Police: Florida Man Terrorized Neighbors With Mop On His Head

A Florida man has been arrested after authorities in Port St. Lucie say he terrorized his neighbors while wearing a mop on his head. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 58-year-old James Dizney Fields offered a bizarre explanation for the already strange incident when authorities interrogated him. The incident reportedly took place on January 13. Neighbors […]

Police: Florida Woman Used Machete To Threaten Daycare Worker

A Florida woman has been arrested after authorities say she brandished a deadly weapon during an incident at a Sunrise daycare facility. The Palm Beach Post reports that 25-year-old Ashley Dailey tried to pick a child up from the center, but she did not have custody of the child — nor did she have legal […]

‘Monster’ Mom Tortured Child To Death In Horrifying Abuse Case

An Illinois mom has been dubbed a “monster” by a judge who has sentenced her to 43 years of imprisonment for the shocking murder of her own child. People reports that 35-year-old Nicholette Lawrence murdered her 11-year-old daughter in 2014, but it wasn’t until this week that justice was served. The details of this case […]

Police: Auburn Woman Tried To Kidnap Toddler From Park

An Auburn, California, woman has been arrested on allegations that she tried to kidnap a 3-year-old girl. People reports that 28-year-old Lindsay Frasher was arrested at the scene of the incident, after the child’s grandfather — and several witnesses — restrained her. This is certainly a shocking case in development. Police say that the 3-year-old […]

Police: Woman Made Fake GoFundMe Pages To Steal Money

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested for allegedly using GoFundMe to defraud several people. Fox 43 News reports that 31-year-old Nicole Leahy faces charges in association with the allegations against her. Police say they were contacted by a woman from Florida who claimed to had been victimized by Leahy. The young woman told detectives that […]

Cops: Florida Man Pretended To Be Wife On Facebook After Killing Her

A Florida man has been arrested after authorities say he murdered his wife. However, that’s not the only detail attracting attention in this bizarre case. KFOR News reports that 42-year-old George McShane took to bizarre measures in his attempt to cover up the alleged murder of his wife. Authorities say the Florida man strangled his […]

Police: Oregon Preteen Stabbed Mom To Death

An Oregon preteen has been arrested after police say he brutally stabbed his own mother to death and injured his sister. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that the 12-year-old boy hasn’t provided a motive yet in this horrifying attack. The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday morning, inside a home in Ashland, Oregon. Police say they […]

Police: Virginia Mom Tried To Suffocate Newborn In Plastic Bin

A young Virginia mom has been arrested after authorities in Roanoke say that she tried to kill her own newborn baby. WSLS News reports that the mother is a juvenile, so her name has not been released to the public. Roanoke police responded to a residence on suspicion that a baby had been birthed by […]

Texas Cops Thought Cat Litter Was Crystal Meth In Embarrassing Arrest

Some cops in Texas have reportedly mistaken cat litter for crystal meth, and now the man’s arrest is attracting attention in the news, and on social media. Live 5 News reports that Ross Lebeau was jailed for three days, after authorities in Houston made the embarrassing blunder. Ross says the arrest took place in December, […]

Michelle Lodzinski Gets 30 Years For Killing Her Child

Convicted murderer Michelle Lodzinski has been sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment after she was found guilty of the 1991 slaying of her 5-year-old son. ABC News reports that the Florida woman faced a judge this week, who took her to task for the many lies she has reportedly told over the course of this […]

Police: Ohio Man Squirted Semen On Women At Walmart

An Ohio man has been arrested for a downright nausea-inducing crime. CBS News reports that 26-year-old Timothy Black is accused of committing a vile crime at a Marietta Walmart store, involving more than one unsuspecting woman. Police say that Blake used a syringe to squirt his own semen at women as they shopped at his […]

Police: Florida Woman Punched Boyfriend For Kissing Her Mom

A Florida woman has been jailed after police in Hernando County say she assaulted her former boyfriend. Palm Beach Post reports that 19-year-old Breauna Bolton faces charges after the bizarre incident, which also involved her own mother. Police responded to a residence on Tuesday to find that an unnamed man had been injured in an […]

Police: Virginia Mom Beat Child With Baseball Bat For Telling On Her

A Virginia mom has been arrested after authorities say she physically assaulted her 11-year-old daughter with an aluminum baseball bat. WTKR News reports that 35-year-old Andrea Gehring allegedly beat the little girl for an absolutely shocking reason. The violent incident reportedly took place at the end of November, but the investigation has led to details […]

