Baton Rouge: Protests Continue As Police Suit-Up In Riot Gear, Provoke Participants, And Arrest Black Lives Matter’s DeRay Mckesson

The protests in Baton Rouge over the death of Alton Sterling by the hands of police officers continued on Sunday. According to the Associated Press, the streets of Baton Rouge are currently full of armed law enforcement officials equipped with rifles to block protesters from marching on the ramps leading to Interstate 10 in Baton […]

Dallas Shooting: Obama To Visit Dallas To Discuss, Address Racial Divide And Racial Bias In American Law Enforcement — Did Shooter Micah Xavier Johnson Have More Accomplices?

President Obama is expected to visit Dallas, cutting his four-day trip in Europe short. Obama will visit Dallas to address the killings of the five Dallas police officers carried out by multiple snipers during a protest. According to USA Today, Obama will be in Dallas early next week after being invited by Dallas Mayor Mike […]

Islamophobia: UAE Protests The Arrest Of Unarmed Emirati Business Man — Hotel Employee Positive She Heard Him ‘Pledge Allegiance To ISIS’

The UAE protests the arrest of an Emirati businessman after he was tackled to the ground in Ohio and detained as a member of ISIS. In response, the UAE has sent a senior American diplomat to investigate and protest against the arrest of the UAE man. The UAE is calling the Ohio police forces’ treatment […]

Iowa Supreme Court: Felons Can’t Vote In Iowa — ACLU Outraged By Decision

A divided Iowa Supreme Court came to the conclusion that Iowa felons can’t vote unless those rights are restored by Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad. The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reports that Iowa felons can’t vote if the 4-3 decision stands which will bar them from voting for life, no matter how reformed they are after […]

The Pentagon: Ash Carter Announces That The United States Armed Forces Will Allow Transgender Troops To Serve Openly, Military Will Fund Medical Expenses

The Pentagon moved forward on the decision to lift the ban on openly transgender troops fighting for the US military Thursday. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, announced the decision to lift the ban, stating that the military will no longer discriminate against transgender troops. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter says the Pentagon is dropping the ban […]

Brexit: U.K. Leaving The EU Could Have Impact On Soccer, Rest Of Europe To Get Edge On Recruiting And Paying Players

Brexit — Britain voting to exit the European Union — could have significant affects for the country’s most successful sporting export: soccer. That is because Brexit’s impact could put a hindrance on the process of continental players easily joining Premier League clubs in the U.K. According to the Associated Press, England abolished its “hooligan” culture […]

‘The Legend Of Tarzan:’ Margot Robbie And Alex Skarsgard Reveal Diet Regimen, Working Naked, And More During Periscope Q&A

Stars of the upcoming The Legend of Tarzan movie, Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard sat with PEOPLE magazine on Saturday for a live Twitter Q&A session broadcasted via Periscope. The two Legend of Tarzan leads discussed the world of Tarzan and their experience working with each other by answering questions from fans on Twitter about […]

Affirmative Action: Fisher V University Of Texas Case Deliberated, Abigail’s Case Dismissed — Supreme Court Claims No Constitutional Rights Violated

Rejected University of Texas at Austin student, Abigail Fisher, loses her year-long affirmative action case Thursday in a 4-3 majority decision by the Supreme court. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Anthony Kennedy, and Sonia Sotomayor ruled that the university program did not violate the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection of the laws, the Huffington […]

Omar Mateen: Investigation Moves Forward — U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Confirms That FBI Will Release Gunman’s Transcripts

The investigation of Orlando nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, will move forward as the FBI releases a partial transcript of conversations between Mateen and Orlando police negotiators. According to The Associated Press, U.S. attorney general Lynch told the media Sunday that the FBI would release a partial, printed transcript from within the Pulse gay nightclub which […]

Pat Haden Made $2.4M From A Part Time Job? How The USC Athletic Director And Family Made Major Cash From Working One Hour A Week

Outgoing USC athletic director Pat Haden, his daughter, and sister-in-law, have managed to earn $2.4 million from just working a part-time job. But not just any part time — the trio earned about $2.4 million working for the George Henry Mayr Foundation. Not bad for working under 40 hours a week. USC's Pat Haden undergoes […]

Paris Attack: Facebook, Google, And Twitter To Be Sued By Reynaldo Gonzalez Over Death Of Daughter, Nohemi Gonzalez — Claims Social Media Websites Enabled ISIS To Spread Propaganda

The father of Nohemi Gonzalez — the only American killed during the 2015 Paris attacks — will sue social media websites Facebook, Twitter, and Google for allegedly giving terror groups like ISIS, or ISIL, a platform for spreading hate and violence. Nohemi Gonzalez was a student at Cal State Long Beach who was killed in […]

Orlando Shooting Victims: Gun Control Legislation Introduced To Prevent Shooters Like Omar Mateen From Purchasing Guns — Will It Pass This Time?

