U.S. Paid Ransom To Iran For Release Of American Prisoners And To Negotiate Nuclear Deal? Secret Plane With $400 Mn. Part Of $1.7 Bn. Settlement, Claims Administration

The Obama administration secretly sent a plane with $400 million in cash to Iran. While the exact reason for the money isn’t clear, multiple American prisoners were coincidentally released immediately after the plane landed. The money may have also been part of a much larger settlement exceeding $1.5 billion to get Iran on board the […]

Boba Tea Causes Diabetes? Popular Asian Drink ‘Bubble Tea’ Is Pumping Sugar Into Body, Warn Researchers

Boba milk tea is not as healthy as many claim it to be. The insanely popular Boba milk tea or bubble tea, often touted for its health benefits, is responsible for pumping dangerous amounts of sugar into the body of its unsuspecting consumers, predisposing them to diabetes, warn researchers. Boba milk tea is one of […]

Emirates Passenger Jet Bursts Into Flames At Dubai Airport — Freak Accident While Landing Without Touchdown Gear [Video] [Breaking]

An Emirates passenger jet with 300 people on board crash landed at Dubai International Airport. The freak accident which resulted into the plane catching fire and partially exploding happened as the plane attempted to land, but failed. A passenger jet travelling from India to Dubai with 282 passengers and 18 crew members caught fire and […]

Joe Biden Officiates His First-Ever Wedding: Ordained VP Wed A Gay Couple At His Official Residence In Washington

American Vice President Joe Biden officiated his first wedding. The recently ordained VP chose to wed a gay couple at his official residence. United States Vice President Joe Biden presided over his first-ever wedding on August 1. One of the earliest proponents of same-sex marriages, Biden chose to officiate the wedding of Joe Mahshie and […]

iPhone 6 Fire: Apple Will Investigate Smartphone Explosion That Burned Through Pants And Two Layers Of Skin, Says Victim

A British man was injured after his iPhone 6 exploded in his pants. The man insists the explosion not only burned his pants but scorched through two layers of skin. Sydney cyclist explains the moment he fell off his bike and landed on his iPhone 6, causing the device to explode https://t.co/yKDuSvtvCJ — Sky News […]

Deaf Dogs Rescued By California Inmates — 50 Canines Threatened By Sand Fire Taken In And Cared For Under ‘Paws 4 Life’ Program

Inmates in a California prison have become the guardians of deaf dogs that were rescued from a shelter threatened by wildfire. The rescue and care program, christened “Paws 4 Life,” involves matching prisoners with canines for mutual benefits. A California prison is sheltering deaf rescue dogs endangered by the #SandFire 🐶 https://t.co/IWoEfL5V1M pic.twitter.com/p17MkLA0cP — UPROXX […]

Venezuela Zoos Raided, Animals Butchered For Food As Country Faces Acute Shortage Of Rations

Venezuelan zoos are being raided for food by the citizens. The worsening food crisis in the country has caused a crazed struggle for sustenance with people stealing and butchering zoo animals. The animals that call these zoos their home are being stolen and butchered by starving citizens while the country considers political solutions. Incidentally, the […]

Pit Bull Stabbed Five Times While Saving Woman From Attack — ‘Hero’ Stray Dog Recovering From Deadly Knife Wounds

A stray pit bull that bravely stopped a woman from being attacked was stabbed multiple times by the attacker. The rescuers who helped the dog survive the brutal attack and ensured his medical care, are now looking for a home for the courageous canine. A hero dog managed to protect the woman who was being […]

Black Lives Matter Protests In Canada After Mentally Ill Man Dies During Arrest Under Alleged Race-Based Brutality

The death of a black citizen while being arrested has sparked Black Lives Matter protests in Canada. Several hundred marchers are out on Somerset #AbdirahmanAbdi pic.twitter.com/n9k8D2d1hJ — Idil Mussa 🇨🇦 (@idilmussa) July 30, 2016 Thousands gathered to protest the death of a mentally ill black man following his arrest. Protesters are condemning the death of […]

Cancer Patient Saves Teenagers From Cliff – Recovering Mother Finds Inner Strength To Rescue Injured Kids Shivering On A Ledge [Video]

