SpaceX Employee Ridicules Completion From Europe, ULA, And Russia, But Spares Blue Origin

SpaceX employees have a lot to celebrate lately, what with their increasing launch schedule, improved ability to recover their rockets, and their now demonstrated capacity to reuse those recovered rockets. But as noted by Fortune, during a recent Skype call, one SpaceX employee threw a bit of shade at the company’s aerospace competitors, including virtually […]

Greg Berlanti Universe Just Keeps Growing: What New Shows Are Coming?

It’s a cliché to say that someone is the busiest man in Hollywood, but Greg Berlanti really is. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Berlanti is on the verge of breaking the record for the most shows in production. The previous record was 10 shows held by Jerry Bruckheimer, but if things go as planned, […]

‘Timeless’ Gets Renewed After All: NBC Makes Unusual Decision To Cancel And Then Renew ‘Timeless’

Timeless is finding that, as can happen in time travel shows, they are getting a do over. Only a few days ago, NBC announced that, after one season, it was pulling the plug on this time travel/adventure show. But as reported by Deadline, an uproar among fans apparently caused them to change their mind about […]

‘X-Files’ New Season Filming: Can We Hope For Another Awesome Season From Mulder And Scully?

X-Files will be coming back for another season in the 2017-18 timeframe, and it can’t happen too soon for rabid X-Files fans. The TV medium seems a much better fit for the characters and the stories than the big screen approach the producers tried with minimal success following the end of the original run of […]

‘Wonder Woman’: What Low Box Office And Bad Reviews Would Mean For The Future Of The DCEU

When Wonder Woman premieres on June 2, will it be the key to saving the Warner Bros./DCEU franchise, or will it be the final nail in the coffin that forces the studio to scrap the whole idea? Yes, the trailers have been awesome for Wonder Woman, but so were the trailers for Batman v Superman […]

‘King Arthur’ First Huge Flop Of The Summer: What Was Wrong With Guy Ritchie’s Latest Movie

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur has just achieved the debatable distinction of being this summer’s first major flop. This Warner Bros. release had a production budget of over $175 million but pulled in only $14.7 million in its opening weekend in wide release. This result means that – when adding in the massive marketing budget – […]

Trump Impeachment: Comey Firing Echos Nixon Watergate, Will ‘Impeach Trump’ Demands Get President Impeached?

A Donald Trump impeachment seems significantly more likely the day after he had FBI Director Comey fired. In fact, cries to “impeach Trump now” will almost certainly increase as this current situation starts to resemble the Nixon Watergate scandal and the constitutional crisis that ensued. But will Republicans oppose a Trump impeachment, regardless of what […]

Raul Labrador: Republican Congressman Contends ‘Nobody Dies Because They Don’t Have Access To Health Care.’

Raul Labrador is clearly a man of unusual conviction. While many House and Senate Republicans were attempting to assuage the fears of their constituents about shutting down Obamacare, Labrador – a congressman from Idaho – took an entirely different tack. As reported by CNN, Congressman Labrador contended to a disbelieving audience that “Nobody dies because […]

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Character Changed To Help Rian Johnson With ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi.’

It was recently revealed that Star Wars: The Force Awakens actually had a slightly different ending because of the intervention of Rian Johnson. Originally, R2-D2 wasn’t supposed to make the journey with Rey in her quest to find Luke Skywalker. As reported by ScreenRant, Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams had someone else […]

Fantastic Four Return To The MCU? Could They Even Appear In An Upcoming Avengers Movie?

Is it possible the Fantastic Four could soon return to the MCU? Fans of comic books and comic book movies have been clamoring for this to happen for years now. But there seem to be possibilities that something like this could actually happen at some time in the near future. Hey everyone, check out my […]

‘Arrow’ Season Six Spoilers: Which Characters Are Returning Next Season On ‘Arrow’ And Who’s Leaving?

This season’s Arrow is soon drawing to a close with the Season 5 finale, so it’s time to take stock of exactly where Arrow is at the end of its five-year run and where it might be going. In particular, which characters now on Arrow will be coming back next year in Season 6? Obviously, […]

Black Hole Science: How Do Scientists Know The Center Of The Milky Way Galaxy Has A Black Hole?

