Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory Books Claim Secret Sex Diaries, SAS Snipers, Sabotage

Princess Diana conspiracy theories have grown in volume, with various people claiming SAS sniper, secret Princess Di diaries, and even an x-rated sex dossier.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an older Princess Diana conspiracy theory claimed the SAS shined light in the driver's face in order to force a crash.

A newer book called The Assassination of Princess Diana is claiming someone "tampered with" Princess Di's personal vehicle before she died. The author, John Morgan, insists Princess Diana believed there was a plot to kill her based upon notes and phones calls to lawyers and friends. Princess Di used to drive a soft-top Audi and she allegedly said "the men in grey suits" were after her, sabotaging her car's brakes in November of 1995. But she simply coasted through a stop light in that incident.

Another book called The Princess Diana Conspiracy claims Diana kept a secret sex diary detailing all the X-rated activities of the royal family. Author Alan Power claims Prince Charles's sex antics with Camilla Parker Bowles were written down by Diana before she passed:

"The dossier she was compiling was powerful stuff. But it also directly endangered the monarchy. It contained what Charles liked in bed, women he had affairs with and what he got up to with Camilla. There are bits about a senior royal and a male servant. The royal was allegedly accused of being discovered in bed with one of his servants."
But some Princess Diana rumor-mongering is being taken seriously by Scotland Yard if only because of the national secrets that have been leaked. A Special Forces marksman known as "Soldier N" supposedly told his wife that members of the British SAS "arranged" the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. Various information about military efforts in Afghanistan were leaked. Included were photos of a British military sniper supposedly related to the death of Princess Di. These photos were passed to the Metropolitan police, who are investigating the Princess Diana conspiracy theory.

Apparently, it's claimed that many people who worked for MI6 at the time thought the British agency played some sort of role in Diana's death. Soldier N is now disavowing this conspiracy theory, but Simon McKay, solicitor for Dodi Fayed's father Mohamed Fayed, said the photo "causes concern and anxiety by everyone affected by this case but also the public generally, who are entitled to answers".

What do you think about these Princess Diana conspiracy theories?