‘Gotham’ Premiere: Penguin And Riddler Are Puzzle Masterminds In Their Own Right

Last week, viewers saw the return of the imaginative Gotham series back to network television, one of the more interesting shows left where the writers can entice us with a slow-build of pre-Batman character development. Judging from the first episode of this new phase of Gotham, season three, it will no doubt be perniciously holding […]

‘American Ninja Warrior’ Jessie Graff High-Kicks Her Amazing New Career Into High-Gear

Stunt woman Jessie Graff made a lot of noise this month, starting with her winning on America Ninja Warrior and showing off her success doing martial arts poses on the red carpet in a flowing red dress. Jessie Graff is already known for her flashy outfits out on the course, and judging from her tastes, […]

News Of Hillary Clinton’s Delayed Email Release Is Perfect ‘Payback’ For Republican Obstruction

The Daily Mail is one of the news sources that first report that Hillary Clinton’s latest email release had been delayed by the U.S. State Department until after the election, which is already enraging plenty of conservatives who are obsessed with taking her down. According to the article, the amount of email the State Department […]

The JFK Assassination ‘Magic Bullet’ Parody Is A Classic ‘Seinfeld’ Moment — Except For One Problem

Seinfeld was such a brilliant piece of comedic television that no other television show can touch it. This is especially true, CBS News reported, as it was listed as the greatest show of all time in 2002, before it was downgraded to the second greatest in 2013. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld himself might have had about […]

Donald Trump’s Lies Revealed: Truth About Obama’s ‘Birther’ And ‘Otherness’ Origins Are Not From Hillary Clinton

There is no doubt that when Donald Trump decided to blame Hillary Clinton for starting the birther controversy, given the fact that all of his surrogates were spending Sunday morning trying to validate their accusations, they were working a little harder than usual to make it true. The Inquisitr wrote about three of them, one […]

The Realism Of ‘Designated Survivor’ Is What Makes The Show So Compelling

Last week’s debut of the new ABC series Designated Survivor delivered to audiences one of the few new shows on prime-time television to really grab viewers for its night time middle of the week slot, showing that a well-teased premise pays off pretty well. #DesignatedSurvivor, #LethalWeapon & #Speechless log solid ratings debuts amid high expectations […]

Keith Olbermann Fully Committed To Taking On Donald Trump With New Show

Monday, the first of four Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is estimated to draw 100-million viewers, according to one report by CNN Money. The big sell is more over Donald Trump than Hillary, as many anti-Trump supporters are placing their bets that he’s going to fail. Without a doubt, however, similar to […]

Syria And Russia Clash With John Kerry At United Nations Security Council Over Failed Ceasefire Agreement

CNN is reporting arguments at the United Nations Security Council this week over the failed ceasefire agreement between the Syrian government, the United States and Russia. Purportedly, the leadership is blaming each other for the recent attacks on civilians and a convoy transporting humanitarian aid. The U.S. Department of State released footage of Secretary of […]

Weekend News Hosts Battled With Donald Trump’s Surrogates Over Five-Year Birther Conspiracy

Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of President Obama being born in the United States on Friday, 16, continues to be an issue the press will not put to rest, but neither will the Trump campaign, which was apparent when his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, and vice presidential running mate Mike Pence — as […]

General Joseph Dunford Blames Russia For Convoy Airstrike, And Others Follow His Lead

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, blames Russia for the air strike on the Syrian Red Crescent convoy that took place on Monday. According to one source, The Saisat Daily, the general blames Russia, but also acknowledges that the Syrian air force was flying over the town of Orum al-Kubra […]

Majority Of Republicans Still Believe In Birther Conspiracy, Committed To Discredit First Black President Until The End

According to a NBC News poll conducted in August, the partisan divide is persistent with 74 percent of Republicans saying that they believe President Obama was not born in the United States. https://twitter.com/SuzanneKelleher/status/777090385155948544 The article polled registered Republicans and found that there is no difference between low-knowledge and the high-knowledge Republicans, but doesn’t go the […]

Mike Pence Doing Public Relations For Donald Trump

Mike Pence was interviewed Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where he was asked about Donald Trump putting an end to the birther controversy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEZWWK9JTm4 The Mike Pence interview was conducted by co-anchor Martha Raddatz, who pushed for him to respond as to why he didn’t admit to the president’s birth sooner. Before Raddatz […]

Is ABC’s New ‘Designated Survivor’ Kiefer Sutherland’s Shot At Another Award?

