Josh Duggar Not Guilty? Police Destroy Duggar Record of Molestation, Say It Doesn’t Exist

Springfield, AR, Police destroyed the record that Josh Duggar molested five girls, according to USA Today. Without a report, some believe Josh Duggar is not guilty of the crime, despite his admitting to and apologizing for his actions Thursday. Others believe he should be forgiven for his actions, including presidential candidate hopeful Mike Huckabee and […]

Protesters Deliver Petition To Nestlé Waters: Stop Stealing Our One-Year Water Supply And Go

Courage Campaign activists protested outside of two different Nestlé Waters bottling plants in California yesterday, according to Business Insider. During the peaceful protests, the Courage Campaign activists attempted to deliver a petition signed by over 500,000 people that urges the company to stop bottling California’s dwindling water supply, and move its operations outside of the […]

Leaked Document Shows Sony May Cut PS Vita Price By $110 And PS4 Price By $50

A gaming super-sleuth appears to have uncovered that Sony is planning a very near-future PS Vita price cut and a PlayStation 4 price cut to $89 and $349 respectively. According to WholesomeGamer, that sleuth is “Robert,” a loyal reader of the site. Robert apparently uncovered a “super-secret document” on one of the Sony Retail Loyalty […]

PlayStation 4 Game Hack Lets PS4 Owners Play Pirated Games Using Raspberry Pi

A new PlayStation 4 game hack allows game pirates to share PS4 games and consoles essentially without limit, according to GameZone. Reportedly developed by Russians and publicized by Brazilian retailers, it only takes a Raspberry Pi and three days to recreate the hack. According to Tech Times, anyone with a PS4 can copy its BIOS/NAN, […]

LG G4 Release Date June 2 At T-Mobile, #G4Preview Tour, G4 Freebies

The LG G4 release date is set for June 2 at T-Mobile, and sometime in June for Sprint and U.S. Cellular. While fans wait, they can participate in the LG G4 Preview tour, which is already making its way cross-country, and get a glimpse of some of the freebies LG is reportedly giving away with […]

Purina Vs. Blue Buffalo Lawsuit: Blue Admits Pet Food Contains Chicken, Poultry Byproduct

During the latest in the Blue Buffalo lawsuit brought by Purina last year, Blue Buffalo made an admission that might end up with Purina seeing victory. Blue Buffalo admitted that chicken byproducts make up a significant portion of the pet food that Blue Buffalo has. Until now, the company claimed that they made “byproduct free” […]

Fake Oxycodone Pills Contain Fentanyl: Did Fake Tennessee Pills Come From Alberta?

Officers recovered fake oxycodone pills containing nothing more than fentanyl during a routine traffic stop, according to the Chattanoogan. Last month, Canadian police recovered a large quantity of fake oxycodone that also contained nothing more than fentanyl, according to the Huffington Post. Another division of Tennessee’s law enforcement made a traffic stop and recovered a […]

Third Party Apple Watch Bands Coming Soon

Apple issued design guidelines for third party Apple Watch Band developers so that they can begin manufacturing aftermarket bands for the Apple Watch soon, according to Tech Times. The “Band Design Guidelines for Apple Watch” program started last week, and helps fulfill Apple’s promise of offering wearers band choices that came with the initial Apple […]

Social Security Disability Fraud: Postal Worker Who Faked Disabilities Sentenced To 30 Months

U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason sentenced Amancio Zamora Agcaoili, a U.S. Postal Services employee, to 30 months in jail and three years of supervised probation after he pled guilty to Social Security Disability fraud and other crimes to the tune of $365,831.50, according to the United States Department of Justice. Agcaoili, a 57-year-old Alaskan […]

Apple Confirms Apple Watch Problems With Tattoos — Dark, Solid Ink Blocks Heart Rate Sensors

