Cornell’s $350 Million Donor Does Not Own Car, House

It is safe say that you’re rich, very rich, if you donated $350 million to Cornell University to construct a new technology-based satellite campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. The new campus is expected to generate an additional $1.4 billion in tax revenue to New York City, 20,000 construction jobs, and 30,000 new […]

Senator McCain Satisfied That Kim Jong Il Is In Hell Now

While his followers are busy crying hysterically over the death of Kim Jong Il, Arizona Sen. John McCain issued an official comment about the North Korean leader. “The world is a better place now that Kim Jong Il is no longer in it. For mre than six decades, people in North Korean have been consigned […]

North Koreans Hysterically Weep for Kim Jong-il (Video)

With the death of North Korea’s strong man Kim Jong-il at the age of 69, the country’s state media showed this footage of people hysterically weeping for their leader. The death was announced late Sunday with reports that the leader died of a heart attack on a train.

Cat Inherits $13 Million From Millionaire; Nurse is Lucky Caretaker

How lucky can a cat get? Very lucky, if you are Tommaso, the 4-year old stray cat that was rescued wandering from the streets of Rome. If being rescued alone is luck enough for this cat, how about having Maria Assunta as your new owner. Assunta only happens to be the wealthy widow of an […]

Finders Keepers as Iran Will Not Return U.S. Drone

It’s finders keepers for Iran as its Revolutionary Guard announced that they do not have any plans of returning a U.S. surveillance drone that their armed forces captured. Iran’s military earlier said that they have managed to shoot down a reconnaissance drone in the eastern part of the country, about 140 miles from the border […]

Lion, Ape, Buffalo, Crocodile, Snake Found in Mona Lisa Painting

New York-based artist Ron Piccirillo revealed that he found a series of hidden images in Mona Lisa. According to Piccirillo, if you turn the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece sideways, you will see an outline of a lion, an ape, and a buffalo around the head of Mona Lisa. There is also a crocodile and snake […]

Dog Shoots Best Friend

Your dog is supposed to be your best friend. Well, until your dog shoots you with a gun. A 46-year-old dog owner from Brigham City, Utah was shot from behind by his “loyal canine” during a duck hunting. The best friends were traveling in a boat when the man stepped out to a shallow marsh […]

Cops Called After 12-Year-Olds Kiss

You just do not plant a kiss and get away with it. In fact, if you’re this school administrator in Florida, you would call the sheriff after witnessing a pair of consenting 12-year-olds share a kiss on the playground. Deputies from the Lee County Sheriff’s office were dispatched to Orange River Elementary School two students […]

Aaron Rodgers Breaks Little Girl’s ‘Heart’ for Beating Vikings

Dear Aaron Rodgers, The next time your Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings, please take it easy on them. Your 45-7 win against them was just so overwhelming. You do not have to complete 23 of 30 passes for 250 yards and four touchdowns. You even extended your single-season NFL record by notching your […]

Man calls 911 for iPhone Repair

If your iPhone is not working you go to the Apple store. They have a genius bar there who can help you. You do not dial 911 because that makes you really an idiot. One idiot of such magnitude is Michael Alan Skopec from Kendall County, Illinois. He called 911 five times to report that […]

10 More Victims for Jerry Sandusky

In a television interview, Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator for Pennsylvania State University’s football team denied that he is a pedophile. The interview may have agitated other victims as The New York Times revealed that 10 additional victims have come forward as well against him. This will be an additional problem for Sandusky who was […]

The American Dream Has Been Lost for 41% of Americans

The American Dream has been lost for almost half (41%) of Americans, according to a survey by Yahoo! Finance. The figure may be shocking but it’s consistent with reality that 49 million Americans are living in poverty and unemployment rate at 16%. Confidence is also low with Americans not willing to take on debt, not […]

Error 404 Found on NBA Players Association Website

The talks are serious and with the NBA Players Association headed by Billy Hunter rejecting the offer from team owners, we can only expect that the 2011-2012 season is over. Despite the seriousness of the matter, the NBA Players Association showed the entire situation in a lighter mode with its website showing an Error 404. […]

