Amy Duggar Receives Backlash for Promoting "Disgusting" Table Manners During Dinner With 3-Year-Old Son Dax

Amy Duggar Receives Backlash for Promoting "Disgusting" Table Manners During Dinner With 3-Year-Old Son Dax
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Fans were left in an utterly flabbergasting moment when Counting On alum, Amy Duggar served a Dino-themed dinner to her 3-year-old son Dax. The Sun reported that she plated the food on what appeared to be a white table mat and served him mashed potatoes surrounded by broccoli and dinosaur egg-shaped chicken nuggets. This was followed by smidges of ketchup along the sidelines of this mush mountain and tchotchkes of dinosaurs and palm grooves surrounding the chaotic field. This made many fans and parents question Duggar's cooking skills. It doesn't stop here as the kerfuffle truly begins once her 3-year-old toddler Dax enters the frame. The little boy was encouraged to sit on the table and not the chair. 



According to Duggar, Dax is allowed to have dessert before dinner and is encouraged to play with his food by stomping on it like an actual dinosaur. Although her intention as a mother was to encourage her son's creativity and imagination, it triggered fans and threw them off because it wasn't just a display of table manners that shouldn't be taught to toddlers but also poses a question about her parenting skills.



Her followers left shocked comments on her post. One user said, "I find this absolutely appalling. Why can’t she just teach her kid to have table manners?" Other users showed concern about parenting children well and remembering that children often model after their parents and continue to maintain behaviors they learned as a child: "Now that her kid has reached an age where she should be teaching and modeling good behavior, she has been spoiling him with constant toys and letting him get away with everything."

A third user said, "It’s ok I guess when he’s little, but if these things are started now it will be hard to break when he’s older cause then he won’t know any better." YouTuber Julie discussed many of the responses of various critics on Duggar's Instagram channel; responses ranged from "Teach the kid some table manners!" to "My 4-year-old would love this!" 

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for WE tv
Image Source: Getty Images for WE tv | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez


Her parenting techniques have been under scrutiny lately. Just last month, Duggar was criticized for allowing her toddler to use a white serrated kitchen knife. In an Instagram story that Duggar posted, he's seen attempting to cut pieces of Cantaloupe on a green chopping board, with Duggar encouraging him to slice the melon carefully.

Even though the mother mentioned that the knife Dax was holding is child-friendly, fans argued otherwise because she knowingly put him in a rather dangerous situation which begs the question of responsible supervision. Instead of the knife being child-friendly, she urges her viewers not to inform Dax about the same. The TLC alum captioned the video: "Home for lunch and the little man loves cutting. These knives are kid safe but shhh don't tell Daxy that!"

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