Artificial Intelligence: China Accelerates Bid For Global Dominance In ‘Robotics’

China continues to accelerate its bid to grab the initiative in 21st-century robotics and artificial intelligence development as the next emerging global powerhouse. Small wonder that the world’s leading manufacturing giant has already raced past the rest of the world as a major user of robots. According to the China Robot Industry Alliance, the country […]

Nepal Pins Hope On New ‘Travel Year’ Campaign In Bid To Salvage Plummeting Tourism

Nepal is hoping to build on its newly announced “Travel Year” campaign in a bid to revive the Himalayan nation’s sinking tourism industry, the Nepal Tourism Board said recently. The earthquake-hit nation is looking to bolster domestic tourism in particular, hoping to revive its fortunes as international tourist numbers continue to plummet. The country’s domestic […]

U.N. Launches Massive Probe As Nearly 500 Migrants Feared Drowned In The Mediterranean

The United Nations has initiated a massive probe into Monday’s deadly boat accident in the Mediterranean in which nearly 500 migrants mainly African are believed to have perished. The team has been tasked with investigating the incident, one of the worst sea disasters in 2016 involving migrants. According to eyewitness accounts, scores of people including […]

Japan Earthquake: Orbiting ‘GPS Satellites’ To Aid Disaster Victims In The Heat Of Chaos [Report]

Japan is planning to ramp up its satellite-based GPS technology and use it to assist earthquake survivors communicate each other’s whereabouts in the ensuing aftermath of a disaster according to a report. In addition to facilitating ground communication in the event of a disaster-triggered system break-down, the satellites would serve as relaying stations equipped with […]

China Revisits ‘Death Penalty’ Law: Sets New Threshold For ‘Extremely Severe’ Corruption [Report]

China has recently raised the death penalty threshold for corruption-related crimes, according to a new report. Chinese authorities say the changes reserve capital punishment for extremely serious corruption charges involving financial crimes exceeding 3 million yuan or more, an equivalent of $463,000. Formerly, officials convicted of accepting bribes of 100,000 yuan may have been eligible […]

Donald Trump Blasted By Visiting Head Of State For ‘Embarrassing’ Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Visiting Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has fiercely condemned leading Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for his provocative and embarrassing anti-Muslim rhetoric. He expressed his views in a recent interview, saying that the latter’s posture against Muslim immigrants only feeds into the negative, sharply anti-Muslim sentiments of a small section of the american population. The […]

Japan To Launch Highly Futuristic ‘Invisible’ Express Train By 2018 [Report]

Japan has announced the launch of its first ever highly futuristic “invisible” express train over the next three years, inaugurating a whole new chapter in the field of high-speed mass-transit. Japanese engineers are all geared up to introduce this futuristic model boasting an exterior that would enable it to mirror the surrounding landscape, rendering it […]

‘Curacao’ – Exotic ‘Paradise’ Island-Getaway Dazzles In the Heart Of The Caribbean

Curacao, an exotic paradise island getaway located in the heart of the fascinating Caribbean archipelago is a prized tourist spot and more importantly any traveler’s ultimate dream destination. A small Caribbean island crammed with visitors all-year-long, Curacao is a rapidly advancing tourist hot-spot in the Caribbean. Home to over 30 stunning sun-stroked beaches, the island […]

Japan Earthquake: Mapping The Troubled Legacy Of One Of The World’s Most Turbulent ‘Disaster Zones’

Japan is by no means new to earthquakes. With a history of terrifying natural events, it stands out as one of the most disaster-prone and disruptive geographic regions on the planet. Some of the most catastrophic and economically crippling natural disasters have occurred in Japan, costing the country nearly 200 billion dollars in an exhausting […]

Giant ‘Godzilla-Like’ Marine Iguana Spotted Prowling The Waters Of The Galapagos A giant 6-foot-long ‘Godzilla-like’ marine iguana has been spotted hunting in the waters of the Galapagos Islands recently. This monster lizard captured on camera at a local dive site by photographer Steve Winkworth, was reportedly the size of a man and was spotted off the northeastern shore of Isabela island, just south of the […]

