Duterte Abuses Obama On Philippines’ Drugs War And Extrajudicial Killings

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has reportedly claimed the lives of more than 2,000 drug dealers and addicts, but he is in no mood to stop the extrajudicial killings. As reported by the Associated Press, Duterte warned Barack Obama to refrain from raising the legality of extrajudicial killings when they meet Tuesday in […]

Munich Shooting Suspect: Lone Iranian Shooter Commits Suicide After Attack

The Munich shooting suspect is reportedly an 18-year-old German-Iranian man, who committed suicide after killing nine people and wounding 16. The German police investigating the case mentioned that the suspect was a dual citizen from Munich and his motive was still “fully unclear.” Reportedly, the body of the alleged gunman was found less than a […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Not Welcome In Saudi Arabia, Banned As A Sinful Game

Pokémon GO is a global hit since its release, and everyone in the world is enchanted. However, clerics banned the game and labeled it as anti-Islam. Reportedly, the religious edict (fatwa) against Pokémon GO is the renewal of an existing ban on the Pokemon Trading Card Game and other video games before they adapted into […]

Qandeel Baloch Pictures And Videos Responsible For Her Death, Says Brother

Brother of deceased Qandeel Baloch confessed before the Pakistan police that he killed her because of her “lewd” photographs and videos on Facebook. Twenty six-year-old Qandeel, a controversial social media star in Pakistan, was found dead in Multan city on Friday night. Reportedly, Qandeel’s brother, Muhammed Waseem strangled her while she was sleeping. Baloch was […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Players Chasing Pikachu And Charizard Shot At In Florida

Pokémon GO players in Florida invited bullets on their car when a man fired at them while they were reportedly chasing Pikachu and Charizard outside his house. The Florida man fired, suspecting them to be intruders, as they fled, but no one was injured. Pokémon GO has become one of the most successful mobile games […]

Erdogan Retains Power In Turkey Coup As Military Regains Control

The Turkey coup, reportedly led by the Gulen Movement, failed to unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The attempted coup resulted in dozens of deaths, injuries, and arrests as the government tried to control the situation. Reportedly, Erdogan, with the help of Turkish armed forces, are taking steps to reinstate constitutional order and rule of law. […]

Burhan Wani Funeral Turns Kashmir Into Chaos As Protesters Killed and Injured

The Kashmir conflict escalated into bloodbath with the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, a separatist militant by Indian security forces. Following his death, violent street protests erupted across the Kashmir valley on Saturday. “Eleven protesters were killed and over 120 persons, including 96 security personnel were injured,” the Hindu reported. Considered as the “poster boy […]

Kim Kardashian Disturbed By Dallas Shootings, Seeks Justice And Police Reforms Beyond Hashtags

According to the latest news about Kim Kardashian, the celebrity star is deeply disturbed over the recent Dallas shootings. Reportedly, Kim fears that her children will grow up thinking that “their lives don’t matter.” The celebrity star shared her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and police brutality, marking the deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton […]

Dallas Shootings 2016 Dividing U.S. Race Relations, Say News Reports

News of Dallas shootings Thursday and protests by Black Lives Matter are creating divisions in the United States, according to reports. In the aftermath of fatal shootings involving African-Americans and white police officers, the United States is seemingly getting divided on racial lines. “In 2016 the issue of race will remain high on the agenda […]

Washington Dad Trolls His Daughter: Re-Creates ‘Sexy Selfies’ To Tone Her Social Media Posts

Like most parents, Washington dad Chris Martin was anxious about his teenage daughter posting selfies online. So he decided to get even with her. Instead of reprimanding 19-year-old Cassie Martin directly, he began a creative prankster-style selfie war with his teenage daughter to teach her a lesson. Reportedly, Martin was annoyed because of some comments […]

Clash At California Rally Brings Fatal Stabbings And Injuries

Violent clashes broke out at a California rally around the Sacramento Capitol grounds leading to multiple stabbings and injuries. Right-wing and left-wing supporters gathered for and against the rally, which had been heavily promoted and condemned in recent days on different websites. Both sides claimed injuries during the confrontation. Multiple people stabbed at #Sacramento far-right […]

Texas Mother Shoots Two Daughters To Death Before Police Kill Her

Christy Sheats, a Texas mother and gun advocate, was shot dead by police after she fatally shot her two daughters in a family dispute, according to reports. Police are investigating the reason that led to Christy Sheats shooting dead her two daughters. Reports mentioned earlier police visits to the family home while neighbors recall the […]

