Donald Trump Now Has A Twitter, New Website For His Transition To President: President-Elect Outlines His And VP Mike Pence’s Plans To ‘Make America Great Again’

Almost nobody saw this coming. If you had asked the media, the average person, or even Donald Trump himself, you might have thought Hillary Clinton had the 2016 presidential election clinched. But that was not the case Tuesday night, when Trump managed to collect 279 electoral votes and win the presidency. Trump also met with […]

After The Presidential Election, This Is What The U.S. Might Look Like — Did America Make The Right Choice? (Or Was It Even Our Choice At All?)

Upsets like the one Donald Trump just pulled don’t happen every day. After a whirlwind election nobody could have predicted, even states that typically vote Democrat were electing to “Make America Great Again.” Even Trump had, at one point, prepared a concession speech. It seems The Donald’s prediction that he could shoot someone in broad […]

Election 2016: How To Vote And Register In Your State — Plus, Some Of The Wackiest Election Memes

Google has made it simple to find out where your nearest polling place is this election season. In fact, you can do it with a simple Google search. Just pop “Where Do I Vote?” into the search engine, and it will calculate the appropriate polling center based on your location. But wait, there’s more! If […]

Dia De Los Muertos: Everything You Need To Know About The Holiday That Comes The Day After Halloween, Plus How Halloween Happens Around The World

When you think of Dia De Los Muertos, you probably think masks, skeletons, and the smell of fresh corn, but there’s more to it than that! The holiday begins on November 1, a day some cultures refer to as “All Souls’ Day,” and then continues into November 2. Many people think of this celebration as […]

In November 2016, Why Not Let Your Horoscope Decide What You’ll Watch? The Perfect Netflix Film For Your Sign

You know the feeling: you’ve scrolled through every Netflix or Amazon Prime category from “Goofy Comedies” to “Scary Movies,” yet that perfect film just isn’t jumping out at you. You resignedly resolve to do something productive, but you just don’t want to leave your couch (especially with those chilly November temperatures). If you’re only one […]

Obama Sick Of Trump ‘Whining’ About Quid Pro Quo, Rigged Election: Will Issues Of Media And Systemic Corruption Come Up At The Third Presidential Debate Tonight?

Get over it. That’s essentially what President Obama said to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when Trump complained about a “rigged election” and the quid pro quo deal Hillary Clinton made with the FBI. Trump railed against Hillary on Twitter, complaining that she received no punishment for her actions even though they are clearly criminal. […]

FBI, Hillary Clinton’s Quid Pro Quo To Be Denied By State Department: Everything You Need To Know About What It Is And What It Means

It’s not every day the words Quid Pro Quo get tossed around in politics, and probably for a good reason. The phrase refers to a favor or expectation of a favor you do in exchange for getting something in return. It’s the type of high-rolling wheeling-and-dealing Senator Frank Underwood uses in House Of Cards, for […]

India Love Westbrooks: Does Sister Crystal’s Twitter Hint About India’s Supposed Affair With Drake After Break Up With Rihanna?

In Hollywood, it seems like relationships are changing every other day, and Drake and Rihanna are no exceptions to that rule. The rapper has been on-and-off with Ri-Ri for some time, but now whispers are emerging that he might be dating model India Love. So, what is the deal? For info on the supposed relationship, […]

Is Donald Trump Falling In Polls? Hillary Clinton Accused On Twitter Of Partaking In Voter Fraud, Plus The 5 Craziest Trump Twitter Memes

Could the sun be setting on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign? Even as polls report an almost nonexistent chance that Donald Trump will end up in the White House, he is accusing opponent Hillary Clinton of participating in voter fraud. Calling the election “rigged,” The Don has pointed fingers at everyone from the Clinton campaign to […]

Donald Trump’s Anti-Hillary Clinton Statements: Is Google A Liberal Conspiracy? The Don Claims Search Engine Is Biased