IMF Projects ‘Bleak’ 2016 Global Economic Outlook: ‘Too Slow for Too Long,’ Says Economic Watchdog

Global economic watchdog IMF has disclosed pessimistic projections for the global economy for 2016 and has warned that the progress has been “too slow for too long.” IMF’s rather bleak projections were based on sluggish growth patterns observed in a climate of increased economic uncertainty. Economic growth projections for this year are a “modest” 3.2 […]

New Zealand Leaps Into Global Spotlight: Voted World’s ‘Best’ Country In 2016

New Zealand has been voted the world’s best country yet again, according to Telegraph Travel readers. The South Pacific island country has once more leaped into the spotlight by bagging more prizes than any other country on the planet during the 2016 World Country awards. New Zealand stands out as one of the most desirable […]

‘Unusual’ Newborn Bottlenose Dolphin Deaths Attributed To Largest Marine Oil Spill Event In History

Scientists have attributed the highly unusual newborn and fetal bottle-nose dolphin deaths to the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster which took place in April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. They concluded a long and exhaustive study, confirming that dolphins found stranded on beaches in the northern Gulf of Mexico between 2010 and 2013 were […]

The Best Pizzas On The Planet: New Survey Reveals Top ‘Must-Visit’ Cities For Ardent Pizza Enthusiasts

Condé Naste Traveler, a popular world travel and lifestyle magazine, has recently unveiled the best pizza destinations on the planet for ardent pizza enthusiasts. Findings of the survey have disclosed some truly remarkable statistics, confirming that U.S. cities have outstripped European destinations as the most sought after pizza hot spots on the planet. Unsurprisingly, Chicago […]

Scientists Discover Remnants Of Ancient ‘Alien’ Stars Under The World’s Great Oceans

Scientists claim to have discovered ancient radioactive remnants of alien stars that may have once upon a time existed but then died out, concealed for millions of years in the obscure depths of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. These stars, thought to be more massive than the sun, may have exploded in a succession […]

New Zealand’s Incredibly Elusive ‘Yellow-Eyed’ Penguin Species Closing In On Extinction

New Zealand’s incredibly elusive and stunning yellow-eyed penguins are among the rarest on the planet. Indigenous to New Zealand and only one of the few penguin species found north of the Antarctic Ocean, the survival of these birds may be in serious peril, according to conservationists who fear the species may be closing in on […]

Highly ‘Invasive’ Lionfish Species Set To ‘Invade’ U.S. Restaurant Menus: Report

U.S. restaurants are set to showcase a delightfully scrumptious addition to their seafood menu. The lionfish, one of the world’s most stunning fish species, is ready to storm its way into popular cuisine, restaurant menus, supermarkets, and the sizzling platters of the more ardent seafood enthusiasts. Lionfish are one of the most beautiful creatures of […]

NASA’s ‘2001 Mars Odyssey’ Marks Historic Milestone: Completes ’15 Years’ Orbiting The Red Planet

NASA’s longest-serving orbiter Mars Odyssey has completed 15 long years of continuous Martian research. The spacecraft, launched in 2001, has contributed monumental observations about the Martian surface, mapping hydrogen levels and exploring the Red Planet’s geological character as well as its radiation environment. According David Lehman, Odyssey’s project manager, despite having concluded its original mission […]

Exciting New Travel ‘App’ To Help Cruising Passengers Explore The Earth Beneath Them

An exciting new travel app will now allow air passengers to explore unique and interesting places down below while on the way to their destination. Fliers will not just be able to determine precisely where they are at cruising altitude, but also find themselves aptly acquainted with the unique and interesting spots they’re flying past. […]

