Affair With Kristen Stewart Nets Rupert Sanders’ Ex A Landslide Settlement

Though Twilight star Kristen Stewart is reportedly back with Twilight movie lead Robert Pattinson again, her brief affair in 2012 with a married man, Rupert Sanders, will cost the director a hefty price. A divorce ruling just handed down by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge awards supermodel Liberty Ross, Sanders’ now-ex-wife and mother of […]

Nina Dobrev’s Comic-Con Kiss With Derek Theler: Revenge Against Ian Somerhalder?

Have no doubt: The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s on-again/off-again relationship is over. No immortality there. On Saturday night, at the same Comic-Con party in San Diego, Somerhalder, 35, was spotted kissing and cavorting “sweetly and passionately” with his new squeeze, Nikki Reed, while Dobrev, 25, was photographed smooching with Baby Daddy […]

Kazakhstan’s Sabina Altynbekova: Who Says She’s Too Pretty For Volleyball?

Kazakhstan volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova: yet another reason to feel sorry for the beautiful people out there. While playing on Kazakhstan’s national team in the Asian Under-19 Championships, Sabina has garnered all the attention and none of it has much to do with whether she can actually play volleyball. Sure, Altynbekova’s got that lanky frame […]

Supermodel Andrej Pejic Is Still Supermodel As Andreja

In an unprecedented transformation, supermodel Andrej Pejic underwent a full gender reassignment surgery early this year and is still considered by fashionistas to be a supermodel, only now as Andreja Pejic. It helps that androgyny has kind of been Pejic’s thing since hitting the model scene in 2011, immediately making waves on runways for the […]

Farrah Abraham: My Sex Toys Could Save Kendra Wilkinson’s Fizzling Romance

Farrah Abraham, the former Teen Mom star who’s parlayed her career into that of a sex toy merchant, believes she can save the rocky relationship of Playboy debutante Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Bassett. Her solution, according to a recent interview with AfterBuzz TV: Use Abraham’s sex toys. “I think this might help,” Farrah said. “I […]

Has One Direction’s Niall Horan Finally Landed In Love? Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Hopes So

Perpetually single Niall Horan of One Direction is the object of affection for legions of fans, but one in particular, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, seems to be turning the crooner’s head her way for something more substantial than a manufactured smile. The two already have posed for a handful of photos, like the selfie above […]

Ravens RB Ray Rice Suspended For 2 Games After Elevator Assault On Wife

Ray Rice, a three-time Pro Bowl running back with the Baltimore Ravens, was slapped with a two-game suspension without pay on Thursday for a February 15 assault on his fiance, Janay, in an elevator at an Atlantic City, New Jersey, casino that knocked her unconscious. Though Rice will be able to attend training camp with […]

Sure, I’m High: Suspended Jaguars Receiver Justin Blackmon Jailed For 3rd Time

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon, already serving a suspension for his second substance abuse incident, was arrested on Wednesday night in Oklahoma and charged with marijuana possession and driving under the influence after police picked up a “heavy smell of marijuana” emanating from his vehicle. The Oklahoma State University All-American was pulled over by […]

Birth Control Is About To Go Remote Control

Human sperm is about to meet its most formidable hurdle to conception: microchip birth control that can be turned on or off via remote control. And wouldn’t you know we have Bill Gates to thank, yet again. As if it wasn’t good enough that Gate’s foundation just threw $100,000 at developing a condom made of […]

In Wake Of Woozy Wimbledon, Serena Williams Set To Return At Swedish Open

Tennis superstar Serena Williams, who made headlines last Tuesday by leaving Wimbledon looking disoriented, has signed up to appear July 14 at the Swedish Open. Williams will play in the singles category in the clay-court tournament in Bastad, Sweden, which will be just before the start of the US Open hard-court tournament two weeks from […]

Katy Perry Gets Disney Spotlight For July 4 Rest

Katy Perry‘s been so busy these days that even a trip to Disneyland on July 4 was beset by just more work, work, work. Perry, 29, is in the middle of her neon-bedazzled Prismatic tour in support of her latest album, Prism, and its chart-topping single, “Roar.” After performing in Miami on Friday, Perry and […]

Shailene Woodley: Leave Miley Cyrus Alone, Parents!