Amid the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States, which left 50 people dead in an Orlando nightclub, members of congress are calling for tighter gun control legislation Sunday. The mass shooting also qualifies for perhaps the most violent hate crime carried out in recent history as the assailant, Omar Mateen, 29, […]

Brock Turner: 6-Month Sentence For Raping Unconscious Woman Behind Dumpster Expected To Be Cut In Half To A 3-Month Sentence

As though the outrage surrounding Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, wasn’t high enough in light of his lenient prison sentence, tensions are now sure to rise exponentially as news station KTLA reports that Turner is expected to be released in as little as three months. Brock Turner, 20, is expected to have his prison sentence reduced […]

Election 2016: Sanders To Back Clinton If She Is The Nominee: Senator Says Presidential Bid Is Not Over But Stopping Trump More Important [WATCH]

Although he isn’t dropping out quite yet, Bernie Sanders claims that he will nevertheless back his rival, the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. His vow to back Clinton comes after a staunch endorsement from current POTUS, Barack Obama. Sources claim that he will even begin campaigning with Hillary Clinton. Pres. Obama to campaign with Hillary […]

Iran Oil Sanctions: New ‘Fall-Back’ Policy Will Allow Foreign Tankers To Ship Iran’s Oil Without Worrying About U.S. Sanctions — Greece, India, China, And Japan To Hop On Board

Over 20 European and Asian-owned supertankers are shipping crude oil from Iran. According to data gathered by Reuters, at least 21 foreign tankers are buying cargo from Iran with the capacity to ship around 25 million barrels of oil. The move is met with mixed feelings by many. Dynacom Tankers Manager, Odysseus Valatsas said, “Charterers […]

Oregon Petroleum Fire At Columbia River: Union Pacific Train Derails And Spills Oil

A petroleum fire broke loose at Columbia River in Oregon when a train carrying volatile petroleum came off the tracks Friday. The derailment ignited a massive petroleum fire which covered the Columbia River area in toxic black smoke. The petroleum fire outbreak resulted in evacuations and road closures. Philly reports on the 11-petroleum-car derailment […]

Colorado Conductor Dies After Falling Off Royal Gorge Railroad Scenic Train In Canon Colorado

Colorado train conductor, Leslie Cacy, 28, died Saturday after falling off the back of a Royal Gorge Railroad Scenic Train, Colorado news station KKTV reports. Colorado police are investigating the death involving the Royal Gorge Railroad Scenic Train. According to reports from the Colorado train, Cacy fell off the back of the train through an […]

North Carolina‬: Boeing F/A-18E/F ‘Super Hornets’ Collide Off Of United States Coast Near Cape Hatteras

Two United States Navy Boeing F/A-18E/F jets or “Super Hornets” have collided into each other off of the coast of North Carolina Thursday. The United States Navy Super Hornets collided mid-air off the North Carolina coast during a routine training mission. Four United states Navy servicemen have reportedly been hospitalized after the super hornet collision. […]

Baylor Football: Head Coach Art Briles Fired Over Sam Ukwuachu’s Sexual Assault Of His Ex Jacquelina Wonenberg — University President Ken Starr Steps Down

Baylor head football coach Art Briles has effectively been “suspended with the intent to terminate” on Thursday following a high-profile sexual assault case involving one of his football players last fall. According to Baylor, the university found it necessary to fire head coach Art Briles, as well as enacting other demotions and leadership changes, due […]

War: U.S. Drone Strike Resulting In The Death Of Taliban’s Leader, Akhtar Mansour, Viewed As A Win For Peace In Afghanistan — But Is It Also A Message To Pakistan?

