Four People Executed In Indonesia Overnight By Firing Squad – 10 Drug Traffickers Spared For Now

Four people convicted of drug smuggling were executed in Indonesia overnight, marking the first round of executions to happen in Indonesia since two Australians were killed by firing squad last year. The executions took place at midnight (local time) and the four deaths were confirmed to have happened during heavy rain and thunderstorms, according to […]

Queensland Man Sharing Videos Of Free-Flying Macaws Is A Beautiful Social Media Hit

Queensland man Brody Murray, 29, is taking flight on social media after sharing stunning videos of his two pet macaws free-flying across the many stunning backdrops of Australia. Murray has spent the last two years establishing Queensland’s first free-flight group of birds, and the videos have already gained him over 22,000 followers on Instagram, according […]

10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Murdered By Workmates In Bangladesh: High-Pressure Nozzle Was Inserted Into His Rectum

A 10-year-old boy, Sagar Barman, has been brutally murdered by his workmates in a textiles factory in Bangladesh. Police in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, said the young boy died when other workers inserted a high-pressure nozzle into his rectum and activated it, according to the BBC. At this stage, police do not know why the heinous act […]

Britons Warned To Stay Alert As Erratic Seagulls “Tripping On Acid” Smash Into Buildings And Cars

Briton’s have been warned to stay on the look out for seagulls that are acting erratically, smashing into buildings and cars, and acting drunk. The seagulls are in fact not drunk but are “tripping on acid” after consuming large numbers of flying ants that contain the chemical. People have been warned across Britain that the […]

Bernard Tomic Ordered Off Court And Threatened With Arrest By Police Officer Due To Weather Warning: Bizarre Footage Revealed During The Washington Open

Controversial Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic, 23, and his Serbian hitting partner Viktor Troicki, 30, were ordered off the tennis court they were practicing on by a police officer in a bizarre series of events that was caught on camera. The players were practicing for the Washington Open when the policeman lost his cool and […]

Dancewear Company ‘Frilled Neck Fashion’ Under Fire For Sexualizing Pre-Teen Girls And Encouraging Pedophiles Via Instagram And Facebook

An Australia dancewear company has come under fire for posting provocative and sexualized images of preteen girls in skimpy outfits on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, according to the ABC. The photos are of young girls from nine to 15 in extremely inappropriate positions for girls of that age. Some of the girls are posed […]

Experienced Pilot Dies During Cold Lake Air Show After Plane Crashes And Explodes

A Calgary-based pilot with over 4,000 hours of flight experience died during a Cold Lake Air Show, in Alberta, after his T-28 Trojan aircraft crashed Sunday afternoon and exploded, according to CBC. Pilot Bruce Evans, 59, crashed the plane he has owned since 2007 at around 2 p.m. on Sunday and witnesses, including the Cold […]

Buddhist Monks Save 600 Pounds Of Lobsters And Release Them Back Into The Ocean

More than 600 pounds of lucky lobsters have avoided being boiled alive and eaten after the compassionate monks on Prince Edward Island, Canada, bought them to release them back into the ocean, according to Eco Watch. Water that has been blessed by @GEBIS_Canada monks is now being sprinkled on the lobsters #PEI — Jessica […]

New South Wales, Australia, To Ban Greyhound Racing After Animal Cruelty And Live Baiting Exposed

New South Wales, Australia, will be the first state in the country to ban greyhound racing. NSW Premier Mike Baird made the announcement on Thursday morning, and the news was met with a positive response from animal rights groups across the nation and majority of the Australian public. The decision to ban greyhound racing was […]

Matt Damon Told To Move To Australia Because He Does Not Approve Of U.S. Gun Laws — Is Jason Bourne a Hypocrite?

Matt Damon has been blasted by critics in the United States over positive comments he made over Australia’s strict firearm laws. The Jason Bourne actor has been labelled a hypocrite and called a string of names for making tens of millions of dollars from playing a gun-toting action hero in the Jason Bourne film franchise […]

‘Finding Dory 2’ Movie: Ellen DeGeneres Talks ‘Finding Nemo’ Character Sequel

Finding Dory has topped the box office for the past three weekends, and now there are rumors of Pixar creating a Finding Nemo 3 or Finding Dory 2 to continue on with the franchise and keep the much-loved characters alive. Box office report: #FindingDory again takes No. 1 as three newcomers put up a fight: […]

U.S. Army Veteran Saves Bald Eagle Hanging From A Tree – Shoots Through Rope Caught Around Its Neck

Jason Galvin, a U.S. army veteran, has used his sharpshooting skills to save a bald eagle that had been trapped in a Minnesota tree for two and a half days. The bald eagle, or Haliaeetus leucocephalus, is a federally protected bird, but the sheriff’s office, city hall, fire department, the state conservation officer, and the […]

