, the ancient mariner’s astrolabe was lost with the ship it was on in 1503, very close to the […]

A New Study Suggests Complex Civilizations Created Big Gods Rather Than The Reverse

A team of international researchers, including one that is associated with the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, have published a new study which has analyzed the relevance of “big gods” that are found within complex civilizations and societies. As has reported, the big gods that were researched were clearly described as “moralizing deities” whose role […]

According To The Pew Research Center, A Majority Of Americans Believe The US Is In A Serious Decline

After a recent Pew Research Center survey was conducted in January 2019, it was discovered that a large number of Americans believe that the U.S. is in a serious decline and one which will only grow steadily worse over the next 30 years, with seven out of 10 Americans surveyed stating that the country is […]

A Groundbreaking New Study Has Revealed Why Matter Is So Widespread In The Universe

Physicists from Syracuse University have published groundbreaking research revealing why matter is so widespread in the universe and have finally verified that there is a markedly different decaying process between matter and antimatter, especially with elementary particles that hold charmed quarks. As reports, while matter and antimatter symmetry have been spotted in the past […]

Researchers At Caltech Have Discovered A Way To Levitate Objects Using Light

Caltech researchers have devised an ingenious way to both levitate and set in motion different objects using nothing more than light, and arrived at this discovery after figuring out a way to create the perfect nanoscale patterning just along the surfaces of these objects. According to, it is important to note that this work […]

New Research Suggests The Bronze Age Egtved Girl Priestess From Denmark May Not Have Been A World Traveler

New research has suggested that a young Bronze Age priestess and another Bronze Age woman may not have been world travelers after all, and may not even have left Denmark, which runs contrary to previous beliefs and studies. As Live Science reports, archaeologists are very familiar with case studies of the Egtved Girl and the […]

Archaeologists Have Unearthed A 60,000-Year-Old Neanderthal Workshop In Poland With 17,000 Stone Products

Archaeologists have unearthed a massive 60,000-year-old Neanderthal flint workshop in Pietraszyno, Poland which is so far the largest of its kind that has ever been discovered outside of a cave in Central Europe. While estimates will no doubt continue to shoot up, archaeologists have so far recovered a whopping 17,000 stone products that were once […]

An Ancient Nile Shipwreck Has Proven That Herodotus Accurately Described The Ships He Wrote About In 450 BC

After his sojourn in Egypt in 450 B.C., the historian Herodotus, who is famous for his Histories, wrote about many things from his travels, including boats found in the ancient Egyptian world. Now that archaeologists have recently recovered an undisturbed shipwreck along the Nile, it has been found that the description Herodotus gave of these […]

New Research Indicates That NASA’s Pathfinder Landing Site On Mars May Have Once Been An Ancient Sea

Back in 1997, NASA sent their very first rover to Mars, and a new study has focused on the ancient Martian sea that the Pathfinder spacecraft first captured images of 25 years ago. As Gizmodo reports, at the time of this mission, NASA was completely unaware that the landing site of the Pathfinder was formed […]

A Team Of Astronomers Has Discovered 83 Supermassive Black Holes That Formed Soon After The Big Bang

A team of astronomers from Princeton University, Japan and Taiwan has discovered that at the beginning of the early universe and not long after the Big Bang, 83 supermassive black holes had formed and were powering quasars. According to, at the time that these supermassive black holes were created, the universe was still just […]

The Remains Of Pigs Reveal Ancient Britons Traveled To Sites Around Stonehenge For Huge Feasts 4,500 Years Ago

The remains of an enormous number of pigs have revealed that ancient Britons traveled from Scotland, Wales, and the northern regions of England to attend gigantic celebratory feasts near Stonehenge starting around 4,500 years ago. As Haaretz report, it has been surmised that the many pigs carted off to Stonehenge may have traveled there with […]

New Research Reveals Humans Developed Ability To Pronounce Fs and Vs After The Introduction Of Soft Foods

A new study which is the culmination of five years of research has revealed that ancient humans only developed the ability to pronounce F’s and V’s after soft foods were introduced into agriculture. According to Science Magazine, humans slowly made the transition to softer foods after agriculture became more widespread. Because less wear and strain […]

Scientists Have Found The Creation Of Irish Bog Butter Is So Ancient That It Stretches Back Nearly 4,000 Years