The Fault in Our Stars‘ Shailene Woodley has street cred for being a down-to-earth kind of 22-year-old. In an interview just released by Vanity Fair, the actress takes parents across the world to task for focusing so much negative attention on Miley Cyrus when they could be honing in on all the bullies out there […]

‘Modern Family,’ Iranian-Style, Leaves Out Gay Parents (VIDEO)

Modern Family… but by whose standards? Iranian audiences are being treated to a verbatim, state-sanctioned adaptation of the Emmy-winning American sitcom Modern Family. But where’s Cam and Mitchell? The show’s gay parents, played by actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, are conspicuously absent from the first two episodes of Haft Sang (or Seven Stones) […]

Stiffed Waitress: Warren Sapp ‘Over-Reacted’ To Her Calling Him ‘Boy’

Pro Bowl defensive lineman Warren Sapp says the waitress who called him “boy” at a Miami sports bar deserved to get stiffed at tip time. The waitress, however, insists that Sapp “overreacted” to what she considers an innocuous greeting. Sapp took issue to the waitress saying, “Hey, boys,” upon approaching his table at the Upper […]

Protesters Dunk New Krispy Kremes As ‘Deforestation Doughnuts’

On first sight, it might have seemed as though a parallel universe was poking through on Tuesday as protesters picketed the opening of two new Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in New Castle, Delaware, and Madison, Tennessee. Then reality was restored with the reasoning: Krispy Kreme uses palm oil to fry its dough; palm oil comes […]

Tinder Honcho Suspended After Co-Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Sex Harassment Suit

Ever since Whitney Wolfe, one of the founders of the popular dating and hookup website Tinder, sued top brass for sexual harassment on Monday, the company seems more like a tinder box now. Who’s in charge over there? Your drunk Uncle Pat? Right now, it’s crowded by two fewer suits at the top. Not only […]

Mike Tyson: Beware My Wonder-Welterweight, Erickson Lubin

Having Mike Tyson as a son-in-law? Creepy. Having Mike Tyson as your boxing promoter? Dream come true. Some fighters might shun the spectacle of having a promoter more feared and infamous than they are. But Tyson is proving himself a true boon to his burgeoning stable of fighters, in particular southpaw welterweight Erickson Lubin, 18. […]

Reality Show-Off? Chris Brown Carried Out Of BET Awards Party

Nearly a month after being released from jail for a probation violation in the seemingly endless case of beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown again finds himself perilously close to trouble. After a surprise performance on Sunday night at the BET Awards (above), Breezy was riding so high that he was videotaped being carried […]

Lunar Palace Space Colony: Giving ‘New Meaning To Chinese Takeout’

China’s Lunar Palace is no mere space station. Once launched into orbit and beyond in six years, this celestial biosphere will be the most sophisticated (and elbow-roomy) pad in space. By human’s standards, of course. Maybe they’ve only been launching astronauts into space for a decade, but that’s been long enough for China to know […]

Still Golden: Lyrics To 2 Bob Dylan Classics Could Net About $2.5M At Auction

We can all claim at least a symbolic stake to the lyrics penned in the mid-1960s by Americana prophet Bob Dylan for the iconic and timeless “Like a Rolling Stone” and “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” seeing as though those songs are firmly embedded in the very heart of rock consciousness. But the original, handwritten […]

Why You (And Your Daughters) Should Know Kevlar Inventor Stephanie Kwolek, Who Just Died At 90

Ask a soldier on the battlefield or a cop on the beat in the 21st century who Stephanie Kwolek is, and they’re likely to draw a blank. Ask if they appreciate their Kevlar vests, on the other hand, and that would be another story. The “paramid synthetic fiber” polymer known as Kevlar that was concocted […]

Why’s Ronald McDonald Sledding In A Kuala Lumpur Mall, Not A Big Mac In Sight? (VIDEO)

Leave it to Ronald McDonald: For never having been seen actually eating McDonald’s fast-food “cuisine,” this character can spark some serious feelings of satisfaction in the brains of young and old, all around the globe. In a recent video filmed at balmy Kuala Lumpur’s Utama shopping mall (below), Ronald McDonald is the central figure responsible […]

Nevada Carpetbagger? Miss USA Nia Sanchez Flubs Her ‘Home State’ Capital

Before spouting off about this or that hole in new Miss USA Nia Sanchez’s intellectual prowess or official status as a Nevada resident, let it be known that she’s easily the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth who could also take you down and make you cry. No, America has never been […]

Karma Foul: Buddhist Monk Mob Kills 3, Wounds At Least 80 Muslims in Sri Lanka

It’s no secret: Sri Lanka has been nurturing a particularly orthodox brand of Buddhism for many generations. A few months back, a vacationing Brit was arrested then deported upon arriving at the airport in Colombo just for displaying her upper-arm tattoo of the Buddha. Heresy! But rarely does Sri Lanka’s dharma devotion turn deadly, as […]