Apple finally confirmed that the Apple Watch doesn’t like tattoos, according to Naked Security, although owners, who affectionately have referred to the issue as “TattooGate,” have known about this problem ever since the device began showing up on doorsteps on April 24. The most prolific of complaints say the tattoos stop the watch’s heart rate […]

Fix Apple Watch Yourself With iFixit Apple Watch Repair Guides For Battery, Screen, More

The iFixit team released four Apple Watch repair guides on Friday, according to MacRumors, to help DIY enthusiasts fix the latest in wearable technology themselves. Two of the iFixit guides focus on replacing the battery and the screen and the other two focus on fixing the damage created when opening the watch to fix it […]

Killer LG G4 Camera Blows iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 Cameras Away, LG G4 Is Just Better At Everything

While the LG G4 is a smartphone that Mashable says offers no compromises, the LG G4 camera is a “killer” piece of technology that helps make the G4 the “Swiss army knife” of smartphones. A huge step up from previous LG cameras, the G4’s superiority becomes glaringly obvious when putting its specifications side by side […]

Awkward Samsung Ads Read Your Mind, Say You Want A Galaxy S6, Not An iPhone 6S

Samsung took out an awkward Galaxy S6 ad touting the flagship device, but the odd thing about it was that it appeared at the top of Google results for the iPhone 6S, according to 9to5Mac. The ad seems to take advantage of the iPhone 6S’ raging popularity, while assuring the searcher that it’s “obvious” they […]

‘Stupid’ iPhone 6S Release Date Rumor: iPhone 6S Delayed, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Selling Too Well

Apple may delay the iPhone 6S release date because iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales are better than “originally estimated,” say unnamed sources who “guessed” at what Apple’s plans are, according to DigiTimes. BGR reports that a delay in the iPhone 6S release is highly unlikely, despite the sources who say Apple simply cannot bear […]

LG G4 Specs Officially Confirmed, Rivals Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 Easily

LG made the LG G4 official at a live press event at 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, according to CNet. It was hosted by Juno Cho, LG Mobile Communications president. Although CNet reported from the New York City event, LG made LG G4 presentations in various locations worldwide simultaneously, as the Inquisitr reported last week. […]

Apple iPad Mini 3 Is Dying, Could iPad Mini 4 And Its Rumors, Leaked Photos Breathe New Life Into Apple iPad?

Apple iPad Mini 3 and Apple Mini 4 rumors circle the blogosphere daily. Recent iPad Mini 3 rumors show Apple fans tiring of the device, while iPad Mini 4 rumors point to a potential release date and some design and hardware specifications, some of which are rumored to leave a lot to be desired. According […]

iFixit Gives Apple Watch Sport 5 Out Of 10: Battery Pops Out Easily But Repairs Impossible, Not Upgradable

The iFixit team started tearing down the Apple Watch Sport on April 23, according to 9to5Mac. The watch is the first new Apple product since the iPad, so Apple fans have been waiting for this teardown. When the team finished, iFixit gave the Apple Watch Sport a five-out-of-10, citing impossible to access and remove components, […]

Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Increase Abortion Rates, Says D.C. Lawyer Gene Schaerr

Recognizing gay marriage will lead to increased abortion rates, said Washington, D.C., Lawyer Gene Schaerr in an opinion piece for the Daily Signal on April 17, titled “Forcing States to Recognize Gay Marriage Could Increase Number of Abortions.” According to Schaerr, forcing states into recognizing marriages that are not gender based would make the social […]

LG G4 Release Date, Official Launch Event, And Leaked LG G4 Photos

The LG G4 release date is said to be slated for May 31 this year, according to Ubergizmo. LG will likely announce the newest iteration of its flagship smartphone officially at an upcoming LG event, which Ubergizmo previously reported. The event is slated to take place in multiple cities worldwide on April 28. Ubergizmo notes […]

Apple Watch Pre-Order Charges Showing Up From Apple Online Store, Some Watches Ship For Friday

