Self-Driving Cars Are Safer Than Human Drivers: Google Self-Driving Cars Get In Twenty Seven Percent Fewer Accidents

Engadget recently reported that Google self-driving cars get in 27 percent fewer accidents than human drivers. The Google test fleet have been driving on roads in California and other select areas to gather data and prepare for their eventual deployment across major cities worldwide. Self-driving cars crash less often than those with human drivers […]

Why Donald Trump Could Be Banned From The United Kingdom in 2016: Why Parliament Will Discuss The Ban Only

As of 11 December 2015, the e-petition to ban Donald Trump from the United Kingdom surpassed half a million signatures. Donald Trump has since threatened to pull his investments out of Scotland. His unchecked racism may come to a halt…in the UK. Parliament to debate a ban on Trump. > — Milk (@MilkStudios) […]

Are You ‘Beach Ready’? Women Feel ‘Oppressed’ By Fat-Shamed Bodies

Attention has been gaining momentum since the internet went viral with pictures of weight loss ads which purportedly fat shame people to compel them into buying their weight loss drugs, which often have dangerous side effects when taken in large doses. A wider problem of fat shaming has been recognized in recent headlines when it […]

Bacteria Apocalypse As Gonorrhea Strains Found Resistant To Treatments, Humans Could Be Plunged Back Into ‘Dark Ages’ Of Medicine [Graphic Image]

The end of days is near for the entire human race, which could be plunged thousands of years back into the days when people died on average in their 30s from common bacterial infections that are becoming ever more resistant to penicillin-based antibiotics. Due to the mass inoculation of animals for the meat industry combined […]

It’s Not About That Bass: There Is No Such Thing As ‘Fit Fat,’ According To Obesity Study

To the chagrin of Meghan Trainor fans everywhere, the aerobic nimbleness of obese people is not healthy. In fact, obesity is even more dangerous to the body than lack of fitness. “The study… evaluated the concept that ‘fat but fit is ok’. Men of a normal weight, regardless of their fitness level, were at lower […]

‘She’s Playing The Woman’s Card’, Donald Trump Riled By Hillary’s Gender In 2016 Presidential Election

CNN reports on Trump’s latest sound bite. Donald trump is riled by Hillary Clinton‘s gender, believing she will use it to win the 2016 Presidential election over him, proving misogyny prevails in Trump’s election campaign. “She’s playing the woman’s card.” @HillaryClinton Playing the woman’s card? And so she should. Women unite. — Carol Ann […]

As NFL Playoffs Approach, The Issue Of Long-Term Damage From Concussions Dominates Headlines

As the 2015 NFL season comes to a close and the playoffs approach, the American love of football is being overshadowed by the long-term consequences of concussions. The fact is that despite helmets, concussions are common for ex-football players who suffer the debilitating consequences of years of helmet bashing and violent falls to the ground. […]

Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Will Become Bosom Buddies If Trump Elected President, What Ideas Do They Share?

Donald Trump shares many of Vladimir Putin’s ideas. For example, Trump is against gay marriage, which is outlawed in Russia. Trump also shares Putin’s hard line stance against ISIS (Daesh). CBS News quotes Trump’s views on Putin’s air strikes in Syria. “Putin is now taking over what we started and he’s going into Syria, and […]

OPEC Attacks Renewable Energy By Flooding Market With Cheap Petroleum

There are only 50 years left until the oil reserves of planet Earth are exhausted. Despite this fact, the price of petroleum has plummeted and with it the price we pay at the pump has reduced as well, meaning several things: (1) Industry that depends on petroleum, such as logistics and energy production, is getting […]

‘I Am A Belieber,’ Declares Fans, We’re ‘Sorry’ We Ever Judged You

I have to admit. I was one of the people in Justin Bieber’s early years who doubted this upstart pop star had anything to offer but plastic, prepubescent, sad, overproduced milquetoast, that mulch pulp our teenagers listen to before discovering Pink Floyd, Metallica, or Nirvana. On behalf of fans, old and new alike, who ever […]

