‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 24: Abby Tells Chad About Baby, Steve Is Out Of Surgery, Ben Weston Released [Recap]

Today’s July 24 episode of Days of our Lives is laced with drama as Steve comes out of surgery but the results are still up in the air. Ben is released from the Salem PD after a lawyer has been provided for his defense, and Abby tells Chad that she is pregnant. At the hospital, […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 23: Abby Makes Pregnancy Decision, Chad & Sonny Face Off Over Titan [Recap]

As many Days of our Lives viewers are aware, Will received an ominous note in Friday’s episode. The note, that reads “I know what you and Sonny did” has been pasted together with magazine clippings. As Will is beginning to panic over the meaning of the note, Paul knocks on the door. The couple discusses […]

President Trump Aims To Showcase American-Made Goods And Promote US Jobs Amid Trade Disputes

President Trump is hosting an assortment of American companies at the White House in an effort to promote jobs and manufacturing in America. The showcase hosted by President Donald Trump will include products that range from Wiffle balls and bats made in Connecticut to the Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jet, which is based in Texas. […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 4: Will & Sonny Hide Leo, Custody Battle Gets Dirty, Lani Dealing With Loss [Recap]

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives begins with Lani, who is looking at her baby’s footprints when JJ arrives with flowers. Lani is still dealing with the impact of her loss. She cannot stop wondering what her baby’s future would have held. JJ admits that he wanted to visit sooner but stayed away to […]

John Stamos’ Newborn Son In A Guitar Case Will Make Your Day

Emmy-Award-nominated actor and producer John Stamos has continued to captivate his audiences throughout the years with his multifaceted performances, but more recently he’s charming his followers on social media with adorable pictures of his newly born son. As many fans already know, actor John Stamos became a father in April of this year. Shortly after […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 3: Leo Is Dead, Sonny & Will Dispose Of Their Problem, Stefan Follows Gabi [Recap]

Today’s July 3 episode of Days of Our Lives begins in the town square where Abby is waiting for Gabi to arrive with the toothbrush containing Stefan’s DNA. In a previous episode of Days, Gabi entered the DiMera mansion to retrieve a sample of Stefan’s DNA. He caught her walking down the stairs and became […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 2: Will Comes To Sonny’s Rescue, Mission DNA Underway, Stefan’s Suspicious [Recap]

Today’s July 2 episode of Days of our Lives begins with Chad and Abby sitting down and talking over breakfast. Abby is lost in thought about the results of her pregnancy test. When Chad walks away to take a phone call, she calls Gabi to see if she was able to get Stefan’s DNA for […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 29: Leo’s Shocking Solution For Sonny, Custody Battle Begins, Will’s In Love [Recap]

Today’s June 29 episode of Days of Our Lives begins with Brady and Eve, who are getting ready for the custody hearing with Theresa. Tate runs across the room and gives his father a huge hug. Eve attempts to cheer Brady up, claiming that the judge will see right through Theresa’s facade. “She’s out for […]

Farm Bill Removes Outdated Federal Regulations Linking Hemp To Marijuana, Will Legalize Growth In The U.S.

Hemp is not the same as marijuana; they are simply both part of the Cannabis family of plants. The differences are staggering in its cultivation, usage, and purpose. Hemp was a thriving crop in the United States all throughout the mid-1800s. In 1970, the political leaders grouped all Cannabis species as a Schedule 1 Drug […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 28: Abby Trusts Gabi, Ciara & Ben Connect, Steve Receives News, Kate’s Busted [Recap]

On today’s June 28 episode of Days of our Lives, Kayla shows up at the DiMera mansion with photos connecting Kate to Leo. Stefan says it’s very good information to have and he knows just how to use it. Stefan admits that he is fairly certain he has seen Leo before, at the bar speaking […]

California Judge Orders Trump Administration To Reunite Migrant Families Within 30 Days

A federal judge in California has ruled that United States immigration authorities must reunite immigrant children with their families, and they have 30 days to do so. A preliminary injunction from Judge Dana Sabraw stated that authorities must reunite any children under the age of 5 within 14 days. Shaw’s federal ruling is in direct […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 27: Ciara Calls Claire & Opens Up To Ben, Abby Pregnant, DiMera Face Off [Recap]

On today’s June 27 episode of Days of our Lives, the Salem PD’s search for Ciara continues. Hope has been worried sick ever since her daughter went missing and her fears weren’t calmed when she finally received a phone call from Ciara. Forensic evidence has come back regarding the boot print that was found at […]

