Nicki Minaj Confirms That She Isn’t Getting Married Just Yet

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s romance has been something of a public relationship. However, a wedding isn’t something that’s in the cards just yet, according to Minaj. She sparked rumours flying last year by wearing two different diamond rings, leading to Meek Mill having to deny that he hasn’t popped the big question yet. The […]

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris’ Wedding Is Set To Be One Of The Biggest Showbiz Events Of The Year

As a celebrity couple, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are undeniably no secret. International pop superstar Taylor Swift has been dating Scottish DJ and record producer Calvin Harris since March 2015. Their pairing was seen as something of an ideal one, as in June 2015 the duo were ranked as the highest-paid celebrity couple by […]

Sarah Palin Pulls Out Of Trump Rally Appearance Following Her Husband’s Crash

Sarah Palin is well known for being at the center of political news pieces, but rarely does her husband, Todd Palin, receives any attention. However, Todd Palin made the headlines yesterday when he was hospitalized following a snowmobile accident. Following this, his wife and former Alaskan governor confirmed that she will be pulling out of […]

Kristen Stewart Spotted Strolling Hand-In-Hand In Paris With Her New Girlfriend

It goes without saying that Paris is the world capital of romance, so where else would expect to have seen Kristen Stewart walking hand-in-hand with her new girlfriend, SoKo? Kristen Stewart certainly looked the happiest we’ve seen her in a good while, sharing a romantic trip to the city with her nearest dearest. The American […]

Police Launch A Suicide Investigation Following The Death Of Keith Emerson

Fans were recently left rocked by the news that Keith Emerson has passed away yesterday at the age of 71; however, the news has taken a turn for the worse with confirmation by police that his death is being investigated as a potential suicide. Emerson was reported dead yesterday on March 11, following his body […]

Kim Kardashian Continues To Snapchat Her Life With A Late Night Shot

There’s no arguing that Kim Kardashian is a social media phenomena. In fact, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to follow the star on just about any social media platform. Believe it or not, Kardashian has only recently joined the incredibly popular Snapchat platform. However, she’s definitely hit the platform full throttle, sharing […]

Viola Davis and Other ‘ShondaLand’ Stars Endorse Hillary Clinton For President

Shonda Rhimes is well known for casting a number of leading ladies in her hugely popular TV shows, often placed under the ShondaLand umbrella. Rhonda herself and a number of actresses from her shows, including Viola Davis and Kerry Washington, appeared in a campaign advert for Hillary Clinton, endorsing America’s leading lady for president. In […]

Maria Sharapova Should Face Suspension For Doping, According To Andy Murray

Maria Sharapova, once one of the biggest names in female tennis, has recently been surrounded by controversy following a recent doping scandal. She’s received pressure from across the sport to face the music for her decision to cheat. World number two Andy Murray has now weighed in on the debate, saying that Sharapova should face […]

Death Caused Revealed For Bobbi Kristina Brown, The Daughter Of Whitney Houston

Medical records around the death of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, show that she died from immersion in water and drug intoxication. The star’s daughter died at the age of 22 in hospice care on July 26, 2015. Since then, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death has been shrouded in mystery. As you might […]

Jimmy Fallon Is Challenged To A Wing Eating Contest By Priyanka Chopra

When Priyanka Chopra made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night, host Jimmy Fallon wasn’t expecting to go head to head with the star in a wing eating contest. In this particular episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra go head to head in a wing eating contest, and they weren’t […]

Manchester United And Four Other Big Premier League Clubs Hold A Secret Meeting

Five of the biggest clubs in the UK Premier League, including Manchester United, are believed to have held a secret meeting in London on Tuesday. The purpose of that meeting has largely been kept secret by officials from the clubs, but it’s believed to be around the summer’s International Champions Cup and the clubs’ shared […]

Margot Robbie Struggles With The Whisper Challenge During Appearance With Jimmy Fallon

It was pretty clear from the offset that Margot Robbie was in for a good deal of embarrassment during her appearance with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. However, nobody quite expected the amount of embarrassment she received when Jimmy Fallon unleashed his version of the Whisper Challenge on her. Jimmy Fallon is well known […]