Take That To Sign Residency Deal In Las Vegas, Tour Impresses US Promoters

Take That, now made up of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen, have proved they are still at the top of their game as they smashed their tour performance leading to an offer to take on a residency in Las Vegas. Promoters were impressed with both their music and performance skills on stage, believing […]

Donald Trump Winning The 2016 Race For President: Ban On Muslims Could Actually Happen

The world is shocked at Donald Trump’s comments concerning the proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and monitor those already living there. In response, half a million people have signed a petition calling for Trump to be banned from the United Kingdom for his allegedly racially inflammatory remarks. However, Trump’s popularity […]

Security Over Christmas 2016: Is Your Family Protected?

Every year, Christmas promises us yet another season of festivities as we shop and plan for a season of celebration and gift giving. Unfortunately, Christmas is also a time for criminals to cash in as there are so many opportunities for criminals to take advantage of people who are so focused on preparing for and […]

Why Is Donald Trump Trending? Charm, Charisma, And Churlishness

Donald trump continues to make headlines, and trend strongly in Internet searches. As this unlikely candidate bids for the presidency of the United States, it seems people love to hate this politician who makes no apologies about his anti-immigration stance, as well as his personal attacks toward the media or anyone else who would criticize […]

Paris Attack Radicalizes France: Right-Wing Revolution As The National Front Party Leads In Six Out of Thirteen Regions`

As France 24 reports, the right wing in France is making significant gains. “TV exit polls show Marine Le Pen and her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen gaining more than 40 percent in the north and the southeast of the country.” Early exit poll results suggest that France has become radicalized after the November 13, 2015, […]

Is Immortality Possible Using Artificial Intelligence? Humai To Grant Eternal Life As A Cyborg

A company called Humai claims that it may be able to resurrect dead people by freezing brains and using artificial intelligence technology to support placing the “dead” brain in a cyborg body and regrowing the brain using stem cells. Secret to ‘living’ forever? Tech company reveal way to bring you back after death: Humai are […]

‘The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend’: How Isil Is Uniting The World Against Terrorism

The Paris shootings were ghastly. But so are all acts of terrorism. 9/11. 7/7. Mumbai. Charlie Hebdo. The downing of the Russian A321 airliner in which 224 people died. And now, what in the media has simply come to be called the “Paris Attacks” in which 130 are confirmed dead and 400 others are wounded, […]

World Oil Prices Are Plunging As Saudis, Iranians, And Russians Provide Supply Glut, OPEC Unbudging

Global oil prices are plunging. The current price of oil stands at $45 a barrel on Sunday, November 16, 2015. Factors are not just the additional oil being introduced by the Middle East, but also by the United States whose domestic production has nearly doubled over the last six years. In addition, increased energy-efficient vehicles […]

David Okeyo, Athletics Kenya Vice-President, Under Probe By Athletic’s World Governing Body

As the BBC reports, David Okeyo, vice-president of Athletics Kenya, is accused of siphoning funds from a sponsorship deal between the national association and Nike. IAAF corruption probes are scrutinizing people, organizations, and state involvement in everything from taking bribes to state-sponsored doping of athletes. The Daily Nation sums up the significance of the allegations […]

Scott Disick Rebounds From Split With Kourtney Kardashian After Rehab, Sells Rights To Beard

In a bid to turn it all around, the deflated Scott Disick has entered rehab for alcohol and drug treatment, and has capitalized on this turnaround by gaining a contract with Dollar Beard Club, thereby selling the rights to his well-trimed facial accessory. The Keeping Up With Kardashians reality star has made his Instagram account […]

Mark Zuckerberg To Provide Free Internet To One Billion In India, Gives Facebook Users Power To Squash Candy Crush Invites

