Twitter In An Uproar After Pacman Lost In Battle Of Brisbane

Many of Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s fans and spectators were disappointed at the result of the Battle of Brisbane held at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on July 1. They took to Twitter their dismay and disappointment of the shocking result. Most still believe that the recently concluded fight should have been won by […]

Muslim Leader In Indonesia On Starbucks: ‘Don’t Bring Ideology Here’

In Indonesia, Muslim leader Anwar Abbas of Muhammadiyah has expressed that it is okay for Starbucks to do its business in the country, but not for its ideology. He has called for the people to boycott the popular coffee chain as the brand’s support of the LGBT community has been seen by the leader as […]

T.O.P Goes to Trial Still Looking Like A Star, Gains Criticism From Netizens

K-Pop icon and Big Bang member T.O.P has shown up to his trial on June 29 still looking like a celebrity. The rapper donned a suit, with full make-up and styled hair, looking dapper in his outfit. However, South Korea’s online users or netizens as they are called have noticed his appearance and heavily criticized […]

Approximately 1,200 ISIS Members Are In The Philippines, ‘Killing Machines’ Said Indonesian Defense Secretary

Indonesian Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said on Sunday at an international security forum held in Singapore that there are about 1,200 ISIS members present in the city of Marawi, Philippines. “I was advised last night, 1,200 ISIS in the Philippines, around 40 from Indonesia.” In attendance at the forum from the Philippine government is Defense […]

K-Pop Controversy: Big Bang’s T.O.P. Charged for Smoking Marijuana

Choi Seung Hyun, also known as T.O.P., from one of South Korea’s iconic boy groups, Big Bang, has finally admitted to the charges of smoking marijuana in his home on October of last year. Earlier reports revealed that a female acquaintance was with him during the incident. Initially, the Big Bang rapper denied allegations that […]

Resorts World Manila Attack: Gunman Commits Suicide, Robbery Not Terrorism [Updated]

Update: Terrorism has been ruled out by police authorities in the recent Resorts World Manila attack citing the incident to be caused by a “derranged individual.” The death toll has already risen to 38 casualties, CNN Philippines reports. The deaths of these individuals, identified to be Resorts World employees and guests, were caused by suffocation […]

Taiwan Makes History As The First Country To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage In Asia

Taiwan made history as the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage after a ruling of a high court made on Wednesday recognizing the union of two people with same sexual orientation. Al Jazeera reports that 12 out of 14 judges of the Judicial Yuan agree that the marriage laws currently in place “violate […]

‘Train To Busan’ And ‘Goblin’ Star Gong Yoo Shares Concern Over Long Hours Of Filming In Korea

Train To Busan lead star and Goblin main actor Gong Yoo revealed during a press conference at his Hong Kong meet and greet with fans that he worries about the long working hours on Korean drama film sets. Through an interpreter, he expressed his sentiments and concern for the filming crew. “A lot of the […]

Three Remaining Abu Sayyaf Terrorists In Bohol Now On Survival Mode, No Longer A Threat

The remaining members of the local terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf, who were spotted in Bohol earlier this month, are now on their own, a military official said Saturday. General Oscar Lactao, commander of the Armed Forces Central Command, shared that without a leader or guide to go around, “they could not pose a threat to […]

‘Secret’ Jail Cell In Manila Discovered, Police Asked Stunned CHR Reps Silly Questions

“Aren’t you happy that the 12 of them are all alive?” asked MPD Station 1 Commander Robert Domingo to the Commission on Human Rights representatives after the discovery of secret jail cell situated behind a bookshelf in Tondo, Manila, on Thursday night. The detainees found were cramped inside the hidden cell and were all said […]

Stabbing Trick Gone Wrong: Thai Psychic Tried to Prove Immortality, Stabbed Himself To Death

Theprit Palee, a Thai psychic medium, died from accidentally stabbing himself in an attempt to prove his immortality. On several occasions in the past, his trick worked. This time though, the knife blade that was supposed to break and snap failed to do so. On April 24, at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, Deputy Inspector […]

Golden State Warriors, Sans Kevin Durant, Still ‘Golden’ Vs. Portland Trail Blazers In Game 2

Following a left-calf strain that occurred in Game 1, the Golden State Warriors deemed it necessary to sit most valuable player and rebounder Kevin Durant from the Game 2. Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr previously said that “it’s not worth it. His calf is twinged. Throw him out there and he pulls it and he’s out […]