Apple Watch pre-order charges started showing up on buyers’ credit and debit card accounts yesterday, April 20, according to MacRumors. So far, the charges for the Apple Watch, which runs on Apple’s iOS platform, have been seen in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, according to MacRumors. News of Apple charging customers for their pre-ordered […]

Apple MacBook A ‘Repair Nightmare,’ Joins HTC One, Microsoft Surface Pro With Worst iFixit Score

The new Apple MacBook 2015 joins the ranks of relatively few gadgets that managed to achieve worst possible score on the iFixit Repairability Scale, according to Extreme Tech. The 12-inch MacBook earned a one out of ten on iFixit’s DIY repair scale, making the newest iteration of Apple’s “future of the notebook” a bit of […]

Two Tour Buses Crash in Four-Vehicle Pileup: 12 Injured On Twin Shadow Bus, Thompson Square OK

Two tour buses crashed in Aurora, Colorado, Friday morning belonging to indie band Twin Shadow and country band Thompson Square, according to NBC News. The crash happened on Interstate 70 and quickly spiraled into a four-vehicle pileup that included two semis. Although 12 Twin Shadow crew members were injured – one critically – no one […]

Etsy Stock Almost Doubled: $3.3 Billion Valuation For Unique Arts And Crafts Marketplace

Etsy stock almost doubled after its first day as a public company on the NASDAQ Thursday, according to BuzzFeed, closing out at $30 per share and a $3.3 billion valuation. Trading under the ticker of ETSY on the NASDAQ, the arts, crafts, and handmade goods giant opened the day at $31 per share, which was […]

Lady Antebellum’s Tour Bus On Fire After Tire Blow Out, Hillary Scott En Route To CMA

Lady Antebellum’s tour bus was on fire Thursday morning, and it went up in flames while on Interstate 30 in Garland, Texas, after a tire blew out, according to NBC Dallas/Ft. Worth. Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott, her husband, and the band’s tour manager were all on board when the driver’s fast thinking enabled everyone […]

More iOS 8.3 Problems: Breaks Apps, Blocks Access To App Data, Kills iOS 8.2 Jailbreak

More iOS 8.3 problems have surfaced and, according to MacRumors, the update breaks file management utilities and blocks them from accessing app data. Quite a bit more serious than the problems reported by the Inquisitr Saturday, the iOS 8.3 update also breaks iPhone, iPad, and iPod jailbreaks from iOS 8.2 and older, according to GottaBeMobile. […]

Did ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode Leak Online Cause Pirate Bay To Go Down?

Last night’s Game of Thrones Season 5 episode leak online had fans elated and flocking to the internet looking for copies. What they found was the first four episodes of the Game of Thrones Season 5 on a variety of BitTorrent websites, including the Pirate Bay, according to Venture Beat. Unfortunately for Pirate Bay fans, […]

Pirate Bay Clones Distributing Nuclear Exploit Kit, Banking Trojan Via Drive By Download

Some Pirate Bay clone sites are infecting vulnerable visitors’ computers with a trojan originally designed to steal banking information, according to Ecumenical News. The most recent attacks exploit vulnerable WordPress installations using malicious iframes, and send visitors to a specific infected and cloned version of the Pirate Bay. Those who are behind the attacks are […]

iOS 8.3 Problems For iPad, iPhone: Bad Batteries, Crashing iPads, TouchID Issues, Keyboard Freeze

A number of Apple users have reported serious iOS 8.3 problems since the April 8 update release for iPad and iPhone devices, according to Tech Times. The reason Apple released iOS 8.3 was to fix the buggy iOS 8.2, but even though some issues were improved, iOS 8.3 just created its own set of problems. […]

‘Book Of Yeezus’ Turns Genesis Into ‘The Kanye West Bible’

The Kanye West Bible is just as real as the mega star is, according to Fox Insider. A trio of “entrepreneurial brothers” combined the Book of Genesis with a foreword to create the Kanye West Bible known as the Book of Yeezus: A Bible for the Modern Day. Kanye West is so insanely popular that […]