Highly Endangered ‘Indochinese’ Tiger Species Declared ‘Extinct’: Report

Conservationists in Cambodia have declared the endangered “Indochinese” tiger species “functionally extinct,” confirming that a massive conservation effort to reintroduce breeding populations is currently under way. The magnificent Indochinese tiger that once prospered in the pristine forest habitats of Thailand, Cambodia, China, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, and Vietnam is now believed to have been […]

Africa Sets Sights On Space: Nigeria To Launch First Ever Manned Space Mission By 2030

Nigeria has announced major plans to launch its first manned mission into space as early as 2030, according to a recent statement by the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The launch will mark the first ever manned excursion into outer space by an African nation in the history of space exploration. According to a […]

Amnesty International Report: ‘Record’ Executions in 2015: Worst Year in Decades Says Human Rights Watchdog

The year 2015 witnessed a record number of documented executions in nearly 30 years according to human rights watchdog Amnesty International. The figures revealed that more than 1600 state-sanctioned executions were carried out in the year, demonstrating a troubling surge in executions by nearly 50 percent compared to 2014. In a recent report, it disclosed […]

NASA Ramps Up Research On ‘Humanoid Robots’ For ‘Extreme’ Unmanned Space Probes

NASA has ramped up its space research initiative aiming to launch more Humanoid Robots for designated extreme deep space probes in addition to assisting astronauts presently engaged in space. These developments would enable the space agency to undertake far more challenging unmanned space excursions with state-of-the-art robots taking the lead. According to Steve Jurczyk, associate […]

Revolutionary New ‘Heart-Touching’ Pet Robot Poised To Steal The Spotlight Soon: Report

A revolutionary new-look robot is all set to hit the airwaves soon, according to a new report. Designed to transform the way humans interact with machines, the robot is expected to introduce a whole new dimension to how humans understand and use technology. According to Kaname Hayashi, who led the team that introduced the pioneering […]

Outrage In Kenya As Another Lion ‘Falls’ In Two Days: Authorities Say Lions Wandering Into Cities More Often Than Ever

Another lion has been found killed in the environs of the Nairobi National Park after rangers shot and killed Mohawk the lion the day before. The slaying of a young lion this time has ignited outrage and has gotten conservationists worried. Over 2-years-old, Lemek the lion was found killed by a spear. According to reports, […]

Frightening Scenes As Skydivers Collide In Mid-Air: Chilling Camera Footage Captures Harrowing Descent

Frightening footage was caught on camera as two skydivers came crashing into each other, mid-air, in a jump that went horribly wrong. Both divers were seriously injured with one of them partially paralyzed following the incident. The incident happened 14,000-feet above the city of Zephyrhills, Florida, on Tuesday, March 22. Video footage caught on diver […]

‘Microsoft’ Raises The Bar Yet Again: Unveils A Remarkable New ‘Skype’ Update

Microsoft has introduced a remarkable new Skype update aiming to hoist itself to greater heights by altering the face of the chat app into something far more sophisticated. The software giant has recently unveiled a game-changing Skype update that will transform it into a commanding platform for interacting with other apps. According to reports, the […]

Majestic ‘Titanic-like’ Luxury Cruise Liner Prepares For Maiden Voyage Through Frigid Waterways Of The Arctic — Report

Majestic luxury cruise liner Crystal is all set to embark upon its maiden voyage through the treacherous Northwest Passage according to a report. The magnificient cruise liner has been designed to accommodate more than 1,000 passengers and over 600 crew members on its much anticipated journey slated for August. By far the largest and most […]

Highly Endangered Sea Turtles Plagued By ‘Syndrome’ Of Death In Plastic-Infested Oceans [Report]

Scores of highly endangered sea turtles are succumbing to a deadly “floating syndrome” as a result of ingesting plastic, according to a recent report. The condition has been known to confine the animals to the ocean surface, ultimately preventing them from submerging or diving into the ocean for feeding as well as safety reasons. Sea […]

Japan’s $273 Million ‘X-ray’ Satellite Veers Off Its Orbit – Feared Lost In Outer Space: Report

