A Month Before Their Wedding, Caitlyn Jenner Persuaded Robert Kardashian to Divorce Kris Jenner

A Month Before Their Wedding, Caitlyn Jenner Persuaded Robert Kardashian to Divorce Kris Jenner
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In the recent Peacock documentary, House of Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner confessed that she was instrumental in the divorce of Robert Kardashian Sr. and Kris Jenner. During the first episode the reality star's ex-spouse, with whom she shares two daughters, Kendall and Kylie, spoke candidly about that time in their lives, recalling Kris "having a rough time with Robert" when Caitlyn "came into the picture".

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As reported by The Mirror, Caitlyn confessed, "I saw what was going on from the outside and just said, 'This is ridiculous.' So, I called Robert up and said, 'Hey, let's go to dinner.' We met at Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Boulevard, just the two of us in a booth in the back. And I basically said to him Kris is moving on. Sorry, but she's moving on. I said, 'I can take over from here. So, let's just make this final signing of the papers as simple as possible.' And he did." Caitlyn and Kris had been seeing one other for four months by the time the divorce was completed, and they were married within a month. She further added, "I wanted to get the wedding over with so we could move on with a normal life, even if it's four kids and four step-kids. As normal a life as we can make it."

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Maureen Donaldson
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Maureen Donaldson


The documentary also includes Caitlyn's recollection of her last discussion with Robert, "He was really hurting, and I said to him, ‘Hey, remember if I was in your position, my only worry would be for my kids. That the kids are gonna get through this. I just want you to know that I will always be there for the kids, 'Oh, you didn’t have to say that. I knew you would.’ And a week later he died." Despite the fact that Kris's infidelity with Robert in 1989 caused their divorce to be contentious, the matriarch recently reflected on how close the two of them had remained, saying that they "talked on the phone all day long [and] helped each other through things all the time."


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Kris and Caitlyn split up in 2013 after saying they couldn't work out their differences. Caitlyn's divorce was completed the same year she made her transition public. She talked about her relationship with Kris in Rob Lowe's Literally! podcast. As reported by EOnline, she said at the time, "After twenty-three years, Kris and I went our separate directions. My identity… was not a big part of our separation. There were so many other bigger issues out there." Caitlyn said that Kris was the one who located her residence after they mutually agreed to part ways.

She added, "She even found the place, she decorated the place, she did everything in Malibu. And she said, 'I want you to feel comfortable.' And that was it, you know?" In a recent interview last month with UK daytime talk show, This Morning Caitlyn revealed she is not on talking terms with Kris. As reported by Hollywood Life, she confessed, "When you have as many kids as I have, you’re closer to some than you are to others. Through that side of the family [Kardashians], I certainly see them. We do this, we do that. I’m much closer to the Jenner side, with Brandon and Brody and my son, Burt, my daughter Casey…but, yeah, Kris…I really don’t have any more contact with her."

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