Leaders in Kabul, Afghanistan, are pleased about the U.S. drone strike which killed the Afghan Taliban Leader, Mullah Mohammed Akhtar Mansour. The Associated Press reports that the Taliban leader’s death from the drone strike should be the first step towards the ongoing effort to end the crippling war in Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and […]

Chicago’s Gage Park: Police Identify The Murderers Behind The Massacre Which Left An Entire Family Slain — Diego Uribe Cruz And Jafeth Ramos To Be Prosecuted

The two suspects responsible for the massacre at Chicago’s Gage Park which left six family members — including two children ages 10 and 13 — brutally murdered have been charged by prosecutors. Chicago prosecutors have charged a man and a woman in the Chicago Gage Park massacre back in February. The victim’s deaths were were […]

Bill Cosby And Hugh Hefner’s Sexual Assault Allegations At Playboy Mansion: Cosby Accuser, Chloe Goins, Claims Hugh Was Also Involved — Was Holly Madison Right About ‘Leg Opening Drugs’?

Hugh Hefner is now under fire with his old celebrity friend Bill Cosby for sexual assault allegations brought against him at his Playboy Mansion. According to the New York Daily News, Hefner and Cosby are both having sexual assault charges brought against them by the same dancer who claimed that Cosby had drugged and groped […]

‘Supergirl’ To Be Renewed On The CW: Melissa Benoist And The Cast To Film In Vancouver, Canada

Supergirl has officially been renewed for Season 2, and will be moving to The CW from CBS. Warner Bros. television announced that the filming of the renewed DC Comic based program, Supergirl, will resume in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada to cut back on production costs. 'SUPERGIRL' Season 2 Gets 22 Episodes, Relocates to Vancouver! […]

Kendra Wilkinson’s Twitter Rant: Former Playmate Slams Holly Madison For ‘Disgusting Lies’ Claiming That Hugh Hefner‬ Offered Women ‘Thigh Opening’ Drugs At Playboy Mansion

Kendra Wilkinson’s ongoing feud with former Girl Next Door playmate and co-star, Holly Madison rages on. This time Wilkinson’s shade-throwing came in the form of a vulgar twitter rant. View Kendra’s Vicious Twitter Rant Below According to E! News, Kendra’s twitter rant was aimed at Holly stemming from her distaste with Madison’s […]

Republican Party Of Texas Secession: GOP Convention Votes In Favor Of Texas Leaving The United States

The Republican Party of Texas finally makes good on their threats of agreeing to put a vote up for secession from the United States of America this week. According to Carbonated.TV, a pro-secession Texas Nationalist Movement press release states that the Republican Party of Texas seeks independence from the rest of the nation by seeking […]

The Grim Sleeper: Serial Killer Lonnie Franklin, Jr. Found Guilty By L.A. Court: Prosecution Pushes For Death Penalty

The Grim Sleeper has been found guilty. A Los Angeles jury has convicted 63-year-old Lonnie Franklin, Jr., also known as “The Grim Sleeper,” guilty after a trial which lasted a month. News station KTLA reports that Lonnie, The Grim Sleeper, raped his victims — all women — before shooting or strangling them to death. When […]

New ‘Power Rangers’ Costumes Evoke Mixed Feelings From Fans: Trailer To Be Expected Soon

The new Power Ranger costumes have finally been revealed and they’re as fierce as Elizabeth Bank’s Rita Repulsa costume. The skin-tight, vibrant spandex costumes, which suited the old Power Rangers, are tossed aside in favor of a more “cyber-netic” look. .@PowerRangers exclusive: Here's your first look at the gang's new suits: — Entertainment […]

Natalie Morales: ‘NBC Today’ Host To Leave For ‘Access Hollywood’ — Will Billy Bush Fill Her Role?

NBC Today’s host, Natalie Morales, will head to Los Angeles to host Access Hollywood. The LA Times reports that the veteran Today Show host, Morales, will be relocating to LA for that purpose. Natalie Morales of "Today" is moving to L.A. to anchor "Access Hollywood" — Los Angeles Times (@latimes) May 5, 2016 #Today […]

Prince’s Death: Fans Await Unreleased Songs From Late Pop Icon — Sources Claim That 200 Songs Are Stored In His Vault

Prince fans have voraciously been searching the internet for Prince’s unreleased songs ever since his untimely death last week. The Inquisitr recently reported on the urge fans have to find these secret, unreleased Prince songs. The unreleased songs are reportedly stashed away somewhere deep in the corridors of Prince’s massive Paisley Park estate (soon to […]

Man In Panda Suit Brings Bomb Into FOX TV Station: Bomber Claimed To Have ‘Panama Paper’ Leaks On Flash Drive [BREAKING] [WATCH] A Baltimore Fox News affiliate TV station has just been evacuated due to a man dressed in some sort of animal suit bringing a bomb to the TV station. Baltimore TV station evacuated after bomb scare. Employees say man threatened to blow up the station. — The Associated Press (@AP) April 28, 2016 […]

Google Chromebook: Hewlett Packard Teams Up With Google To Create New ‘Chromebook 13’– Will It Be Better Than MacBook?