Donald Trump has been known for making larger-than-life claims, but this one takes the cake. Trump claimed recently that Google was purposely biased against him while hiding all negative online search results about Hillary Clinton. It’s true that Google is a liberal company, but is Trump being conspired against by the search engine giant? […]

Libertarian Gary Johnson’s Poll Numbers Ahead Of Trump? Virtual Unknown Could Be A Threat To Mainstream Candidates [Opinion]

Gary Johnson is a political anomaly. When it comes to presidential debates, third party candidates rarely have their voice heard by the mainstream media or the public. Johnson, though, has slowly proven that he may be able to break that barrier down and pose a real threat to Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Johnson is […]

Donald Trump Slams Paul Ryan, Republican Party; Crazy Tweets About The GOP He Wants You To See

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have exactly one thing in common: their party. Despite having similar views on big-bill issues like healthcare, the Speaker of the House has never really gotten along with Trump. Ryan has said many times in the past that he is “not ready” to endorse Trump for President, though he did […]

Matthew Is No Longer A Hurricane, But Still Poses A Threat: Floodwaters Continue To Rise

After Hurricane Matthew hit, you’d be forgiven for confusing Lumberton, North Carolina with the canals of Venice. Though the storm has thankfully quieted down, it’s cities like Lumberton and those along the southeastern edge of the United States who have paid the heaviest price. Cities like Orlando, FL; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Lumberton were hit […]

Xbox One S Game Bundles: Microsoft Releases 2 New Packages, First Look At Gears Of War 4

There has been a great deal of frenzy surrounding the Xbox One S launch, and its very well-deserved. With the holiday season approaching, Microsoft seems to be looking to renew said hype by releasing two new Xbox One S game bundles. As noted, the One S first fell from gamer heaven in August, 2016, […]

Tim McGraw To Tour With Faith Hill: ‘Humble And Kind’ Singer Appears With Faith Hill At Ryman Auditorium, Announces Soul2Soul World Tour

It was like something out of a dream. As Tim McGraw and Faith Hill emerged onto the stage at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN, the 23,462-seat theater was nearly full. The venue is a historic one, known for having hosted the Grand Ole Opry from 1943-1974. Today, though, it will make history for a different […]

Google’s Pixel Event, Andromeda OS: Everything You Need To Know About The Powerful New OS And Why It Could Be A Game Changer

If you’ve been feeling like a second-class citizen while using Android, Google may have just resolved all of your complaints. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but Andromeda OS may still address some of the big issues with its Android ancestors. #Google to Launch 'Andromeda OS' — An #Android-Chrome OS Hybrid #tech — The […]

Did Trump Endorse Hillary Clinton’s Ally, Bernie Sanders? GOP Presidential Candidate Claims Sen. Sanders Would’ve Been ‘Legendary’ If He Never Threw In With Clinton

What do a far-left politician and a GOP billionaire have in common? They’re both enemies of Hillary Clinton. It’s not often Donald Trump speaks highly of anyone, let alone someone from the opposing party. So, when the Orange One endorses Bernie Sanders over Hillary, that’s saying something. Trump accused Sen. Sanders of “selling out to […]

iMessage Stickers, Effects, And Confetti Not Working In iOS 10? Here’s The Reason And How To Fix It

Ah, iMessage, that fickle beast. Sometimes it works, other times it’s a headache for iPhone users. If you’ve updated to iOS 10 and your iMessage stickers and effects aren’t working, this article is for you. You may notice iMessages send fine, but you have difficulty adding effects or graffiti as you normally can. If iMessages […]

Five Of The Craziest White House Petitions And How The President Responded

Being the man or woman in the White House comes with a lot of responsibility: you have to balance the budget, protect the U.S. from harm, and…build a Death Star? Some White House petitions make sense, such as asking the president to update their list of terrorist states or pleading for more gun control. Others? […]

Clinton-Trump Debate Highlights: See What Each Candidate Thinks About Major Issues, Plus Whether Their Personal Attacks Have Any Validity

