Donald Trump Fails A Fact Check On His Approval Rating Polls

In a radio interview this week, Donald Trump boasted his approval ratings were at 51 percent approval, citing the polls conducted by Rasmussen Reports as his source. The Hill reports that Donald Trump went on to add that those numbers by Rasmussen weren’t legitimate and that the 51 percent should have “another 7 or 8 […]

Donald Trump Approval Ratings Plummet With Youth Amid Legalities Of Stormy Daniels And Presidential Pardons

It’s been another week of scandal at the White House. This week’s drama included an interview with a former porn star about an alleged hush money payoff, the resignation of Donald Trump’s personal defense attorney, and increased chatter using the term “presidential pardon.” Yet, older Americans in the 35 plus age category are holding steady […]

Trump’s Approval Rating Upticks As Ann Coulter Predicts Impeachment After Spending Package

After a lot of drama on Capitol Hill over a $1.3 trillion dollar spending package, Newsweek reported that Donald Trump’s approval rating had seen an uptick according to a new poll by the American Research Group. The new slight gain in support for the president appears to be coming from Independents, and may not be […]

Trump Approval Rating Ticks Up, But Majority Of Americans Want Democratic Congress New Poll Finds

The Gallup Daily Job Approval report for Donald Trump shows that his approval rating has seen a slight uptick and reached the 40 percent approval mark. It’s a slight uptick after he announced this week that he would like to meet with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. WTHR reports that a new NBC News/Wall Street […]

Melania Trump To Present Courage Award For Women, After Donald Trump Degrades Women At Rally

In a week where International Women’s Day celebrated women all over the globe, WJLA reported that the White House announced that First Lady Melania Trump would present the International Women of Courage Award to “an extraordinary group of women who have shown tremendous courage.” In the same week, the President of the United States took […]

New Trump Approval Rating Poll Finds Americans Want White House Chaos To End After Midterms

It’s been another week of chaos and upheaval for the Trump White House, and a new poll finds that Americans are tired of it. USA Today reports that Americans are dissatisfied with the chaos rampant within the ranks of the current leadership in both the executive and legislative branches. Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to […]

Trump Approval Rating Hits Lowest Point While Joe Biden’s Approval Skyrockets

A new CNN poll finds that Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached its lowest point with only 35 percent of respondents saying they approve of the president. The drop in ratings could be related to how President Trump responded to last week’s deadly Florida school shooting, as a new CBS News poll this week finds […]

Donald Trump Approval Rating Upticks After SOTU, But Trey Gowdy And Many Other GOP Still Jumping Ship

Donald Trump’s approval rating has seen a slight uptick in at least one scientifically transparent poll since his first State of the Union address this week. CNN reports that a poll out of Monmouth University reveals a new approval rating for Trump at 42 percent this week. Republicans may appear to be feeling comfortable with […]

Trump Approval Rating Plummets In Swing State, As Trump Voters Tweet POTUS To ‘Class It Up’

Michigan was one of the three key battleground states that helped Donald Trump win the Oval Office in 2016. But a new poll out of Michigan finds that if the election were to happen again there today, Trump’s approval rating is plummeting reports The Detroit News. On Twitter, Donald Trump is hearing dissatisfaction from his […]

Trump And Republican Approval Ratings Today Meet Historic Low As Potential Government Shutdown Looms

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out today reports that Trump’s approval ratings today have hit historically low marks, as 39 percent of respondents approved of the president and 57 percent disapproved, reports NBC News. The news outlet reports this as the “lowest mark in the poll’s history” attributed to any contemporary president. Further, […]

Trump Approval Rating Erodes Again, As Republican Voters Call Recent POTUS Comments Racist

The “blue-collar whites” that won Donald Trump the 2016 election, across Rust Belt states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, are turning on Donald Trump according to new Trump approval rating polls first reported on by The Atlantic this week. Trump voters are expressing their disappointment with the president in polls, but are also tweeting […]

Trump Approval Rating Upticks Slightly, But Some Trump Regrets Wish For Impeachment

Donald Trump’s approval rating saw an uptick in the polls as 2017 closed out and 2018 began. Gallup job approval rating polls for Donald Trump closed at 40 percent as the year ended. Business Insider reports that is the first time Donald Trump’s approval rating broke the 40 percent threshold in months. Even with this […]

Psychics And Pundits Offer 2018 Predictions On Donald Trump, Approval Ratings, And Meghan Markle

