Amy Duggar Under Fire For Allowing 3-Year-Old Son to Play With a Sharp Knife in a Video

Amy Duggar Under Fire For Allowing 3-Year-Old Son to Play With a Sharp Knife in a Video
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Amy Duggar sent the internet into a fury frenzy when she posted new videos of her 3-year-old son using a large kitchen knife while he helped her out preparing a healthy meal. The Counting On reality star showcased her toddler son Daxtons' cutting skills in a series of videos on her Instagram Story. 

The Sun reported that the adorable toddler was seen using a large white serrated knife to cut large chunks of a cantaloupe on a green cutting board. Amy's followers were surprised and shocked to notice that the little boy was slicing large pieces of fruit and discarding the rind. The TLC alum captioned the video: "Home for lunch and the little man loves cutting. These knives are kid safe but shhh don't tell Daxy that!" Fans could hear Amy in the background encouraging her son to be careful while cutting the melon.



Yet, Duggar was accused of "bad parenting" by many viewers, and apparently, this is not the first time she has come under fire for this. Fans were freaked out after Amy confessed last year that her son “throws butter knives.”

The criticism reached a peak when Amy posted a video that caught Daxton cutting apples with a sharp knife while standing on a stool to reach the counter. “I’m sure I’m going to get flack for this video, but he has been cutting his own apples, pouring his own milk using glass cups, and taking dishes to the sink,” wrote Amy in the caption.



Fans quickly cautioned that “a major accident could have happened” and advised the mom to give the toddler a safer knife to learn cutting skills. She then responded to the backlash and said, “My little guy has so much balance it's insane, so no. He was fine on the stool, I promise you. Second of all, butter knives tick him off. He throws them. He's like, 'This is not a real knife,' and he throws them."

The reality star has continually been ridiculed by her fans for allowing Daxton to be in hazardous life situations. In an earlier live video session, the 36-year-old is captured sauteeing broccoli with squash as Daxton helps her prep the decadent meal. The ex-TLC star was seen stirring the vegetables with a wooden spatula as the toddler picks at the frying food with rubber-tipped tongs. The 3-year-old was squatting barefoot on the kitchen counter as he assists his mother while being perilously close to the counter's edge.


Fans were quick to criticize her lack of following safety protocols in the kitchen, "My mom-heart is freaking out seeing this!!!! How does a mom not move the kid away from the edge?!?!?" one user wrote. "Oh jeez, my heart watching him sit [on] the very edge of that counter," someone else commented.  "Aside from the fact that 'Daxxy' UGH could fall, there's the fact that his bare feet & what appears to be his underwear-clad butt Are On The Countertop WHERE FOOD IS BEING PREPARED," stated a third.

In the recently posted video Daxton was using a "kid safe" knife from a brand called Curious Chef that specializes in "creating real tools (not toys) for beginner chefs to use in the kitchen," according to their website. 

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