Fresh back from a night of award-winning television — meaning Emmy Awards, Kiefer Sutherland returns to television again with Designated Survivor on Wednesday night, and judging from the trailer, it looks like this could be the one that wins Mr. Sutherland some more awards! Maybe he should be addressed as President Keifer Sutherland or as […]

Is Bashar al-Assad Willing To Kill Own Troops To Hold Power In Syria?

The United States has always said that Bashar al-Assad has to leave Syria and transfer power to someone else in order for the Syrian Civil War to end. The reasons are clear. Bashar al-Assad has killed his own people, in massive numbers, starting when the Arab Spring spread through the region and Syrians began to […]

Russia Is The ‘Trickster’ Behind The Failed Ceasefire Agreement Over Syria

From what we know about the U.S.’s ceasefire agreement with Russia, other than that it’s already collapsed, is that it’s a way for the United States to speak to the Assad regime in order to provide certain conditions that would put a stop to the violence, if only for a bit, and in order to […]

Standing Rock Sioux Want Amy Goodman To Turn Herself In Over Dakota Access Pipeline Arrest Warrant

On September 3, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was at the Sacred Stone Camp to report on the protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) being built through land owned by the federal government containing artifacts by the Sioux Tribe. It was then that Amy Goodman captured exclusive footage of pipeline security bringing out dogs […]

Big City And Small Town Examples Show That Body Cameras Are Here To Stay

A new order was issued last Thursday to D.C. police officers who are equipped with body cameras to check in with department dispatchers before they engage with citizens and respond to calls. The order was issued in order to make sure the cameras are turned on after an officer fatally shot motorist Terence Sterling before […]

Donald Trump Hates ‘Eating Crow’ So He Lies About Hillary Clinton Starting ‘Birtherism’ At The Same Time

After years of Donald Trump helping to lead, grow, and nurture the then fringe “birther” movement, as the Inquisitr has reported, the billionaire has finally admitted that our nation’s first black president was actually born in America. Donald Trump’s current position as the Republican pick for the White House is up against the clock, with […]

All Will Be lost If Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Take Comedy Training Before Becoming President

It’s quite possible that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not as uptight as the media has made her out to be. Certainly, everyone has a sense of humor, that, at the very least, they reveal in private. At the beginning of her campaign for this election cycle, the press would refer to Hillary Clinton […]

What Do The Original ‘Robocop’ Creators Verhoeven And Neumeier Think Of The Remake?

It’s hard to believe that the controversial remake of Robocop is already over two years old, but still preserved in digital and disc, and it will eventually find its way to being broadcast on television for the general audience, where no one can escape the fact that it exists. While it’s true that the Robocop […]

When It Comes To Halloween, Walgreens And Dollar Stores Pick Up Walmart’s Slack

To many, the most wonderful time of the year is here. Meaning that the Halloween spirit is looming over Walgreens — sometimes even off-season — and dollar stores across America, putting Walmart’s shoddy selection to shame for yet another year in a row. That’s right! Walmart. Once the envy of the Halloween decorations world; one […]

As Expected, Breitbart News Attacks Black Female Pastor Who Embarrassed Donald Trump

Donald Trump should be used to being embarrassed and greatly humiliated by now. The press has been after him for over a year since he started campaigning, as well as during the other years he also run for the presidency. But Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket this year and so it’s […]

‘Pepe The Frog’ Creator Matt Furie Is Wrong About The Alt-Right’s Hijacking Of His Character Being Just A Phase

The origins of Pepe The Frog goes to an artist named Matt Furie and after that, a underground comic book art publisher called Fantagraphics in 2006. Today, we can see Pepe The Frog everywhere online, almost fully restored to its original intention as a online phenomena — since Furie started the character online before getting […]

Dr. Jill Stein Vows To Debate The Candidates, But Will Be Debating Law Enforcement Instead

As the debate phase of the 2016 presidential election nears, the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein vows to debate both Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump on the Hofstra University debate stage in a week. Yes, Jill Stein vows to debate both of the candidates, which would be the first time […]

U.S. Violates Own Fragile Ceasefire Agreement With Russia In Syria

The fragile conditions of the ceasefire agreement enacted by the U.S. and Russian forces last week are now in danger of collapsing — if they haven’t as of this writing collapsed already — as reports are coming in saying that the U.S. has killed 62 Syrian troops that were fighting ISIS. One report by BBC […]

Post-Presidency Pitch: How About A Late Night Political-Comedy Talk Show Called ‘Third Term With Barack Obama’?

