#Orangejumpsuit: U.S. Christians Wear Orange To Church To Show Solidarity With ISIS Victims

A campaign encouraging Christians to wear orange on Sundays in support of the Christians executed by ISIS is gaining momentum, as #orangejumpsuit spreads the word by social media. A social media campaign using the hashtag #orangejumpsuit and started in March by Rev. Patrick Mahoney, pastor of Church on the Hill in Washington, DC, urged Christians […]

Freddie Gray: Baltimore Mayor Promises Investigation Into Death Of Man Injured In Police Custody [Video]

A man injured after being arrested by Baltimore City Police Department has died in the hospital a week after his arrest, and his family wants to know how he was so gravely injured while in police custody. The man was injured, although it is unsure how or to what extent, during a videotaped encounter with […]

Woman Stabs Husband For Stinking Up The Bathroom With His Poop

A Japanese husband is probably wishing he had made a courtesy flush, or at least sprayed a little air freshener, after his wife stabbed him for stinking up the bathroom with his poop. According to Metro, 29-year-old Emi Mamiya of Otaku, Japan, was so offended by the stench her 34-year-old husband left in the bathroom […]

Jury Orders Owners To Pay Neighbors $238,900 In Lawsuit Over Barking Dogs

John Updegraff and Karen Szewc have has been ordered to pay their neighbors for years of being annoyed by their barking dogs. The Oregon couple’s neighbors, Dale and Debra Krein, filed suit in 2012 in Jackson County Circuit Court due to what they claimed was “ceaseless barking” by the dogs, according to the Mail Tribune. […]

Mom Arrested For Leaving 4-Year-Old Home Alone With List Of Instructions To Take Care Of Herself

A Southern California woman is facing child endangerment charges after she left her 4-year-old daughter home alone while she took off on a day trip with friends. According to NBC Las Angeles, 28-year-old Bing Chen was arrested earlier this week when a neighbor called authorities on Monday to report the child was in the house […]

Man Wrongly Convicted Of Murder Wins $8 Million Lawsuit Against Los Angeles

A man who spent 17 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit has won an $8 million lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. Obie Anthony, along with his friend, Reggie Cole, was convicted of the 1994 murder of Felipe Gonzales Angeles during a robbery attempt outside a South Los Angeles brothel, according […]

Onglyza: Diabetes Drug Could Raise Risk Of Death

According to a preliminary report released Friday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), AstraZeneca’s diabetes drug, Onglyza, may be associated with an increased risk of premature death. A study involving more than 16,000 patients taking Onglyza for type 2 diabetes found that the drug increased heart failure by 27 percent, as well as […]

Naked Woman Attempts To Rob Convenience Store

A West Virginia woman caused quite a stir when she decided to attempt a convenience store robbery naked. According to WOWK TV, police received a call at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning reporting a naked woman walking across the parking lot of the Motel 6 in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. A few minutes later, the panic […]

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python’s ‘Galaxy Song’ [Video]

Steven Hawking has shown us that he isn’t afraid of a little humor, even at his own expense, and he is up to it again with his new cover of Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song.” According the Guardian, the 73-year old Hawking is performing a cover of the song written by Eric Idle and John Du […]

Are Short People At More Risk For A Heart Attack? New Study Says Yes

Can your height be a factor in your risk for having a heart attack? According to a new study, yes it can. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the genes that influence your height can also determine your risk of developing coronary artery disease, which can lead to a […]

Indiana Governor Says Religious Freedom Law ‘Not Going To Change’

Indiana Governor Mike Pence defended the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act that he signed into law on Thursday. The bill, which the Inquisitr reported last week is seen by many as an attack on the LGBTQ community, was signed into law by the Republican governor on Thursday and will go into effect in July. Pence […]

Off-Duty Police Officer Shot, Killed In His Pennsylvania Home

Darby Township, Pennsylvania, police say that an off-duty officer has been shot and killed in his Delaware County home. According to CBS Philly, police responded to a call reporting shots fired at the officer’s home in Darby Township at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The 26-year-old off-duty officer was found in an upstairs bedroom with […]

Two Bodies Found In Debris Of NYC Building Collapse

Two bodies have been found in the debris of one of the buildings that collapsed in New York City Thursday. According to USA Today, the NYPD says that the bodies have not yet been formally identified, but were suspected to be those of Nicholas Figueros, 23, and Moises Locon, 27, who were reported missing after […]