‘Finding Dory’ Continues Reign And Tops The U.S. Box Office For Its Third Week Beating ‘The BFG’ And ‘The Legend Of Tarzan’

Little Dory continues her reign over the box office and has secured the top spot in the box office for the third week in a row. Finding Dory is Pixar’s sequel to the much loved Finding Nemo and the film is still making big waves. Watch the Finding Dory trailer below. Finding Dory continues to […]

Body Of Missing U.S. Student Beau Solomon Found In The Tiber River In Rome – Police Looking Into Suspicious Credit Card Transactions

The four-day search for missing U.S. student Beau Solomon has come to a tragic end as his body has been pulled from the Tiber River in Rome, according to CBS News. The 19-year-old University of Wisconsin-Madison student was found on Monday after not being seen since Friday morning. Police found the missing U.S. student’s body […]

Dame Judi Dench Gets Her First Tattoo, Inked For Her 81st Birthday

Judi Dench may have just turned 81, but the actress and all-round British national treasure is as cool as ever and just got her first tattoo, according to Mirror. Dench, who starred as M in many Bond movies including the most recent Skyfall, has now got the words “carpe diem,” which is her motto, tattooed […]

Jewish Tunnel Found In Lithuania, Used By Jewish Prisoners To Escape Nazi Pits

A Jewish tunnel used by prisoners to escape the Nazi extermination pits in World War II has been found by a team of international researchers. The team was able to pinpoint the location of the legendary tunnel in Lithuania by using advanced imaging technology. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Wednesday that the Jewish tunnel […]

Hubble Space Telescope Mission Extended For Another Five Years: Set To Fly Through To 2021

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has contractually extended the science operations and mission for its Hubble Space Telescope for an additional five years. The overachieving telescope was launched in 1990 and was supposed to travel through space until 2005, with a lifespan of just 15 years. The telescope has already eclipsed the original […]

Two NASCAR Drivers Brawl Mid Race – Announcers Go Wild For Spencer Gallagher Vs Jon Wes Townley Fight [Video]

Christopher Bell, 20, won NASCAR’s Truck Series race on Saturday night, but that is not what fans were talking about Sunday morning. The talk of the racing world was the hilarious brawl between two NASCAR drivers that broke out on the track. Spencer Gallagher and Jon Wes Townley got into a fist fight that went […]

Shark Bites Boy Surfing At Atlantic Beach: 11-Year-Old Boy The Second Shark Attack Victim This Month In North Carolina

An 11-year-old boy is in hospital after suffering a shark bite off of Atlantic Beach on Saturday afternoon. The boy was surfing west of Fort Macon State Park on Saturday afternoon, according to CBS, when the shark attack happened. Atlantic Beach Fire Chief Adam Snyder was first on the beach after the shark bit the […]

Good News For ‘Star Wars’ Fans — James Earl Jones To Return As The Voice Of Darth Vader In ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

It was good news today for Star Wars fans, as James Earl Jones announced that he will return as the voice of Darth Vader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, according to the ABC. James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy back in 1977, as well as the 2005 […]

Oil Protesters Block Train In Washington: 21 Protesters Arrested

Over 100 protesters banded together to block an oil train on tracks in Vancouver, Washington. The protesters blocked the train in response to a recent fiery oil train derailment along the Columbia River, according to King 5. Twenty-one protesters were arrested and taken into custody in response to the oil protest on Saturday including an […]

Horde Of Giant Spider Crabs Gathers Off The Coast Of Australia [Video]

A horde of hundreds of thousands of giant spider crabs, Hyas araneus, is gathering off the coast in Australia and is the stuff of nightmares, or dreams, and has to be seen to be believed. Scientists do not know why the thousands of crabs, some measuring up to three feet, gather each year between May […]

Sole Suspect Thomas Mair Charged With Murdering British MP Jo Cox

Thomas Mair, a 52-year-old from Birstall, has been charged with murdering British MP Jo Cox on June 16. Mair was the sole suspect in the case and is expected to appear in Westminster Magistrates Court later today, according to the ABC. Cox’s murderer, Thomas Mair, has been described by neighbors as being a “loner” with […]

‘My Heart Has Changed’: Lt. Gov. Cox Gives Heartfelt Apology To LGBTQ Community After Orlando Hate Crime [Transcript]

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox gave a heartfelt apology to the people of Orlando in the wake of Sunday’s hate crime that shocked the world, according to Time. He addressed people who attended a vigil held on Monday June 13 on the grounds of the Salt Lake City and County Building and spoke of how […]

Reporter Helen Ubiñas Takes 7 Minutes To Buy Gun Just Days After The Orlando Massacre

