Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Lite To Supplement Main Smartphone Flagship for 2016? Tease Photos Suggest Fit For Business Needs

Samsung is prepping for another big takeover this year as they plan to release the new Galaxy Note 6 Lite. According to Valuewalk, the device will be released in the next few months, and this might be the newest variant of the Galaxy Note line. Additionally, it might have a very different design from the […]

Xiaomi Mi Max Leaked by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Before May 10 Reveal! Xiaomi Phablet Gets TENAA Certification

Xiaomi is back with their big reveals. Though over the past years, leaks were provided by inside sources, this time, it was Xiaomi’s own CEO who provided the public with the preview of the new Xiaomi Mi Max. According to reports, CEO Lei Jun has provided three screenshots of the new Xiaomi Mi Max on […]

Minecraft Goes VR: How Will The Microsoft Game Adjust On Virtual Reality?

Microsoft is truly expanding their reach with Minecraft. This time, the game will be converted into the virtual reality platform. Since 2016 is the year for virtual reality, Microsoft did not wait too long for its integration with Minecraft. The game will now partner with Samsung Gear VR to create the Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. […]

Microsoft To Reveal New Hardware At E3? Microphone Controllers, Kinect Rebirth, New Windows Phone, And Many Other Speculations

E3 is coming up again this year and everyone is on the lookout for Microsoft’s next reveal. Though many are speculating for a new Xbox One version, many might be disappointed to know that this might not be the case. Microsoft announced earlier that they have no plans on providing any new versions of Xbox […]

‘LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Plot Spoilers Revealed, Did It Beat Gamers’ Expectations?

It was not long when the silver screens were packed with Star Wars fanatics. Now, the gaming world is clamoring on the all-new LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game. What’s even more exciting is the fact that the LEGO Star Wars game might have some answers on the pending questions left on The Force […]

‘Star Wars’ Dagobah: Experience 94 Minutes of Peace and Quiet In This Dagobah Swamp

It’s not every day that Star Wars fans get the chance to really experience the set of the movie. Though there are many virtual reality developments that are trying to defy the norm, the majority of Star Wars fans still have no access to it yet. In the meantime, everyone could make do this relaxing […]

Na`Vi Under Fire for Unfair Advertising? Did the DOTA 2 eSports Champ Use MMR Boosting Streamer

Popular DOTA 2 eSports champion Natus Vincere, or Na`Vi, was trashed by the DOTA community after allegedly working with, an MMR booster streamer service. A users posted a photo on Reddit capturing the live advertisement under Na`Vi’s video page. The video was posted on April 29 and the discussions started right after the photo […]

‘Elite Dangerous’ Moves From Steam To Xbox One Soon! Will They Try To Dominate eSports, Too?

Classic space adventure game Elite: Dangerous is about to enter Microsoft’s Xbox One. The combat simulation video game will hit the Xbox One consoles simultaneous with the launch of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the game’s latest season. The exciting part for the fans is the fact that they no longer need to wait that long […]

Virtual Reality Moves One Step Ahead, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Can Now Do Treadmill Movements, #RIPMotion on the Rise?

The tech world was excited with the introduction of virtual reality. A once-dreamt idea is now available in real life. Though the launches were quite successful, some think that the VR technology might actually harm human health. Meanwhile, others are proving that it depends on the user’s aim for utilizing the VR technology to determine […]

GoPro Omni Challenges Virtual Reality Industry, Launches New Video App And Livestreaming Tools

GoPro is going head-to-head with the biggest names in the virtual reality industry, as they plan to launch their own line of VR products. At the same time, GoPro is simultaneously introducing their new online platform where users can livestream their motion captures online. According to Yahoo!, GoPro will make the announcement during the NAB, […]

Lionel Messi Hits 500th Goal Record, Barcelona Loses 2-1 Vs Valencia

It is a historic day for the Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi after hitting his 500th goal during the Barcelona vs Argentina game. According to BBC, Lionel Messi’s new goal record has been a surprise since his home team, Barcelona, lost the game. Nonetheless, it was a win for Lionel Messi’s solo career as a […]

Fallout 4 Update: Forza Mortorsport Partners With Bethesda Game, Chryslus ’69 Now Available on Fallout 4!

Bethesda just rolled out an exciting new update for Fallout 4. Last week, the Forza Motorsport 6 car Chryslus Rocket ’69 was made available in the Xbox game. Now Xbox One users can gain access to this new sports car. The Chryslus Rocket ’69 update has been rolled out to all Xbox One owners, and […]

‘Adr1ft’ Oculus Rift VR Review: Is The VR Pioneer Worth The Hype?

