Women’s March On Washington And The “Pussyhat” Movement

The Women’s March is becoming one of the largest protests to ever march on Washington with a sea of pink “Pussyhats” taking over the capitol. The “Pussyhat Project” launched a massive campaign in anticipation of the Women’s March by encouraging people to knit or purchase pink hats with pussycat ears to be worn at the […]

Mike Pence’s ‘Big Queer Dance Party’

Mike Pence was the host with the most last night when a “big queer dance party” broke out on his front lawn. Mike Pence was not home at the time, having gone out for a very straight double date with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who tweeted a picture of himself with Pence at the same […]

Donald Trump Tweets The Wrong Ivanka

Donald Trump sent a tweet to the wrong Ivanka on Monday night in the latest Twitter mishap to befall the president-elect just days ahead of Friday’s inauguration. Donald Trump shared a tweet praising his daughter Ivanka sent by Lawrence Goodstein, a Massachusetts chiropractor, as reported by CNN. Goodstein mistakenly left a space between Ivanka and […]

Alec Baldwin On ‘SNL’ ‘Takes The Pi**’ Out Of Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin returned to his role as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live last night to “take the pi**” out of the President-elect. Donning a blond wig and unnaturally orange face makeup, Alec Baldwin mocked Donald Trump on SNL with a litany of urine-related puns, following alleged reports of a Russian sex scandal, including allegations […]

Donald Trump Allegedly In Russian Sex Scandal And Complicit In Clinton Sabotage

Donald Trump has been implicated in an alleged sex scandal with Russian hookers and is also rumored to have been complicit in the Russian sabotage of Hillary Clinton through the release of her private emails on WikiLeaks. On Tuesday night, just ten days before the inauguration, multiple reports alleged that Russia has collected compromising information […]

Donald Trump Responds To Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech Attack

Donald Trump responded Monday morning to Meryl Streep following her Golden Globes acceptance speech attack that took aim at the President-elect. Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement and for the duration of her six-minute speech denounced and criticized Donald Trump. During her Golden Globes speech, Meryl Streep specifically attacked Donald […]

CES 2017 Best In Show: 5 Awesome Gadgets To Watch Out For

CES 2017 was packed with hundreds of incredible innovative products, but some stood out as the best in show. For 50 years, CES, formerly know as the International Consumer Electronics Show, has been the world’s foremost technology showcase, and CES 2017 has been no exception with over 100,000 attendees and tons of awesome gadgets to […]

Donald Trump Win Was Goal Of Russian Hackers Identified In WikiLeaks Scandal, Obama Briefed By CIA

Donald Trump’s win was the goal of Russian hackers, and the CIA has proof. Individual Russian hackers have been identified in the WikiLeaks scandal that may have contributed to Donald Trump’s win in the November presidential election, according to American intelligence agencies who briefed President Obama on Thursday. The classified information identifying the Russian hackers […]

Donald Trump’s ‘Twitter Foreign Policy’ Infuriates China

Donald Trump’s Twitter campaign is persisting despite allusions that he might curb his onslaught of posts. Mr. Trump is showing no signs of slowing down on Twitter in the days before his inauguration, and his numerous jabs at China have garnered a stern response. Mr. Trump has repeatedly criticized China via Twitter, and each time […]

Celebrity News 2016: 16 Celebrities We Will Miss In 2017

The biggest celebrity news of 2016 was the seemingly high number of celebrity deaths this past year. While this big celebrity news of 2016 was largely debunked, with a number of outlets, including CNN, showing that 2016 was a rather average year for celebrity deaths, there were still a lot of celebrities that passed away […]

Rob Kardashian Hospitalized, Blac Chyna And Kris Jenner Rush To His Side

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x56qzxz Rob Kardashian was hospitalized on Wednesday after going into medical distress, confirming earlier reports by the Inquisitr that Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner were seen rushing to West Hills Hospital. Sources have confirmed that it is Rob Kardashian who has been hospitalized for observation in connection with diabetes. Rob Kardashian has recently withdrawn from […]

Kylie Jenner And Tyga’s Steamy Short Film Heats Up The Holiday Season

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have released a super steamy three-minute-long short film that is captivating fans and heating up the holiday season. The video features Kylie Jenner posing nude while smoking a cigarette, and then in a wet, white t-shirt with boyfriend Tyga in the shower. Kylie and Tyga’s steamy short film was released on […]

‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath’, Shockers In This Week’s Episode

This week’s episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath has the Church of Scientology up in arms. The fourth installment of A&E’s highest rated show in years follows the climb to power of Scientology’s head scion, David Miscavige, as told through the eyes of three former members of the Church of Scientology. The episode […]

Trump Was Right: ISIS Responsible For Berlin Terror Attack, Terrorist Still At Large

Trump was right in his statements that the truck-ramming accident at a Christmas market in Berlin on December 19 was terror. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack that has left at least a dozen killed and 50 injured. Some members of the media went haywire yesterday when President-elect Trump condemned the truck crash […]

Why Hillary Clinton Lost To Donald Trump, According To Bill

Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Donald Trump has been sealed with the final count of Electoral College votes. Trump exceeded the 270 electoral votes needed from the 538 electors, quelling protests and hopes by the Clinton camp that they might prevail. It is now clear that Donald Trump will indeed become president this January. There […]

Steve Biko Featured In Today’s Google Doodle, Who Was He?