During the last half of President Barack Obama’s second-term, the action among late night TV hosts has reached a fevered pace, with late night veterans turning their desks over to new hosts. These new hosts have become more committed to political jokes than ever before; only because there are now more late night hosts at […]

Hillary Clinton’s GOP Supporters Want Cabinet Positions In Return For Getting Her Elected

A quick look at the national polls collected by The Huffington Post shows that between Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Party nominee Donald Trump now with 53 days before the election, that Clinton has an average lead of four to five points. A series of new polls show the gap is narrowing between […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Series Might Be Another Shot For Older ‘Next Generation’ Crew’s Appropriate Send-Off

Recent reports of the new Star Trek series being moved up from January of 2017 until May seems like a smart marketing move. According to Deadline Hollywood, it was a proactive request from the producers of the series, as they currently have three complete scripts and the season mapped out, but need more time for […]

Is North Korea Trying To Pull A ‘Fast One’ With Request For Humanitarian Aid Over Floods?

The recent reports of North Korea floods shows that the secretive country is asking for humanitarian aid from a world it has violently threatened, intimidated, and continues to reject as the enemy, as a recent report by Inquisitr shows. In that report about the North Korea floods, the skepticism of the government’s claims of there […]

World Reluctant To Send North Korea Humanitarian Aid For Devastating Floods, Following Threats Of Annihilation

The North Korea floods could not have come at a worse time for the Hermit Kingdom. The Christian Science Monitor suggests that the North Korea floods were reported by their state media in English for them to appeal for humanitarian aid to the Western world. Which is interesting given that it’s the Western world North […]

Civil Disobedience: Tri-State Pipeline With Safety Issues Being Forced On Residents Without Proper Oversight

There has been growing interest over the oil pipeline protest in North Dakota over the last several weeks, to the point where the Obama administration had to jump in, ordering a halt to the pipeline’s construction and requesting that the company consider the view of the native tribes in the area, who are playing a […]

President Obama’s ‘Tense’ Trip Through Asia Shows The Region’s Pivot Away From United States Towards China

President Obama’s travel to China for the G20 Summit appears to show the growing trend of countries pulling away from the United States to acknowledge other powers in the region that could fill in the gap, such as Russia. During his visit with President Xi Jinping in China, which took place prior to the recent […]

Hillary Clinton Was Apparently Holding Back On The Percentage In Donald Trump’s ‘Basket Of Deplorables’

Donald Trump was spotlighted by the mainstream press for saying the most controversial things on the stump but they’ve now turned that spotlight over to Hillary Clinton, after she made a statement last Friday saying that half of Donald Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables.” The backlash was enough for Hillary Clinton to backpedal […]

How Would A Hillary Clinton Administration Handle The Syrian Civil War After Obama’s Presidency?

When President Obama was running against Hillary Clinton in 2008, his promise to prevent America from becoming engaged in wars with other countries was likely the main reason why he was elected. For the 2016 Presidential race, progressives have attacked Hillary Clinton, claiming her as a war-monger, where they say that her presidency would put […]

Donald Trump’s Infatuation With Strongmen All Over The World And His Presidency

Over the last week, during the Commander-In-Chief forum, Donald Trump made it very clear that he would respond to favoritism given to him from leaders such as that from Russia’s strongman president Vladimir Putin. “If [Putin] says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him.” Much coverage about Donald Trump and […]

What A Donald Trump Administration Would Do In Syria, To America, And With The GOP

The six-year civil war in Syria has become the center of President Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East and with news about the latest agreement with Russia, during his last year in office; many are wondering what that war is going to look like for the next presidency to come. To start with Donald […]

Peace Agreement With Syria Will Give Humanitarian Aid A Chance, At The Very Least

What many were skeptical of ever happening in relation to the Syrian civil war finally did happen on Saturday when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly reached a agreement with Russia’s counterpart Sergey Lavrov. However, hours after the agreement, according to a report on ABC News, there was an escalation of airstrikes on Aleppo […]

‘Jurassic World’ Trilogy Confirmed By Sequel Director — Will Dr. Wu Be The New Jurassic Park CEO?