A black hole is perhaps the most fascinating object in existence. Astronomers suspect that black holes are closely tied to the structure and formation of galaxies. In fact, it’s thought that an enormous black hole exists at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, influencing its size and growth. It should be noted that […]

Macron Won The Election In France: Is This The Turning Of The Tide For Europe’s Far Right Movements? Learning that Emmanuel Macron won the election in France is disappointing for those on the European far right. Many no doubt hoped that Marine Le Pen would be one more in the vanguard of Western right-wing candidates assuming office and implementing their anti-immigrant policies. But with the resounding defeat Macron delivered to Le Pen, […]

Stephen Colbert Trump YouTube Video Is Crashing The Internet: Everyone Wonders What Colbert Said About Trump

The Stephen Colbert Trump YouTube video has become one of the most-watched on the Internet, with millions wanting to find out just what shocking thing Colbert said about Donald Trump that got him into so much hot water. As reported by CNN, while the rather colorful – some Republicans have suggested obscene – joke by […]

Ego, The Living Planet, Spoilers: Who He Is In Marvel Comics And In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’

As noted by Screen Rant, Ego, the living planet, is one of the more outrageous and “out there” characters in the Marvel comics universe. This is one of the reasons it was so surprising that he was chosen to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Even more surprising was the fact that Kurt […]

‘Supergirl’ Season Finale: Will Lena Luther Join Forces With Rhea Against Supergirl?

This season on Supergirl we’ve seen a rather surprising friendship develop between Kara/Supergirl and Lena Luthor – the adopted sister of super villain and Superman enemy Lex Luthor. But as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly, is that friendship about to be tossed out the window in the season finale? At the end of last week’s […]

‘Arrow’ Olicity Spoilers: Will Oliver Get Back Together With Felicity In Next Episode?

Arrow “Olicity” speculation is running rampant following the end of the last episode of Arrow in which Oliver and Felicity find themselves facing an explosion that seemingly takes out their underground lair. The teaser trailer for the follow-up episode, entitled “Underneath” indicates that this is going to be a strongly Oliver/Felicity leaning story, with a […]

The Rock And The DCEU: Is Dwayne Johnson Playing Both Black Adam And Shazam?

Does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have a surprise in store for fans when it comes to his upcoming role in the DCEU? Currently, he’s supposedly going to play the role of the villain Black Adam in an upcoming DC film. But some have speculated that the reason the Black Adamfilm is now going to go […]

Sylvester Stallone To Get Marvel Movie? What James Gunn Says After ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2’ [Spoilers]

Sylvester Stallone – to the surprise of some – actually has a small role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Marvel film. While it might seem like an odd casting choice at first, Stallone is no stranger to sci-fi films – having already played the role of Judge Dredd. The team was […]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ News From The Latest ‘Star Trek’ Series Being Produced For CBS All Access

While the new Star Trek: Discovery series being produced has had the occasional delay prior to production, filming is now well underway for what many are hoping will be a successful revival of the much beloved TV franchise. Star Trek: Discovery will appear on CBS All Access and is expected to probably premiere sometime this […]

Netflix Hacked: ‘OITNB’ Leaked, Will ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ ‘NCIS Los Angeles,’ ‘The Catch’ Be Leaked Next?

With Netflix hacked and the upcoming season’s opening episode of Orange Is the New Black already leaked online, will other television series and movies also threatened by the organization styling itself as TheDarkOverlord also start appearing online? This leak involves more than just Netflix and its slate of shows like OITNB. As reported by Variety, […]

Who Is Savitar: Could Eddie Thawne, H.R. Wells, Ronnie Raymond Or Barry Allen Be Savitar On ‘The Flash’?

Just who is Savitar on The Flash? Unlike previous seasons of The Flash, it looks as though the revelation of just who season 4’s big bad is might just wait until the finale. However, as noted by WhatCulture, this, of course, hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the identity of Savitar and whether he could […]

Kim Jong Un Threats: Korean Leader Will Destroy The Nuclear Submarine USS Michigan If It Nears North Korea

Kim Jong Un – North Korea’s current dictator – is threatening to destroy the USS Michigan if it gets any nearer to North Korea. The military tensions are increasing in and around the Korean Peninsula as the Trump administration positions United States forces – including submarines like the Michigan and the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson […]

World War 3: Will Trump-Korea Conflict Draw United States, China, & Russia Into End Of The World Nuclear War?

World War 3 is becoming a frequent topic online, with many people wondering whether a North Korea conflict will draw the United States, China, and Russia into an end of the world nuclear war. All three countries are sending forces into the area – the United States on land and sea and China and Russia […]

Vivek Murthy Out As Surgeon General: Donald Trump Dismisses Gun Control Advocate Enemy Of NRA

On Friday, Vivek Murthy – the United States Surgeon General – announced that he was being replaced only two years after being confirmed for his position during the Obama administration. While many on the right are certainly glad when any Obama appointed official is removed and replaced, the dismissal of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General […]

Trump Putin Bromance Ending: Donald Trump Russia Ties Breaking Down As Trump Embraces China?