Helen Ubiñas, a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, was so horrified by the massacre in Orlando on the weekend and by America’s gun control laws, or lack thereof, that she decided to test the system on her own and see just what it takes to buy a weapon. It took her seven minutes to walk […]

Toddler’s Body Found After Alligator Attack At Walt Disney World: Lane Graves Dead

The body of a 2-year-old boy has been found less then a day after he was snatched off the shores of Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida. The toddler has been identified as Lane Graves of Elkhorn, Nebraska, and was playing in the shallows of a resort lagoon, Seven Seas Lagoon, when the alligator attack […]

Second Canadian Beheaded? Hostage Feared Dead After Militant Group’s Ransom Was Not Met

A second Canadian hostage is feared dead after a ransom for payment on June 13 from the Abu Sayyaf extremist group was not paid. Philippine officials confirmed Tuesday that Abu Sayyaf militants beheaded a Canadian man, the second Canadian hostage to be killed in two months, after their demands for a large ransom was denied. […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Day One Comes To A Close, Reeva Steenkamp Murderer Suffering ‘Severe Depression’

Day 1 of the Oscar Pistorius sentencing has come to a close and the court heard that the double-amputee Olympic runner is suffering “severe depression” and is a “broken man”, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Jonathan Scholtz. Pistorius, 29, murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February of 2013 but originally the conviction was for manslaughter. […]

Albinos Targeted In Brutal Killing Wave – Body Parts Of Women And Children Used By Witch Doctors

Amnesty International published a report yesterday exposing the number of albinos being targeted and systematically killed in brutal rituals across Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Amnesty International blames police for failing to tackle the increase of deaths fueled by ritual practices that has cost at least 18 people with albinism their lives in Malawi since November […]

Suicidal Killer Whale? Orca ‘Morgan’ Filmed Beaching Herself After Sea World Performance [Video]

Animal rights groups are up in arms again about animals kept in captivity just over a week after the death of Harambe the gorilla. This time, the online firestorm was brought on by a suicidal killer whale. The killer whale, also known as an orca, named Morgan has been recorded trying to commit suicide after […]

U.S. Tightens Ivory Ban In Bid To Stop Elephant Poaching, Obama Imposes ‘Near-Total Ban’

Today, Barack Obama imposed a “near-total ban” on the commercial trade of ivory as the U.S. tightens their stance on the slaughter of African elephants. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have changed restrictions on ivory sales in the United States in a bid to stop the importation of elephant tusks in a move that […]

$15K Sculpture Smashed An Hour Into Exhibition, Child Destroys LEGO Art

A Chinese artist named by the media as Mr. Zhao, 22, was left stunned after a sculpture he made out of LEGO pieces that cost $15,000 was smashed by a young boy. The exhibition in Ningbo’s Wanda Plaza, in eastern China, had only been open for one hour when the sculpture was smashed, leaving the […]

Batemans Bay In ‘State Of Emergency’ After 100K Bats Swarm Town

A coastal town in New South Wales, Australia, has been overrun by over 100,000 bats and has now been declared in a state of emergency, according to Sky News. The small town of Batemans Bay has been overtaken by the swarming bats, and the noise is said to be unbearable. Aside from the noise, locals […]

South African Court Just Legalized Rhino Horn Trade After A Seven-Year Ban Protecting Rhinoceroses

South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has just legalized the rhino horn trade in South Africa again after a seven-year ban. The South African Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the government to keep the ban on rhino horns in a move that is sure to doom the species, according to National Geographic. International rhino-horn […]

Lost Diver Comes Face-To-Face With Two Sharks — Close Encounter Filmed On GoPro Camera [Video]

A scuba diver had a close encounter with two sharks on Sunday and managed to film some of the incredible run-in on a GoPro camera, according to Nine News. Randy Fales, 68, had been diving along Satellite Beach, Florida, and had been swimming for about an hour when he came up to the surface. Fales […]

Second Mount Everest Climber Dies In 2016: Australian Woman Dead — Family Finds Out Online

A second Mount Everest climber has died in 2016, this time a 34-year-old woman from Melbourne, Australia, has lost her life, according to ABC. Australian and Dutch climbers die after reaching Everest summit — AFP News Agency (@AFP) May 21, 2016 Dr. Maria Strydom died due to suspected altitude sickness while descending from Mount […]

Drug Addiction And Animal Cruelty In Tustin, California — Rescued Puppy Tests Positive For Meth And Heroin

A puppy rescued from a hotel room during an arrest in Tustin, California, has tested positive for meth (methamphetamine) and heroin and is going through rehab, authorities have said. Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright said that the young meth-addicted dog named Bubba was found in a Tustin hotel room when officers served an arrest warrant […]