Demi Lovato Is ‘Forever Grateful’ To Those Who Didn’t Leave During Relapse

Demi Lovato is beloved by millions of fans around the world. She has remained open and honest with her followers about the many struggles she has faced and has inspired others to work through their own. Likewise, the “Confident” singer has been working through her own issues with the assistance of her social media followers. […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 26 Episode: Abby Buys Pregnancy Test, Kayla Gets Proof, Will Confesses [Recap]

In the opening scenes of today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Will (Chandler Massey) is prepared to risk his life in order to remember his past. He is preparing to inject himself with the stolen serum when Paul (Christopher Sean) interrupts him. Will finally confesses to Paul that he had a memory. He admits […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star Victoria Konefal Discusses Ciara’s Relationship With Ben

Many fans of the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives believe that Ciara Brady and Ben Weston may become the next super couple. Although it does seem to be soap opera style to pair good girls up with the bad boys, it may be too early to tell whether or not Ciara and Ben […]

Animal Adventure Park Announces April The Giraffe’s ‘Journey To A Possible Calf In 2019’

Millions of people around the world watched April the Giraffe live on YouTube when she was pregnant with her calf, Tajiri, in 2017. She became an unstoppable sensation as whole families and classrooms tuned in to watch her pace around her pen. When she didn’t birth her calf in January, February, or even March, she […]

5 Best One-Liners From ‘The Old Man’ Richard Harrison On ‘Pawn Stars’

It has been reported that the “Old Man” from the popular reality show Pawn Stars has passed away at the age of 77. Harrison is survived by his son, Rick Harrison, who made the announcement. The Inquisitr recently reported on Richard Harrison’s passing. The show’s successful nature is based upon the camaraderie and clashing of […]

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Says Meeting With U.S. Attorney’s Office Has Been Canceled

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels had a scheduled meeting today, June 25, with the prosecutors who are probing President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen. The meeting’s date and time were leaked to the media and, as a result, the prosecutors canceled the session last night. When he was notified of the cancellation, Stormy Daniel’s attorney […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 25: Gabi Offered Job, Abby Home With Surprise, Lani Names Son, Theresa Sues Brady

Today’s June 25 episode of Days of our Lives is very heartfelt and emotional. In recent episodes of the daytime drama, viewers have been saddened by the early delivery and death of Eli and Lani’s baby. Distraught and mourning, Lani asks to hold her son. Eli tries to deny her the opportunity and Abe believes […]

Paris Jackson Reacts To Alleged Tweet From Her Grandfather Joe: He ‘Did Not Tweet This’

A recent Twitter post, written on Joe Jackson’s account, is now being denounced by his 20-year-old granddaughter Paris Jackson. In a tweet of her own, Paris appears to be slamming the individual in charge of her grandfather’s account. The social media post in question shows a photograph of the Jackson family patriarch silhouetted against the […]

‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Old Man’ Passed Away At 77, Says Son Rick Harrison

Reports from celeb site TMZ indicate that Richard Harrison, the “Old Man” from History Network show Pawn Stars, has passed away at the age of 77. Harrison is survived by his son, Rick Harrison, who made the announcement. ‘”‘The Old Man’ Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously […]

Pregnant Woman Who Fatally Shot Boyfriend In YouTube Stunt Cried, Begged For Him To Stop, Video Shows

A 19-year-old pregnant mother from Minnesota was charged with manslaughter in June, 2017. Monalisa Perez and her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, wished to record a dangerous stunt for their new YouTube channel, hoping to hit fame and fortune. While filming, Monalisa fatally shot her boyfriend when the stunt went terribly wrong. According to a recent BuzzFeed […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kayla’s Success With Stefan Could Damage Her Marriage To Steve

In recent episodes of Days of Our Lives, a string of events has led to Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) complete loss of vision. As viewers of the NBC daytime drama may recall, it was John Black (Drake Hogestyn) who exposed Steve to the poison that claimed his sight. An episode recap at the time, written […]

Hotels In Tropical Maldives Are Getting Tired Of Instagram ‘Models’ Asking To Stay For Free

The Maldives is made up of consistently white sand beaches with luminous crystal cyan-blue water that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. Perhaps this reason alone is why the remote Indian Ocean paradise is traveled by more than a million vacationers every year. Every hotel resort in the Maldives is its own private and […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 22 Recap: Chad Takes Birthright, Gabi Seeks Revenge, Lani Told Of Baby’s Death

After being imprisoned at Statesville Penitentiary, Gabi finally returned to Salem on today’s episode of Days of Our Lives. As Sonny was explaining to Maggie that Victor had put Chad DiMera in charge of the company, Gabi walked into the main room of the Kiriakis mansion. She had been gone a long time and was […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Actress Sal Stowers Reflects On Lani Losing Her Baby

