Michael B. Jordan Cast In ‘Fantastic Four’, Receives Racist Backlash

It was recently announced that Fruitvale Station‘s very own Michael B. Jordan has been cast in the rebooted Fantastic Four as The Human Torch. In the original Fantastic Four Chris Evans played The Human Torch. Now some fans in the Marvel universe are causing a bit of a stir over Michael B. Jordan’s casting, and some believe that this is a huge race issue.

It’s no surprise that there’s a lack of diversity in the Marvel franchise. Outlets have dedicated features to the problem of race inclusion in the Marvel universe. It should also be said that there has yet to be a lead female superhero film (excluding Elektra) in the comic book world (DC and Marvel). Still it begs to be reminded that race is a significant issue and is the unseen face in the comic book universe.

The fact that Fantastic Four now has Michael B. Jordan in an important lead is a big step for the comic book world, but not everyone seems to be happy about that, and thus a backlash has started. The response to Michael B. Jordan’s casting as The Human Torch aka Johnny Storm has been fueled by race.

Back in May it was heavily debated on why Michael B. Jordan was being considered for the role, and people who had initial concerns about the character’s casting had a lot to say about Jordan’s name being thrown into the race. Some had complained that it’s “not about race” and then turning around to complain about how other characters’ races will have to change.

Mind you, that was the stink people caused back in May when it was only suspected that Michael B. Jordan may be up for the Fantastic Four. Now that’s been officially announced, people are causing even more of an uproar about his race, while completely dismissing the fact that minorities have been ignored in the comic book universe (as far as film goes) for years.

People have argued that it’s not right to change the race of a character to make everyone happy, but it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most realistic choices made in depicting characters in our present time. This is the racial landscape that we find ourselves living in, and if we ignore that, it is a true disservice to the generation that comes after us. Still people have continued to buck against equality.

Do you think Michael B. Jordan is a good choice as The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four?

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