There has been so much hype on the new Oculus Rift VR game Adr1ft. After Oculus announced their venture into the virtual reality world, people have been looking out on their game launch. Now that Adr1ft is out, the reviews about the game began to pour. Though many were amazed about the cool possibilities of […]

Stephen Curry Collapsed, Jordan Spieth’s News Affected NBA Superstar

Golden State Warriors top guard Stephen Curry collapsed to the floor after he heard the news about young, talented golfer Jordan Spieth’s quadruple bogey. Jordan Spieth is currently holding a record of seven consecutive rounds at the Masters, but he is unable to continue his eighth streak after having a quadruple bogey during the par-three […]

‘World of Tanks’ Grand Finals 2016: eSports Event in Warsaw Dominated by Team Navi, Ukraine Team Wins $150,000

The latest eSports championship for World of Tanks has just finished, and they have crowned their 2016 champion: Team Navi from Ukraine. Hosted by Wargaming, the 2016 World of Tanks championship took place in Warsaw, Poland, this weekend. After the candidates battle through Season 2, 12 teams got to the finals, where they fought their […]

Crows vs Tigers: How Adelaide Crows Beat Richmond Tigers at Etihad Stadium During AFL 2016 [Photos+ Videos]

The weekend has been extremely fiery for the Australian Football League as the Adelaide Crows proved themselves to be the better team when they got face-to-face with the Richmond Tigers. The game started out with the Richmond Tigers in the lead. The first few minutes had been a win for Richmond Tigers, but the Adelaide […]

‘One Piece: Burning Blood’ PS4 and PS Vita New Teaser Features Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu, Robin and the Rest of the Straw Hat Pirates

The newest game adaptation of the anime and manga series One Piece will be released on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. With that, a new teaser of the gameplay has just been released. According to Crunchyroll, the One Piece: Burning Blood teaser was created with comedian Shu Koga. Shu Koga had to act out a […]

Zayn Malik iHeart Radio Music Awards: Former One Direction Member Impresses With His First Solo Performance

Zayn Malik just proved he’s better off solo. During his first-ever awards show performance during the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Zayn killed his solo “Like I Would” and everyone was on their feet. Zayn has been criticized, mostly by loyal One Direction fans, when he decided to leave the group. When asked why he left, […]

Bryan Cranston is Back! First Look at His All-New TV Series ‘All The Way’

Breaking Bad lead actor Bryan Cranston is back, and he plans to go bigger this time with his new HBO show All The Way. Bryan Cranston will be playing President Lyndon B. Johnson. President Johnson just stepped in as the president of the United States after the “chaotic aftermath of JKF’s assassination.” He is planning […]

Irina Shayk Goes Blonde: Fashion Makeover For Sultry Photo Shoot With Celeb Photographer

Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend Irina Shayk just did a drastic transformation after she decided to dye her hair blonde. Though Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk is known for her dark locks, she reportedly made the transformation to suit a specific photo shoot with popular celebrity photographer Mert Alas. Shayk posted two photos on her Instagram account […]

Top 10 Memorable Moments By Twitter To Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary

Micro-blogging site Twitter is celebrating their 10 years today. To look back, here are the top 10 moments to celebrate their success. 10. Twitter at the center of Super Bowl In 2013, there was a massive black out during the Super Bowl. Twitter was already a well-known social media platform back then, but its advertising […]

‘Warcraft 3’ Update: After 14 Years, Why Does The Game Still Get Updates? Patch 1.27 Comes Out On Mar. 15

Warcraft 3 as a franchise has already existed for about 14 years now. However, after more than a decade of existence, it seems that the developers are not done implementing updates. In a recent update released via YouTube, Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment Robert Bridenbecker said that there will be a new update for Warcraft […]

Watch Selena Gomez Do Badass Lipsync Along Nicki Minaj Rap, While Charlie Puth Yells ‘F**k You’ To Selena’s Ex, Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez proved she is just like anyone else after doing a couple of snaps while she lip-synced on Nicki Minaj’s rap lines on Drake’s “Up All Night.” According to Complex, Selena Gomez was at Paris when she was recording her latest Snapchat clips. Gomez just attended the Louis Vuitton Fashion Week and she even […]

FC Barcelona on Winning Streak! Gets 6-0 Landslide During Getafe CF Match at Camp Nuo

FC Barcelona completed an amazing finish during the FC Barcelona-Getafe CF match up at Camp Nuo. The large crowd this Sunday was not disappointed when FC Barcelona started to own the game. With the support of the home crowd, FC Barcelona continued towards their 37th unbeaten streak. Led by star player Lionel Messi’s goal and […]

‘Star Wars’ Gaming Moves to VR, Lucas Film to Expand ‘Star Wars’ Universe to HTC Vive This April?