A cancer patient saved four teenagers who were trapped on a cliff. The woman managed to tap into her inner strength to overcome fear and weakness from the treatments to rescue the kids who were shivering on a ledge under a waterfall. A woman battling cancer recently rescued four teenage boys who were trapped under […]

Best Wireless Keyboards On The Market Are Vulnerable To Hacks: Researchers Uncover Easy Ways To Monitor Keystrokes Through USB Dongles

Wireless keyboards being sold on the market are vulnerable to hacks. Researchers have uncovered a clever and rather simple way hackers use to snoop on the keystrokes. By intercepting code that runs between the keyboards and the USB dongle they are wirelessly connected to, hackers can easily monitor all keyboard-based activity. Hackers are able to […]

New Whale Species Discovered In Alaska — Beached Whale Carcasses And A Skeleton Hanging In A High School Gym Belong To New Type Of Beaked Whale

Multiple whale carcasses that washed up on desolate Alaskan beaches, as well as a skeleton hanging in a high school gym, belong to a new species of whale, confirmed scientists. A new species belonging to the beaked whale family has been confirmed after studying a dead whale that washed up on Alaska’s St. George Island […]

Floods In India Threaten Wildlife — Baby Rhinos Among Other Endangered Species Forced To Flee Sanctuaries [Video]

The incessant rains in India have begun to flood wildlife sanctuaries, threatening the wild animals. Rising water levels have forced many creatures to abandon the safety of the preserves and seek dry grounds. The persistent monsoons currently lashing India have caused heavy flooding in many regions. While the rains threaten the human population each year, […]

Restaurant Staff Plays With Disabled Kid In Wheelchair After Children Refuse To — Emotional Mother Thanks Chick-Fil-A Employees For Kindhearted Gesture

The mother of a disabled and wheelchair bound child thanked the employees of Chick-fil-A in Columbus, Georgia, after they took time out to play with her son. When the kids his age refused to, the staff members actively engaged him and managed to completely turn around a negative experience. A Georgia mom offered her heartfelt […]

Two U.S. Soldiers Gunned Down While Protecting A Woman Being Assaulted In A Bar – Good Samaritans Paid Ultimate Price For Intervening

Two South Carolina soldiers were gunned down while protecting a woman from a person who was attacking her at a bar. The brave soldiers paid the ultimate price for being good Samaritans. The military community is collectively mourning the death of two brave and kindhearted soldiers who stepped in to protect a woman who was […]

Eight Children Die, Seven Injured After Train Hits School Van In India — Shocking Reason Behind The Accident Will Make You Angry

Eight children were killed and several injured after a train hit a school van in India. About 20 students were packed inside the school bus at the time of the accident. The van was hit by an oncoming train when it attempted to cross a railway crossing. Appallingly, it appears the accident was caused by […]

Dwanya Hickerson: U.S. Navy Sailor Accused Of Murdering Black Transgender Woman – Nurse Dee Whigham Was Found Stabbed In A Hotel Room In Mississippi

A U.S. Navy sailor has been charged in the murder a black transgender woman in Mississippi. The accused was arrested on Keesler Air Force Base on Monday morning. United States Navy seaman Dwanya Hickerson was apprehended in connection to a murder of a black transgender woman. The victim, identified as Dee Whigham, was found dead […]

Newborn Baby Dies, Another Suffers Brain Damage After Being Administered ‘Laughing Gas’ Instead Of Oxygen At Sydney Hospital

A newborn baby died, and another infant is currently in critical condition suffering from brain damage, after they were administered nitrous oxide instead of oxygen at a hospital in Sidney. A baby died, while another one is fighting for life at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. The death occurred after the babies inhaled nitrous oxide, commonly referred to […]

Google Play Store Shrinks Size Of Updates By 50 Percent — New Algorithm Reduces Data Required To Download, Update Apps And Games

Google has made changes to the algorithm to its Play Store to ensure the size of updates doesn’t stretch your mobile data to its limits. The new revision has almost halved the data required to update the apps on the Play Store, claims the maker of Android smartphone operating system. The amount of data required […]

[Update] Mass Shootings At Fort Myers Club Blu Nightclub: ‘Teen Night’ Attacked By Gunmen – Two Teens Killed, 18 Shot [Breaking]