Gunmen Attack Mogadishu Hotel Leaving At Least 15 Dead

Gunmen attacked a Mogadishu hotel on Saturday, taking guests hostage and shooting at everyone randomly before security forces killed the assailants on the top floor and ended the hours-long assault. Massive blasts and heavy gunfire rocked the Naso Hablod hotel in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, as gunmen fought their way inside, leaving dozens dead and injured, […]

Rare Tree Kangaroo Born In Perth Zoo After 36 Years

After a span of 36 years, Australia’s Perth Zoo is rejoicing the birth of a baby Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo, Mian. The zoo’s newest baby joey is not only adorable, but his life is crucial to the endangered species’ survival. As he gets older, Mian is expected to become a valuable asset to the zoo’s special […]

Swiss Artist Milo Moiré Arrested For ‘Mirror Box’ Experiment, Asking Strangers To Touch Her Nakedness

Milo Moiré, a Swiss conceptual artist, used the pretext of promoting women’s sexual empowerment and invited strangers to caress her breasts or vagina for 30 seconds through a reflective “mirror box.” Obviously, law enforcement in London were displeased and arrested her for asking people to caress her nudity in Trafalgar Square. According to the Daily […]

Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty Declares Herself ‘Gay Contestant’ In The Coming Miss America Pageant

Erin O’Flaherty made history when she became the first openly gay to win the Miss Missouri contest. As the pageant queen moves on to this year’s Miss America competition in September, she will stand as the contest’s first openly lesbian contestant. Reportedly, 23-year-old O’Flaherty declared her sexual orientation since she was 18 as openly gay […]

Kissing Chains Unite Brexit Opponents as ‘Divided’ Britain Prepares On Referendum

Brexit opponents are doing everything to prevent Britain from leaving the European Union. Reportedly, people across Europe formed kissing chains using iPads and exchanged kisses in a desperate attempt to prevent Britain’s exit from EU. The kissing chain started in Rome and passed through Berlin, Paris, and London. Britain votes on June 23 on the […]

DiCaprio To Testify In Court Involving ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Lawsuit

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is expected to testify in a lawsuit involving the 2013 comedy The Wolf of Wall Street. Andrew Greene, a former associate of Jordan Belfort — the character played by DiCaprio in the movie — has filed the lawsuit against the producers for defamation over the character Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff, played by […]

Taylor Swift Kissing Tom Hiddleston Leaves Calvin Harris Betrayed

Pop sensation Taylor Swift kissed Tom Hiddleston on the rocks on Rhode Island, fanning the rumors that the couple are more than friends. The Sun, a popular tabloid paper in Britain, published the photographs of Swift, 26, and Tom Hiddleston, 35, kissing, holding hands, and walking on a beach. According to The Sun, “The pair […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: Walks Without Prosthesis, Cries In Court In A Bid To Escape Prison

Oscar Pistorius removed his prosthesis, walked on his stumps, and cried before the judge in a South African court during the Reeva Steenkamp hearing, which will determine his sentence for her alleged murder in 2013. The athlete faces at least 15 years in jail, and reportedly, the latest dramatic gesture in court is an appeal […]

Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Freely Distributed in Italy Amid Nationalistic Wave In Europe

Mein Kampf, the controversial political treatise penned by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, is in the spotlight following its free distribution by Il Giornale, a center-right daily in Italy. Reportedly, the paper’s free distribution of the annotated version of Hitler’s partly autobiographical book with a paid supplement to Saturday’s edition sparked shock and condemnation in Italy. […]

Chinese Detergent Advertisement Apologizes For Promoting Racism

A Chinese detergent advertisement has triggered outrage, with many social media users criticizing it of deliberate racism. Following the online criticism, the laundry detergent company apologized for hurting racial sentiments, but blamed foreign media for fermenting the controversy. Al Jazeera quoted the apology from Shanghai Leishang Cosmetics saying “We express regret that the ad should […]

Donald Trump’s Behavior With Women Under Media Scrutiny

Republican president hopeful Donald Trump has a mixed history with women, and his chances of winning their approval are slim. According to CBS News, “Recent presidential polls show a significant gender gap among potential voters. Women are much more likely to reject Republican Donald Trump.” The gender gap in American politics is not unique, as […]

