2009 NFL Draft two years out: Buffalo Bills

This is a tough one to figure out. The 2009 Buffalo Bills draft class produces a pretty good DE, and two starters along the offensive line. Yet they picked eleventh two years ago and will pick third in 2011. Of course there has been a regime change, and they have been running a defense they are not exactly suited for, so this is still a pretty bad football team.

Before we go any farther a quick look at teh draft picks made by the Bills in 2009:

•Round One (11)- Aaron Maybin DE
•Round One (28)- Eric Wood C/G
•Round Two (42)- Jairus Byrd CB
•Round Two (51)- Andy Levitre G
•Round Four (121)- Shawn Nelson TE
•Round Five (147)- Nic Harris LB
•Round Six (183)- Cary Harris DB
•Round Seven (220)- Ellis Lankster DB

Eric Wood has been installed as this team’s center, and Andy Levitre has won the job LG. However this team still struggles. Sure we can blame some of that on poor QB play and on a defense that is pitiful, but we have got to wonder are these two guys good enough for this team? Aaron Maybin is starting to look like a bust after a hold out that didn’t get his signed until August in his rookie year and an injury limited his effectiveness in 2010.

On the positive side second round pick Jairus Byrd has played quite well. He looks to be a lockdown corner, and he made the pro bowl in his rookie year. If this was a team not coming off a 4-12 year we would be signing the praises of this draft class, but it really looks like management has failed to put these pieces into a winning combination. No matter what on the field success has to count towards what we think of a certain draft class, and so far this one is lacking a bit.

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