A popular nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida has been attacked, confirmed police. The attackers targeted “Teen Night.” Authorities have confirmed two deaths, but aren’t sure about the number of attackers. Besides the nightclub, there is at least one other active shooter situation in the region. According to a local news agency, two people have been […]

Transgender Students Have To Wear Wristband, Lawsuit Claims Transgender Identification In Kenosha Unified School District

Transgender students have been ordered to wear wristbands at the Kenosha Unified School District, according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Ashton “Ash” Whitaker, who was recently prohibited from using the boys’ bathroom, apart from being subjected to other indignities. In a statement sent to Mashable, the Kenosha Unified School District denied having a […]

Indian Man Risks Death To Save Woman Getting Raped — Suffers Deep Gashes On Neck From Strangulation, But Doesn’t Give Up

An Indian man is being hailed as a hero for saving a woman who was being raped by three men. The man bravely confronted the woman’s tormentors and was brutally attacked for doing so. However, his persistence ensured the woman was saved. Vasanth Paul, who hails from Chennai, a southern state in India, allegedly risked […]

Indian Military Plane Remains Untraceable After It Disappears Over Bay of Bengal With 29 Personnel On Board -Country Launches Massive Search Operation

India has launched one of its largest ever search operations to locate a military plane that mysteriously went missing over the Bay of Bengal. The plane had 29 military personnel on board. A demonstration of Search & Rescue ops launched by Indian Navy for IAF AN-32 plane which went missing, yesterday. pic.twitter.com/4RAMVbPcSA — ANI (@ANI) […]

Military Gear For Riot Control: Obama May Relax Ban On Transfer Of Tactile Military Equipment To Civilian Security Departments

Barack Obama may soon relax a ban on transfer of military equipment to riot control police. The relaxation of ban is being considered due to escalating tensions between the police and citizens that often results into clashes and injuries. The White House will soon deliberate on the 2015 ban on police forces getting riot gear, […]

Seattle TSA Worker Charged With Voyeurism – Recorded ‘Upskirt’ Video, But Not During Pat-Downs

A Seattle TSA worker was arrested and charged with voyeurism for taking lewd photos and videos of women at the Tacoma International Airport. Multiple reports of his lewd behavior led to the apprehension of the worker. A Transportation Security Administration agent in Seattle was arrested after allegedly being spotted using a smartphone to record an […]

Starbucks, McDonald’s, Among Others, Censor Their Free WiFi — There’s A Disturbing Reason Why The Chains Are Weeding Out Porn

Starbucks, McDonald’s, and other popular chains have begun to actively filter the content that can be accessed over their free WiFi service. McDonald’s recently announced it has deployed filters on its complimentary WiFi service at its restaurants across the world. However, Starbucks appears to be the latest major chain to declare that its WiFi service […]

Dog Dangling From Car Rescued By Cops — Canine Hanging Outside Vehicle Brought Back To Life

A dog that was found hanging outside a car was successfully brought back to life by two police officers. A body cam attached to the uniform of one of the officers captured the amazing rescue and resuscitation attempt. Police officers responding to a shoplifting in progress at a Walmart in Arkansas ended up rescuing a […]

Rio Olympics 2016 Threatened After ‘Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil’ Pledges Allegiance To ISIS – Brazilian Islamist Group Starts Following Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The threat to the Rio Olympics 2016 was increased after a local Islamist group pledged allegiance to ISIS. A Brazilian group, called “Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil” confirmed it now follows the preaching of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and they will promote IS propaganda in multiple languages. Less than three weeks before the Rio Olympics […]

North Korean Radio Broadcasts Random Numbers — Is Country Sending Coded Messages to Its Spies In The South?