The Clinton-Trump debate last night was very much the highlight of 2016’s political season. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had gone up against candidates from their respective parties prior to last night but never before had the two gone directly head-to-head. Both candidates covered the issues but managed to throw in some personal attacks […]

‘Game Of Thrones’: HBO Conspiracy And Season 7 Spoilers: Doran Martell Speaks And Get An Inside Look At The New Season

Game of Thrones may be off the air, but there’s still a potential plot twist in the works. It doesn’t involve Thrones itself, per se, so you can take joy in the fact that your surviving favorites are safe — for now. According to Alexander Siddig, who played Prince Doran, something is definitely rotten in […]

Google Allo’s Release Date Is Today: Why It’s The Messaging App You Never Knew You Wanted

Google Allo hasn’t been getting the press it deserves. You might have heard Google’s messaging app mentioned alongside other applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, if you’ve been using them up till now, prepare to be amazed. Google Allo’s release date is today, and a quick dive into its features shows what you had […]

The Xbox One Game That Now Works On Xbox 360 — Plus, Predictions About October 2016’s Games With Gold Releases

The list of Xbox One’s backwards-compatible games seems to be growing faster than the body count on Game of Thrones. This is, of course, good news for Xbox 360 owners in that their consoles are not doomed to the bottom of a dusty shelf and low resale value. So, if you own a 360, you’ll […]

Full Moon Eclipse: September 2016 Will Bring A Lunar Eclipse, Here’s How And When To See The Harvest Moon And Eclipse

This month, night time will seem a little darker. No, the world isn’t ending, but it might very well look that way. We’re going to see two very special events in the night sky this month: first up, the Harvest Moon. This otherworldly phenomenon occurs on the day closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In September […]

Apple’s iPhone 7 On iOS 10 Has A Slew Of Hidden Features You Could Live Without, But Probably Don’t Want To

When you update your iPhone’s OS version, you’re likely expecting a huge overhaul of all major features. So, if Apple’s new iPhone and software update didn’t exactly drop your jaw to the floor, you could be forgiven for not wanting to update your device. But what if we told you that you were only seeing […]

iOS 10 Release Date: An Inside Look At Apple’s Newest OS, Plus How You Can Get It Now

With Apple having hosted a Keynote Event this past Wednesday, the new iPhone and iOS 10 are on everybody’s minds. If you haven’t gotten access to the new iOS just yet, you might be feeling a little like the last kid picked in gym class. No worries, though. You can find out all the features, […]

Razer Blade Stealth Vs. Macbook Pro: Why A Laptop You’ve Never Heard Of Could Be The Nail In Macbook’s Coffin

The name MacBook Pro is pretty much synonymous with quality when it comes to laptops. PCs will do okay for a while, but if you want a truly simple machine that will take years to break, people will tell you to get an Apple computer. That might all be changing thanks to a handy little […]

Into The Dragon’s Den: Did Scientists Discover Real Dragon Corpse In Tibet? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Dragons appear in the mythos of nearly every country on Earth. Sometimes they’re protectors, other times teachers, guardians, or even villains. But what remains constant is that people everywhere are captivated by the thought of these giant scaly beasts flying overhead, and maybe even roasting a castle or two. But what if the myth of […]

Apple iPhone 7: New iOS Device Likely To Be Announced This Week, Phone Will Feature Enhanced Display, More Memory, And Might Be 100% Waterproof

The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be announced soon. With September just around the corner, fans are buzzing about what the new phone might look like and what it will be able to do. Some of the features are groundbreaking, others not so much, but all are nice to have. According to reports, the […]

Zika Virus Origins: All The Information You Need On Where The Disease Came From, Its Symptoms, And Where It Could Hit Next

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Zika has captured the world’s interests. Where did this strange disease come from, why is it so deadly, and where might it strike next? The first infected Florida mosquitoes were recently found in Miami, and now there is worry the disease may eventually spread throughout the continental U.S. According to […]