British Reality Star Lauren Goodger Reveals Incredible Weight Loss

British reality TV star Lauren Goodger has never shied away from the fact that she struggles with her weight. With that in mind, fans have been pleased to see that the star has now revealed her incredible weight loss. So much so that the star has snapped a busty selfie of herself, showing off her […]

Marco Rubio Plays The Trump University Card In The Latest Republican Debate

At this stage in the Republican primary campaign, low blows are something only to be expected between the candidates. The latest debate amongst the candidates took place last night, giving Marco Rubio the opportunity to slam Donald Trump with the failed so-called “Trump University.” Rubio slammed Trump for the scheme that many students have poured […]

Taylor Swift Sees Big Twitter Boost During The 2016 Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift was always expected to win big at this year’s Grammy Awards, and we feel that it’s more than fair to say she did. However, awards aside, the show was also big news for the star’s social media standing. According to Billboard, the 58th Grammy Awards drastically increased Swift’s position on their social media […]

Donald Trump Hits Back Following Tax Attack From Mitt Romney

Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney has again made headlines in recent days with his attack against Donald Trump over his tax return. Mitt Romney has recently said that Trump’s tax return is likely to contain something of a bombshell. However, The Donald has now hit back at Romney, claiming his accusation to be out of […]

Accusations Of Fraud Lead To FBI Raids Of A Texas Housing Financial Firm

The FBI is reportedly investigating a housing development firm in Texas following a raid earlier this week. This comes as the firm was accused of operating as a Ponzi scheme and suspected of laundering money. According to reports, the firm has apparently “financed more than $1 billion in residential development across Texas”. If the claims […]

Pope Francis Brands Donald Trump As ‘Not Christian’ Following Views On Immigration

The Republican voter base in the U.S. is undeniably largely comprised of those with strong Christian views and values, so front-runner Donald Trump knows that he’s going to need the support of those Christians if he wants to snap up the Republican nomination. However, his campaign has now been dealt a major blow, with Pope […]

Meek Mill And Drake Feud Steps Up As DJ Whoo Kid Is Slammed Over Video Game Clip

The ongoing feud between Meek Mill and Drake doesn’t appear to be showing signs of slowing down any time soon, as Meek has slammed DJ Whoo Kid after the DJ made fun of the whole feud. This comes as Whoo Kid has shared images to his Instagram clip of a video game which has Mill […]

Real Madrid Players Could Be Part Of Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United

If there’s one thing that English football fans will tell you right now, it’s that once top-performing team Manchester United are in dire need of a new manager. Speculation currently stands that acclaimed manager Jose Mourinho could fill that post. His taking up of the position is likely to mean a wealth of new players […]

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans For Large Military Exercises, With 20 States Invited

Saudi Arabia has announced plans for 20 countries to come together in the region for “massive” military exercises that are set to last 18 days. This comes as increased warnings from the government of Saudi Arabia towards Syrian President Bashar Assad that he will be toppled and a clear of affirmation of Saudi Arabia’s place […]

Nelly Furtado’s Rendition Of ‘O Canada’ Doesn’t Go Down Well With Fans

The All-Star game on Sunday was undeniably a big event for NBA fans, so Nelly Furtado’s performance of “O Canada” only seemed like a fitting addition to the sporting event. However, fans certainly didn’t see it that way, with criticism coming in across the board for the singer’s performance. As is customary at these events, […]

Ben Carson Confirms His Intention To Remain In The 2016 Presidential Race

With both the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries now over, we’re starting to get an idea of where the 2016 presidential race is heading. On the Republican side of the race, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have both come out on top. However, the sea of other candidates seeking the Republican nomination appear to have […]

Lady Gaga Prepares For Her Tribute Performance To David Bowie At The Grammys

Lady Gaga is a name on everybody’s lips right now following her stunning rendition of the national anthem that marked the opening of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Her mini-comeback now appears to be continuing as the star prepares for her tribute performance to David Bowie at the Grammys. Anyone following Lady Gaga’s Instagram account this week […]