North Korea’s state radio has been intermittently broadcasting a string of random numbers. South Korea suspects these numbers could be coded messages that are being sent to the North’s operatives operating in the region. North Korea appears to have resumed broadcast of encrypted messages in the form of a string of numbers that appear to […]

Deer Causing A Million Vehicle Collisions Per Year In U.S. — Cougars Could Help Reduce Accidents, Says Study

The deer are responsible for causing a million animal-automobile collisions per year in the United States alone. These docile creatures cause the death of hundreds of travelers, but the number could be significantly brought down if cougars are introduced in the mix, says a new study. It is truly hard to fathom that the doe-eyed […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Servers Were Hacked — OurMine Claims It Crippled Platform Over The Weekend

Pokémon GO players experienced agonizing downtime over the weekend. OurMine, a hacker group, has now claimed that it was responsible for crippling the servers of the insanely popular game. OurMine, the group that recently made waves by compromising social media accounts of tech juggernauts like Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey, among others, announced […]

Firefighters Rescue Kitten Dangling From A Storm Drain Grate — Cat Stuck By Her Neck Carefully Extracted Using Ingenious Method

Firefighters rescued a kitten trapped in a storm drain grate. The 1-year-old cat was dangling by its neck, and if it wasn’t for the timely intervention by the fire crew from Winchendon Fire Department, the kitten would have died. It certainly wasn’t a typical cat stuck in a tree type of rescue, but the firefighters […]

Welfare Cards Helpline Has People Calling ‘America’s Hottest Talk Line’ Instead — Error Sends People To A Sex Line

Quite a few people availing welfare cards were greeted with a message from a sex line. People looking to check their balance on the Electronic Benefits Transfer cards were instead sent to “America’s Hottest Talk Line.” A handful of Electronic Benefits Transfer card holders in the U.S. state of Maine were greeted with a sexy […]

U.S. Navy Stopped From Harming Dolphins, Whales, And Walruses: Banned From Using Sonar That Messes With Marine Life

The U.S. Navy has been ordered to lower the levels of sonar that it uses because it was harming marine life. The sonar being used in the nation’s oceans were having an adverse effect of dolphins, whales, walruses, and other marine mammals. A federal appeals court has reversed a decision taken by a lower court […]

Donald Trump Unveils New ‘TP’ Logo And The Internet Goes Crazy With NSFW Jokes – Is Trump-Pence Logo ‘Suggestive’?

Donald Trump not only chose his running mate for the upcoming presidential election, but he also unveiled a logo to kick off his campaign with his VP pick. However, the internet doesn’t seem to approve of the “suggestive” nature of the logo. Shortly after Republican frontrunner Donald Trump announced that Mike Pence, the Indiana governor, […]

Dog Kills 4 Cobras While Guarding House — Doberman Sacrifices Life To Save Master’s Family From Venomous Snakes In India

A dog bravely fought off four mountain cobras while defending his master’s family. The Doberman reportedly tore the deadly snakes apart, but he later succumbed to the multiple snakebites he sustained. While the battle lasted for a couple of hours, the dog managed to kill all of the snakes. Unfortunately, right after winning the battle […]

Ghost Watching Over A Deadly Motorcycle Crash Scene? Haunting Photo Of Floating Apparition Resembling Human Figure Captured

A truck driver claims he captured a ghost floating over a deadly motorcycle accident. The apparition in the roadside photo appears to resemble a human figure and is seen hovering above the crash scene, as if watching over the same. A Kentucky business owner says he snapped a revealing photo that appears to show a […]

Concealed Carry Waffle House Customer Draws Handgun And Shoots AK-47 Wielding Robber

A person who robbed a Waffle House restaurant and some of its customers using an AK-47 assault rifle was shot by a man carrying a concealed weapon. The man was a customer as well, and he was carrying a concealed weapon. The robber, who threatened a Waffle House restaurant in Texas, was shot by a […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Is Bigger Than Pornography – People Looking For The App Outnumber Those Looking For ‘Porn’ Online

Pokémon GO has managed to surpass the one thing that internet is commonly used for. According to Google Search analysis, people searching for the app or trying to get more information about the insanely popular game far outnumber those looking for pornography online. The wildly-popular augmented-reality driven game that has everyone getting outdoors is now […]

Racially Profile Black Men, Supervisor Pressures A New York Cop – Secret Recording Exposing NYPD’s ‘Illegal Quota’ Leaked

A recording that seems to suggest New York Police Department (NYPD) officers are ordered to racially profile black men in the city has been leaked online. The recording includes instructions issued by a senior supervisor to a transit officer that suggest to specially target black men during daily patrolling. A secretly recorded conversation between an […]

Robot Runs Over Toddler In Silicon Valley Shopping Center — Burly Security Bot Injures Child And Continues On Indifferently

A robot ran over a toddler in a shopping center in Silicon Valley. The 16-month-old boy was knocked down by a burly 300-pound security bot that continued on with utter indifference, claim the parents. The child suffered a swollen foot and scrapes across his body due to the autonomous security surveillance machine. The incident reportedly […]

Italy Train Collision That Killed 27 Caused By Multiple Failures Including Human Error — Why Did Two Locomotives Crash Head-On?