Surge In Deportations Heats Up U.S. Presidential Campaign

The surge in deportations of Central American immigrants is heading for a confrontation in the United States. The drive to deport mostly Central American women and children triggered protests from immigration activists and criticism from some Democrats, including presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton. Reportedly, the U.S. immigration officials under Obama’s watch are planning a series of […]

George Zimmerman’s Gun Auction Hijacked —Triggers White Racism Debate

George Zimmerman’s attempt to auction the pistol, which he allegedly used to kill 17-year-old African-American teenager, Trayvon Martin backfired. The online bid “appeared to have been hijacked by fake accounts posting astronomically high bids,” ABC News reported. As reported by TIME, fake accounts raised the bids to higher than $65 million on Friday morning with […]

U.S. Psychologists Face Lawsuit For Designing CIA Torture Program

A Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) torture program in Afghanistan is under legal scrutiny following a lawsuit filed by former detainees. Reportedly, two Washington state psychologists are accused of planning the harsh interrogation techniques, which permitted and oversaw methods including waterboarding, forced nudity, and prolonged sleep deprivation. “This is the first time a federal judge has […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Begins Sunday Amid Spoilers and Speculations

Game of Thrones Season 6 episodes with its sex, violence, and medieval power plays resumes Sunday. Get ready to meet fresh characters and encounter newer twists amid some prominent spoilers and curious questions over the fate of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. Jon was knifed to death last season and viewers are curious whether Season […]

Pope Francis Suggests Psychiatric Counseling For Those Smelling Political Overtones Over Bernie Meeting

https://rumble.com/embed/vca2b/ Pope Francis briefly meeting the democratic U.S. Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, at the Vatican Saturday is picking political overtones, while the Pope himself maintains the encounter was apolitical. He suggested psychiatric counseling for those thinking otherwise, the USA Today reported. Bernie Sanders and the Pope met briefly on Saturday at the Vatican guesthouse, where […]

Kate Middleton Taj Mahal Visit Created Happy Memory Where Princess Diana Was Sad, Say Reports

Kate Middleton’s visit to the Taj Mahal and the photographs in front of the 17th century marble monument revived memories of late Princess Diana posing alone in front of the iconic moment of love in 1992. The image, then, created a lot of media speculation about Diana’s failing relationship with Prince Charles, the Hindu reported. […]

Kate Middleton, Marilyn Monroe Comparison Sparks Outrage On Social Media

Kate Middleton and Marilyn Monroe are trending on social media, thanks to the Times of India trying to cash on the Kate-Marilyn comparison at India’s war memorial. With the image of Kate’s disheveled skirt on the front page, social media users blasted the Times of India for turning an otherwise solemn occasion into a “Marilyn […]

‘Outlander’ Season 2: Passionate Romance And Testing Times For Claire and Jamie

Outlander Season 2 starts in France with scenes of passionate romance between Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who play Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall. Their job is to spoil the British monarchy’s plans to infiltrate the Jacobite rebellion, and save the Scottish life and culture from destruction. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling historical romance book, […]

Pope Francis Message Of Brotherhood — Kisses And Washes Feet Of Immigrants

Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of 12 immigrants during the Holy Thursday celebrations, hoping the gesture will heal the world of bad blood. Instead of St. Peter’s Basilica, the pope preferred a refugee shelter outside Rome in Castelnuovo di Porto to celebrate the symbolic foot-washing ceremony ahead of Easter. The solemn event stood […]

ISIS Links Brussels Attack And Paris Massacre, Say Reports

The Brussels airport attack has close links to the terror cell that carried out the November Paris attack. With investigative agencies working on the Belgium attack, a clear link is emerging between the networks that carried out the Paris attacks last November. “All three suspected suicide bombers in the Brussels attacks had known links to […]

Who Is Buying Richard Branson’s Virgin America?

Virgin America, known for its upscale service, is selling itself or a part of the business following buyout offers from potential investors, according to reports. “The carrier, which flies to destinations throughout the U.S. and Mexico, is working with a financial adviser after receiving takeover interest,” Bloomberg reported. The budget airline flies to 21 destinations […]

Texas Abortion Law Hurts Thousands of Women With Unwanted Pregnancies

Anti-abortion laws in the United States are becoming controversial on the issue of clinic availability and expenses, especially in those regions that are already facing limited reproductive health-care services. Reportedly, the Texas’ Omnibus Abortion Bill, also called HB2, has triggered the closure of more than half of the 42 clinics previously operating in the state. […]