The Flash’s Venture Into Earth 2 Is Packed Full Of DC Universe Easter Eggs

The Flash is arguably the most popular superhero-themed show on television right now, however, it actually bears very little resemblance to the DC Universe. Unlike other additions to the DC line-up, The Flash doesn’t exactly shout about its roots. Until now that is, as the most recent episode of The Flash, “Welcome to Earth-2” is […]

Dominos Gives Away ‘Push For Pizza’ Buttons To Celebrate National Pizza Day In The UK

Pizza has become something of a national favourite in the United Kingdom, and nobody knows that better than the country’s leading fast food retailer, Domino’s. With that in mind, you can likely imagine that National Pizza Day was something of a big deal in the country, and we’d definitely say that Domino’s celebration trumps them […]

The Classic Tale Of ‘The Jungle Book’ Makes A Return In A New Trailer

The Jungle Book is a classic tale that just about all of us remember from our childhood. It’s the tale of a man-cub who is raised by a family of wolves in the jungle. The various incarnations of The Jungle Book have cemented it as one of the most classic stories of all time. With […]

Beyoncé Goes All Out And Announces World Tour During Super Bowl 50

We all expected Super Bowl 50 to be a pretty historic occasion in terms of U.S. sporting. However, the show also offered something of a spectacle for pop fans at the same time. Appearing during the halftime show, not only did Beyoncé release a new single, but she also went out and announced her Formation […]

NBC Reboot of ‘Cruel Intentions’ will see Sarah Michelle Gellar Reprise Her Role

Cruel Intentions is a cult classic of its time, released in 1999. The news that NBC had green-lighted a pilot for a TV show reboot of the franchise pleased many fans of the original film. News set to please those fans even more is the fact that star of the original film, Sarah Michelle Gellar, […]

Colleen Crowley Files for a Restraining Order Following Johnny Manziel Assault

Relationship drama may seem more prevalent in the showbiz world, but it’s still pretty surprising when a relationship appears to turn violent. That seema to be the case with Colleen Crowley filing for a restraining order against Johnny Manziel, following an alleged assault that happened just last month. This appears to be something of a […]

Ariana Grande Looks As Gorgeous As Ever In Her Latest Instagram Burst

Ariana Grande appears to have fallen a little silent of late, and that’s no surprise considering she’s largely believed to be busy working on her next album. However, the 22-year-old star has released a series of Instagram snaps to keep fans happy and we must say that she’s looking as beautiful as ever. Either way, […]

Footage Appears Of Vin Diesel Selling Street Sharks At A Toy Fair In 1994

Vin Diesel is likely a name that you know from the Fast and Furious film series and a number of other releases that he’s starred in. However, Vin Diesel hasn’t always been as successful as he is today, with new footage emerging of the star-to-be selling “Street Sharks” back at a toy fair in 1994. […]

Andy Murray Reaches Australian Open Semi-Final By Beating David Ferrer

The Australian Open is well and truly picking up some pace now as the latest quarter-final match saw British player Andy Murray beat opponent David Ferrer and bag himself a place in the semi-final in the process. The result is sure to please many British tennis fans, who are now hoping that Murray can go […]

‘Vogue Korea’ Photo Shoot Sees Jaden Smith Strip Down To Nothing But A Skirt

For many teenage girls, Jaden Smith is the heart-throb that they can only dream of. Well, fans of Smith are now in for a treat as the star has stripped down to nothing but a skirt in a new photo shoot for Vogue Korea, and it’s all part of his quest to make fashion gender […]

US Tourist Killed in Grenada: Former Prisoner Allegedly Responsible

Sunday saw some pretty tragic news coming out of Grenada with reports of a U.S Tourist brutally murdered in the country. Jessica Colker, 39, was believed to be on vacation on the island before she died from “extensive skull facture and asphyxia”. However, a prime suspect has now come forward in the murder. Dave Martin […]

One of Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fans Loses 425 Pounds by Dancing to Her Music

International pop superstar Taylor Swift is often credited with creating some of the catchiest tunes of her time and hits that are sure to get everyone on the dance floor. That certainly appears to be the case for one of Swift’s biggest fans, who claims to have lost a total of 425 pounds by dancing […]

Nikki Bella Set To Have Surgery For Wrestling Injury, But Will It Affect Her WWE Career?