Jars Of Star Souls For Sale: Justin Bieber To Drake To Jennifer Lawrence

What makes a celebrity’s soul more valuable than anyone else’s? Well, there’s this: You can actually sell celebrity souls in jars on Etsy at $15 a pop, while the rest of us can’t even seem to give our souls away. The brainchild of Etsy peddler Molly Gates, an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the online store […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Gatsby, Hand-Picks Harem Of 50 For World Cup Bash

Leonardo DiCaprio is summoning his inner Gatsby for this year’s World Cup tournament in Brazil. Not only is DiCaprio treating friends to the 482-foot uber-yacht with three pools, helipad, and movie theater that he’s living in for his three-week stay, the recently single star also filled the guest list to overflowing for a weekend party […]

Late Tennis Great Elena Baltacha Honored With Day Of UK Play

When Elena Baltacha died on May 4 at 30 after a long battle with liver cancer, the tennis world expanded to include many others merely touched by her strength. That world expanded even more on Sunday as tennis stars united with up-and-coming players across the United Kingdom to put on exhibition matches for charities that […]

Ruslan Provodnikov Loses 1st Title Defense To Chris Algieri

So many details of Siberian boxer Ruslan Provodnikov’s life became public domain last month with the release of HBO’s intimate 2 Days documentary, which chronicled the 48 hours leading up to his World Boxing Organization junior welterweight title defeat over Mike Alvarado in Brooklyn. Boxing fans felt like they knew more than enough to properly […]

Where, Oh Where Will American Idol Hold Auditions This Summer?

Season 14 of American Idol just wrapped late last month with Caleb Johnson as the winner, and already judges are on the road with production crews for Season 15’s coast-to-coast auditions. This year, for the first time ever, American Idol opened auditions by welcoming attendees of the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar between […]

UFC’s TJ Dillashaw To Face Renan Barao In Hasty Rematch

Underdog TJ Dillashaw just overwhelmed bantamweight champion Renan Barao last month in UFC 173 for five rounds before receiving the title in a technical knockout. And that’s who he’ll likely have to face again in his next fight later this summer. UFC president Dana White, just before weigh-in in Vancouver on Friday for UFC 174, […]

Father’s Day With Kevin Costner: Return To ‘Field Of Dreams’

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like having a mega-celebrity as a parent, imagine if your Daddy was Kevin Costner and you just spent part of Father’s Day weekend playing catch on the iconic Iowa set of Costner’s hit movie Field of Dreams. That’s what Costner decided to do with a few of […]

Anna Faith Carlson: The Real-Life Queen Elsa From ‘Frozen’

If the artist who drew Queen Elsa for the animated Disney smash hit Frozen had a muse, surely that model would be named Anna Faith Carlson. The 18-year-old stunner from Daytona Beach, Florida, is making as much as she can now about the close similarities, hoping that calling out her doppelganger status will land her […]

Are WWE’s CM Punk, AJ Lee Now CMAJ Punk-Lee?

On Friday (the 13th), after months of speculation and histrionics, WWE superstars CM Punk and AJ Lee were reportedly wed in a hush-hush ceremony. The wedding was first hinted at by a now-deleted tweet sent to the viral breeze by Courtney Santos, @CeeRawww, which claimed on Tuesday that she knew of CM Punk and AJ […]

Chubby Checker To Rock Hall: Induct Me Or ‘Drop Dead’

Sure: The dance obsession that sprang up alongside Chubby Checker’s piano-driven “The Twist” and then the identical “Let’s Twist Again” is a national treasure in itself. The very first Grammy award was given to that latter song in 1962. But so be it. So far, those accolades haven’t amounted to Checker earning a spot among […]

WWE’s Pat Patterson: I’ve Been In Closet A Half-Century

Famed professional wrestler Pat Patterson was already a legend in 1996, when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but he still waited nearly a decade after that before coming out of the closet. The Montreal native used to do battle with the legendary likes of Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter (below) in […]

Nets’ Andray Blatche Is Now Filipino (For World Cup and Olympics, Anyway)

Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche is really standing out now that he’s a Filipino. Kind of. The power center-forward, topping out at 6-foot-11-inches tall, may have been born in America, but a new law spearheaded by Sen. Juan Edgardo Angara was all it took to clear the way for Blatche’s new citizenship status in order […]

Elizabeth Warren: College Expenses Obscene

Sen. Elizabeth Warren makes a point of showing now pretty much everywhere she goes that she might never have been able to afford advanced education if she were born into one of today’s youngest generations. In A Fighting Chance, Warren details her Oklahoma City start as the best debater in school, with college the only […]

Seahawk RB Marshawn Lynch Ducks, Weaves From Bar Beef Brawl

Still on probation for a DUI, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch just skimmed straight by a mess of trouble on Monday night at Mezzanine in San Francisco. At first, a report by Fantasy Alarm had Lynch and Mistah F.A.B., along with their entourages, detained after fists started flying in the club on Sunday night. […]