Space scientists around the world are reportedly trying to track Japan’s “Hitomi” satellite after it disappeared mysteriously in space after losing contact with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency- JAXA on March 26. The $273 million astronomical satellite, launched into operation last month, was tasked with providing fresh insights into the many facets of the high-energy […]

‘Terror’ In the Spotlight: What Draws People To Violent Radicalism? Psychologists Confront The Question

With terrorism making major headlines around the world yet again, psychologists continue to grapple with the root causes of emerging violent radicalism around the world. Within days, from Asia through the Middle East to Europe, terrorist strikes have unleashed a wave of carnage in a series of brutal attacks killing nearly 150 people and wounding […]

Emerging New ‘Lip-Reading’ Technology To Radically Revolutionize Modern-Day Crime Solving

An emerging new “lip-reading” technology is likely to transform modern-day crime solving by flawlessly deciphering visually observed speech captured on CCTV, a new research study has claimed. Highly sophisticated “visual speech recognition” technology developed by a team of University of East Anglia researchers in Norwich can reportedly be employed to detect with a surprisingly high […]

Revolutionary ‘Hypersonic’ Passenger Jets To Dominate The Skies Soon: Report

A U.S. firm is planning to reintroduce supersonic passenger jets by inaugurating the so-called Hypersonic revolution according to a recent report. Colorado-based start-up Boom is looking to design supersonic passenger planes faster than the Concorde but also very much affordable. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has also reportedly agreed to spearhead the revolutionary initiative. For years, […]

Massive Stellar Storms Ignite Spectacular ‘Northern Lights’ Above Jupiter

Scientists have captured massive solar storms sparking a jaw-dropping display of stunning X-ray “auroras” on Jupiter’s north pole. These auroras are believed to be eight times brighter than normal and hundreds of times more powerful than Earth’s own “aurora borealis.” A new study led by researchers from the University College London (UCL) employing NASA’s Chandra […]

Japan Launches ‘Facial Recognition’ Technology To Thwart Terrorism: Report

Japan is set to introduce facial recognition software as a key security measure at airports particularly in light of the 2020 Summer Olympics slated to be hosted by the country. According to reports, the Japanese government will introduce this unique feature as part of its security apparatus to maximize safety and thwart terrorist infiltration into […]

World Nations On ‘High’ Terror Alert In Wake Of Brussels Attacks

World nations have ramped up security in their major cities and airports in the immediate aftermath of the Brussels Terrorist Attacks. Countries, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, and Russia have issued a high alert in their respective capitals as well as other potentially vulnerable targets around the world. Across the […]

‘Holidays In Space’ Soon To Become A Thing Of The Present: NASA

Holidaymakers will be able to visit space in 10 years, according to a statement by a former NASA Astronaut. In a recent interview, NASA Astronaut Don Thomas predicted that more and people will be able to afford and experience space tourism in as less as 10 years from now. A Mission Specialist selected as part […]

‘Hurricane Force Winds’ Likely Cause Of Fatal FlyDubai Plane Crash In Southern Russia

Hurricane force winds may have caused Saturday’s tragic FlyDubai plane crash according to Russian authorities. The Boeing 737-800 was en route to the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don from Dubai when tragedy struck during the wee hours of dawn. All 62 passengers on board including seven crew members have perished in the fateful incident. According […]

‘Terror Warnings’ For Travelers Persist For Malaysia’s Scenic ‘Island’ Getaways

Terror warnings for travelers to Malaysian Islands have persisted after Britain and Australia issued terror alerts in February for their citizens, respectively. The alerts came following fears of possible terrorist attacks in and around the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. British tourists in particular had been cautioned against visiting Malaysia’s east coast islands owning to […]

Hubble Astronomers Track Down Massive ‘Monster’ Stars

Astronomers employing the extraordinary ultraviolet proficiencies of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have spotted a mighty band of nine Giant stars in the very heart of the distant star cluster R136. These monster stars, with masses exceeding 100 times the mass of the sun, are the most colossal stellar giants ever to be identified in […]