Take a Tour of the Rented Mansion Where Michael Jackson Died (Video)

In preparation for the December auction of various items from the 55,000-square-foot rental property in the heart of Los Angeles where Michael Jackson spent his last days, the Julien’s auction house allowed the Today show inside for a tour. Take a tour of his inner sanctum, previously off limits to everyone, including his kids and […]

Lady Gaga Fans Attack Adele Online

In September this year Lady Gaga turned to Twitter to rally a call for the end of bullying. She tweeted her call, saying: “Bullying must become illegal. It is a hate crime.” Unfortunately, recent actions by some of Gaga’s fans do not seem to fit with their idol’s call for end to bullying. Her fans […]

Pippa Middleton Splits with Boyfriend

Kate Middleton’s sister, “Her Royal Hotness” Pippa Middleton is now reportedly single after breaking up with her boyfriend, ex-cricketer Alex Loudon. British tabloids are saying that the couple have been arguing, with Loudon not able to cope with Pippa’s new status as a sex symbol. Reports had it also that after the royal wedding, Loudon […]

Someone Should Teach LeBron James How To Shake Hands

There is no denying that LeBron James is among the best basketball players that we have around. He may not have the championship ring to prove this but he can surely dunk and leave you in awe. Take this case from an exhibition game in Memphis where he pumped 43 points, including this awesome tomahawk […]

Pacquiao Die-Hard Fan Postpones Son’s Appendectomy to See Him

Pound-for-pound boxing champ Manny Pacquiao has got some avid fans, including this mom who said she postponed her son’s appendectomy so she could see the boxer at Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood. The mother who introduced her name as “Amy” and in her late 30’s said that she is not a horrible mom and […]

Madoff Victims File $19 Billion Lawsuit Versus JPMorgan Chase

Former customers of Ponzi scheme kingpin Bernie Maddoff has filed a class action lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase & Co. hoping to recover $19 billion. The Maddoff victims claimed that the bank concealed and willfully ignored signs of fraud. The lawsuit reads: “JPMC chose to enable Madoff’s fraud, not just through the various ways it participated […]

Netanyahu is a “liar” – Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy thinks that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “a liar.” In a conversation with President Barack Obama where Sarkozy was unaware of a live microphone, he said: “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.” Obama replied: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often […]

Joe Frazier Loses Battle with Cancer

Former world heavyweight champion Smokin’ Joe Frazier has died, losing his battle with liver cancer, his family confirmed. Frazier, 67, has been diagnosed with liver cancer just four weeks ago. Frazier is best known for his deadly left hook and classic fights with Muhammad Ali. They had three bouts in the 1970s, namely: “The Fight […]

Adele Undergoes Surgery in Boston (Expected to Recover)

Adele has finally undergone vocal chord surgery to stop a recurring vocal cord hemorrhage, reports. Based on the advice of her doctor and voice therapist in the United Kingdom, Adele came to Boston to consult and undergo corrective voice surgery with Dr. Zeitels, the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center. Dr. Zeitels, […]

Baby with Diploma Receives Salary in Nigeria

This is corruption at its peak. A one-month old baby was reportedly on the Nigerian government payroll. The discovery was made as efforts are made to get rid the bureaucracy composed of bloated workforce with ghost employees. Garba Gajam, justice commissioner for Zamfara State, said: “In the on-going verification exercise of the payrolls… in the […]

Nigerian Actor Baba Suwe Released From Prison After Pooping 25 Times

Nigerian comic actor Babatunde Omidina, known as Baba Suwe, is now a free man on $3,300 bail. He was initially arrested last October 12 at the Lagos international airport, accused of swallowing narcotics before boarding a flight to Paris. Since he was suspected of ingesting the drugs, the only way for authorities to prove their […]

Kate Middleton is Pregnant (Rumor)

Kate Middleton is pregnant. That is, if we are going to believe that her refusal to eat peanut paste during a royal appearance in Copenhagen is because she’s pregnant. Doctors usually recommend that pregnant women stay away from peanuts and its bi-products to avoid allergies. According to an ABC News report, cameras covering the event […]