When Jurassic World was announced as the next installment from the Jurassic Park series to be green-lit, undoubtedly there were skeptics out there who had settled with the idea that anymore movies would only contribute to the franchise fatigue. They might have also felt that Jurassic World was just another confirmation that the studios were […]

The Battle Against Banning Pit Bulls And The Abusive Owners Who Instigate Them

The issue surrounding pit bull breeds as to whether they should be banned or not in cities nationwide is a contentious one. As Inquisitr noted in an article about animal cruelty, even the very effective and efficient activist voice PETA has organized with others against pit bulls, going further than making the argument to ban, […]

It Was On ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ When J.J. Abrams Lost His Signature Momentum

Star Wars The Force Awakens has almost had an entire year to settle since it was released in theaters in December of 2015. Since then, we’ve seen and have anticipated a new Star Wars story trailer or us to be excited about, which fills in the gaps of what J.J. Abrams didn’t do in his […]

Recent Dog-Fighting Ring Raids Show The Lengths Man Will Go To Give Dogs A Bad Rep

In June, NJ.com reported that the FBI charged nine people who were involved in a dog-fighting network which reportedly spanned from New Mexico to New Jersey. The dog-fighting ring involved the use of pit bull dogs that were specifically trained to fight to the death. The video shown is not related to the dog-fighting ring […]

Nicolas Maduro Takes Disciplinary Action Against Venezuelan Town That Humilitated Him

Last Friday Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro went to the neighborhood of Villa Rosa to show off a renovation project on Margarita Island, which was full of people with pots and pans who were there to cheer him on and the Bolivarian Revolution, or so he thought. The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Maduro […]

PETA Gets Into Gaming And Reminds Us Of Their Double Standard To Protect Animals

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, otherwise known as PETA, is reportedly urging the creators of Farming Simulator 17 to add the footage of realistic slaughtering of pigs to the game, according to IND13. The report says that PETA took interest in the game’s development when the creators announced that they would include […]

‘Dirty Tricks’ Used In General Election Won’t Sway Public From Familiar Mainstream Candidate

The American general election has been well on its way since both the Republican and the Democratic conventions took place in July. As much as the general election comes down to the final candidates left standing from each party, it’s also about each candidate gaining access to voters who have not been engaged with every […]

Filipino President Duterte Holds Informal Meeting With President Obama At ASEAN Summit — But Was It Productive?

CBS News reported Wednesday that the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and U.S. President Obama met in Laos despite the former’s profanity-laced attacks, which initially led to the cancellation of a meeting between the two that had been scheduled for Monday in the Philippines. According to the Filipino Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay, the two […]

House Republicans Plan To Discipline Democrats And Do Little Else For The Rest Of The Year

House Republicans Planning To Punish Minority House Democrats According to a report by Politico, House Republicans are getting ready to reprimand the minority Democrats in the house for their sit-in protest over gun control in June, right before they left for a seven-week vacation. In bold contrast to House Republicans, House Democrats returned to the […]

Even Mike Pence Is Keeping His Distance From Donald Trump

This Sunday on Meet the Press, Mike Pence was asked various questions about Donald Trump’s platform and potential campaign issues, including decisions the Republican nominee had made in selecting people who have records of sexual harassment and domestic violence such as Roger Ailes and Stephen Bannon. As a matter of fact, Mike Pence had to […]

All 2016 Presidential Candidates Use The Same Pattern Of Positive Spin In The Media

After an entire year of getting to know the candidates, we’ve also gotten to know their surrogates, superdelegates, and supporters who have had something to say to defend their own candidate or attack another. In the process, the American people have also seen a pattern among all of the candidates, regardless of party lines: They […]

At This Point Everyone Should Be Suspicious Of Frequent Climate Change Denial

For years now, the way people know how to find a Republican is by asking them about their thoughts on climate change and they’ll tell you it’s a great big liberal hoax. Because that’s one of many things just about every Republican, conservative or simply The Right in general, do as a group to actively […]

Enrique Peña Nieto’s Acceptance Of Donald Trump In Mexico Continues To Backfire As Popularity Plummets

When Donald Trump made his speech in which he famously included his “what the hell do you have to lose” statement to African-Americans to convince them to vote for him — around the idea that all of their own infrastructure was doomed, it was already built from the foundation of a campaign that doesn’t have […]