January 27 will see well-known female WWE star Nikki Bella go under the knife for surgery in order to fix a herniated disk and a broken neck. However, the question on everyone’s lips right now is how will this affect her wrestling career. The surgery is expected to last about two hours as surgeons complete […]

The Rock Makes A Return In The Latest Episode Of ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’

Perhaps one of the most iconic WWE stars of his time, Dwayne Johnson, or “The Rock” as he’s more commonly known, has made a brief return to WWE in a recent appearance of WWE Monday Night Raw. The international star made his appearance in style, rolling out of his car and into the path of […]

Prayer Break Conflict Results In Mass Firing Of 190 Muslims In Colorado

Religious tensions across the United States are unusually high at the moment, which is exactly why this prayer break conflict in the state of Colorado is a news story that’s quickly picking up pace. It comes as around 190 Muslim employees of a packing and distribution plant in the east of Colorado have seemingly been […]

Khloe Kardashian Challenged To Say Three Nice Things About Amber Rose Following Family Feud

When Khloe Kardashian appeared on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, viewers were guaranteed to be in for a treat. However, little did anyone or Khloe herself expect that she’d have to discuss her feud with Amber Rose. Not only that, the superstar was also challenged to say three nice things about Amber Rose. […]

Alan Rickman Was Able To Become Snape With The Advice Of J.K. Rowling

Last week’s passing of well-loved British actor Alan Rickman was especially sad considering how close it came after the death of David Bowie. Alan Rickman was well known for holding a number of different film roles, but most prominently his fantastic portrayal of Severus Snape in the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter books. Rickman […]

Sunny Leone Set To Enter Bigg Boss 9 House With A Special Task For Rochelle And Mandana

The ninth season of popular Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 9 is already well under way, as you’re likely already aware. It’s now been announced that the show is set to face something of a shake up with the news that Sunny Leone is set to enter the house and present a special task […]

Hillary Clinton Reveals Her Technological Likes And Dislikes, But Where Does Snapchat Sit?

Thursday night saw the latest debate between the Republican candidates for the 2016 United States Presidential run. So what was the Democratic front runner doing whilst the debate was unfolding? Hillary Clinton was appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, where she took some time to explain her technological likes and dislikes. If one thing has […]

John McAfee Confirms He Has Shifted His Presidential Candidacy To The Libertarian Party

The field of candidates for the 2016 presidential election is definitely one of the most varied that we’ve seen in recent years. With that in mind, it came as no surprise to see technology figurehead John MacAfee announcing his candidacy last year. In fact, you might remember that McAfee originally announced his candidacy on a […]

Twitter Spat Between Farrah Abraham And Nicki Minaj Continues As Abraham’s Daughter Insults The Pop Star In A Video

You can’t go near the world of entertainment news right now without being aware of the ongoing Twitter spat between pop star Nicki Minaj and reality star Farrah Abraham. However, the spat now appears to have picked up some serious pace as Abraham has released a video of her 6-year-old daughter insulting the pop star. […]

Prince On Fatherhood: Becoming A Father Made Prince William More Emotional And Appreciate Life Better

Of the two Royal princes, heir to the throne William has always been considered to be more sensible than his brother Harry. However, the Duke of Cambridge has recently stated that, since becoming a father, he is now more emotional and appreciates life better. According to Prince William himself, even the smallest things now cause […]

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Overtakes ‘Titanic’ Into Second Most Successful Film Ever

When it comes to the most successful film releases of all time, that’s a space reserved for some pretty big players. Names including Avatar and Titanic sit comfortably as box office sellouts and the most successful films of all time. However, a fairly recent release in the form of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has […]