Trump Presidential Victory Is A ‘Major Global Risk’ Say Reports

Donald Trump is reportedly a “global risk” and his prospect of winning the U.S. Presidency has many worried. A British research group, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) likened the rise of Trump to a global threat. The leading global forecasting firm in its ranking considered Trump one of the top 10 global risks this month. The […]

Meldonium Sell More in Russia After Maria Sharapova Tests Positive

Alleged meldonium abuse could damage Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova’s career, but the banned drug is reportedly disappearing from medicine shops in Russia and Latvia after Sharapova’s failed drug test. What was bad publicity for Sharapova is turning out to be a good business for Grindeks, the Latvian company that manufactures meldonium. Before media broadcast […]

Sasha And Malia State Dinner Appearance — Obama’s Daughters Have Grown

Malia and Sasha Obama attended their first ever official state dinner at the White House, which honored new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Media reports made the world realize that Obama’s daughters have grown, and it’s time to get nostalgic. Eldest daughter Malia sported a cream-colored strapless gown with loose curls of hair over one […]

ISIS Chemical Weapons Expert Captured — What Is The Bigger Plan?

The capture of a senior ISIS operative involved in the organization’s chemical weapons program gives the United States an edge over the militants in its fight against terror. According to the Guardian, U.S. special forces captured a man called “Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, who worked for Saddam Hussein’s now-dissolved Military Industrialization Authority where he specialized in […]

Priyanka Chopra Success Story From Bollywood To Hollywood

Priyanka Chopra’s journey as a star from Bollywood to the famed portals of Hollywood is nothing short of phenomenal. Now, her success and fame span across two continents and time zones. The beauty won the coveted Miss World title in 2000, but her rising popularity shows the smart work that shaped her into an international […]

Aylan Kurdi’s Traffickers Jailed As Turkey And EU Talk On Refugees

Aylan Kurdi’s body washed-up on a beach last year, and prompted a Turkish court to jail two men for human trafficking. The death of 3-year-old Aylan triggered worldwide sympathy for the refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. “A court in the resort city of Bodrum jailed two Syrian men, Mufawaka Alabash and Asem Alfrhad, for […]

Missing MH370 Debris Surfaces Near Madagascar As Second Anniversary Of Disaster Approaches

Nearly two years after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a piece of debris from the plane has reportedly emerged off the coast of Madagascar. NBC News quoted a source as saying, “An object that could be debris from a Boeing 777 has been found off Mozambique and is being examined by investigators […]

Meryl Streep Sets The Record Straight On ‘We’re All African’ Comment

Following the media uproar over Meryl Streep’s “We’re all Africans” comment during the Berlin Film Festival, the celebrity actress is trying to clarify the confusion. According to Streep, the comment was taken out of context. Instead of landing on social media and Twitter, the actress chose to defend her stand through the Huffington Post. In […]

Republicans Declare Obama’s Guantanamo Closure Plan Dead On Arrival

Republicans slammed President Barack Obama’s long-cherished dream to permanently close the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison, declaring it dead on arrival. Republican lawmakers in both houses of the Congress are keen to keep the facility open and have previously blocked proposals for the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo to the United States, seeking no change in […]

Outrage In India: Student Leader Kanhaiya Kumar Assaulted In Court By Lawyers

Berserk lawyers assaulted students and journalists, including Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, when he appeared for a hearing in India’s court Wednesday. The case of sedition against the Left-Wing JNU student leader has sparked protests across universities and triggered divided opinions. Discussion on mainstream and social media continued on whether the ruling […]

Student Leader Arrested On Sedition Charges — Nationalism And Jingoism Divides India

The topic of sedition is raising a storm in university campuses and political circles in India with the arrest of a student leader from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The Delhi Police arrested JNU Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar and others, charging them with sedition for allegedly raising anti-India slogans at the university campus. According to […]

Maritime Conflict Widens in South China Sea with Joint US-India Patrols

The prospect of a joint naval patrol between India and the United States in the South China Sea is likely to ruffle Beijing’s feathers, which claims most of the water body. In response to Beijing’s construction of seven man-made islands in the Spratly archipelago, Washington seems keen to take a belligerent claim over the South […]

India Battles Menstruation Slur And Women-Entry Ban In Temples And Shrines

Indian women across religious and cultural divides are pitching against a discriminatory woman-entry ban inside temples and shrines throughout India. According to media outlets, menstruation is the key reason for preventing women inside temples and shrines. Religious considerations in India render menstruating women as impure, so she is not permitted to enter the temples, mosques, […]