Lucas Film is expanding the possibilities for Star Wars fans to experience a new way to interact with the Star Wars universe. Lucas Film’s new venture, ILMxLab was created to have all of the creatives on Star Wars participate in the creation of this new Star Wars universe in the augmented reality. Basically, this is […]

AlphaGo Vs Lee Sedol: 3-0! Google Deepmind’s AI Impresses Tech World

AlphaGo has made a new record after beating multiple world champion Lee Sedol in a Go exhibition match in South Korea. AlphaGo got three consecutive wins. The landslide win made the Go world champion feel “powerless.” Sedol said during the conference after the game that he underestimated the capabilities of AlphaGo. He added that he […]

Minecraft Subscription Service is Here! Mine Chest Available for $29.99

Minecraft just stepped up their game in terms of providing service to their gamers. The game franchise is opening up their very own Minecraft Subscription Box called Mine Chest. Mine Chest is not like the Humble Store subscription. It is a real box that can be delivered to the user’s address. It’s like an official […]

‘Hajime no Ippo’ Season 4 ‘The Law of the Ring:’ Best Season Yet? Ippo Reaches Breaking Point? (Spoilers)

Popular manga Hajime no Ippo has ended with smashing wins during Season 3. Now, the fans cannot wait to see what is next for their boxing hero, Makunochi Ippo. Hajime no Ippo Season 3 was short, but it still packed a powerful punch. Mamoru Takamura kept his promise to Coach Kamogawa to get another World […]

‘Futurama: Game Of Drones’ Brings Fresh New Humor in Gaming, App Out On February 25

It’s not everyday that you see your favorite show converted into an accessible mobile game. Though it has been a popular route for cartoons to have their own game versions, Futurama writers promise a unique twist. According to Gamespot, Futurama: Game of Drones will focus on the story. The free-to-play puzzle game will be very […]

Nintendo NX to be Released At E3 2016? Uses Android System and 3D Touchscreen Controller?

Nearly one year ago, Nintendo announced their new flagship product, the Nintendo NX. On March 17, 2015, the gaming company declared that the product is already under development and that they are partnering with Japanese game developer DeNA for NX. This year, there are rumors that the much-anticipated Nintendo NX could be revealed at the […]

Google Hangouts Makes Big Changes, Standalone App Now Available

With the new Google CEO in place, Larry Page is leaving the big decisions to Sundar Pichai. This year, Sundar Pichai rolled out a big update on one of Google’s products, the Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a Skype alternative. It has chat features, video conferencing and basic call features. It also have other meeting […]

Samsung To Surprise Users? Will They Launch The Samsung Galaxy S7 This February?

Samsung has been Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone and tablet industry. With everyone watching their every single move, people are wondering when Samsung would be launching their next big product. Just like Apple, Samsung follows launching traditions. For Apple, it would be on the fourth quarter of every year. With Samsung, they host this […]

Gigi Hadid Versace’s New Face, New Icon For Classy Street Style

Gigi Hadid has bagged another big contract after she was announced to be the face of Donatello Versace’s Spring ’16 collection. The famed fashion icon Donatella Versace just launched her Instagram account two weeks ago and the first photo was a snap of her and international model Gigi Hadid. This was the moment Gigi Hadid […]

‘Saturday Night Live’ Does It Again! #OscarsSoWhite Skit Hits Home Run With Academy Nominations

After Jada Pinkett Smith called out the Academy Awards earlier this month, the organization has implemented immediate action to remedy its diversity problems. This week, satirical comedy show Saturday Night Live did not fail to highlight the issue. In this week’s episode, they created a skit similar to what is currently happening at the Oscars […]

News Sites CNN and Huffington Post Delayed Reporting of U.S. Prisoner Exchange in Iran, HuffPost ‘Glad’ With the Decision

CNN and Huffington Post withheld the reporting of the prisoner exchange negotiations between U.S. and Iran. The two news organizations had information about the talks but decided to postpone the airing of the news, New York Times reported. Huffington Post even admitted that they had a State Department official on record. The official had provided […]

Secret Behind Adele & James Corden’s Karaoke Genuis Unveiled! Producer Says They Had to ‘Kill Things You Love’ for the Video

This year is Adele’s year, and it just became more apparent when she appeared in this quirky karaoke clip with James Corden last week. Adele was not the first one to do this karaoke drive by with Corden since big stars like One Direction, Carrie Underwood, and even Stevie Wonder have already become a part […]

Laura Darrall Launched The #ItAffectsMe Social Media Campaign

Laura Darrall was supposed to be a normal 28-year-old in U.K., tackling her passion, acting. However, she is doing something more radical that is actually helping people all over the world. Last week, Darrall just launched the #ItAffectsMe campaign in social media. This is a movement that aims to remove the stigma on mental illnesses […]