Rapper Action Bronson Names Cooking Show ‘F**k, That’s Delicious’

If you’ve never been privy to the hip-hop stylings of the rapper Action Bronson, then you’ve never heard what the hip-hop soundtrack to food porn can sound like. With mixtapes like Dr. Lecter, Well-Done, Blue Chips I and II, and Rare Chandeliers, and then his debut EP Saaab Stories, Bronson (real name: Arian Asllani) has […]

5 Dead In Las Vegas Couple’s Last Tantrum

UPDATE, noon June 9: The two slain officers and two dead suspects, a married couple with far-right leanings, have been identified. Original content: Two police officers eating pizza were shot dead, then a Walmart customer, and then two mysterious suspects, a man and a woman, killed themselves after their slapdash shooting spree in downtown Las […]

Under Attack [Update]: Pakistan’s Jinnah Airport In Karachi

UPDATE, noon June 9: More than 20 are dead in the latest death toll at Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan. Pakistani security forces fought through the night to finally kill all of the 10 attackers, who invaded the airport the day before with grenade launchers and automatic weapons. The Pakistani Taliban has announced its participation […]

Pete Rose To Manage Minor League Team For One Game

Pete Rose, who’s still banned for life from major-league baseball after a betting scandal in 1989, will take the helm of the independent-league Bridgeport Bluefish for a single game on June 16. Rose, 73, said in a statement that his intention is to remain as close as possible to the game he loves: “I’m doing […]

Disney Giving Live-Action Treatment To Slew Of Classics

Disney’s been bursting at the seams of late with all the revenue generated by its movie franchises, from the record-breaking run of Frozen to the record-breaking opening weekend ($170 million) of Maleficent. So, what does the family-fun empire decide to do? It’s giving the live-action treatment to a slew of old animated classics, that’s what. […]

Tracy Morgan Crash: Walmart Driver Charged in Death, Injuries

A Walmart tractor-trailer driver named Kevin Roper of Jonesboro was charged Saturday night for crimes related to him reportedly dozing off and causing a six-vehicle crash early Saturday that severely wounded comedian Tracy Morgan, killed his comedian friend James McNair, and sent three others from Morgan’s entourage to the emergency room. Roper, 35, was charged […]

Whitney Houston Biopic Puts Yaya DaCosta In Lead

Yaya DaCosta, the model just picked to play Whitney Houston in an upcoming Lifetime biopic, seems to have what it will take to get “So Emotional” over living much of her adult life with Bobby Brown. DaCosta, in addition to being tossed through the ringer for season three of America’s Next Top Model, is well-attuned […]

Judge: Victoria Secret Legend Julie Ordon Did $300K In Damage To Her Flat

A judge in Manhattan just ruled that one of Victoria Secrets’ veteran damsels of the skimpy nightie, new mother Julie Ordon, and her husband get the bill for doing $300,000 in damage to their $32,000-a-month palace flat rental in SoHo. Though Ordon and producer hubby David Mimran still claim to never have been at the […]

Maiko Maya King Lawsuit: Donald Sterling Sexually, Racially Harassed Me

If you’ve never heard of Maiko Maya King, that’s soon to change. In the wake of 80-year-old Donald Sterling being banned from the NBA and mandated to sell his Los Angeles Clippers franchise for making racist comments made public by his former lover, V. Stiviano, King filed a lawsuit in L.A. Superior Court on Monday […]

After 2nd Alleged Transsexual Fling, Is Jennifer Lopez Done With Casper Smart?

For the second time in a week, Jennifer Lopez’s choreographer beau of two years, Casper Smart, is being accused of getting illicitly kinky with yet another transsexual model. A week after Smart was accused of (and denied) having a virtual affair with transsexual model Sofie Vissa, The Dirtyreported on Monday that Smart was being accused […]

Steven Tyler Tries Sneaking Note To Miley Cyrus At Helsinki Hotel

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler still hasn’t lost that lovin’ feeling. Perhaps that’s why he tried to slip a personal note to Miley Cyrus one recent night when the two stars shared the same Helsinki, Finland, hotel. It must have been an honor or creepy. Or both. Tyler posted the video (shown below), titled “Room Service […]

Sea To Sea, ‘Weed Fairy’ Spreading Ganja Gold, One Nugget At A Time

An already-fabled Weed Fairy with the faux name Danksy Appleweed keeps busy these days blessing the counter-cultural legions in Seattle by bequeathing little buds of marijuana taped to fliers that she started posting last fall. “These are tough times,” the Weed Fairy wrote. “Take this WEED… and keep your spirits high.” Along with a picture […]