As we inch closer to 2018, psychics and pundits are keeping the tradition of offering up predictions for the upcoming year. This year, psychics and pundits have 2018 predictions on everything from the World Series to the Donald Trump presidency. It also looks like not everybody is in consensus on the future of Prince Harry […]

Robert Mueller Has Higher Approval Rating Than Donald Trump, Majority Think POTUS Is Lying

Newsweek reports that a new CNN poll out this week checking America’s temperature on approvals shows that Robert Mueller’s approval rating trumps Trump’s, as Donald Trump’s approval rating reaches another historic low. Additionally, the majority of voters in one poll said they think Trump is lying about Russia. A second poll by CNN shows that […]

Trump’s Approval Rating Nose Dives As Bill For Sexual Assault Investigation Is Introduced

Popular opinion polls out this week show Donald Trump’s approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low. The Daily Beast reports that Donald Trump’s approval rating from Pew and Monmouth University polls report his latest approval rating is 32 percent. In the same week as these approval ratings, Democrats in the House have introduced a […]

Donald Trump Approval Rating Plummets Again, With Majority Saying He’s Unfit For Office

Donald Trump’s approval rating has now plummeted again below 40 percent, according to new polls released this week by Quinnipiac University and CBS News. These polls also found that many American voters, including Republicans, claimed the GOP tax plan would hurt poor people and favor the wealthy in America. The Quinnipiac University poll also revealed […]

The Flynn Timeline: What Did Mike Pence Know And When Did He Know It?

Michael Flynn was the vice chairman of the transition team for Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence was the president of the team. As ABC News reports, this week’s news of Michael Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI is not conclusive, but in fact, opens more doors than it closes. Michael Flynn is […]

Donald Trump’s Holiday News Includes Impeachment Billboard And Possible Michael Flynn Flip

Donald Trump’s holiday news includes news that disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn may have flipped for special counsel Robert Mueller, and also that a billboard promoting a Trump impeachment will be running in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. New York Times reports that on the evening before Thanksgiving, lawyers for Donald Trump […]

Trump Approval Rating Drops Below Roy Moore’s As Some Trump Voters Say He’s ‘Even Worse’

Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to drop, and this week his approval rating dropped lower than Judge Roy Moore’s, a Republican currently running for the Senate who is caught in a hotbed of sexual assault allegations. But Roy Moore is not alone; multiple politicians have come under scrutiny this week for sexually related complaints. Donald […]

Trump Approval Rating Drops As Some Of His Own Voters Find Him ‘Suspect’ And A ‘Liar’

A Pew Research Center poll out yesterday has Donald Trump’s approval rating sinking again to 34 percent. The poll rated Donald Trump’s job performance, with 59 percent disapproving of his job performance. Even worse for Donald Trump, in a week where indictments and a guilty plea came down on his campaign advisers, his own voters […]

Trump Approval Rating Drops Today As His Own Voters Use Words Like ‘Man Child’ And ‘Dictator’

Donald Trump’s approval ratings have been historically and consistently low since he took the oath of office in January, but now, his own voters are losing faith and tweeting words to him that include the phrases “man-child,” “dictator,” and “evil.” New polls analyzing the temperature of American voters on both sides of the aisle are […]

Gord Downie’s Legacy Flame Flickers On In Brain Cancer Research, Environment, And Indigenous Populations

The family of Gord Downie, frontman for the Canadian rock band, the Tragically Hip, has not announced the date or time of Downie’s official funeral after he passed away Tuesday night at the age of 53 from brain cancer. But as a nation mourns, the memorials, obituaries, and eulogies have already begun and span the […]

Trump Approval Rating Drops In Red States, Giving Democrats Momentum For Election Midterms In 2018

The Republican Party is in trouble for midterm elections in 2018 if Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to sink and political formulas stay the course of history. The historical stream of consciousness in American politics is that when it comes to expectations for midterms, most presidents should expect to lose approximately 20 seats from their […]

‘Survivor’ 35 Spoilers: Former Castaways Reveal Behind-The-Scenes Leaks After Torches Go Out [Video]

The latest season of the hit CBS show Survivor is in full swing with Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers two episodes deep, with two castaways down. This week, 25-year-old diversity advocate from New York Simone Nguyen was the castaway who saw her torch go out. She spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about her loss […]

Trump Approval Rating Today Sinks After NFL Comments, And With Canadians

Donald Trump’s approval rating saw a slight uptick shortly after Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma rocked the southern coast of the United States weeks ago. But this week, Newsweek reports that Trump’s approval rating today has sunk to a new low — lower than even President Gerald Ford’s 41 percent approval rating, which sunk after […]