Newest ‘Tom and Jerry’ Film With ‘Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory’ Causes Stir

Tom and Jerry are back in the movies, but this time with Willy Wonka, Charlie, and the chocolate factory. Warner Bros. animation studio is set to release the film in DVDs this year and the trailer is already up on youtube. However, many people are not thrilled with the news. Critics, on the other hand, […]

Gordon Ramsay’s Fortune Not For His Kids, ‘Master Chef’ Explains Why

None of Gordon Ramsay’s kids will benefit from his multi-million dollar fortune. The world-renowned chef, restaurateur, and TV personality told the Telegraph in an interview that he had no intention of leaving any of his hard-earned fortune to his kids. The Master Chef himself explained that he wants all four of them to be successful […]

Killing North Korean President Kim Jong Un is Also An Option Being Considered by U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump was presented with several options by National Security Council to address the threat posed by North Korea and killing President Kim Jong-Un was one of them, NBC reports. Throughout the years, North Korea has been known to conduct missile tests in an attempt to develop nuclear weapons. This ambition is what […]

Filipino Devotees Nailed Like Jesus Christ On The Cross, Crucifixion A Part Of Holy Week Tradition

Holy week in the Philippines is widely observed by the population and taken seriously by devout Catholics. Commemorating Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection is a practice of Filipinos during the Lenten season. For some people, church visits and following Jesus’ way of the cross would suffice. But there are several individuals who would subject themselves […]

Hawaiian Airlines ‘A Quiet Achiever’ Despite Poor Ranking From WalletHub

After bouncing back from its 2005 bankruptcy, Hawaiian Airlines has shown some major successes and has proven to be a “quiet achiever” in the airline industry. At the start of the year, the company has been ranked first by the Official Airlines Guide or OAG as the best airline with on-time performance. Not only that, […]

Arizona Diamondbacks Reveal Line-up: Final Two Spots Go To Hazelbaker And Chafin

Arizona Diamondbacks has finally announced their line-up. The last two spots have been given to Andrew Chafin and Jeremy Hazelbaker. According to D-backs manager, Torey Lovullo, “it was a very tough decision” to make, Arizona Sports reports. Having Chafin on the final roster of Diamondbacks had not been too much of a surprise. Lovullo has […]

Beware Of Internet Browsing, Online Privacy No More

Say goodbye to your private browsing history as Congress has now voted for internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T to have the freedom to sell your browsing history with or without your consent. The House of Congress voted on Tuesday with 215 votes against 205 votes to reverse the regulations on privacy rules drafted […]

‘Human Waste’ found in Cans of Coke at Lisburn Factory an ‘Isolated Case’

“This is an isolated incident and does not affect any products currently on sale,” Coca-Cola company assures public. A recent incident in its factory at Lisburn, Ireland have created some worry among its consumers as human waste in cans of Coke is said to have been found. The discovery came after night shift workers had […]

Bill O’Reilly Admits ‘James Brown Wig’ Remark Is ‘Dumb’

Fox News channel host Bill O’ Reilly is under fire because of his “James Brown wig” remark about Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair during a Fox & Friends show. After a clip of the congresswoman was shown where she was saying that people who don’t care about what the president is doing and yet declares themselves […]

Philippine Senator Asks Why She Is Suddenly The Pablo Escobar Of The Country

Philippine Senator Leila De Lima, who has been arrested on charges of accepting bribes from drug lords, denies all allegations suggesting she is the Pablo Escobar of the Philippines. In an interview with CBC News, De Lima cannot help but express her frustration and dismay. “I know the truth: I am not at all involved […]

Caribbean Flight Carrier InselAir Rebuilds Brand, Halts International Flights

InselAir has halted all flight services to its international routes outside the Dutch Caribbean as it works on rebuilding the brand. This decision has been made as aviation authorities of Aruba decided to ground some of its fleet. As a result, flights to Barquisimeto, Caracas, Georgetown, Haiti, Kingston, Lou Piedras, Manaus, Medellin, Miami, Paramaribo, Port […]

Alaska Airlines After Virgin America Merger

After the Alaska Airlines and Virgin America merger comes the issues and concerns surrounding the airlines’ growing fleet. Questions are now being raised whether the Seattle-based airline will remain loyal to the Boeing brand or not. Thus, the future of the Virgin America Airbus jets still remains unclear. A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines, as reported […]