Kris Sweats It Out in the Gym (as Kim Cancels Aussie Tour)

As Kim announced that she is cutting short his Australian tour to have some time for herself, Kris Humphries was seen working out intensely in a gym in Minnesota. His wedding ring which he was still wearing when the divorce was announced is now missing. A US Weekly report said that as Kim cut short […]

New York Knicks Guard Moves Back Home to Save Money

The NBA lockout has taken its toll on New York Knicks guard Andy Rautins. Because of his unemployment, he decided to move back to his parents’ home in Syracuse. He now sleeps in his childhood bedroom. In an interview with ESPN New York, Rautins said: “It’s nice to get some home cooked meals up here. […]

15% of U.S. Population on Food Stamps

About 45.8 million or 15% of the entire US population relied on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) last August, the Wall Street Journal reports. This figure represents an 8.1% increased compared to last year, the Department of Agriculture reported. It should be noted though that the increase has slowed down compared to previous years. Also […]

Iran Suspends Two Soccer Players for Butt-Grabbing

Butt-slapping is common among players. It shows appreciation for a job well done. It’s quick and seemed not to show any malice. This incident is different though. Two soccer players in Iran were banned from entering and playing in any stadium in the country after grabbing their teammates’ butt during goal celebrations. Mohammed Nosrati of […]

Dog Barking is Expensive in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council has amended its city’s barking law imposing heavy fines on owners of dogs that bark excessively, the Los Angeles Times reported. A dog’s barking is considered excessive if it lasts for 10 minutes or more. It is also excessive if a dog barks intermittently for 30 minutes or more within […]

Half of Chinese Millionaires Leaving China

Almost half of wealthy Chinese citizens are planning to move, with the United States and Canada as most popular destinations. A report by Bank of China and Hurun Report, the publisher of luxury magazines, revealed that 46 percent of Chinese with assets of at least $1.6 million were considering emigrating. About 14 percent have already […]

Obama in Excellent Health

President Barack Obama is in top health, according to physical exam results released by White House Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman. “The president is in excellent health and fit for duty. All clinical data indicate he will remain so for the duration of his presidency.” Obama, 50, is said to have improved his health, appearing to […]

Bride Sends Text Message During Wedding

The advent of mobile phones, especially with text messaging, is making it easier for everyone to communicate. We send and receive text messages from anywhere. In fact, this woman took it a notch higher by sending a text message during her own wedding. The wedding videographer, Jim Costa, caught the bride pulling the cellphone straight […]

Couple Loses Custody of Daughter for Stealing Sandwiches

A couple were thrown to jail in Honolulu for allegedly stealing two sandwiches at a supermarket. Because they’re both in jail, they also lost custody of their 3-year-old daughter for about 18 hours. Husband and wife Marcin and Nicole Leczcyzynski were in a Safeway supermarket when they were arrested. The wife, 30 weeks pregnant, feeling […]

Kim Kardashian Filing for Divorce

Ryan Seacrest confirmed in a tweet that Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce. “Yes @kimkardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins” Inquisitr has reported last October 21st about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries getting divorced, so this news is just a confirmation […]

Two High School Students Crowned Among America’s First Lesbian Homecoming Couple

Rebecca Arellano (in photo) and Haileigh Adams of Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, California were crowned as one of the country’s first lesbian homecoming king and queen. Arellano, in showing her elation, said: “They were chanting my name and it one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I was happier than […]

Germany is 55 Billion Euros Richer After Accountancy Error

Germany’s finance ministry revealed that an accountancy error has cost the country 55.5 billion euros ($78.7 billion). Because of the discovery, the country is now richer by the same amount. The error was discovered at the bad bank of nationalized mortgage lender Hypo Real Estate (HRE), Reuters reports. The finance ministry said: “Apparently it was […]

No NBA Games Until November 30 as Talks Break Down Anew

Labor negotiations broke down anew between NBA owners and players prompting Commissioner David Stern to cancel all November games. The Commissioner earlier canceled the first two weeks of the season. He now cited the impracticality of having a full season. The negotiations earlier made some progress on salary cap issues. Talks broke down when both […]