Jury Reaches Verdict In Ellen Pao Sexism Case

A decision has been reached in the gender bias trial of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, in which Ellen Pao accused the Silicon Valley firm of discriminating against women. The jury ruled against Pao and confirmed what many women dreaded during the jury deliberations — that venture capital is a “boy’s club.” According to USA […]

Cyclone Roller Coaster At Coney Island Gets Stuck: Riders Forced To Walk Down Track [Video]

Riders on Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coaster got their first thrill of the season Sunday, but not for the reason they were expecting. The Cyclone stalled at the top of one of the rides 12 drops, forcing riders to walk down the track to safety. According to Fox News, the malfunction happened during the […]

New Study Shows Brain Training And Exercise Help Elderly Stall Mental Decline

A new study has determined that brain training and regular exercise, combined with a healthy diet, can significantly slow mental decline in elderly patients at risk for dementia. Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm conducting a study found that two years of brain training and lifestyle guidance for people between 60 and 77 years […]

Star Trek Legend William Shatner Turns 84: Happy Birthday Captain Kirk [Video]

Iconic Star Trek actor William Shatner celebrated his 84th birthday today. Shatner, born in Montreal, Canada, on March 22, 1931, rose to fame in the late 1960s playing the role of Captain James T. Kirk on original Star Trek series. According to the Independent, Shatner never missed an episode of the TV show, and reprised […]

Pet-Friendly Miami Hotel Gives Pets The VIP Treatment

Americans love to pamper their pets, and a Miami hotel is taking advantage of that love for their furry friends. The Trump National Doral’s pet-friendly policy doesn’t just allow pets to stay with their humans — it gives them the VIP treatment, including room service. The hotel even provides pets with their own special room […]

Insurance Company Denies Wheelchair For Paralyzed Toddler, Strangers Come To The Rescue

California mom Aubrey Allred would love to get a wheelchair for her 2-year-old paralyzed son, Crue, but her insurance company says no. Aubrey told Fox News that Crue currently gets around in a Zipzac, a miniature wheelchair. But the Zipzac sits very low to the ground and gets stuck on sidewalk cracks. All she wants […]

Grandmother Found Guilty Of Running 9-Year-Old Granddaughter To Death

An Alabama woman could be facing the death penalty after being convicted of capital murder for running her 9-year-old granddaughter to death. The Inquisitr brought you the story of 9-year-old Savannah Hardin, who died in February 2012 after being forced to run laps while picking up sticks in the yard for three hours after allegedly […]

CIA Helped The Justice Department Spy On Cellphones: ACLU Expresses Concerns

The Department of Justice isn’t the only agency involved in spying on Americans’ cell phones. It was recently revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency has a hand in it also, and it is raising some concerns about domestic spying. The Wall Street Journal, who originally reported the “stingray” technology last year, reported last week that […]

Ted Cruz Wants To Lift All Limits On Campaign Contributions

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has yet to officially announce his run for president in 2016, says that all limits should be lifted on campaign contributions. On his first trip this year to New Hampshire, Cruz spoke to potential voters in a town hall type meeting, insisting that he was not yet a presidential candidate, […]

Kanye West Says President Obama Lied To Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

Did President Obama really dis Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel live? Kanye says he did. According to the Los Angeles Times, West told some Oxford University Students recently that he was on close terms with the president, and that he could “call Obama out of the blue.” He also said that Obama “calls the home […]

Common Skin Care Myths Debunked — You’re Washing All Wrong

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and we all want to take care of ours properly. Cleaning skin properly is the basis of a good skin care regimen, but the way you clean it – and how often — can make a big difference. Unfortunately, there are some longstanding myths about how […]

Why Is Walmart Picking On This Cute Horse?