Google’s Chromebook laptop series will finally live up to it’s “Chrome” name, given its new shiny appearance in collaboration with hardware company Hewlett Packard. According to 9to5 Google, HP laptops worked with Google’s Chromebook developers to construct the Chromebook 13. #HP and #Google join forces for a souped-up metal #Chromebook #technology #hardware — Chris […]

Emilia Clarke: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Says ‘She Won’t Be Back’ — Focused On Upcoming ‘Me Over You’ Film

Game of Thrones actress, Emilia Clarke, says she’s not coming back to the Terminator franchise for the Genisys series. The Mother of Dragons is absolutely certain that she’s not coming back to the set unlike her GOT co-star, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), who may not be coming back. However, the Inquisitr reported that Clarke all […]

Disneyland: Theme Park Unveils New Attraction ‘Toy Story Land,’ With Chance Of ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ Ride, As Annual Ticket Prices Soar

Disneyland’s soaring annual ticket prices might be worth it as the park will finally bring Toy Story to life at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL. In addition, rumors have surfaced about the Ghibli Studio Classic My Neighbor Totoro getting a ride of its very own. Disney’s New Toy Story Land According to Pop Sugar, […]

Panama Papers: Hong Kong Editor Fired For Naming Politicians And Jackie Chan In ‘Ming Pao’ Newspaper — Journalists Outraged

A senior Hong Kong editor has been fired after publishing a story about how the city’s wealthy citizens and politicians are involved in the scandalous Panama Papers tax evasion scheme. The Atlantic reports that Hong Kong senior editor Keung Kwok-Yuen was fired from Ming Pao, considered to be one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious newspaper […]

How Did Chyna Die? WWE Star’s Death Being Investigated As Possible Drug Overdose — Watch Her Bizarre YouTube Video

Former WWE star Chyna (aka Joan Marie Laurer) is now having her death investigated as a possible drug overdose, according to sources. Page Six reports that investigators are inclined to believe that Chyna’s death may possibly be the result of a drug overdose based on the findings at the death scene in her apartment and […]

‘God’s Not Dead 2’: Pat Boone Slams ‘SNL’s’ ‘God Is A Boob Man’ Skit, Calls It ‘Diabolical’ For Mocking The Christian Film

Singer/actor Pat Boone slams SNL for their recent “God is a Boob Man” skit meant to parody the Christian film God’s Not Dead 2. The skit also appeared to poke fun at recent anti-LGBT legislation being passed under the moniker of “religious freedom.” Nevertheless, the Blaze reports that Pat Boone slams SNL, calling the skit […]

Dish Network’s CEO, Charlie Ergen, To Drop Viacom: Customers Could Lose Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, And Comedy Central If Agreement Is Not Met

Satellite cable provider, Dish Network, said that it is prepared to drop MTV and Nickelodeon’s parent company, Viacom, if an agreement on a new deal cannot be reached soon between the two parties. Dish and Viacom have reached a monumental stalemate which the LA Time reports, could result in a total blackout between the cable […]

Michael Jordan: Sneaker Artist Creates ‘Crying Face’ Air Jordans — Is Nike Air On Board With The Design?

Knowing the Internet, it was only a matter of time before someone actually customized a pair of Air Jordans to have Michael Jordan’s signature crying face stitched into the fabric of the sneaker. #MJCryingFace is now on a Retro Air Jordan 8. LOL. Learn more -> — Icy Sole (@IcySoleOnline) April 19, 2016 In […]

BYU Investigates Sexual Assault Case: Victim Madeline MacDonald At Fault? Did School Violate Title IX Regulations?

BYU students were investigated for a sexual assault incident Wednesday. BYU student Madeline MacDonald claims that when she was just an 18-year-old freshman at BYU, she was sexually assaultedby a man she met via online dating. MacDonald reportedly addressed the sexual assault with BYU’s Title IX office. She said that the office then received a […]

Best Laptops 2016: New Apple MacBook — Now In Rose Gold! Better Battery Life and Storage, But No USB?

