[Game Trailer] Dead Island – Horror Shooter (NSFW)

The announcement trailer for Dead Island has just been released and it sets a new standard. Some commentators on IGN started crying, while others were ready to bring out the shotgun. From Wikipedia:It is an open-ended game, centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested island. The game uses a first-person perspective. However, the […]

Call Of Duty Black Ops Stats

There is so much truth in this poster, except it misses one thing. How many money Activision has saved on marketing because of free blog posts. Via The Escapist

Space Monolith Action Figure

This is just what every film nerd needs for Christmas or any other holiday. The “Space Monolith Action Figure” from ThinkGeek. This Kubrickan inaction figure has absolutely zero points of articulation and it’s full of stars. With the original proportions 1:4:9 and made of semisynthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials (AKA plastic) all it needs would […]

Harry Potter Discusses Playing Daniel Radcliffe

In a very honest and naked interview Harry Potter discusses how it is to play Daniel Radcliffe. I can only agree with him. Americans never accepts European sports. Quidditch isn’t for sissies. You can get a broom burn. I Am Harry Potter from Daniel Radcliffe

Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick

Wait until the end. It is seriously worth the 1.55 minute of your time!

Swiss Finance Minister Laugh Attack

Just because you are in politics, from Switzerland, a minister and 67 year old doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh attack when talking about spiced meat in front of the parliament. Especially the word “Bündnerfleisch” (a kind of dried meat) seems to cause Hans-Rudolf Merz some extra trouble. The real fun starts at about […]

The Most Epic Picture Ever

I guess it doesn’t get anymore epic than this.

Leaked Photo Of Facebook Phone

I think I’ve seen the design some place else. I just can’t put a finger on it. The device I’m thinking of is black and this one is blue. Sean Percival spotted it.

Vulcan Hoodie – This Is Pure Genius

It’s a hoodie with an ordinary big hand when zipped, but zip it down a bit and suddenly you have the coolest hoodie ever made. As you can see in the picture, you’ll walk around giving people the biggest Vulcan salute ever. The hoodie is called “Traditional Greeting” and can be yours for only $40. […]

10 Pictures Real Life Super Heroes

These pictures are from the “Real Life Super Heroes Project” created by photographer Peter Tangen. It features ordinary people wearing super hero costumes/outfits. I think “Life” could be Mashable’s Pete Cashmore. I’ve always suspected him of having a secret identity. And we know that Scots can hide their accent pretty good. (I’m looking at you […]

Star Wars: Midichlorian Rhapsody

If you are going to spend 6 minutes today watching a video on YouTube, then make sure it’s Midichlorian Rhapsody! It’s a cover version of Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” which chronicles the first three Star Wars movies. This is pure genious and very well made!

Xbox 360 Death Puts The Console War On Hold

Some things in life are certain in life death, pocket lint and Xbox 360 Red Ring (RROD). I’m currently on my fourth Xbox 360, but like a dog that just took a leak on me, I keep petting it?! When my Xbox 360 dies I ship it to Holland. In Europe that’s where all dead […]

You Don’t Mess With Darth Schwarzenegger

What would happen if you dubbed James Earl Jones’ Darth Vader voice with Arnold Schwarzenegger? You’d get a lot of F-words and a sexual deviant Star Wars bad guy. Slightly NSFW because of the swearing.

Everything Ages Fast – Fake Social Media Vintage Ads

These fake vintage ads for Facebook, Skype and Youtube created by Brazilian ad agency Moma for a media seminar called “Everything Ages Fast”. They are just brilliant. Thanks to Laughing Squid.

FIFA 11 Cover Revealed – Big Surprise Another Brazilian

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, or better known as Kaka will be on the cover of FIFA 11. He is replacing another Brazilian, Ronaldinho, who has been on the cover several times. Kaka will be joined by 17 other iconic soccer players in territory specific packaging. Kaka will be joined by Wayne Rooney for the […]

How Much For An Unlocked iPhone 4 Around The Globe

This iPhone 4 price comparison chart made by iphone-ticker.de shows that some are luckier than others when buying unlocked iPhone 4. If you are looking for a cheap unlocked iPhone 4 Hong Kong and Singapore is the place to be. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t ship outside the specific country (because they don’t believe in the free […]

Teatime Oral Sex Gone Wrong

The headline says it all. Amazing how these stories make it to the press. Via failblog

