A Recent Poll Found Many Americans Are Worried About Trump’s Legal Woes and Joe Biden’s Age Before 2024 Elections

A Recent Poll Found Many Americans Are Worried About Trump’s Legal Woes and Joe Biden’s Age Before 2024 Elections
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A new national NBC News poll finds that three-quarters of voters are worried about President Joe Biden's age and mental fitness, while nearly two-thirds are concerned about the multiple trials former President Donald Trump is currently facing. Having said that, even though Trump faces criminal charges related to claims that he fabricated business records, mishandled confidential materials, and plotted to overthrow the 2020 election, the survey shows that his popularity among GOP primary voters remains strong.


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According to the survey, 62% of voters are very concerned (or somewhat concerned) about Trump's indictments. In short, Trump’s legal troubles may harm his prospects of being reelected. However, the survey revealed that 59% of Republican primary voters in 2024 would choose Trump as their candidate. While Trump's many legal troubles have piled up in the ongoing GOP primary campaign, the poll reveals his popularity has not been impacted; if anything, it has grown. A case in point: the survey indicated that 58% of GOP primary voters think Trump should keep his position as party leader, as opposed to June, when only 49% of Republican voters had this stance.



Beyond his age, the survey highlights other red flags for Biden, including historically high levels of criticism of his job performance, the approval of only less than half of voters for how he managed the economy, and waning enthusiasm for the election among important segments of the Democratic base. According to the study, 74% of Americans are concerned that Biden, at age 80, lacks the mental and physical fitness to be president for a second term (with 59% expressing 'major concerns' and 15% expressing 'moderate concerns'). About 60% are worried that Biden is aware of or complicit in his son Hunter's questionable business practices, including suspected financial malfeasance and corruption.

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At a campaign event, President Joe Biden recently launched some of his strongest denunciations to date of his predecessor, Donald Trump, calling him 'determined to destroy democracy.' Biden said, "In 2024, democracy is on the ballot once again. And let there be no question: Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy, and I will always defend, protect, and fight for our democracy. That’s why I’m running." Biden said Trump and the Republicans were splitting the nation by taking the side of tyrants before adding, "I will not side with dictators like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin. Maybe Trump and his MAGA friends can bow down and praise him, but I won’t. I don’t believe America is a dark, negative nation, a nation of carnage driven by anger, fear, and revenge. Donald Trump does."

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tia Dufour
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tia Dufour

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Biden then commented on the ongoing debate about his age: "A lot of people seem focused on my age. Believe me, I know better than anyone... When this nation was flat on its back, I knew what to do. I knew what to do, to rebuild alliances [with respect to Ukraine]. When democracy was at stake, I knew what to do."

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