Couple To Get A Whopper Of A Burger-King Wedding, Paid For By Burger King

Burger King announced via Skype Monday that the fast food chain will foot the Burger-King wedding bill, according to the New York Daily News, to help make the event a “Whopper of a wedding” the couple will never forget. The Burger-King couple watched Skype as a representative of Burger King’s media relations company held up […]

Sony PS Vita Refund Website Live, Offers Cash, Credit, Vita And PlayStation 3 Games

The Sony PS Vita refund website is now live, according to Game Informer, and that means PS Vita owners eligible to claim a piece of the settlement can now do so. Three options are available, including a game bundle, according to, the website handling claims. The problem is that the game bundle option is […]

300 Enslaved Fishermen Rescued In Indonesia

Over 300 slave fishermen rescued from Benjina, Aru Islands, Indonesia, tasted freedom Friday when the trawlers that they were forced to work on took them to a neighboring island, according to the Associated Press. After the 17-hour trip at sea, the men smiled, clapped and sung while they were transported to another, more accessible island […]

Philadelphia Fire Destroys Rowhome in Northeast, Displaces Family And Pets

A fire broke out and destroyed a family’s rowhome in Northeast Philadelphia just after 12:30 a.m. Thursday. The fire department arrived on scene quickly to contain the blaze, and although no one was injured, the damage from the fire displaced the family and pets. Firefighters arrived at the house, located in the Wissinoming section of […]

Sony PS Vita Owners Get Refunds: Sony, Deutsche LA Settle FTC False Advertising Suit

Some Sony PS Vita owners will get refunds, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC approved yesterday a final order for a settlement between the agency, Sony, and Deutsche LA. Deutsche LA was the advertising agency Sony hired to advertise and market the PS Vita handheld device in 2011 and 2012 – both […]

Harrison Ford Released From Hospital, Spotted Driving While Likely Still In Therapy

Harrison Ford was released from the hospital, according to People magazine, and the magazine’s source said Ford was subsequently spotted driving in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. People’s sources say Ford is now resting comfortably with his wife, Calista Flockhart, at his side after having spent just over three weeks at University of California at […]

‘Top Gear’ To Go On Without Jeremy Clarkson, Will James May And Richard Hammond Quit Too?

Top Gear will indeed go on without Jeremy Clarkson at the helm, according to General Director Tony Hall, and the show’s producers are looking at what direction to take the show for 2016. The decision to go on without Clarkson didn’t come lightly, especially with the rumors that co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond would […]

Father Of Stoni, Dead Girl Found In Freezer, Speaks About Grief: ‘She Was Right There’

Alex Dorsey, father of Stoni Blair, the dead girl found in the freezer alongside her half-brother, Stephen Berry, spoke about his grief today, according to WXYZ 7 Action News. Stoni and half-brother Stephen Berry were found dead inside a freezer Tuesday of last week, according to USA Today, allegedly having died at the hands of […]

Jeremy Clarkson: ‘Top Gear’ Producer Not Pressing Charges, Police Still Investigating

Jeremy Clarkson will probably not face criminal charges after splitting producer Oisin Tymon’s lip during a March 4 altercation. According to CNN, Tymon does not want to press charges against Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson, the now-former Top Gear presenter, could be charged anyway, depending on the outcome of independent police investigations. The North Yorkshire Police Department […]

Six-Episode ‘X-Files’ Reboot Official, Mulder And Scully Filming This Summer

With the X-Files reboot official, as per the announcement earlier today, Fox confirmed it ordered six episodes of the popular show, and that it will begin shooting with the original cast this summer, according to TV Line. Fox confirmed that it ordered six episodes of the cult classic, which originally aired from 1993 to 2002, […]

Solar Eclipse Ban At London School: Science Spoiled By ‘Religious Superstition’