Leaked Thor Trailer Hits The Net – Watch It Before It’s Gone

I’ve previously written about Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor movie. Last time all I could show you was a image of Thor, Odin and Loke (as us closest to the Norse gods call him). In this almost 5 minute long trailer we see a lot more details. Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulsen, who we first met in […]

Starcraft – The Story So Far

The last time I played Starcraft was in 1998. A lot have happened since then, so I’m can’t remember the Starcraft story down to detail. Actually I can barely recall anything. Good thing we have YouTube (though this doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven YouTube for suspending me, but that’s another post). If you have some forty […]

Champions League Qualifying Draw – Celtic And Ajax Expect Semi-Tough Matches

So Much Truth In This Vampire Chart

You can’t argue with charts. If it’s in a chart it’s the truth, just ask TV commercials.

First Look Photo Of Thor, Odin And Loki And More 3D Movies

Yes, it’s official “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” will -sigh- also be in 3D. Apparently this is something we have to get used to. Don’t get me wrong, I think 3D is cool in cartoons, where kids can laugh when something comes close to their eyes. My son loves to watch “Bob The […]

The Simpsons Voice Chart

You can’t help, but be impressed by this chart! Amazing how many voices Hank Azaria does and how many male voices are done by females.

My World Cup Reactions, Thoughts And Dream Team

With Spain as the deserved winners and Holland proving to be sad losers with their constant whining about the referee. They should be glad Howard Webb didn’t have the guts to give Nigel de Jong the red card after his karate kick in Xabi Alonso’s chest. He should also have given Arjen Robben his second […]

How To Complete Mario 3 In 11 Minutes

The poster says it all, though I think it kinda takes the charm out of it, but it’s that simple.

Forget About Video Technology In Soccer

I can see why many people (especially English) are interested in cameras in and around the goals in soccer (aka the real football). It would certainly help a lot of referees out, earn more money to one club/country or player and make soccer more fair. But soccer isn’t fair. Soccer isn’t about correct decisions, if […]

Woman In Sumo Wrestler Suit Assaults Ex-Girlfriend

I bet there is a good explanation for this…somewhere.

Thing Vs. Edward Scissorhands – Thing Wins Everytime

This picture says everything. (if not then think rock, papir, scissors)

Old School Star Trek And Modern Music Mashup

This mashup by MissSheenie of classic Star Trek and Ke$ha’s hit “Tik Tok” clearly shows that everything works with Star Trek.

Vuvuzela – All The Good Vuvuzela Links In One Place

You’ve probably heard the vuvuzela or rather the sound it makes. Calling it noise is as disrespectful towards the South Africans as calling Duncan’s didgeridoo noise. The vuvuzela is a South African instrument, but if it isn’t played correctly or by 25,000 people it might annoy your ears a bit. The good news is that […]

15 Pictures BP Wished Didn’t Exist

BP Marketing will have a blast… x

It’s Big iPhone 4 Preorder Day And We Are Already Going Crazy

In Denmark it’s the 15th, in New York it’s barely and in Los Angeles they are still behind, but that doesn’t stop us (writers/bloggers/fanboys) from going crazy with iPhone Preorder-posts. On TUAW a reader claims he has preordered an iPhone 4 already. Chris ordered it from Best Buy in Westchester County in New York. (Spellingnazis: […]

What Your Email Adress Says About Your Computer Skills

TheOatMeal.com has made this brilliant, true and funny drawing. (I use gmail and my own domain, but I have a hotmail too. Used only for registering and spam).

Review: iPad Accessories – Bluetooth Keyboard And Skin Case

The last two weeks I’ve tested two different accessories for my iPad. A Bluetooth keyboard and a Skin Case, both are supplied from Wirelessground.com. They asked me to test and review them. These are my experiences without any influence from any one or any where. The Candy Skin Case review: Pro: It took some effort […]

LOST: The Unanswered Questions

It’s no secret that I got something in my eye during the LOST finale. I thought it was a great episode and a worthy ending to the show. It’s amazing how fast 6 years pass by. The whole concept of LOST was – Everytime you get a question answered, another question is asked. Collegehumor has […]

The Biggest Shift Since The Industrial Revolution

The numbers speak for themselves. Created by en.gauge.media.