Police: Florida Man Assaulted Woman For Bizarre Reason

A Florida man has been arrested after authorities say he assaulted a woman with a piece of wood. Local News 10 reports that 58-year-old Herbert Ray faces at least one charge in association with the incident, which took place on Monday. However, the reason why the alleged assault took place is attracting as much attention […]

‘Proud Robosexual’ Plans To Marry Robot When It’s Legal

A reported “robosexual” is attracting attention for her relationship with a 3-D printed lover that she made all by herself. The Daily Mail reports that the French woman, named Lilly, intends on marrying her robotic boyfriend, as soon as their type of marriage is legally recognized in France. Meanwhile, she’s having a wonderful time showing […]

Police: Florida Couple Sexually Abused Children For Years

A Florida couple has been arrested on allegations that they subjected at least three teenagers to ongoing sexual, physical, and mental abuse. The NWF Daily News reports that 49-year-old Donald Lee Ard and his wife, 33-year-old Michele Lea Ard, are accused of several crimes against the children. Authorities became aware of the alleged abuse when […]

Police: Indiana Toddler Forced To Live In Tiny Box

An Indiana couple has been arrested after police say they were forcing a 3-year-old girl to live in a tiny, urine-soaked box. The Daily Star reports that at least nine people have been arrested in association with the shocking discovery — but what will come of this horrifying case? Police were reportedly alerted to a […]

Police: Florida Woman Left Kids In Car For Black Friday Shoplifting Spree

A Florida woman has been arrested after police in Jacksonville say she left three kids alone in her vehicle. WHIO News reports that 28-year-old Jenni Marie Ennis has been charged in association with a Black Friday incident. Of course, the very reason why she allegedly left her kids in the car has a lot to […]

Police: Florida Woman Defecated In Cruiser After Throwing Dog Into Oncoming Traffic

A Florida woman has been arrested, after authorities say she threw a dog into oncoming traffic. However, that’s not the only detail in this bizarre case that’s attracting attention. CBS News reports that she retaliated to her arrest in a truly obscene fashion. The incident reportedly took place on Sunday. Police in Hollywood say that […]

Cops: Missouri Teen Who Stabbed ‘Vampire’ Boyfriend Says She Could Be A Serial Killer

A Missouri teen is in trouble after authorities in Springfield say she stabbed her boyfriend during an argument. However, the stabbing isn’t the most shocking detail in this downright bizarre case. CBS News reports that 19-year-old Victoria Vanatter told police that she could become a serial killer. The incident reportedly took place on the day […]

Hillary Clinton’s ‘I’m Sorry’ Is A First In Election History

Hillary Clinton made history for more than one reason over the course of this past election cycle. Even though she isn’t the first woman to run for president, she did become the first woman to get close enough to the presidency to nearly touch it. That’s not the only “first,” manifested by the former New […]

Police: Mom Smoked Meth Before Chuck E. Cheese’s Outing With Kids

An Iowa mom is accused of being high on meth while at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in Council Bluffs. KCCI News reports that the 39-year-old woman faces multiple charges in association with the incident, which is attracting a lot of mainstream media attention. Police say that 39-year-old Christine Hall was arrested as part of […]

Police: Alabama Couple Kept Malnourished Teen In Basement For Two Years

An Alabama couple has been arrested after authorities say they kept a teenage boy in their basement for approximately two years. KFVS News reports that Cynthia and Richard Kelly have been given a variety of charges in association with the shocking allegations against them. Police in Helena say they received a call of possible abuse […]

Police: Florida Woman Strangled Baby With Christmas Lights

A Florida woman has been arrested after authorities reported she likely strangled her own 1-year-old daughter with a strand of holiday lights. WFTV News reports that Kristen DePasquale has been indicted on multiple charges in association with last week’s incident. However, the Oviedo mom isn’t fessing up to what authorities say she’s done. Instead, she […]

Could Hillary Clinton Still Become The Next President Of The United States?