On October 28, 2015, at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, Mark Zuckerberg has spoken of increasing Internet access to Indians, as well as “squashing” Candy Crush invites in new versions of the highly ubiquitous social networking platform that has over one billion users worldwide. In order to increase Internet access, Facebook has launched […]

As Halloween Candy Carelessly Consumed, A Petition For A Sugar Tax Wins Support of Jamie Oliver

An online petition calling for a tax on sugar has gained enough signatures to be debated in Parliament — 149,942 as of the writing of this article — meaning government MPs have to have the debate on the problem of too much sugar in the food that is consumed leading to health problems such as […]

Konrad Annerud — Leonardo DiCaprio’s Swedish Doppelgänger — Goes Viral On Social Media, Who Is Sexier?

The gates of social media have opened and Konrad Annerud, the Swedish doppelgänger of A-Lister, AKA Titanic star, Leonardo DiCaprio, has bolted through, gaining tens of thousands of followers in just a few hours and being the focus of news headlines across the world, with some questioning whether his fame is outstripping that of the […]

Saturn’s ‘Geyser Moon’ Enceladus Vents To Cassini In Closest Yet Flyby Over South Pole

Enceladus has revealed itself in its greatest detail yet at the South Pole, imaged by the Cassini Spacecraft. A first look at some raw, unprocessed images from the #Enceladus flyby. More to come. — CassiniSaturn (@CassiniSaturn) October 30, 2015 On what has been the “deepest-ever dive” through Enceladus’ Water plumes on its South Pole, […]

Bacterium Which Mimics Lyme Disease — Borrelia Miyamotoi — Resistant To Antibiotics

Alarming news is emerging about a newly discovered bacterium, Borrelia miyamotoi, which causes similar symptoms to Lyme disease but is more resistant to antibiotics than the more common strain, making this yet unnamed disease a particularly worrisome human health hazard. What is the Borrelia miyamotoi infection, the distant relation to Lyme disease — Clark […]

United States East Coast Struck By Listeria Outbreak At Whole Foods, Mass Recall Of Chicken Salads and Pasta Dishes, Cheese Contamination Fatal

Sample tests of curried chicken salad and deli pasta salads sold at Whole Foods stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey stores have been found to be contaminated with Listeria. Women are constantly being warned that eating certain foods while #pregnant can be dangerous. Listeria, a… — […]

Is Tony Blair A War Criminal? Ahead Of Iraq War Findings, Tony ‘Spins’ Mistakes

Ahead of the Chilcot Report findings, Tony Blair has appeared on CNN to make what analysts have deemed “spin” remarks, apologizing for aspects of the way the Iraq war was conducted, but staunchly defending the decision to invade. Tony Blair apologises for ‘bad intelligence’ ahead of Iraq War — The Independent (@Independent) October 25, […]

Count The Number Of Moles On Your Arm To Predict Chances Of Skin Cancer, More Than Eleven Increases Risk

Live Science reports on a study of the deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma, which can help determine increased risk by a simple metric that anyone can use for the purposes of helping a doctor in their individual patient care. Women who have at least seven moles on their arm would likely to have at […]

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Blames Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem For ‘Inspiring The Holocaust,’ Saeb Erekat Denounces Comments As ‘Inflammatory’

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu has blamed the Palestinians for inspiring Hitler to commit the Holocaust in their worry that fleeing Jews would come to British-controlled Palestine. Netanyahu, while still blaming Hitler for pulling the direct causal trigger on the Holocaust by authorising it, he goes on to say that the Holocaust might never have happened […]

Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons A Deterrence Against Indian ‘Aggression,’ Says Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary, Aizaz Chaudhry, has confirmed what many already knew: Pakistan’s nuclear program is mainly a deterrent against India’s conventional and nuclear military capability. “Our nuclear program is one dimensional: stopping Indian aggression before it happens. It is not for starting a war. It is for deterrence.” One might not take notice of this […]

