Pokemon Xerneas Appears In ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Screens, But Is He Playable?

Pokemon X and Y‘s Xerneas has popped up in screens from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, leading to some questions about the game’s casting all over again.

Following the release of the mega popular Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo fans finally have their chance to show the world that Rockstar’s epic bestseller isn’t the only game out there. Now that we’ve played the game, some screens have appeared for the upcoming Nintendo fighting game Super Smash Bros., featuring series mainstay Pikachu and the familiar rainbow antlers of newcomer Xerneas, the Legendary pocket monster from Pokemon X.

The question isn’t whether Xerneas will be in the game, as he has already made his somewhat mysterious appearance, but whether or not he’ll be playable. It would certainly be cool to see his jewel-based attacks in motion outside the Pokemon realm.

Pokemon Xerneas appearing in Super Smash Bros. also raises other questions. Will the Pokemon Trainer be making a comeback? If so, what other Pokemon will make it into the game? Could Xerneas be one of the boss fights?

Of course, from his behavior in the screens from Super Smash Bros., Pokemon Xerneas looks more like he’s back to back with Nintendo’s star pocket monster. Could he be a backup for one of Pikachu‘s special attacks?

Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakurai is remaining silent on the subject, stating on MiiVerse, “We have absolutely nothing to announce today regarding Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Really!”

Notice that Masahiro Sakurai mentioned Pokemon X and Y, but not Super Smash Bros.. This could mean he’s just keeping quiet for the sake of hype, so fans will be surprised at the next big reveal. It could very well be that the Pokemon Trainer is one of the boss fights, and Xerneas could be one of Pikachu’s backup partners.

What do you think Pokemon X and Y‘s Xerneas’ appearance in screens for Super Smash Bros. could mean?