ModNation Racers Viral Video Released – “Big” Guy Gets Hot Chick

Isn’t a Playstation 3 just a mix of a Nintendo Wii and a Xbox 360? I ask that because I’ve never owned a PS2 or PS3 (and perhaps to provoke a few comments out of PS3 fans.) I know why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo doesn’t make their game cross-platform. How many extra Wiis would Nintendo […]

Real Madrid Sack Pellegrino – Mourinho Is On His Way

It’s never easy being a manager for a major soccer (football) team. Especially in one of the major leagues and even more so in Real Madrid. When you are managing Real Madrid it’s NOT ok to end second in Primera Division with “only” 96 points, three points behind league winner FC Barcelona. It’s not good […]

FIFA World Cup: Italy’s Preliminary Squad Announced

Marcello Lippi’s chosen 30 has today been reduced by only two players. Italy’s 2006 World Cup star defender Fabio Grosso and Antonio Candreva, both from Juventus, got axed today. Fabio Grosso was the man behind Italy’s victory at the 2006 World Cup. He scored the last and decisive penalty kick in the penalty kick competition […]

Your Boomerang Isn’t That Cool Link

Good to know that I suck as much as Link when it comes to throwing boomerangs.

Apple Lost Another 4G iPhone

Geez Apple I thought these iPhone prototypes were chained to the floor in the middle of Mordor. This time it wasn’t lost in a biergarten (unless they have those in Vietnam), instead it has surfaced in Vietnam. Apparently bought by a Vietnamese businessman, who also purchased an iPad. It looks better than the previous “lost” […]

The Jedi A-Holes Or Why Not Everyone Can Become A Jedi

This video is just pure entertainment. I’m glad there is some kind of natural selection in real life. To think if these two morons were Force sensitive…

FIFA World Cup: England Squad Announced – Garragher Resurrected

England manager Fabio Capello has persuaded Liverpool’s veteran defender Jaime Carragher to come out of national team retirement and help England yet again. Ledley King is also back in the squad. None of them have played a part in England’s Word Cup qualification. Because of injuries in England’s usual defense, Capello has been forced to […]

FIFA World Cup: Brazilian Squad Announced – Ronaldinho Left Out

Brazilian manager Dunga has picked his squad for the FIFA World Cup and there are a couple of surprises, not just in the squad, but also players that aren’t part of it. Most noteworthy is the lack of Ronaldinho in the squad, but also AC Milan star Alexandre Pato and Flamengo’s Adriano are missing. They […]

FIFA World Cup: Spanish Squad Announced

Denmark’s squad for the FIFA World Cup was announced yesterday. I won’t bore you with names many of you probably doesn’t know. Instead I’ll show you how a potential World Cup winner looks like. Spain’s squad: Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), David De Gea (Atletico Madrid), Diego Lopez (Villarreal), Jose Reina (Liverpool) Victor Valdes (Barcelona). […]

Dungeons & Dragons Themed Sodas Makes Me Thirsty

It’s not that I play Dungeons & Dragons or anything like that (but I do enjoy the DPS my lvl. 1 Hybrid Ranger/Sorcerer can do), but these delicious sodas makes me a bit thirsty. Who couldn’t drink a: Bigby’s Crushing Thirst Destroyer Sneak Attack Potion of Healing Illithid Brain Juice Dwarven Draught Eldritch Blast You […]

Things Lady Gaga Wants

Inspired by Lady Gaga’s massive hit “Bad Romance” a very bright person on Twitter has created this awesome chart of “Things Lady Gaga Wants”. Watch the Lady Gaga Bad Romace video here (in case you aren’t one of the 200,000,000+ views)

Chart Compares The Characteristics Of Fansboys

This very cool and not at all stereotypical chart lets you compare the different fanboys from Apple, Xbox 360 and Linux fans to D&D and Blackberry fans. The editors at PCWorld and MacWorld are the master minds behind this, not-so scientific-yet-there-is-so-much-truth-in-it chart. I recognize a lot of attributes from a few of my friends, though […]

Make Your iPad Into A Netbook – Argh Stop It!

There is no end to the possibilities (and accessories) if you own an iPad. I’m currently testing a blutetooth keyboard and a candy cover (review coming soon). I haven’t decided if it is useful or not yet, but this one is just ridiculous. Why would you want to put your iPad in a case with […]

Love Seats Now Available In Danish City Buses – Singles Take The Bus

No more boring city bus rides. Take a seat in one of the two “love seats” on a Danish bus in Copenhagen and you could leave the bus holding hands with your next love (or a broken self confidence.) Arriva Scandinavia have installed “love seats” in more than 100 city buses in Copenhagen. The seats […]