Trump Calls Russia Scandal A Hoax As Indictment Talk Looms For Manafort

Early Friday, sandwiched in between tweets on hurricane relief visits, his near-weekly “Crooked Hillary” message, and a political endorsement to Alabama, Trump tweeted that the Russia scandal was a hoax. It’s the first time he’s spoken publicly about it since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he was turning over ads related to Russian troll farms […]

‘BB19’ Spoilers: Dr. Will Kirby Moderating Bitter Jury Could Prevent Paul’s Second Loss

Global TV reports the latest BB19 spoilers are that the notoriously evil Dr. Will Kirby will be moderating the jury pool yet again for next week’s finale night of Big Brother 19. With a very bitter jury pool seemingly taking shape, it could be the only thing that saves 24-year-old Paul Abrahamian’s game if he […]

Erin Corwin Murder Trial Conviction Appealed By Killer On Grounds Of Unproven Child Abuse Allegations

The United States justice system has a lengthy history of open and shut cases being overturned on appeal on the littlest thing. But the truth is that the legal research shows that criminal appeals get dismissed more often than they do not. Convicted murderer Chris Lee of California is hoping to beat those odds, and […]

Irma Shelters: Airbnb And Other Free Hotels In Florida And Georgia For Evacuees

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued a severe Hurricane Irma warning to residents of Florida and Georgia. Irma has now been downgraded to a Category 4 hurricane, but the NHC is referring to Irma as an “extremely dangerous” and “life-threatening” hurricane and accompanying storm surge that will heavily impact Florida, the Florida Keys, and […]

Trump Approval Rating Drops As Obstruction Of Justice Probe Reportedly Picks Up Steam

The majority of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump’s performance as the current president of the United States, with over 50 percent disapproval in even conservative leaning polls. Trump’s approval rating today falls just 10 points above Richard Nixon’s 24 percent approval rating in play at the time that President Nixon resigned from office over the […]

Can Congress Impeach Trump For Arpaio Pardon?

Democrats, and some Republicans, have been looking for ways to remove President Trump from office since he took the oath. But the Constitution stipulates that unless the president has violated his oath to defend the Constitution, or committed a high crime or misdemeanor, a legal means to impeach Trump does not exist. The recent presidential […]

Trump Impeachment: Twelve Republican Senators Could Vote Against POTUS

Trump impeachment talks have been water-cooler conversation since the president took office. The general consensus has been that with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, a Trump impeachment is impossible to achieve. However, a Republican shift has been witnessed in recent days, after Trump’s controversial Charlottesville remarks, and at least 12 Republican Senators might now vote […]

Trump Approval Ratings Drop Lower Than Impeachment Favorability, Base Begins To Shrink

More Americans are hoping for a Trump impeachment than are giving the new President Trump favorable approval ratings. Fox News reports that one Trump approval rating poll in the wake of the North Korea crisis this week showed that the president’s approval rating is up. This is common right before a president takes the country […]

Russia Calls Trump’s North Korea Threat ‘Rhetoric’ And ‘Over The Top’

This week, the President of the United States said that he would respond to North Korea with “fire and fury” and also issued a threat to North Korea via Twitter that the American military was “locked and loaded.” North Korea said, the American president is “senile” and “golfs too much” reports New York Daily News. […]

Mueller Closes In On Trump Russia, White House Potential Crime Scene

President Trump has called the investigation into the Trump Russia scandal a political “witch hunt,” that he says is only occurring as a result of the biggest political loss in American election history. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, investigating the Trump Russia scandal, may see otherwise. This week announced that a grand jury has convened on […]

White House Staffer Scaramucci Once Wanted ‘More Outreach With Russia’

Anthony Scaramucci is one of the more vocal staff members of the Trump Administration, since taking on the role of White House Communications Director less than two weeks ago. He’s appeared on many press outlets discussing the message of the Trump White House. However, one thing that Anthony Scaramucci is not talking about is his […]

Trump Approval Rating Slides Again, As Does Republican And Base Support

Trump’s approval rating has slid again to one of its lowest numbers. In a new Reuters poll released this week, the Trump approval rating was 35 percent, with 59 percent of the poll respondents saying they disapprove of what Trump is doing. The numbers come in a week of news that has not shed the […]

Republican Congress Member Says Trump Must Remove Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump From White House