Cold Weather is Great for Servers so Facebook is Going to Sweden

Facebook announced that it is building a 900,000 square feet server farm in Lulea, Sweden, a small city with 45,000 in population. The city is also 600 miles north of Stockholm and just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The appeal of the place is the average temperature of 27.5 degrees. Server farms usually […]

The Next Internet Stupid Meme is Tebowing

We’ve seen stupid memes like planking, owling, horsemanning and batmanning. Now comes another one, Tebowing. If you watched the Denver Broncos game last Sunday, then you should have witnessed how Tim Tebow led his team’s astonishing fourth quarter comeback. It was after the game when Tebowing was born, as the quarterback knelt and started praying. […]

Patriots Tight End Apologizes for Pictures with Porn Star

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has issued an apology for the suggestive photos that came out of him and porn star BiBi Jones. The pictures were taken and posted on BiBi’s Twitter account apparently to get him more followers. BiBi, who tweets under the handle xxxBiBiJones, had 110,000 followers on Twitter. The pictures […]

7-Year-Old Boy Wants to be a Girl Scout

What do you do if your child wants to be a Girl Scout? You take your child to the troop leader to sign-up. This is a different case though because Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old boy from Denver wants to be a Girl Scout. Montoya’s mother Felisha Archuleta spoke with 9News in Denver and revealed her […]

Bernie and Ruth Madoff Attempted Suicide Together (Woke Up Alive the Following Day)

Ruth Madoff, the wife of Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, revealed to CBS News that she and her husband were so deeply upset by the multi-million fraud that they planned to commit suicide on Christmas Eve in 2008. Ruth said that she and her husband took Ambien and Klonopin, not mixing it with alcohol because they […]

Zimbabwean Caught Having Sex with Prostitute-Turned-Donkey

A man caught having sex with a donkey claimed during a court hearing that the animal was a hooker from the club. Moyo, 28, was arrested by the police during a routine patrol when he was spotted getting intimate with the donkey inside his yard. He did not contest the accusations though he was not […]

US Dismantles Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb

The United States has dismantled its biggest nuclear bomb. The country’s last B53 nuclear bomb was 600 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. Workers at the Pantex Plant in Texas separated the 300 lb of high explosives inside the special nuclear material known as the pit. For security reasons, because the […]

Utah Mom Pleads Guilty to Attempt to Sell Daughter’s Virginity

A Utah woman pleaded guilty to two sexual exploitation charges for trying to sell her 13-year old daughter’s virginity and asking the girl to model in her underwear for men. She now faces up to 30 years in prison. In April, the 33-year-old mother offered her daughter’s virginity to a man in exchange for $10,000. […]

Yet Another Graphic Video of Gadhafi’s Capture Surfaces

Just a day after declaring liberation from Moammar Gadhafi’s 42-year reign, a clearer and most graphic video of Gadhafi’s capture in Sirte has surfaced online. In ths video, Gadhafi is seen being beaten after he was captured from his hiding place. With the captors shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ and with celebratory rifle fire in the background, […]

World’s Fastest Car Crash Test Pulverises Ford Focus

Car crash tests are usually done at the speed of 40 miles per hour. What if you take it a notch higher, actually more than a notch higher, say at 120 miles per hour. Engineers set up a Ford Focus with a winch, a mechanical device to pull in the car at 120 miles per […]

20 Million Tons of Debris From Japan Headed to Hawaii

Up to 20 million tons of debris from the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 is closing in and could reach Hawaii in less than two years, Mail Online reports. Crew members of Russia’s STS Pallada spotted the debris, which includes a 20 feet long fishing boat, as it floats across the […]

New York State Investigates Missing Prescription Pads

New York state health officials estimated in July that more than 1.4 million blank prescription forms could have been stolen. This estimated is according to an internal memorandum obtained by Newsday. The State Health Department, however, said that about 100 prescription forms have only been confirmed as stolen. Given the disparity in figures, officials believe […]