Cyber Monday 2015: Interactive eBay Map Helps Find Best Gifts

Cyber Monday 2015 has arrived, and with it many deals to get one’s head spinning. Every year, gift givers are faced with the question of what presents do the people on the holiday list really want. It can get frustrating browsing the many amazing choices that are being found when opening up the Cyber Monday […]

Lucy The Australopithecus: Happy Anniversary To World’s Oldest Hominid

Lucy the Australopithecus is being commemorated for her 41st anniversary of the day she was discovered in Ethiopia. A tribute Google Doodle on Tuesday, November 24, welcomed the celebration of the female hominid, whose bones were discovered in 1974. Google is well known for celebrating landmark anniversaries and birthdays by transforming the Google logo into […]

Jessica Jones: A Fighting, Rape Survivor Superhero

Jessica Jones, the character, can be described as a female version of the superhero type of Batman. Her fortitude to fight to save humanity is born from her own unfortunate life experiences. Marvel Comics’ Jessica is grown up in the new Netflix series portraying the character. The TV show is certainly not for youngsters, as […]

Nike Custom Shoes: Young Patients’ Designs On Sale To Celebrate Life

Nike custom shoes have become a popular way to express one’s self. The popular sportswear company has teamed up with Oregon’s OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in what has become an annual fundraising effort. For 2015, six young patients were chosen to create their own sneaker designs with stories of their young lives and fights with […]

Miley Cyrus Joins Bill Murray In A Very Funny Christmas Special

Miley Cyrus shares laughs with Bill Murray and a wonderful cast of stars, including George Clooney, in a funny wink to the comedy variety Christmas extravagant TV specials that were so popular a few decades ago. Miley sings and dances up a storm as she joins Bill in his Netflix Christmas special, A Very Murray […]

Christie Brinkley On Botox: ‘I Was Punched In The Eye’

Christie Brinkley on Botox! Who would think that the beauty who is all about going natural would inject the poison into her face? In her recent book, Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great, Brinkley reveals that she did succumb to having fillers done. The proud woman adds to her book’s […]

Holiday Dresses: Fashion Designed To Celebrate Festivities

Holiday dresses are more than merely dressing up. Fashioning oneself in holiday attire is part of the celebration of the time of year. Whether enjoying a family dinner, house hopping for quick visits, or dressing up for an extravagant social event celebration to welcome in the new year, 2015 is ready with fashionable ideas. When […]

Eiffel Tower Reopens, Stands Tall As Paris Symbol Of Peace

The Eiffel Tower, along with other notable attractions in Paris, has reopened to the public once again on Monday, November 16. The tower that normally stands tall in magnificent lights went dark in mourning on Friday as a result of the horror of the terrorist attacks that occurred on October 13. For the first time […]

Carrie Underwood Makes Chart Topping History With ‘Storyteller’

Carrie Underwood has released her newest album, Storyteller, with a history making chart topping occasion. With the beautiful singer’s new album debuting in the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Country Album chart, she has achieved a momentous task. Storyteller makes Carrie the first star in the 51-year history of the chart to release their […]

Sign Up Contest Encourages Affordable Healthcare Enrollment

A sign up contest has been introduced by President Obama to encourage Americans to register for health insurance. As reported by CBS News, The President of the United States challenged Americans to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, with a competition aimed to get many more people covered. The President is enticing […]

Controversial Cups? Starbucks Holiday Red Cups Create Uproar

Controversial cups? Who knew that so much anger could be caused by a simple red cup! Starbucks began the 2015 holiday season with the unveiling of their new holiday cup meant to bring cheer. Instead, the simple red cup with green logo has stirred up jeers. Fox News reported the reason for the anger over […]

Rotten Tomatoes: James Bond Movie Countdown Scores ‘Spectre’ As Mediocre

Rotten Tomatoes is a great place to search out the truth about the good and bad of movies. With the newest of the James Bond films, Spectre, making its debut in time for the start of holiday movie-going season, Tomatoes is offering up “The James Bond Movie Countdown” as part of their “Holiday Guide 2015.” […]

Anne Hathaway ‘Colossal’ Movie Evades ‘Godzilla’ Sized Lawsuit

Anne Hathaway is no longer the princess she once portrayed. She has morphed from the sweet royal girl to a woman fighting a Kaiiju in Colossal. Before the movie had any chance of reaching theaters, producers had to settle a Godzilla-sized lawsuit. Voltage Pictures reached a settlement with Toho Company, the holders of the Japanese […]

SS United States: Rescue Sought For Once-Fastest Ship

The SS United States, also referred to as “America’s Flagship,” at one time was known as the fastest and most famed ocean liners in the world. The once grand ship now sits stranded on the Delaware River at Pier 82 in Philadelphia, in dire need of rescuing. The ship’s savior group’s dream is to bring […]

Unusual Beach Find: Abandoned Baby Otter Rescued

An unusual beach find by kayakers revealed an abandoned newborn sea otter clinging to life. The cute creature was discovered on a beach in the California waterfront community of Morro Bay on October 19, as reported by the Tribune. When the sweet furry pup with the big eyes was found, the baby female otter was […]