Two trains that collided in rural Italy have caused the death of 27 people so far. The head-on collision between the two high-speed locomotives has been puzzling, but prosecutors feel human error might be the cause. Two trains traveling in opposite directions in Apulia collided head-on near the coastal towns of Bari and Barletta at […]

Eagle Grabs Child During Bird Show In Australia – Bird Of Prey Swoops Down And Latches On Boy

An eagle latched on a child during a bird show in Australia. Even as the distraught mother watched helplessly, the bird of prey tried hard to carry the young boy away. Though the predator of the skies didn’t succeed in its endeavor, it did caution the attendees about respecting nature and not taking it lightly. […]

Morse Code On Mars: NASA Attempts To Explain Mysterious Martian Sand Dunes Shaped In Dots And Dashes

There appears to be presence of Morse code scrolled on Mars. NASA recently released images of martian sand dunes that surprisingly resemble the typical dots and dashes used in the coded language commonly used prior to telephones. Mysterious sand dunes that eerily resemble the typical dots and dashes used in Morse code were recently observed […]

‘Pokémon GO’ To Become The Most Used App On Smartphones? Game Blazes Past Tinder And Catching Up To Twitter

Within a few short days, Pokémon GO has surpassed thousands of apps in usage on smartphones, and if the trend continues, it will soon become the most used app. From personal injuries to robberies to stumbling across dead bodies, people have clearly become obsessed with Pokémon GO. Nintendo launched Pokémon GO last week. The game […]

Disney World Weddings: Magic Kingdom Bookings Fill Up For A Fairy Tale Ceremony With Princess Dresses, Carriages And Cinderella’s Castle

Disney World has begun to conduct fairy tale weddings at its theme park in Florida. The extravagant and dream affair will be replete with princess dress, horse-drawn carriages and floral arrangements fit for royalty. The entire ceremony will even take place in front of the Cinderella’s castle. However, those looking to book a dream weeding […]

21 Police Officers Injured After Protests Against Black Killings Turn Violent In Minnesota – Rioters Threw Rocks, Fireworks And Molotov Cocktails

Hundreds of protesters turned violent and pelted Minnesota police with stones and crude incendiary devices. The clash between the people and police resulted in 21 law enforcement officials getting injured, and detention of more than a 100 people in Minnesota. People protesting late Saturday and early Sunday, to the police killing in Falcon Heights of […]

Man Who Set A Rabbit On Fire Charged With Animal Cruelty — #JusticeForThumper Leads To Florida Resident’s Arrest

A man who set a rabbit on fire has been charged with animal cruelty. Authorities in Florida arrested a resident for burning a pet bunny just because it had bitten him. Deputies from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office had been on the lookout for a man who had set a pet rabbit on fire. The […]

Brexit Referendum Rejected: UK Won’t Go Back To EU Despite 4.1 Million Sign Petition Asking For A Revote

United Kingdom’s government has made it clear that it won’t reconsider leaving the European Union by rejecting the petition that called for a second referendum on the matter. Britain’s Parliament has rejected a petition that called for a second EU referendum. The petition that urged the government to go for a revote got a phenomenal […]

Will Hillary Clinton Get Prosecuted For Email Scandal? Trey Gowdy Sets Tone For Perjury Charges, If Not For Mishandling Classified Information [Video]

Hillary Clinton might have been let off without even a slap on the wrist by the FBI, but the bureau’s director, James Comey, was in the hot seat answering direct questions from Republicans about the investigation that offered Ms. Clinton a clean chit. While many had scathing things to say about the investigation conducted by […]