Before refrigeration became the norm, the Irish had devised their own method of keeping their food products cool, including their bog butters, which scientists have now found were being created more than 3,750 years ago, which is 1,500 years longer than originally estimated. As The Journal IE report, the cooling power of bogs has been […]

The Intense Magnetic Field Of Jupiter May Be Creating Movement In Europa’s Underground Ocean

A new study has suggested that the intensely powerful magnetic field of Jupiter may be creating movement within the underground ocean of its moon Europa, which was discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. As reports, Ludovic Petitdemange at the Laboratory for Studies of Radiation and Matter in Astrophysics and Atmosphere and Christophe Gissinger from […]

Scientists Have Just Documented A Wild, Record-Breaking Thunderstorm In India That Exceeded One Billion Volts

Scientists in India have just documented the most wild and record-breaking thunderstorm ever captured on record, with researchers measuring electricity of 1.3 billion volts (GV), which makes the electrical discharge an astonishing 10 times larger than anything that has so far been recorded. As APS Physics report, scientists in India were using a completely new […]

The ExoMars Orbiter Has Captured A Captivating Image Of A ‘Hairy Blue Spider’ On The Surface Of Mars

Proving once again how prophetic David Bowie was with his Spiders from Mars, the European Space Agency (ESA) Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter recently captured a truly captivating image of a “hairy blue spider” stretched out upon the surface of Mars. As Live Science reported, on February 8 the orbiter captured the sprawling spider image […]

Kellyanne Conway Says New Zealand Shooting Suspect Is Wrong To Suggest Trump Is A ‘White Identity’ Symbol

On Friday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway suggested that it was absolutely “wrong” for a shooting suspect, who left 49 people dead and 40 others injured in New Zealand, to claim that Donald Trump is any kind of “white identity” symbol. As The Hill reported, Conway stated categorically that Trump was absolutely not a white […]

Democrats Are Criticizing Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Run, Stating Women Aren’t Getting The Same Attention

The backlash against Beto O’Rourke’s 2020 presidential run has already started, as some Democrats are apparently feeling dejected with his announcement. Some critics are stating that women simply aren’t being given the same amount of attention in the media as O’Rourke. As Politico reports, not long after announcing that she would be running for president, […]

Scientists Reveal Ways Humans Can Survive What Is Being Called The Sixth Mass Extinction Event

Recent studies have had scientists suggesting that we are currently in the middle of a sixth mass extinction event as animal species throughout the world continue to suffer from “biological annihilation,” but researchers have come up with some tips that may help humans to survive an apocalyptic extinction event. As Business Insider report, scientists believe […]

A Wild New Quantum Physics Experiment Suggests That Objective Reality May Not Exist After All

As bizarre as it may sound, a new quantum physics experiment by physicists from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh has suggested that objective reality may not exist after all. While this idea was once only a theory, it has now been taken into the lab and tested. As Science Alert reports, the new experiment has shown […]

NASA’s Jim Bridenstine Has Announced That Astronauts Will Return To The Moon By 2028 And ‘Will Stay’

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has just made the surprise announcement today that astronauts will be heading to the moon once again by the year 2028. And according to Bridenstine, this time “we will stay.” As The Daily Mail reports, Bridenstine spoke about NASA’s 2020 budget, which has been set at $21 billion and was adamant […]

A New Study Has Revealed That An Intense Solar Storm Struck Earth 2,600 Years Ago And May Occur Again

A new study has revealed that a huge solar storm struck Earth 2,600 years ago which was 10 times more intense than any solar storm that has been captured and recorded in the entirety of modern history. According to Live Science, the new findings are extremely significant and have proven that solar storms hitting Earth […]

Archaeologists Have Discovered What May Be The Lost Monastery Of A Scottish Princess From The 7th Century

Archaeologists have discovered what they believe could be the lost 7th century monastery of the Scottish Princess known as Aebbe, who lived from 615 to 668 A.D. This famous princess later in life discarded her pagan beliefs and became a devout convert to Christianity, spreading the teachings of Jesus far and wide, and particularly along […]

NASA Has Released Stunning Images Of Shockwaves Created By Two Supersonic Aircraft