Amber Rose Embraces SlutWalk And ‘How To Be A Bad B****’

Amber Rose has certainly made a name for herself as a stunning, scantily dressed woman, one who first attracted attention when she was dating Kanye West. Rose has come a long way since garnering fame simply as arm candy for famous rappers. Now, as a mom and author, Amber is proving to be a woman […]

‘X Factor’ U.K. Final Six Acts Revealed: Rita Ora And Nick Grimshaw Make Ultimate Choices

The X Factor U.K. was filled with excitement Sunday night, October 25. The audience held their breath in anticipation of who would be the final acts to make it to the live shows. Reported by ITV News on October 25, the stressful decision to pick six acts to win the spots from the pool of […]

Selena Gomez ‘Good For You’ Video Gets Daniel Tosh Makeover

Selena Gomez has gotten the ultimate compliment in the form of being parodied. Daniel Tosh professed his admiration for Gomez and has perhaps aided in the singer’s popularity, as her “Good For You” video climbs the charts, so does his frame by frame translation. As reported by USA Today on October 23, “Daniel Tosh just […]

Oscar Pistorius Released From Prison A Night Early To Avoid Media, Put Under House Arrest

Oscar Pistorius may have left the Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre, but he is still considered under arrest. USA Today reported on October 19 that Pistorius was released from the shackles of prison to be put under house arrest. Pistorius is now said to be serving the remainder of his five-year sentence at the home […]

Captain America Aims To Trump Conservatives

Captain America is being deemed a liberal “beating up conservatives,” at least as reported by Fox News. The newest incarnation of the Captain America series was released on Wednesday, October 14 in Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #1. The new story has a new Captain America known as Sam Wilson. Wilson was previously known as […]

Eddie Murphy Spoofs Cosby On Stage After 28-Year Absence

Eddie Murphy performed live on stage once again on Sunday, October 18 at the Kennedy Center to receive the 18th annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. An October 18 Washington Post report revealed how Murphy took to the stage for his first live stand-up comedy routine moment in 28 years choosing to impersonate Bill […]

Phil Collins Ditches Retirement To Write Tell-All

Phil Collins, the well-known former Genesis drummer and singer, has stepped out of retirement to write an autobiography. ABC News shared the excitement on October 12, reporting that Collins announced on Monday that his memoir is to be published in October, 2016. Collins spoke of how he had received several requests for him to write […]

9/11 Deaths Continue 14 Years Since Attacks

9/11 has taken yet another heroic soul 14 years and one month after the day of the attacks. The sad news reported by the New York Post on October 12 stated that on October 11, Retired Detective Ronald Richards passed away from a 9/11-related illness. In 2007, 45-year old Richards had been diagnosed with multiple […]

Bradley Cooper Is ‘Limitless’ As Actor Of ‘Culinary Orgasms’

Bradley Cooper is proving to be a worthy commodity as he spreads his abilities between TV and movies, as well as acting and producing. Cooper is the executive producer of the new hit series, Limitless, on CBS, which is based on the 2011 film of the same name. Not only is Cooper working hard as […]

Plus-Size Fashion Now In Trend As Just Beautiful Fashion

Plus-size fashion was once the only wording available for those women of a larger size seeking the fashion section of their favorite store. Now noting that the wording plus-size fashion can be derogatory, many retailers are now simply removing the plus-size label and grouping the larger sizes in with their standard clothing lines. Reported in […]

LeBron James Leaving McDonald’s For A Slice Of Blaze Pizza

LeBron James is leaving McDonald’s. Reported by CNBC October 8 LeBron is choosing not to renew his endorsement contract with McDonald’s, and instead is trading burgers for the hot pizza trend by joining Pasadena-based Blaze Pizza in their advertising campaign. CNBC cited a statement that McDonald’s wrote about their split with James. “We have enjoyed […]

Going Driverless Could Be A Reality In Just A Few Years

The going driverless race is on as car makers and tech companies seek to be the first to have a vehicle safe enough — and legal enough — to be able to take to the roads without need of a driver at the controls. Toyota is the latest company to jump on the driverless bandwagon. […]

Jay Leno Back To ‘Tonight Show’ As Jimmy Fallon Limps Away

Jay Leno raced to rescue the Tonight Show monologue segment on October 6. Jimmy Fallon, who took over hosting duties of the tonight show from Leno in February 2014, began the show talking about Bernie Sanders’ campaign with the joke “Apparently you do go back” when he suddenly appeared to be in pain from a […]

Model Sues Cosby: 2008 Sex Assault May Put Cosby Behind Bars

A model is suing Cosby with allegations of a 2008 sexual assault in Los Angeles federal court on October 6. According to Fox News, Chloe Goins filed the civil lawsuit Tuesday, claiming Bill Cosby sexually attacked her at the Playboy Mansion sometime in 2008 after spiking a drink causing her to lose consciousness. Fox News […]