FAA Fixes Glitch That Cancelled Hundreds Of Flights

A computer glitch caused hundreds of flight cancellations along the east coast after a computer outage in Leesburg, Virginia, caused air traffic controllers to suspend flight operations in the region. According to a tweet from the FAA, the glitch was resolved and flight operations returned to normal. Air traffic operations are back to normal today. […]

Stranger Than Fiction: Bizarre Sex Scandal Captivates Nation

Betrayal. Blackmail. Political Intrigue. Sex. These aren’t the ingredients of the latest suspense novel, rather these are the elements unfolding in Michigan where Republican state lawmaker, Todd Courser is embroiled in a bizarre sex scandal involving another Republican Michigan representative, Cindy Gamrat. According to the Detroit News, recordings were obtained indicating the junior lawmakers used […]

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal

The junior Republican Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, has recently come out in opposition to the proposed Iran Nuclear Deal, according to the Arizona Republic. Flake, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, also posted a link to his statement on Twitter, which detailed his reasons for opposing the nuclear deal. My statement on […]

US F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes in Germany

Amid tweets showing photos of the charred remains of a fighter jet, the U.S. Air Force has confirmed that one of its F-16 Fighting Falcons has crashed outside the town of Engelmannsreuth, which is the Bavarian region in Germany. The F-16 was based out of Spangdahlem Air Force Base, and the pilot is reported to […]

Let the Glitches Begin: Windows 10 Users Experience Unwanted Reboot

Microsoft made its newest operating system, Windows 10, available to the public, on July 29, to much pomp and circumstance. And while the latest incarnation of Windows has been well-received by the majority of its users, some still remember the familiar rhetoric from the not-so-distant past when Microsoft touted another Windows upgrade and the disasters […]

GOP Debate: Donald Trump Poised To Fire Fellow Debaters

There is a quiet panic among the GOP debate hosts that Donald Trump may be impossible to control. According to Politico, tonight’s Fox News moderators are going to be strictly enforcing the time-limit rule to give each GOP hopeful a fair chance of presenting themselves and prevent the billionaire real estate mogul from taking over […]