Retail giant Walmart is not too happy with a picture of a horse posted online, and has issued a cease and desist letter to the creator of the site. The website in question is walmart.horse, which consists of nothing but a picture of a horse superimposed over a picture of the front of a Walmart […]

Mother And Daughter Give Birth 34 Minutes Apart

A Florida woman became a mother and a grandmother all in the space of 34 minutes when she and her daughter gave birth to babies on the same day. Tampa General Hospital reported that one of their own staff, Angela Patram, a surgical oncology nurse, and her daughter Teranisha Billups both gave birth at the […]

YouTube Launches #DearMe Campaign For International Women’s Day [Video]

In honor of International Women’s Day, YouTube launched the #DearMe campaign earlier this week, asking social media users what advice they would give to their younger selves. YouTube enlisted the help of some of its biggest stars, including Michelle Phan, to help kick-start the campaign, and started a Tumblr page on which users could create […]

Billy Flynn: Teen Who Killed Pamela Smart’s Husband Up For Parole

The murder of Pamela Smart’s husband by one of her students may have faded from memory for some, but at the time it happened in 1990, the former high school teacher who convinced her young lover to kill her husband was a tabloid sensation. In 1991, 16-year-old Billy Flynn, pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder […]

Homemade Wheelchair Saves Lives Of Pets In The Balkans

Obtaining a pet wheelchair is difficult in the Balkans – an impoverished region with a bad record for caring for the disabled – both humans and pets. There are no local producers of the devices, and getting one from a European producer is practically impossible for most people due to the expense. Worse yet, due […]

‘SNL’ Takes On Hillary Clinton Emails In Hilarious Parody [Video]

Hillary Clinton has recently been at the center of a controversy over accusations that she used her personal email account for official communications during her term as Secretary of State, as reported by the Inquisitr. And while Clinton hasn’t been very vocal as to whether or not she actually broke the law, SNL has been […]

Thieves ‘Butt Dial’ Victim And Leave Voice Mail Plotting Crime

Two thieves in Key West, Florida, probably wish they had locked their smart phone screens after one of them butt dialed their victim and left a voice mail of them discussing what to do with the stolen items. David Ricky Fanuelsen, 39, and Dean Ellis Brown, 22, have been charged with stealing saws from Concrete […]

Tavern Owner Charged With Videotaping Women In Bathroom

The president of the Rams Head Group and owner of a popular Rams Head Tavern has been charged with illegally videotaping woman in the bathroom of the company’s Savage Mill Maryland location. According to the Baltimore Sun, Kyle Muehlhauser is facing six counts of visual surveillance with prurient intent. A 10-month investigation into the videotaping […]

Law Wan-Tung Sentenced to Six Years For Torturing Maid Who Was Forced To Live In A Closet

A Hong Kong woman will be spending six years in jail for torturing an Indonesian maid who she forced to work for no pay and live in a closet for most of 2013. The woman, 44-year-old Law Wan-tung, was arrested on January 20, 2014 by Hong Kong police after allegations of torturing 23-year-old Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, […]

San Jose Heroin Addict Arrested For Wrestling Cookie Money From Girl Scout

Cody Gintz, 23, was arrested Sunday after allegedly snatching a cash box from a Girl Scout selling cookies outside a San Jose Safeway. Gintz took the box, containing several hundred dollars, from a 10-year-old Girl Scout, who was selling the cookies with other members of her troop to raise money for a San Jose water […]

Alzheimer’s Patient Beats Roommate To Death At Assisted Living Facility

An 87-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is facing murder charges after beating his roommate to death at a suburban Denver assisted living facility. Homer Castor was originally arrested for crimes against an at-risk adult after he assaulted 76-year-old Gerald Propp in their room at the Atria Applewood assisted living facility in Lakewood, Colorado. Propp […]

Do Marijuana Vaporizers Offer A ‘Healthier’ High?

With marijuana being legalized in more states, it was only a matter of time before vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, began to be used to smoke pot. In a review of marijuana vaporizers, the Wall Street Cheat Sheet noted that the rise in e-cigarettes and vaporizers used for smoking nicotine — or “vaping” — in the past […]

Convicted Child Sex Offender Says He Left Mall With The Lyon Sisters

Lloyd Welch, a convicted child sex offender, told cops recently that he left a Maryland mall with the Lyon sisters on the day they vanished more than 40 years ago. The Inquisitr reported last week that Welch had been named as a person of interest in the 1975 case involving missing 12-year-old Sheila Lyon and […]

Parents Protest Firing Of Teacher Of The Year Over Dirty Diaper Incident

Kelly Hahn was named The St. Louis Public Schools Preschool Teacher of the Year, but a few weeks later she was put on leave for alleged neglect of a child. So just what happened to cause that? According to St. Louis television station KMOV, a parent of one of Hahn’s students recently sent her 3-year-old […]