China Dismisses Hong Kong’s Bid For ‘Sovereign’ Existence Amid Heated Controversy

A senior Chinese official has dismissed the notion of Hong Kong’s sovereignty following a recent article that had stirred controversy after demanding absolute autonomy for the former British territory by the year 2047. The highly controversial notion was brought to the fore in the article entitled “Our 2047,” appearing in a Hong Kong university publication, […]

Airline With ‘All-Female’ Pilot Crew Marks ‘Landmark’ Landing On Saudi Arabian Soil

An all-female pilot crew from the Royal Brunei Airlines has made history by completing a landmark landing in Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its stifling and repressive laws against women. Ironically, despite this historic feat, the pilots will almost certainly be restricted from driving motor vehicles in the kingdom. Captain Sharifah Czarena Surainy, Senior […]

A Path To Sainthood: The Many Highs And Lows Of Mother Teresa’s Enduring Legacy

In September 1997, an iconic figure for many of the world’s faithful passed away in Koltata India. Popularly familiar to most as the “Blessed Teresa of Calcutta,” Mother Teresa’s enduring legacy continues to draw inspiration for many who see her as an embodiment of grace and humility, as well as the epitome of courage, devotion, […]

Syria’s Children Of War: Young Lives Among Hardest Hit As Conflict Reaches 5-year Point

An estimated 8.4 million children are among the hardest hit in the aftermath of the crippling chaos and conflict that has now reached the 5-year point. According to UNICEF estimates, more than 3.6 million Syrian children, 5-years or younger are now living under the shadow of a deadly conflict, amid fears of death, displacement and […]

Highly Endangered African Rhino Species To Disappear In 10 Years, Experts Warn

Wild rhinos could disappear within 10 years according to experts, as an unprecedented spike in African rhino killings by poachers has been recently documented. According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than 1,300 rhinos were hunted down with impunity by poachers last year, making it a record year since 2008. Conservationists and […]

Hubble Astronomers Complete Record-Shattering Feat: Spot ‘Farthest’ Galaxy Ever Observed In Space

Astronomers have accomplished a record-shattering feat by peering into the heart of the early universe and estimating the precise distance to the most outlying galaxy ever spotted. According to reports, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has tracked one of the most primordial star-clusters believed to have existed merely 400-million years following the Big Bang. The […]

International Women’s Day 2016: World Nations Pledge To Eradicate Gender Discrimination By 2030

As the world marked the observance of International Women’s Day today with women’s rights and gender equality issues topping the agenda for many, world leaders have pledged to completely eradicate gender discrimination by accelerating concerted measures needed to close the gender gap perpetually. According to a UN report, more than “90 Member States” have collectively […]

Mystery Cancers Emerge In Children Years After Catastrophic Fukushima Disaster: Study

An astonishingly high occurrence of thyroid cancers in children have been reported years after the catastrophic Fukushima Nuclear Disaster struck Japan back in March 2011. According to recent findings, more than 160 children have been screened and conclusively diagnosed with thyroid cancer upon the conclusion of the study. A panel of experts believe the count […]

India Poised For Regional Dominance Amid Global Economic Slowdown [Report]

India has rocketed ahead of China as a leading world economic powerhouse amid a steep slowdown in the global economy and despite an atmosphere of increasingly looming challenges for most emerging markets. According to recent statistics, the world’s largest democracy recorded an economic growth of 7.5 percent in the concluding quarter of 2015, surpassing China’s […]

Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Outrages Catholic Bishop, Labelled ‘Highly Offensive’ To Christianity

Just days away from Madonna’s much-anticipated performance at the Vector Arena Auckland this Saturday and Sunday, New Zealand’s Bishop Patrick Dunn has slammed the performer for her “highly offensive” and provocative postures towards the Christianity. Dunn expressed his outrage with these remarks during an interview with the New Zealand Herald recently. According to Dunn, conspicuous […]