‘Severely Dehydrated’ Infant’s Abduction Triggers Amber Alert, Mother, Tiffany Cherry, Arrested At Boston Children’s Hospital

Tiffany Cherry, 36, has been arrested for endangering the life of her 2-and-a-half-month-old son by allegedly fleeing Pennsylvania with him after given advice by a Nurse Practitioner at the Geisinger Kistler Clinic that her son needed immediate emergency medical care, and ignoring said advice. Rather than seek immediate care, Cherry drove more than five hours […]

‘If You Vote For Donald Trump You Are F****** Ignorant,’ Says Artist Miguel

Miguel Jontel Pimental (full name), known in the recording industry as simply “Miguel,” has spoken out against Donald Trump and his supporters by saying that it is “f****** ignorant” to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Miguel says that Trump is simply getting attention with his various antics from sexist comments to his […]

Sanafi Al-Nasr, Senior Al-Qaeda Commander, Killed In Syrian Air Strike, Was It The Russians Or Americans?

International Business Times reports that Sanafi al-Nasr, Senior al-Qaeda leader, has been killed today, Saturday, October 17, 2015, in an air strike in the Aleppo province in Syria. Two other Takfiri terrorists — Abdul Malik al-Jazrawi and Abu Yasir al-Maghrebi, of Saudi and Morroccan nationality respectively, were also targeted in the attack. The attack coincides […]

2-Year-Old And 5-Year-Old Gang Raped In Delhi, Rape Epidemic Continues, Global Problem Highlighted

The unthinkable has again happened in Delhi. The Times of India reports that there were two incidences of rape of minors in the Indian capital on Friday 16 October, 2015. Two men are alleged to have kidnapped and taken away on a motorbike the 2-year-old and then left her in a nearby park. The infant […]

Halfway Through Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Still Slow Progress — Where Are The Cures?

It has been reported that a worry is setting in among those advocating for more breast cancer awareness, research, and cures as the once-a-year awareness month has become so heavily commercialized that people are not recognizing the problem as a whole 365-day-per-year issue for those who are, or know someone, living with cancer. “The greatest […]

Delhi, India: 4-Year-Old Rape Victim Brutally Assaulted In Vicious Sex Attack, 50 Detained For Questioning

Warning: Some readers may find the following disturbing. A shocking report has emerged in India of a 4-year-old girl allegedly gang raped as up to 50 men are brought in for questioning by police. The girl will require extensive surgery and in the meantime has undergone surgery for a colostomy bag. The girl was sodomized […]

The Day After Tomorrow: Global Warming Not Enough To Stop Dawning Ice Age

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) was a film that showed what would happen if climate change and global warming went unchecked. There is an ironic twist to the fate of Earth when it comes to global warming. A period of dramatic cooling could take effect as a result of global warming causing a chain of […]

Class Action Threat Over Perchlorate In Water Leads to Halliburton To Offer Undisclosed Settlement To 130 Plaintiffs

Halliburton has agreed to pay out an undisclosed sum to 130 plaintiffs regarding 80 properties in Duncan, Oklahoma, the location of one of Halliburton’s home bases. Perchlorate is the chemical at issue and the accusation was that Halliburton knew there were unhealthy levels of the chemical in the well water. In 2011, Halliburton announced that […]

Russia Increases Intensity Of Syrian Air Strikes, ‘Devastates’ ISIS

Reuters has reported that Russia is stepping up its airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State. Russian jets have carried out more than 60 flights in Syria in three days. Russian Army General Staff Official Andrei Kartapolov explains. “Our intelligence witnesses that the fighters are leaving the areas under their control. Panic and desertion has […]

German Economy In Peril As Volkswagen Sets Aside Six And A Half Billion Euros, Audi And Others Also Responsible

According to the head of the European Parliament, Germany as a whole could be severely affected by the crises affecting Volkswagen and the discovery of its software, which purposely lied to emissions testers, about the polluting emissions for the cars on which the software was installed. Many people believe the €6.5 billion is not enough […]