United Nations Warns Of Microplastics Ending Up In The Ocean, Says One Quarter Of Fish Contain Plastics — Threat To Human Health And The Fish We Eat

The United Nations has warned that the continued use of microplastics is having a devastating effect on the ocean, and the fish people eat. They released a startling statistic that more than a quarter of the fish in markets in Indonesia and California contain plastic particles, according to the Independent. It is not only fish […]

Cody Michael And His Dog Found After Three Day Ordeal – Hiker Saved By Duct Tape

A missing 23-year-old hiker and his dog have been found alive and well after being lost for three days. The pair were rescued on Thursday after air rescuers spotted the word “help” spelled out in duct tape on a rock according to The Telegraph. “The air crew took this photo of Cody’s camping spot. Notice […]

Does The ‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killer Have Five More Victims?

Lonnie Franklin, Jr., who has been dubbed the Grim Sleeper of Los Angeles, may have five more victims than what he is being tried for, according to the Toronto Sun. A prosecutor says she has evidence to prove that Lonnie Franklin Jr. murdered five additional women: #GrimSleeper — KCAL News (@kcalnews) May 12, 2016 […]

Serena Williams Eats ‘Gourmet’ Dog Food – Snapchats Herself Getting Sick [Video]

On Wednesday, Serena Williams took to SnapChat and shared a series of videos, or “snaps,” showing herself trying gourmet dog food and the after effects that followed according to For The Win. Isn't it wonderful- love my little fur- ball too @serenawilliams – Chip is saying this way too much activity — All Things […]

Hiker Bitten By Black Bear In His Sleep On The Appalachian Trail

A 49-year-old man who was hiking along the Appalachian Trail has been reportedly bitten by a black bear over night. The man was asleep when the black bear bit him through his tent. The victim sustained a leg injury before he was able to scare the black bear away and call out to surrounding hikers […]

New Zealand Police Win The Internet And Kill The ‘Running Man Challenge’ [Video]

A short 37-second clip of New Zealand cops dancing to Ghost Town DJ’s 1996 smash hit My Boo and taking part in the running man challenge has won the internet. The clip of the cops doing the running man was posted on their NZ Police Recruitment Facebook page last night and has already been viewed […]

McDonald’s To Change Chicken Nuggets Recipe And Go Preservative-Free?

Fast food giant McDonald’s is testing a preservative-free chicken nugget recipe in an attempt to portray healthier food options and boost its faltering business. The preservative-free McNuggets are being tested across 140 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Oregon and Washington, according to Time. The fast food chain started selling their preservative-free nuggets in March and are still […]

Baby Lamb Gets Fake Coat After Being Born Without Fleece

A baby sheep that was born without fleece has been made a customized fake coat using a fleece jumper made from the wool of other lambs on the farm to keep him warm. The little bald lamb was born on the English farm Chilton Foliat in Wiltshire. The young lamb sadly was quickly abandoned by […]

Who Is Next? Famous Faces We have Said Goodbye To In 2016

Prince sadly has been added to the morbid list of celebrities and famous people that have already died in 2016. His sudden death yesterday shocked fans, who have already lost David Bowie, Doris Roberts, and Alan Rickman this year, bringing up the question: who is next in 2016? This year is proving to be a […]

Robert Downey Jr. Confirms He Will Return for ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ – Filming May Start This Year

Robert Downey, Jr. has confirmed that he will return to play Sherlock Holmes in the Sherlock Homes 3 film. The star says he intends to meet with director Guy Ritchie while touring the United Kingdom for Captain America: Civil War, and hopes that filming may start this year. Robert Downey Jr says Sherlock Holmes 3 […]

The World’s Oldest Message In A Bottle Found After 108 Years At Sea

The world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found after 108 years at sea. The record-breaking bottle and postcard were found in April 2015 by a retired German postal worker Marianne Winkler. Winkler found the bottle during a holiday to the German island of Amrum on the North Sea coast. The 108-year-old message in […]

Remembering Doris Roberts: 1925-2016 Doris Roberts died on Sunday night in Los Angeles at the age of 90, spokeswomen Janet Daily has confirmed. Roberts, November 4, 1925 – April 17, is perhaps best known for playing Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. She held the position of Ray’s meddling mother from 1996 to 2005. Roberts went on to […]

Rescuers Race For Survivors After Second Earthquake Rocks South Japan – 11 People Still Missing

As of yesterday, eleven people remain missing in Southern Japan after a second deadly earthquake struck, killing at least 41 people. Eight of the eleven missing people are reportedly from the small village of Minamiaso according to Ms Shiori Yatabe, an official at the Kumamoto prefecture crisis management department. Thousands of rescuers from the […]