The biggest news in the Trump Russia scandal this week has been involving a meeting with members of the Trump transition team and a Russian lawyer. Donald Trump Jr. has been at the center of much of the focus, but a New York Times report on the matter says, “all roads lead to Jared Kushner,” […]

Trump Removal Case Lands On Supreme Court Docket Through Revote 2017 Efforts

In June of this year, Bloomberg reported that Russia’s cyberattack against the United States election was “far more widespread than has been publicly revealed” and included incursions into voter databases of as many as 35 states. That news is just one piece of evidence of many that a grassroots group known as Revote 2017 is […]

Trump Approval Rating Worldwide Plummets, Canada Snags Number One Spot

Donald Trump’s approval rating today has plummeted again to 36 percent job approval according to Gallup. But the biggest problem for Donald Trump and the United States is that the Trump approval rating is much lower worldwide. Newsweek reports on a Pew Research Center poll that has the worldwide Trump approval rating today at 22 […]

House Dems Seek Removal Of Trump Through New 25th Amendment Commission

A cup of Morning Joe turned into a morning jolt this week when the president of the United States tweet-slammed the free press and anchorwoman Mika Brzezinski along with her co-host Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Yahoo News reports that within four hours of those tweets, Democrat Congress member Rep. Jamie Raskin had an […]

Trump Impeachment: California Congress Member Drafts And Circulates Articles Of Impeachment

Today, a Trump impeachment is moving past theory and the formulation of legal grounds and has officially become a paper trail in Congress. The L.A. Times reports today that Democratic Congress member Rep. Brad Sherman of California has been the first member of the House of Representatives to draft and circulate a resolution that would […]

Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, And Eric Trump Could Be Targets In Mueller Russia Investigation

Donald Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, are all coming under closer scrutiny in the Trump Russia investigation. Both Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. reportedly noted Russia in the past as a source of money or connection to the Trump Organization business. Bloomberg Politics has drawn some further connections between […]

Kathy Rundle Called To Resign By Her Own Party Over Darren Rainey Burned Inmate Case

The Miami New Times reports that Florida state attorney Kathy Rundle was asked to resign this week by the Miami-Dade Democrat Party for doing nothing to hold anyone accountable for the death of Darren Rainey. In 2012, 50-year-old schizophrenic named Darren Rainey died at Dade Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade, Florida, after he was allegedly scalded […]

Vice President Mike Pence Hires Personal Lawyer With Watergate Experience

The Washington Post reports that Vice President Mike Pence has hired a personal lawyer to help him navigate the Trump-Russia investigation crisis that has made headlines every day that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have been in office. The outlet also notes that the Trump-Russia investigation, which is examining Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 […]

Trumped Up Charges: Journalist Aaron Cantu Faces 75 Years After Covering Inauguration Day

A staff journalist for the Santa Fe Reporter, Aaron Cantu, is facing up to 75 years jail time on what many are referring to as trumped up charges that occurred on Inauguration Day in Washington D.C. Cantu is not the only one. CNN reported that a group known as Defend J20 is supporting over 200 […]

Trump Approval Rating Tanks: Majority Says He’s ‘Too Friendly With Russia’

Trump’s approval rating took a big tank last week, even before former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. That event is too recent for pollsters to have an accurate temperature on how America feels after that testimony. But a new Quinnipiac University poll released the day prior to James […]

Jeff Sessions And Mike Pence’s Credibility Under Fire After Senate Intelligence Hearing

An explosive Senate Intelligence hearing with former FBI Director James Comey yesterday has changed the landscape of the “cloud” of the Trump-Russia investigation currently hovering over the White House. While Donald Trump was the subject of much of James Comey’s testimony yesterday, two key figures have emerged as being fingered in the Trump-Russia investigation. The […]

House Ethics Complaints Filed Against Paul Ryan And Devin Nunes For Obstruction Of Justice

Despite having recused himself from the Trump Russia investigation, Republican House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes continues to be making headlines over the investigation. This time it has led to a House Ethics complaint against him, launched by the Democratic Coalition. A House Ethics complaint on obstruction of justice has also been filed against Speaker of […]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Added To Trump Russia Investigation For Alleged Perjury About Mayflower Hotel

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Mayflower Hotel problem is not going away. While the Nixon scandal boiled down to one Washington hotel, so too may the Trump Russia scandal, at least for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. NBC News reported that Jeff Sessions is now being investigated by the FBI and Congress for an event that was […]