Twenty Years Since O.J. Simpson ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict, Those Closest To The Case Reflect

On October 3, 1995, the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lance Ito presided over the trial of O.J. Simpson for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson. It has been 20 years since the verdict, and those involved in the case are still reflecting. Judge Ito, the presiding judge, has just retired this year, having […]

NASA Releases Over 8400 Images Documenting Apollo Moon Missions, Squashes Doubters Of Moon Landing

NASA has released 8400 images of the Apollo moon missions which show clips were taken at short intervals throughout the entire set of missions. This is an unprecedented release as images are of such high quality and numerous that it is leaving no doubt as to the authenticity of the missions. Moon landing conspiracies will […]

Seventy-Four Heroin Overdoses Reported In Chicago In Last Three Days, ‘Epidemic’ Looms

Heroin laced with the powerful painkiller fentanyl is suspected in a rise in fatal overdoses in Chicago. A bad batch of heroin has lead to 70+ people in Chicago ODing in the last 72 hours — Brandon Wall (@Walldo) October 2, 2015 More than 20 people are now reported to have died from the […]

Hurricane Joaquin A ‘Severe’ Category 4, Punishing The Central Bahamas, Obama Declares State Of Emergency In South Carolina

The Weather Channel reports of “rapid intensification” of Hurricane Joaquin with winds being recorded of 155 miles per hour. This is only two miles per hour less than a Category Five, the most severe. New York and the East Coast of the United States is bracing itself. There is already poor weather conditions on Coney […]

Calcium Supplements Fail To Provide Benefit To Senior Citizens, Overall Benefits Of Supplements In Doubt

Calcium supplements fail to provide benefit to senior citizens, and the doubts over supplements, particularly vitamins, in have now turned into advice from doctors being they should be avoided altogether. In a Time Magazine article, it was reported by the Annals of Internal Medicine. The authors stated it bluntly. “We believe that the case is […]

Minecraft Goes Videogame In ‘Story Mode’, Inspired By Stampy Longhead

The popular video game Minecraft is undergoing changes to the nature of the user experience, for example, requiring less mining and having dramas play out in the environment between characters not unlike those of the mega franchise Final Fantasy. The difference between these two games is that Minecraft is popular due to the pragmatic experience […]

Sea Temperatures In The Pacific Ocean Rise To Record Levels, El Nino To Bring Extreme Weather, Earth’s Prognosis ‘Not Good’

El Nino is expected to be strong this year. The rising sea has warmed 2 degrees Celsius from mid-August into early September in the equatorial area of the Pacific Ocean, where variances in temperatures indicate the severity of El Nino. The result means that extreme whether, such as typhoons and hurricanes, are likely to be […]

Cindy Crawford Goes Social, Damaging Self Consciousness Revealed, Plugs Memoir ‘Becoming’

Cindy Crawford and her daughter sat down for an interview in which Cindy talked about her experience with social media as well as her continued self-consciousness. Cindy explains, while also discussing her new book. “As much as I did the book for my fans who grew up with me, it’s also for those people to […]

Exercise Cuts Cancer Risk By Forty Percent, Weight Lifting Has Greatest Impact

It is well known that the body itself has defences against cancer. It is less known how the body does this and to what extent so-called “natural defences” can be improved. Exercise itself — particularly weight training — has reportedly been shown to be associated with a 40% decrease in the likeliness of getting cancer. […]

Missing Link Fossil Has Features Of Human And Apes, Questions Of Human Evolution Emerge From Homo Naledi Discovery

There have been many significant findings concerning human evolution over the years, but the most recent, the Homo Naledi discovery, is moving the science forward, giving more clues as to the genetic drift that created modern humans. National Geographic reports that it was recreational cavers who sought out a remote tunnel at the Rising Star […]