Apple released new updates to its signature MacBook line on Tuesday. Apple actually already unveiled its design for the new MacBook last year showing off its slim frame, “fanless construction,” and Force Touch track pad. Other new MacBook 2016 features include many new specs not covered last year, such as: extended battery life newer processors […]

Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Pregnant Again, Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Also Expecting Their Second Child — Pregnancy Pact? [Rumor]

Hollywood couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are pregnant once again. The Huffington Post reports the couple are expecting child number two as congratulations are in order. Sources have spotted Eva Mendes hiding her baby bump while posing for a Los Angeles photo shoot in February. Gosling and Mendes’ 1-year-old Esmeralda will be expecting a […]

Ice Cube Thinks Trump Is What America Wants: Watch N.W.A. Rapper Talk Politics, Rock And Roll, And ‘Barbershop 3’

N.W.A. rapper Ice Cube says that GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, is what America wants. Cube claims that Trump’s success embodies “the American dream,” which Americans aspire to achieve. Ice Cube’s Trump comments come during a sit-down with Bloomberg Politics, reported by New York Daily News. Ice Cube commented on his recent induction into the Rock […]

GAP Apologizes For Racist Commercial: Watch Ellen DeGeneres And Le Petit Cirque’s Controversial Ad For GapKids x ED

Gap has officially issued an apology for their new ad, which featured Ellen DeGeneres’ new children’s line for Gap called GapKids x ED. The Inquisitr reported that the gap commercial was deemed racist as it was scrutinized on Twitter. @MiguelLloydInc I think there is a gap kids ad that seems racist. — Kia Giovann Shakur […]

Panama Papers: China’s Government Censors All Media And Search Terms Regarding The Leak — President Xi Jinping On The ‘Hot Seat’

China’s government officials are working to ensure the censorship of the Panama Papers release. The Inquisitr reported that the offshore tax-evasion data could place many world leaders on the hot seat. First discovered by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), The “Panama Papers” are actually a compilation of roughly 2.6 terabytes of data extracted […]

Mad Hatter: Watch Him Suffer In New ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ Trailer As Johnny Depp Talks About Reprising His Role

The new trailer for Disney’s upcoming sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass, features protagonist, Alice, Mia Wasikowska, making a psychedelic return to Wonderland respectively set to the tune of Pink’s version of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” In The Looking Glass, Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter appears to be the “damsel in distress” […]

FDA Medical Abortion: Federal Drug Administration Makes Access To Abortion Pills Like ‘MifePrex’ Easier Than Ever

The FDA has loosened its requirements for women to obtain abortion inducing medication. According to the Independent, medical abortion access will become easier for women in a movement that is being viewed as a monumental win for pro-choice advocates. The FDA has eased back on their restrictions for obtaining medical abortion pills, which should make […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Release Date: Rumors And Leaked Images From Field Test In Japan [Watch]

Niantic has just revealed more details about their new Pokemon GO app. The app will release Pokemon from the virtual world into an augmented reality using Pokemon GO. Hopes for an earlier release date of Pokemon GO seemed diminished recently. Pokemon fans recently received some bad news about the release date of Pokemon GO via […]

NFL Rumors: Saint Louis Rams Granted Request To Not Appear ‘HBO Hard Knocks’ If They Draft Michael Sam — Did The NFL Rig The Draft Process?

The latest rumor spiraling around the NFL is accusing the St. Louis Rams (Now the Los Angeles Rams — again) of drafting of Michael Sam just to avoid having themselves and him being featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks series. The Houston Chronicle reports that Sam, being the first openly gay active player in NFL history, […]

Microsoft’s Tay: Artificial Intelligence Gone Racist, TayTweets Posts Genocidal Messages On Twitter, Kik, And GroupMe

Artificial intelligence can be fascinating as well as frightening, particularly when it has been programmed to go on a genocidal, racist, and misogynist rampage on Twitter, Groupme, and Kik. The Huffington Post reports that Microsoft’s AI “chat bot,” launched on Wednesday, named “Tay,” went on a hateful tirade on the aforementioned social media and communication […]

Phoenix Fire: Flames And Smoke At Recycling Plant Break Out Near Phoenix Harbor Airport

A two-alarm fire is burning at the Arizona Pacific Pulp Paper recycling center in Phoenix near the Phoenix Harbor International Airport late Tuesday. Phx and Tempe units battling fIrst alarm fire on South 36th St and University. #besafe — Phoenix Fire Dept. (@PHXFire) March 22, 2016 Flames and smoke on the Phoenix recycling plant were […]