A solar eclipse ban, was implemented by North Primary School head teacher, Ivor Johnstone, but not to prevent eye damage from watching directly, as some might think. Instead, for “religious and cultural” issues, according to the Evening Standard, the school prevented students from watching the eclipse live. Watching the solar eclipse was one of three […]

Super Pi Day Celebrations: Three Weddings And Lots Of Pie

Super Pi Day celebrations, held March 14, 2015, meant a host of good nerdy fun at science museums nationwide – and lots of pie to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event. Pi Day comes every year on March 14, as the month and day correspond to the mathematical expression of Pi, or 3.14. Super Pi Day is […]

Meerkat App Goes Viral At SXSW After Twitter Cuts Off Functionality

The Meerkat app for iOS went viral today, according to the Boston Herald, and it happened at the start of SXSW, where the app was slated to become the next breakout success. This news of Meerkat’s popularity comes just a day after Twitter cut the app off from a vital functionality needed to make the […]

Secret CIA Money Funded Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden Letters Show

One million dollars of secret CIA money was handed over to pay a ransom brokered between Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda in 2010 to secure the freedom of Afghani diplomat Abdul Khaliq Farahi, according to the New York Times. The CIA’s $1 million was added to $4 million provided by other countries, and the sum total was […]

Tiffany Two Turns 27: Is This Feisty Kitty The Worlds Oldest Cat?

Tiffany Two is celebrating her birthday today, according to Guinness World Records. Turning 27 years young today, Friday the 13th, Tiffany’s birthday comes just a month after Guinness announced that Tiffany claimed the official title of Oldest Cat Living February 6. Another cat-human duo dispute the title, according to the Telegraph. Tiffany Two and her […]

Legal Loophole Makes Drugs Legal In Ireland Including Ecstasy, Meth, Special K

A legal loophole makes drugs legal in Ireland for the next 24 hours at very least, and possibly longer, according to the Journal. Health Minister Leo Varadkar introduced legislation to the Dáil to make the drugs illegal again, but a quirk in the new bill postpones its enactment for 24 hours after signing by the […]

µTorrent Update Removes EpicScale Amid Silent Install Controversy

µTorrent removed EpicScale from the µTorrent update installation package after receiving thousands of complaints that the cryptocurrency mining software was being installed to users’ computers without their consent, according to a statement made by µTorrent. Users claimed that µTorrent forced them to install EpicScale alongside the updates silently, though users installing µTorrent for the first […]

American Flag Ban Reversed, Vetoed By ASUCI Executive Cabinet

The ASUCI Executive Cabinet overturned the American flag ban on Saturday by vetoing the resolution passed by the Associated Students of the University of California at Irvine (ASUCI) Legislative Council (ASUCI) on March 5, according to the SF Gate. The ASUCI Constitution grants the Executive Cabinet the power to veto any resolutions or bills passed […]

µTorrent Update Installs Bitcoin Mining Software ‘EpicScale’ Without Consent, Users Claim

Users claim the latest µTorrent update installs the Bitcoin mining software known as EpicScale, alongside it, and according to Trusted Reviews, the software installs silently – without users’ permission. Programs that install silently without a user’s consent are a big “no-no.” They generally do so with the express purpose of operating in a malicious way […]

Baby Thrown 25 Feet From Van In 3-Vehicle Crash Survives, Smiles At Rescuers

A baby girl was thrown 25 feet during a three-vehicle pileup in Harrison Township, Ohio, on Monday,according to WHIO, and in what some are calling a miracle, the baby opened her eyes and smiled at rescuers who found her. According to CBS 6, rescuers found seven-month-old baby Madison 25 feet from the crash site, still […]

The Dress Debate: Man Gets Dress Tattooed, Congress Weighs In On Dress Color

With the dress debate continuing to rage on a full three days after the topic went viral on Thursday, everyone is reacting differently. From a man getting a tattoo of the dress and congress members weighing in on the “great dress debate,” to sparking smaller debates about the dress tattoo and Speaker Boehner tweeting at […]