Is it possible for Hillary Clinton to take the White House, even after Donald Trump was declared the winner of this election? Believe it or not, there are reportedly some ways that could lead to a shocking turn of events — at least to the hope of her supporters. The Heavy reports that the former […]

Is Hillary Clinton On Her Way To Prison? Rudy Giuliani Drops Bombshell About Her Future

Is Hillary Clinton in trouble, now that Donald Trump is set to be the next president of the United States? Fortune reports that the former presidential hopeful may not be out of the woods in regards to the investigations in which she’s become embroiled. In fact, Rudy Giuliani has dropped a bombshell that may make […]

Police: Chicago Toddler Stomped To Death By Mother’s Boyfriend

A Chicago toddler is dead, and her mother’s boyfriend is behind bars, after police says she was violently beaten and stomped to death. The Chicago Tribune reports that one-year-old Railyana Vasquez died from her injuries on Tuesday, and autopsy reports have shown that she suffered numerous injuries associated with alleged child abuse. Now that the […]

Police: Man Cut Mom With Knife Over Donald Trump Argument

An argument over Donald Trump ended with a Brooklyn woman being slashed with a knife by her own son. The New York Post reported that Yvonne Braswell is recovering after she tried to intervene in a heated argument between her two sons over the current President-Elect. Police say the incident took place on Saturday night […]

Police: Florida Man Posted Revenge Porn On Facebook To Harass Ex-Girlfriend

A Florida man has been arrested, after authorities say he posted revenge porn of his ex-girlfriend to social media. Florida Keys News reports that 33-year-old Michael Hamel, Jr., is entangled in a variety of charges stemming from the incident, along with prior incidents involving the same woman. Police say that Hamel took to Facebook recently […]

Police: Missouri Dad Violently Assaulted Newborn In Horrifying Incident

A Missouri dad has been arrested, and his newborn child may soon die, after an allegedly violent incident that took place sometime last week. The Daily Mail reports that the mother of the helpless baby also witnessed the incident, but she is accused of failing to protect him. There are a lot of shocking details […]

Police: Man Claiming To Be Vampire Terrorized Female Grocery Store Worker

A man claiming to be a vampire has been arrested, after allegedly assaulting a female grocery store employee in Concord. CBS News reports that 21-year-old Jacob May was arrested on Tuesday, following the alleged incident. Now the details surrounding this case — in particular, his claims about his identity — are attracting attention. Police say […]

Police: Florida Teen Killed Grandma For Shocking Reason

A Florida teen has been arrested after authorities in Jacksonville say he killed his own grandmother. CBS News reports that 18-year-old Dylan Brougham reacted violently after having an argument with the 69-year-old woman. The details surrounding this case of alleged murder are shocking, especially with the reported reason behind the violent slaying. Police say that […]

Amir Jennings Case: Mother Of Missing Child Released From Prison

The disappearance of Amir Jennings remains unsolved, but there are new developments in the missing South Carolina toddler’s case. The State reports that the mother of the long-missing tot has been released from prison— after only serving four of her 10-year sentence. Twenty-seven-year-old Zinah Jennings was released from prison in late September, but this information […]

Amber Alert: Little Girl Possibly Abducted From Texas Church

An Amber Alert has been issued in Bullard, Texas, for a 10-year-old girl — and authorities fear that she may be in danger. KATC News reports that 10-year-old Kayla Gomez was possibly abducted while playing near a church last night, but the details surrounding this developing case are still not entirely clear. With it being […]

Police: Tulsa Man Used ‘Facebook Live’ During Stolen Cop Car Joyride

A Tulsa man has been arrested after he allegedly went on a joyride in a stolen police cruiser. However, it’s not simply the theft of the car that is attracting so much attention. CBS News reports that 25-year-old John Pinney made use of a popular social media tool after he allegedly took off in a […]

Police: Maryland Parents Allegedly Beat Baby To Death For Doing Something All Babies Do

Two Maryland parents have been arrested after authorities reported that their three-month-old baby was violently beaten to death. The Parent Herald reports that 32-year-old Antoine Petty is the alleged perpetrator in this shocking crime, and his wife, Geneice Petty, is being treated by police as an accessory. Police said the little baby was beaten to […]

Shadow McClaine Update: Two Soldiers Held In Woman’s Disappearance

The search for missing Ft. Campbell soldier Shadow McClaine is heating up with a new update making media headlines. CBS News reports that two fellow soldiers have been taken into police custody in association with the disappearance of the 25-year-old woman. What could this latest development mean for the case? The two soldiers being held […]