Recent episodes of Days of Our Lives have taken a shocking and traumatic twist as Lani (Sal Stowers) and Eli (Lamon Archey) lost their son during a pre-term cesarean delivery. Although attempting to deliver the baby early saved Lani’s life, who almost died during surgery, the baby didn’t make it. In a recent interview, Days […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 21: Chad Vows DiMera Demise, Ciara And Ben Share A Moment, Kayla Hits Paydirt [Recap]

On the Thursday, June 21, episode of Days of Our Lives, the soap revisited Chad’s proposal to Sonny. Chad wants to be CEO of Titan. The timing is perfect since the company needs a strong and experienced leader and Chad needs a job. As Chad was speaking to Sonny about the possibility, Victor came into […]

Demi Lovato’s New Single, ‘Sober,’ Is About Her Relapse After 6 Years Of Sobriety

Pop star Demi Lovato is beloved by millions of people around the world for her honesty and open communication with her fans. She has admitted to many struggles in the past that she has worked through with the help of her legion of social media followers. Likewise, Lovato has been an inspiration to those who […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: As Lani Hears Her Baby Died, News Of Another Pregnancy Rocks Salem, Fans Upset

Viewers of the daytime drama Days of our Lives watched in agony as Lani went into early labor this week. Earlier this week, Lani was terrified of experiencing labor so soon in the pregnancy and Kayla did her best to soothe her fears. Valerie scrubbed in to offer additional support. There were complications during the […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 20: Chad Is Playing By Stefano’s Rules, Will Steals Serum, Ciara Calls Home [Recap]

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives begins with a conversation between Will and Paul. The couple is talking about the article that Sonny has asked Will to write on his behalf, publishing it in the Salem Spectator. Paul is impressed with the way that Will was able to capture Sonny’s personality, especially since he […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 19 Episode: Lani Flat-Lines In Delivery And Her Baby Doesn’t Survive [Recap]

At the beginning of today’s June 19 episode of Days of Our Lives, Lani has arrived in the hospital after experiencing contractions and bleeding. Kayla is trying to explain to her that delivering the baby early, via a c-section, is the baby’s best chance at survival. In fact, 90 percent of babies born at 26 […]

The Dog Versus Cat Debate May Soon End, New Animal Study Reveals Which Is Smarter

Animal scientists currently believe that the number of cells an animal’s brain has is a good indicator of processing power. A new study took a closer look at the brains of dogs, cats, and other carnivorous animals. An international research team, overseen by a Vanderbilt University professor, studied the number of cortical neurons found in […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Granddaughter Zara Tindall Has Healthy Baby After Prior Miscarriage

Zara Tindall and Kate Middleton have met several milestones at the same time. In April 2011, Zara and her husband, Mike Tindall, were married just two months after Prince William and Kate said their vows. The royal couples had their first children at relatively the same time as well. Prince William and Kate Middleton brought […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star Alison Sweeney Asks Fans For Help Choosing 4-Legged Hero

Star of the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives Alison Sweeney recently requested help from her fans. She is having difficulty choosing which four-legged fur-baby should win this year’s American Humane Hero Dog Award. According to American Humane, the yearly campaign “recognizes heroes on both ends of the leash.” This year, seven finalists and […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 18 Recap: Sonny Sparks Will’s Memory, Lani’s Baby In Danger, Ciara Stays With Ben

At the beginning of today’s June 18 episode of Days of our Lives, Paul is explaining to Sonny about Will’s memories. He is not necessarily concerned about Will remembering his life with Sonny. If they belong together, Will’s memories won’t change their relationship. Days viewers know that Sonny has been having some legal issues after […]

Ashley Graham Rocks Black Bikini, Gets Love From Demi Lovato

American model Ashley Graham is widely known in the industry by women who regard themselves as “curvy.” Because she exudes confidence in her own skin, Graham has been classified as an “ambassador of the ‘real beauty’ movement.” The “real beauty” movement denounces the unattainable body standards that the fashion industry sets forth and celebrates the […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star Freddie Smith Learns About Diamonds While Buying Engagement Ring For Alyssa Tabit

Freddie Smith has an important gay role on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. He has played the part of Sonny Kiriakis with so much passion that fans of the show have often confused him with being gay in real life. In reality, Freddie has been in a long-term, heterosexual, relationship with Addicts […]

Toddler Dies Trying To Save Her Infant Sister From House Fire, Father Cameron Adams Charged With Homicide