Netflix New Releases September 2016: Here Are All The Shows And Movies Being Added And Those Going Away

Though Netflix was the first of its kind to offer movie streaming, it’s oft-been criticized for not having enough variety or not “having anything good” to offer. The shows it does have on display range from comedies and romance to drama and anime, but sometimes you just can’t find something that will fit the mood […]

New Planet Proxima b Might Support Life? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Earth’s New Neighbor

Are We Alone? In the far reaches of space, orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, is a new planet similar to Earth. It’s not everyday a new world is discovered in our solar system, so it’s no big surprise that Proxima b is drawing the attention of Earthlings everywhere. But that isn’t the only reason the […]

6 Times Donald Trump Shaded President Obama And The Democratic Party On Twitter, Watch The Don Totally Shut Down Obama On Social Media

Donald Trump has once again proven he would be a level-headed, temperate leader. Just kidding! Where’s the fun in that? Trump wouldn’t be the candidate America loves to hate (hates to love?) if he weren’t up to something controversial. And he never seems to disappoint. The Republican Party presidential nominee has managed to keep heads […]

Whatsapp Facebook Data Sharing: Downloadable Messenger App To Start Sharing Your Phone Number With Facebook, But Here’s How To Opt-Out And Protect Yourself

WhatsApp may soon share your phone number with Facebook, according to recent reports. Data sharing is a tough business, and companies have privacy policies in place that you’re asked to comply with before you are permitted to access their site. However, if you don’t understand the technical mumbo-jumbo, you can easily get lost in a […]

iOS 10 Vs. Android 7 Nougat: See How Each OS Stacks Up Against The Other, Galaxy 7 Vs. iPhone 7 Comparison

iPhones and Androids seem to be locked in a never-ending battle of “anything you can do, I can do better.” Though Android is several years behind Apple in actual age, both companies’ operating systems (iOS 10 and Android Nougat) for mobile are relatively similar. However, Android has a reputation for allowing more flexibility inside its […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Cast On Batman’s Post-Credit Scene And Deleted Movie Content: Margot Robbie And Others Offer All The Need-To-Know Info, Plus What The Scene Could Mean For A Sequel And A First Look At Justice League

Suicide Squad has taken the box office by storm, but you’d be forgiven if the end credit scene still has you scratching your head. While parts of the scene were no great mystery, some of it was pretty open-ended. In that scene, We see Amanda Waller, who formed the gang of n’er do wells in […]

Watch The ‘Harry Potter GO’ Trailer: New Game In The Vain Of Pokemon GO Sends Players To Capture Fantastic Creatures From Potter’s Universe

The Harry Potter universe must have its own special horcrux, because the fantasy series by J.K. Rowling never seems to die. Since 2007’s Deathly Hallows, Rowling has developed her universe further in several new short stories (due out in September 2016). It seems new stories, information, and other content is surfacing every other day on […]

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Apologizes To Rio For Lying, Michael Phelps Speaks Out About ‘LochteGate’

In what has become one of the biggest scandals of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, swimmer Ryan Lochte has apologized for lying to the public. Lochte, 32, claimed he and three other swimmers were held up by two men posing as police in the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro during a night out. Fellow […]

Instagram Parroting Snapchat Again? Everything You Need To Know About The Gram’s New Live Events Feature

Instagram has had a long history of “borrowing” features from rival social media site SnapChat. Both sites are perhaps most well-known for their filters, which let users tweak their photos. Some are sensible, some are fun, and others are just plain silly. Instagram recently added a “Stories” feature to its repertoire, and now is reportedly […]

Paul Manafort: Can Trump Campaign Adviser’s Career Survive Ukraine Report Accusations?