Rhode Island Man Beat Newborn Infant To Death

A Rhode Island man has been convicted of killing his own newborn daughter to death, closing a chapter in a case that has spanned four years. NECN News reports that 30-year-old Christopher Jimenez has been convicted of second-degree murder, but will the sentence bring justice to the death of the tiny infant? Only time will […]

Police: Baby’s Legs Broken In Apparent Long-Term Abuse By Parents

A West Virginia baby has been badly injured — with two broken legs — and police say that the boy’s parents are responsible. WSAZ News reports that 23-year-old Whitney King and 24-year-old Carey Coffman have been arrested in association with what appears to be the ongoing abuse of a one-year-old child. Authorities in Burnsville, West […]

Police: Florida Couple Left Severely Scalded Baby In Car While They Shopped At Walmart

A Florida couple has been arrested, and the authorities claim they caused a baby to suffer extreme burns associated with being scalded. That’s not the only shocking detail in this case of alleged child neglect. WFLA News reports that 25-year-old Cayla Zarva and 24-year-old Dennis Zipprian made a series of poor choices, which led to […]

Graphic Details: Florida Teen Died A ‘Gruesome’ Death In Shocking Neglect Case

A Florida teen is dead, and authorities say that his mother is responsible. WCTV News reports that 50-year-old Sabrina Robinson faces charges after her 17-year-old son died a reportedly “gruesome” death in her home. The details surrounding this tragic case are shocking, and have attracted the disgust of Havana locals, as well as folks on […]

Michigan Woman Lied About Being Gang-Raped By Black Men

A Michigan woman has been convicted of making false police reports in association with a horrifying story that she made up earlier this year. New York Daily News reports that 25-year-old Leiha Artman claimed that she had been kidnapped and gang-raped by a group of four black men back in March. She’s being made to […]

Police: Man Cut Off Girlfriend’s Nipples With Scissors During Argument

A man has been arrested for using scissors in an absolutely horrifying manner. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 45-year-old Tony Ledbetter attacked his pregnant girlfriend on Tuesday, in an assault that has earned him a laundry list of charges. However, what’s attracting the most attention in the media — and the public — is how […]

Police: Illinois Man Had Sex With Two Dogs

An Illinois man has been indicted on charges associated with alleged crimes against animals. The PJ Star reports that 55-year-old Anthony J. Danner is accused of having sex with his two pet dogs. Police say that the 55-year-old man had sexual encounters with his male malamute, named Wolf, and a female husky, named Velvet. The […]

Newborn Beaten To Death By Homeless Teen, Child’s Parents Invited Her Into Their Home

A newborn baby is dead, and a family is reeling from the horrifying loss. However, justice is being served. The Huffington Post reports that a teenage girl has admitted in court to the violent slaying of the six-week-old infant, but will the conviction of the teenage murderer bring closure to the victim’s mourning parents? The […]

Police: Chicago Mom Burned Boy’s Genitals With Curling Iron During Years Of Torture

A Chicago mom has been arrested, and authorities are looking for her boyfriend, in association with a horrifying case of alleged abuse. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 24-year-old Caroline Woods is accused of torturing her 7-year-old son for at least two years — and had it not been for the child getting loose on Sunday, […]

Police: Arizona Couple Left Child In Car To Gamble In Casino

An Arizona couple has been arrested for leaving a young child in a car. However, the reason for leaving the little boy in the car is what’s attracting media attention. ABC News 15 reports that Brad Porter Jr. and Jessica Lopez face a variety of charges in association with the incident — and it was […]

Police: Tulsa Mom Shook And Beat Infant To Death

A Tulsa mom must stand trial in association with the death of her 7-month-old son, after authorities say that she beat and shook the infant to death. Tulsa World reports that 22-year-old Ruth Ann Lewis is going to trial on a number of charges stemming from the tragic death of her baby. The incident reportedly […]

Victim’s Family: Amanda Knox Documentary Ignores Meredith Kercher

While the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix appears to be a popular watch, there are some people who are refusing to watch the program. The Mirror reports that loved ones of murder victim Meredith Kercher are refusing to watch the documentary, and they also have quite a bit to say about it. The sister of […]

Where Is Kirsty McLaughlin? Expat Disappears In Dubai

Authorities in Dubai are looking for a Scottish expat who has gone missing in their jurisdiction. The Evening Times reports that 26-year-old Kirsty McLaughlin was last seen on Sunday, and now her loved ones are concerned for her well-being. Authorities say they are “now actively searching for her and they are taking her case extremely […]