Is the Trump-Putin bromance coming to a screeching end? Certainly, Donald Trump’s recent embrace of China – not to mention China’s leader – at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort appeared to change Trump’s view of China. As reported by The Hill, Trump has seemed to distance himself from Russia in many different areas, suggesting that Trump […]

‘Justice League’ Movies Not Shot Simultaneously After All: Reflection Of Changes In Warner Bros. DC Movies?

The Justice League movies will not be shot simultaneously after all. Previously, Warner Bros. had suggested that the two Justice League movies would be two halves of the same story, so they would shoot them at the same time. In the wake of all the changes taking place in the Warner Bros./DC cinematic universe, they’ve […]

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Will Anyone Else On AOS Die In Radcliffe And Aida’s Hydra World Framework?

Major Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spoilers are ahead if you haven’t seen the last two episodes. Some fairly significant characters have already died inside the Matrix-like Framework created by Radcliffe and his android/LMD Aida on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But is anybody else going to bite it before – or during – the season finale? Already Dead […]

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Finale: Is Deathstroke Actor Manu Bennett Only Doing Voiceover For End Of ‘Arrow’ Season 5?

The Arrow season 5 finale is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated episodes of the entire series. The trailers make it clear that the series is going to go full circle and return to Lian Yu for the season finale. But the most exciting part of the trailer that’s come out is […]

‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Adding Mark Gibbon As General Zod And A Returning Tyler Hoechlin’s Man Of Steel, Superman

In previous Supergirl Season 2 episodes, we’ve seen Kara and her team at the DEO dealing with low level, invading Kryptonian’s before. But as reported by Screen Rant, General Zod himself will apparently finally be making an appearance near the end of this season. Zod’s “Kneel before Zod” moment is probably why Superman will also […]

The Flash: Is That Really Iris Barry Allen Sees Killed By Savitar, Or Is It Someone Else?

Throughout the entire season of The Flash, the Flash crew has been struggling to find a way to save Iris from her apparently predestined death at the hands of Savitar. But even though they’ve managed to change the timeline slightly, it hasn’t been enough to prevent that inevitable scene in which Barry is too slow […]

Josh Brolin Was Jonah Hex And Thanos: A Mistake For Brolin To Be Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’ And X-Men Movies?

According to The Associated Press, Josh Brolin was recently picked for the role of Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. Brolin is a well-respected actor who could certainly bring weight to the role of the time traveling, Apocalypse fighting cyborg known as Cable. At the same time, some people are questioning whether it really […]

Star Wars Movies: After ‘The Last Jedi’ And ‘Episode 9,’ What Can We Expect From Star Wars And Lucasfilm?

The Star Wars movies have provided Disney with one of the largest franchises in the world through its purchase of Lucasfilm. Moviegoers are eagerly anticipating the upcoming movies in the series, including The Last Jedi and the as yet unnamed Episode 9 – not to mention the currently unnamed Han Solo prequel movie. However, after […]

The Steve Bannon – Jared Kushner White House War: It Looks Like Bannon Lost Big-Time

When the Steve Bannon – Jared Kushner war broke out in the White House, few people would have anticipated that it would be Bannon getting shown the door, rather than Kushner. On the other hand, since Kushner is actually Trump’s son-in-law, maybe it shouldn’t have been that surprising to Bannon just who Trump would end […]

‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Spoilers: Will Capaldi’s Doctor Who Be Running Into A Doctor From An Earlier Season?

Is Steven Moffat, in his final season of Doctor Who, going to give us a huge surprise with the appearance of a Doctor Who we haven’t seen in decades? In recent years, the crossovers between Doctor Whos have primarily involved the most recent versions of the Doctor since the show was revived under Russell T. […]

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: After Committing Murder, Is Fitz Going To Be A Villain For Next Season’s AoS?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended on a fairly shocking note last episode, with Fitz essentially murdering someone – albeit a computerized and almost artificial Agnes – inside the Framework. This was nearly as shocking to viewers as it was to Simmons. But the question now is whether this is going to be a short-term plot device […]

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Where Will The CW’s Intrepid Band Of Superhero Time Travelers Go In Season 3?

Unfortunately, the CW’s superhero time traveling show Legends of Tomorrow is off the air till next season. But as annoying as the short run for this show is – as compared with the full season for Arrow or The Flash– it at least leaves plenty of time for speculation about what Season 3 will bring. […]

‘The Flash’ Season Finale Spoilers: Leaked Footage From ‘The Flash’ Suggest Surprising Twist For Barry Allen

Recently leaked footage from The Flash season finale – if that’s what it is – points to a surprising twist for Barry Allen and also serves to shoot down certain rumors about who Savitar might or might not be. The following is going to contain potentially massive spoilers for the entire season, so you’ve been […]

Trump Approval Rating Up After Syria And Afghanistan: Will War With North Korea Make Trump Popular Again?