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. The billionaire politician has been practically steeped in scandals since announcing his run for President in June of 2015. Trump has blamed many of these controversies on the “crooked media,” which may very well be accurate. Now, however, The Donald’s campaign adviser Paul Manafort is the one in […]

Apple iPhone 7 On iOS 10 May Hit Stores Mid-September: Here Are 8 New Leaks That Reveal New Features Of Apple’s Latest Device

Just because Apple has seen a dip in iPhone sales lately doesn’t mean people aren’t waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 7 to hit store shelves. According to reports, that will happen sometime around mid-September, but if you’re among the restless who can’t wait, here’s all the need-to-know info revealed by the latest leaks. […]

Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, And The Joker: How Faithful Was Movie To Comic Books In Detailing Harley And Joker’s Relationship? [Spoilers]

Asking for someone’s thoughts on Suicide Squad is like asking what color paint someone prefers; everyone gives you a different answer. Critics less than loved the movie, while fans of the movie and original comic books are raving. Whoever decided to get all these villains together to fight another, super-powerful villain was either a genius…or […]

Shawn Mendes’ 18th Birthday: Singer Clears Up Dating And Sexuality Rumors, Plus Watch Some Of His Best Cover Songs From Before He Was Famous

Shawn Mendes just had his 18th birthday a few days ago, so it’s only natural that he be back in the spotlight. Rumors that the “Stitches” singer had been dating Fifth Harmony’s Camilla Cabello and even that he was supposedly gay have been flying around forever. Now, here’s the dirt on everything you wanted to […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: ‘Sightings’ Isn’t The New Replacement For The ‘Nearby’ Tracker, And Other Need-To-Know Information

If you’ve played Pokemon GO in the past few days, you’ve probably sighted the new update. Several things have changed for the new version, though some things not in the way you might expect. Here’s all the need-to-know info on what’s new, why it matters, and much more. If you don’t have the update just […]

Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’: Why Singer’s Unreleased 2016 Album Is Beginning Of A New Era, Pop Queen Leaks Pre-Order Info And More On Instagram

Britney Spears has been in the pop music game a long time. So, when she teases an album (or even so much as leaks a track), it’s no real surprise that her fans go totally haywire. The Pop Queen has been discussing her new album, Glory, in one form or another for almost two years, […]

President Obama’s Approval Rating At Record High — How Does Younger President Bush Compare?

President Obama has been dragged through the mud by both media and public alike, with his approval rating sometimes sinking as low as 14 percent among the GOP due to perceived damage to the economy and a weak foreign policy game. Despite a mostly stagnating economy and disappointing unemployment rates, President Obama’s approval rating seems […]

Donald Trump On Twitter: The Donald Mocked With A Hashtag Just For Him, #TrumpOlympics

Meme, Thy Name Is Donald At this point, Donald Trump is practically the official sponsor of political controversy. From throwing shade at war heroes to ranting and raving about a woman’s crying baby, he’s managed to keep the spotlight on himself during his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016. So, at this point, […]

Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello Shaded By Own Bandmate? Normani Kordei Couldn’t Find Anything Nice To Say About Cabello When Asked By Reporters, See Awkward Interview

Did Camila Cabello just receive some serious shade? The Fifth Harmony member was reportedly burned by fellow bandmate Normani Kordei, who when asked to compliment Cabello had to awkwardly reach for something to say. Hollywood Life found that Kordei easily praised the other members of Fifth Harmony, but could only call Camila “quirky” after a […]

Louis Tomlinson/Eleanor Calder News? One Direction Star Tweets That He Had A ‘Big Day,’ Possibly Related To Ex-Girlfriend And Baby Drama?

Louis Tomlinson tweeted a very simple but apparently very powerful message two days ago. The One Direction member sent out a two-word message via Twitter telling fans today was a “big day” for him, but didn’t specify why. Could it have something to do with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder? Calder has been on the media’s […]

Apple’s New iPhone: Why It Could Be The iPhone 6SE, Plus Phone’s Price And Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Device

September is just around the corner, and that means a few things for Apple, specifically in 2016. Normally, September is when the tech giant unleashes its new model iPhone, but word on the street is that things might be off-schedule this time around. The company is reported to be moving to a new cycle where […]