NASA has released exquisite new images which show shockwaves interacting with one another after being released by two supersonic aircraft. These photos are all part of the agency’s groundbreaking new project to create planes that are able to travel faster than sound, but with the development of these new planes NASA is also attempting to […]

Scientists Have Just Calculated The Truly Phenomenal Weight Of The Entire Milky Way Galaxy

Scientists have just calculated the weight of the Milky Way and it is truly phenomenal in its mass. After analyzing our galaxy, it was determined that the Milky Way shares the same weight as a whopping 1.5 trillion suns stacked up and stretched for a staggering 256,000 light years. According to The Daily Mail, the […]

Bizarre Footage Captured By NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Shows Moon Moving Backwards Across The Sun

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recently captured a series of images taken on March 6, 2019, which have since been turned into a video. The clip shows the moon, as it appears to cross the face of the sun before doubling backward, almost as if it had changed direction. As Gizmodo reports, as bizarre as […]

116-Year-Old Japanese Woman Has Just Been Named The World’s Oldest Living Individual By Guinness World Records

Kane Tanaka, a 116-year-old woman from Japan, has just been officially acknowledged as the world’s oldest living individual by Guinness World Records. A very special ceremony was recently set up by the organization in the Fukuoka nursing home where Tanaka resides. The event celebrated the life of this incredible woman, with Tanaka’s family and the […]

Quantum Mechanics May Be The Key To Recovering Trapped Information Stuck Inside Of A Black Hole

A bold new experiment has suggested that contrary to popular belief, information trapped inside of a black hole may one day be recovered through the use of quantum mechanics. While black holes are generally believed to crush everything within their paths, as intense amounts of gravity suck debris into these vast gaping monsters, the study […]

A Mysterious Hidden ‘Jaguar God’ Cave Has Just Been Explored After Remaining Sealed For More Than 1,000 Years

A team of archaeologists led by Luis Un have recently explored a mysterious “Jaguar God” cave hidden along Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, which has remained sealed for more than 1,000 years and is only now revealing its many ancient and precious secrets. Known previously only by the few who lived in the Mayan city of Chichén […]

Scientists Have Discovered That Transitional Hominins Were Hunting For Small Prey 400,000 Years Ago

Scientists have recently made the surprising discovery that not only were Neanderthals and early humans eating fast food, but transitional hominins who lived up to 400,000 years ago were also hunting for small and fast prey like rabbits and hares. As Haaretz reports, while this new discovery does not necessarily mean that all hominins, Neanderthals, […]

Rapidly Melting Ice In Norway Continues To Reveal Ancient Artifacts, Including A 3,400-Year-Old Shoe

Climate change and melting ice in Norway have continued to reveal ancient artifacts, and since 2006 archaeologists have found more than 3,000 relics in the county of Oppland alone, including a 3,400-year-old shoe and a tunic that dates back to the Iron Age. As CNN reports, Norway has had so many artifacts suddenly appearing on […]

Kepler-1658b Has Officially Been Confirmed By Astronomers As An Exoplanet With The Kepler Space Telescope

Astronomers have just announced that the very first candidate detected by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has finally been confirmed as an exoplanet, making Kepler-1658b a happy new addition to known exoplanets. As reports, the Kepler Space Telescope first began its mission very close to 10 years ago and has so far found thousands of […]

Breathtaking Scenic Locations On Mars That Space Tourists Will Be Able To Explore In The Future

If all goes according to plan and humans become an interplanetary species, Mars will — in all likelihood — become the first planet to be colonized. It may even become a bustling tourist destination for curious space travelers seeking the new and unusual, which the Red Planet holds in spades. Mars is a planet of […]

Donald Trump Boasts He ‘Destroyed’ Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Dreams After Calling Her Pocahontas

When Donald Trump recently spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 2, he joked that he had utterly destroyed all of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s chances of becoming President of the United States after he gifted her with the nickname Pocahontas. As The Independent reports, during his speech, Trump jokingly acted as if […]

Tesla Has Just Launched Their Model 3 Sedan For Only $35,000 And You Can Buy It Online Now

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been working hard since 2016 to push out the company’s Model 3 sedan at a super low mass market price tag, after suggesting just last month that this car would finally be here before 2019 was through, Tesla made the surprise announcement on Thursday that the Standard Range Model […]