A house fire early Tuesday morning has claimed the lives of two children. After the blaze of the fire was doused, the remains of 2-year-old Zaythoon Brandt were found laying on top of her 7-month-old sister, Zaynura. It appeared that the toddler was attempting to shield her baby sister from the inferno before she died. […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 15 Recap: Theresa Solicits Sex, Ben Gains Ciara’s Trust As Search For Her Continues

Today’s June 15 Days of Our Lives episode concentrates on several key storylines. The daytime drama contained scenes this afternoon regarding Bella Magazine. Ciara is still in the cabin with Ben, and Lani and JJ sit down for lunch as he waits for Theresa to finish her discussion with Brady. Brady and Theresa are discussing […]

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Almost Went Blind After Tree Branch Accident, Per ‘Radar Online’

Star of the hit show, Alaskan Bush People, Solomon “Bear” Brown, found himself in the emergency room last month when he suffered an injury to his eye. After the accident, he took to social media to share photos of both the eye patch he had to wear while his eye was on the mend and […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 14 Recap: Victor Gives Theresa Bella Magazine, Ben Works To Convince Ciara Of Sanity

On the June 14 episode of Days of Our Lives, the residents of Salem were beginning to worry about Ciara. Hope and Rafe were using all of their police resources. Julie and Doug had called the hospitals, and Tripp was terrified. Even Claire was concerned about Ciara after hearing from Eve that she missed her […]

Demi Lovato Won’t Let Body Shamers Get Her Down, Chooses To ‘Live In Freedom’

Singing sensation Demi Lovato has recently made it her mission to publicly denounce what she describes as “diet culture,” which she does regularly on Twitter and Instagram. She publicly gave up dieting over the winter and, as a result, Demi is still dealing with body shamers. Instead of giving into the social pressures of the […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tragedy Strikes Salem When Residents Endure The Loss Of A Loved One

Many viewers of the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives are aware that Lani is currently pregnant. Lani misconstrued what she had witnessed between Gabi and JJ, thinking that they were having an affair. As a result, she ran straight into the arms of another man, Eli Grant. The baby Lani currently carries was […]

Meghan Markle & Queen Elizabeth Will Travel By Royal Train On Cheshire Trip

Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, is accompanying Queen Elizabeth on an overnight journey to Cheshire. Meghan and the queen will travel on board the Royal Train. The extravagant train was designed during Queen Victoria’s reign for a voyage taken on June 13, 1842. Queen Elizabeth, at 92 years old, has taken […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 13 Recap: Ben Takes Ciara To Cabin & Fights For Sanity, Rafe Admits He Wanted A Child

Today’s June 13 episode of Days of our Lives began at the Salem Police Department. Rafe and Eli can’t find evidence to release Gabi, and Rafe is banging his head against the wall looking for any way at all to get her home to her family. Eli has a snitch in the prison system, and […]

Jamie Foxx Calls Recent Assault Report ‘Absurd Lie,’ Will Pursue Action Against Accuser

Award-winning actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is now being accused of a sexual assault that allegedly occurred in Las Vegas back in 2002. A woman, who at this point has remained anonymous, filed a police report last week naming Foxx as her assailant. The woman claims that she was attending a party at Jamie Foxx’s […]

Bees Aren’t Just For Spelling: Study Finds Honeybees’ Math Ability Equals Apes & 4-Year-Old Children

In the past, scientists believed that understanding the concept of zero was unique to human comprehension. Recent studies have shown that other vertebrates are capable of grasping the “concept of the empty set.” New findings suggest that untrained honey bees have the intellectual capacity to understand the concept that zero has value. The research, published […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 5: Ciara Finds Tripp & Claire Naked, Dire Plot Twist, Legal Woes For Sonny [Recap]

On today’s June 5 episode of Days of Our Lives, Kate and Leo meet up in the town square before the sexual harassment legal meeting with Sonny and Justin. Actor Gilles Marini made his debut today on Days as Leo’s attorney Theodore (Ted) who has recently arrived in Salem. Ted is fully aware that the […]

MSU Physicist Joseph Hattey Charged With Bestiality, Faces 15 Years In Prison

Michigan State University has been rocked by yet another sex scandal, and this time it involves bestiality. Joseph Alan Hattey, A health physicist for Michigan State University (MSU), was charged and arraigned Monday on an accusation of bestiality, or “crimes against nature.” According to MSU‘s website, Hattey works within the university’s Environmental Health and Safety […]

Meghan Markle Has Been A ‘Beautiful Influence’ On Her Husband, Says Source

On May 19, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said their wedding vows as more than 11.5 million people tuned in to watch. The couple looked stunning. Meghan wowed the crowd in her understated Parisian label Givenchy gown, designed by Claire Waight Keller. That, of course, didn’t stop the world from swooning over the groom. According […]