The Trump approval rating – which had been hovering in Nixon-like Watergate territory – did in the latest polls have a bit of an uptick from 34 percent to 41 percent, according to Gallup. Perhaps not surprisingly, this rise in the Donald Trump approval rating corresponded almost exactly with his decision to drop bombs in […]

Last Day To File Taxes Nears: Why Do Taxpayer Procrastinators Wait To Last Minute To File Income Tax Returns?

The last day to file taxes in the United States is rapidly approaching and – as happens every year – millions of Americans have once again waited to the last possible second to do their income taxes. Just why do they do this? Is it laziness, a distaste for complex forms, a reluctance to hand […]

US–Korea War: Likely Outcome Of War Between The United States And North Korea On The Korean Peninsula

The possible outcome of a new US – Korea war has gone from being an outrageous speculation to something being seriously considered in recent weeks. As reported by the Associated Press, the current confrontation between the Trump administration and North Korea over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program seems to escalate every day. But […]

‘Jedi Must End’: Why Is Luke Skywalker Talking The End Of The Jedi In New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer?

When Luke Skywalker says “the Jedi must end” at the end of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, just what the heck is he talking about? As noted by Collider, as much as any of the amazing visuals seen in the new Star Wars trailer released at Star Wars Celebration, these closing words […]

Captain America: Is Steve Rodgers Really A Hydra-Nazi, Or Will He Be Redeemed?

The decision made last year by Marvel Comics to have Captain America turn out to have been a Hydra agent throughout his entire career is controversial, to say the least. But given the frequency with which such changes get reversed – remember that Superman came back from the dead – is it possible that Captain […]

Carrie Fisher Will Be In ‘Star Wars Episode 9’ After All, Says Fisher Family

According to the Alternative Press, Carrie Fisher will, in fact, appear in Star Wars Episode 9 despite her recent death. As Princess – and then General – Leia, Carrie Fisher had a huge impact on the Star Wars franchise, as well as on the rise of strong female characters like Ripley in Aliens and the […]

Elon Musk Wants To Reuse All Of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket By 2018, Slashing Cost Of Space Travel

As noted by Fortune, space entrepreneur Elon Musk now says he wants to achieve complete reuse of the entire SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2018. Recently, SpaceX managed to relaunch one of the several Falcon 9 first stages – the most expensive part of the rocket – it has recovered. They also recovered the $6 […]

Emdrive News: Is Military Secretly Testing Emdrive In Space On The Mysterious Air Force X-37B Spacecraft?

In recent Emdrive news, many people are speculating as to whether the United States military is secretly testing the Emdrive in space on board the Air Force’s mysterious X-37B spacecraft. Prior to this, it had been guessed by a number of outlets that the Chinese might be testing their own version of the Emdrive on […]

Batman Movie News: Is Warner Bros. Making Batverse With ‘Gotham City Sirens,’ ‘Nightwing’ And ‘Batgirl’?

As reported by Screen Rant, Batman movie news has been coming by the truckload lately, with Warner Bros. and online rumors suggesting the studio will be producing a number of Batman-related films, including The Batman movie itself, Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens, Nightwing, and now Batgirl. Many people have suggested that Warner Bros. has […]

Supergirl Is Unemployed: How Does Kara Pay The Bills After Snapper Carr Fired Her From CatCo?

As noted by Hollywood Life, several episodes ago on Supergirl, Kara managed to get herself fired from CatCo when Snapper Carr didn’t like her blogging a story he had killed. Since then, the CatCo storyline has largely been dropped by the writers. While this might make viewers wonder whether the producers are dropping the “Kara […]

Senate Nuclear Option Triggered: Republicans Go Nuclear in Senate For Trump Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

The Senate nuclear option was triggered by Republican Senators Thursday morning, resulting in a historic change in how that body functions when it comes to Supreme Court nominations. As reported by CNN, thanks to a Democratic filibuster, Republicans had been unable to ensure the 60-vote minimum required to confirm the nomination of Donald Trump nominee […]

Elon Musk And Spacex Also Wants To Recover Falcon 9 Second Stage After Launch

Elon Musk and SpaceX enjoyed a huge victory this week when they successfully relaunched the first stage of a previously launched Falcon 9 rocket. This is the first step in Musk’s long-term plan – which began 15 years ago – to make access to space relatively routine and much more affordable. But as noted by […]