Study: Late Night Eating May Be Bad For Your Brain

If you find yourself raiding the fridge in the middle of the night, you may want to rethink your eating habits — and not just because of your waistline. A new study has shown that eating late at night could be bad for your brain. According to Today, experts studying the body’s internal clock have […]

Cold Case: Man Charged In 1974 Death Of Childhood Friend

The 1974 death of a Pennsylvania boy has finally been solved thanks to modern technology, leading to the arrest of Joseph Leos for killing his childhood friend. John David Watson, Jr. was found on a neighbor’s property with a bullet in the back of his head in May of 1974 after riding his bike to […]

Major Museums Ban Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are the latest “must have” for selfie addicts, but major museums are banning them and they say they have good reasons to do so. The sticks, sometimes referred to as “the wand of narcissism,” according to the New York Times, make it easier to take long range selfies, such as those tourists love […]

Utah Woman Holds World Record For Catching Wedding Bouquets

A Utah woman who has made a hobby out of catching wedding bouquets has applied for admission for the Guinness World Record book. Jamie Jackson, says that she has caught 46 bouquets since 1996 and has documentation to prove it. Jackson told KSL that she gets invited to a large number of weddings because her […]

Scanadu: The ‘Star Trek’ Medical Tricorder Becomes a Reality

In 2013, a man bilked investors into funding a medical device that worked like the Star Trek tricorder. He even named it after the grumpy doctor who used in on the iconic show — The “McCoy Home Health Tablet.” The man’s “investment opportunity” was a scam, and according to the National Post, he was convicted […]

February 21 Is ‘Send A Naked Picture Of Yourself to Steve Buscemi’ Day — Really, It Is

You know those Facebook events you keep getting invited to but usually ignore? Well, this one might be worth a look if you are into taking naked selfies. “Send a naked picture to Steve Buscemi” Day is February 21, and the event already has 2,700 people planning to take part. In case you were wondering […]

Winter Storms Target South, Dump ‘Historic’ Levels Of Snow In Boston

Two winter storms in less than a week, Neptune and Octavia, are targeting the Northeast and South, producing record snow and freezing temperatures from New England to Georgia. Boston, which was already buried under six feet of snow from the past few weeks, was blasted with another 16 inches, driven by winds over 60 miles […]

Woman Receives Life Saving Organ Donations Twice From Same Family

When Rachel Anzaldua received a kidney from Tina Brown in January 2015, it wasn’t the first time the Brown family had given her the gift of life through organ donation. Anzaldua had also received a liver from Brown’s son, Shane, who lost his life in a tragic auto accident four years ago. Fighting back tears, […]

Man Passed Out In SUV Full Of Children At McDonald’s Drive-Thru Arrested For DUI

Would you like a DUI with your Happy Meal? Edmond Gully had apparently had more than just a dollar tea to drink last Saturday evening, when police found him passed out in an SUV with nine children at a Witchata, Kansas, McDonald’s drive-thru. KAKE reports that a McDonald’s customer saw Gully parked in the drive-thru […]

Little Girl’s Heavy Metal ABC Song Goes Viral [Video]

An enterprising dad has come up with a way to make learning the ABCs fun for his little girl. He just sets them to some head banging music and lets her scream A-B-C-D to her heart’s content — and she is rocking the internet with her heavy metal version of the alphabet. This YouTube video […]

Mom Says She Is Willing To Face Charges For Abandoning Her ‘Dangerous’ Son

Kimberlyn Williams says she feels unsafe in her own home and fears for her other children because of her “dangerous” 12-year-old son – and she is willing to face abandonment charges to keep him out of the house. Williams’ son was taken to Riverside Behavioral Health Center in Hampton, Virginia, last week after she called […]

Limbs For Lennox: Toddler Who Wasn’t Supposed To Live Defies The Odds [Video]

Jessica Pierce and her husband, Clinton – a U.S. Marine stationed in Havelock, North Carolina – got some devastating news during her 20-week ultrasound with their forth child, who they had planned to name Lennox. The baby had rare genetic disorders, and doctors only gave him a 1 percent chance of living past 24 weeks. […]