Visitors to Google’s home page today will likely be asking themselves who Steve Biko is and why he is featured in today’s Google Doodle. Apart from Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko was South Africa’s most prominent anti-apartheid activist. Today would have been his 70th birthday. Google’s statement on the Doodle recalled Steve Biko’s important legacy of […]

Remembering Craig Sager, The Man With The Suits

Craig Sager died at the age of 65 on Thursday following a lengthy battle against acute myeloid leukemia. Sager had been an NBA sideline reporter for Turner Sports television for more than 40 years, and his court side presence will be sorely missed. Craig Sager’s famous colorful suits and enthusiasm elevated his interviews with players […]

Adam Levine Tattoos, What Are They And What Do They Mean?

Maroon 5 and Voice fans all want to know about Adam Levine’s tattoos and what they mean. Heartthrob Adam Levine, Victoria’s Secret supermodel wife Bahati Prinsloo, and newborn sweetheart daughter Dusty Rose have fans swooning with their adorable Instagram posts. But what fans love most about Adam Levine are his tattoos. Prinsloo and Levine even […]

Cardell Hayes Guilty Of Manslaughter In Shooting Of Former Saints Star Will Smith

Cardell Hayes has been found guilty of manslaughter by a jury in the killing of former New Orlean’s Saint’s defensive end Will Smith. He was also found guilty of attempted manslaughter in the shooting of Raquel Smith, the NFL player’s wife. As reported by ESPN, Cardell Hayes testified that he shot Smith after Smith allegedly […]

Putin Election Hack Revenge Against Clinton?

With the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. publicly agreeing that Putin attempted to manipulate the U.S. elections in November by releasing damaging Democratic Party emails, analysts are weighing what possible motivation Putin may have had to encroach on the democratic process. Many consider Putin’s election hack a means of exacting revenge against Hillary Clinton. In an […]

Istanbul Terror Bombing, Twin Blasts At Stadium Kill Dozens

https://rumble.com/embed/venk8/ Two separate terror attacks ripped through Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday morning. The twin terror bombing targeted security personnel at a soccer stadium and is reported to have left dozens dead. As reported by Al Jazeera, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan quickly made a statement condemning the Beskitas stadium bombing, recalling the recent wave of terror […]

So How Was ‘Hairspray Live!’ On NBC? Jennifer Hudson And Ariana Grande Rocked

Fans were positively apoplectic last night when the much anticipated December musical extravaganza Hairspray Live! aired on NBC. The fourth installation of NBC’s pre-holiday season live-musical event brought back the 1988 John Waters classic film, to the pleasure of musical theater fans. The story is based in Baltimore, 1962, and follows the rise to fame […]

Pakistani Airplane Crashes En Route To Islamabad With Nearly Fifty Passengers Aboard, Pop Star Junaid Jamshed Among Those Killed

A Pakistan International Airlines plane flying to Islamabad crashed on Wednesday with dozens of passengers on board. The small ATR-42 twin-turbo propeller plane is used for short regional flights, and officials are reporting that it is unlikely that there will be survivors. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif released an official statement, according to the Globe […]

General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Announced As Trump’s Defense Secretary: It’s Official

It did not come as a surprise when president-elect Donald Trump announced that General (ret.) James Mattis will be his Secretary of Defense. Speaking in Crown Coliseum in North Carolina last night as part of his “thank you” tour, Trump confirmed what he had already stated in a rally in Cincinnati last Thursday and implied […]

Roman Polanski Will Not Face Extradition On Rape Charge

Poland’s Supreme Court will not extradite film director Roman Polanski to the United States, where he would face prosecution for rape charges lodged against him in 1977. Polanski fled the United States in 1978 and has never returned, but the charges have never been dropped. If he sets foot on American soil, he will face […]

Week Long Mourning Period Declared Following Death Of Jayalalithaa Jayaram

Thousands of Indians have taken to the streets and a week long period of mourning has been declared in India’s Tamil Nadu state following the death Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the southern state’s chief minister. Jayalalithaa was immensely popular with her more than 70 million constituents, achieving cult status with her face adorning numerous products, storefronts, and […]

Italy May Face A Populist Right-Wing Uprising Following Prime Minister Renzi’s Resignation

Following the crushing defeat of a constitutional referendum, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi resigned late Sunday night. Prior to the hearing the results, Renzi had promised that if his efforts to enact constitutional reforms were defeated that he would immediately concede, making the referendum as much about his own popularity as it was about Italy’s […]

How Dangerous Was The Ghost Ship Warehouse? Criminal Investigation Now Underway

As the death toll continues to rise in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire disaster, CBS reports that a criminal investigation is underway and the venue has now been declared a crime scene. Investigators will look into the warehouse’s collapse and negligent fire safety compliance, which authorities were already aware of in 1998 when the warehouse […]

Canadians Disappointed In Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has had a rough week. His constituents were angered both by his comments on Fidel Castro early this week, and now by his announcement that the Kinder Morgan pipeline will be expanded. While the handsome, young Liberal Party leader inspired Canada’s Millenials to vote in record numbers, his approval ratings took […]

Fidel Castro’s Four-Day Funeral March Underway

The death of controversial Cuban leader Fidel Castro is the end of an era. Since the first shots of Castro’s 1959 Communist revolution were fired, the Cuban people have lived under the shadow of their charismatic but controversial leader. His nearly 50-year reign ended in 2008 when he resigned following a lengthy illness, yet he […]