‘Fantastic Four’ Director May Cast Michael B. Jordan In Reboot

Fantastic Four director Josh Trank wants Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch in the upcoming reboot.

The two previously worked together in the filmmaker’s impressive feature-length debut Chronicle. Since Trank is looking to put his own spin on the franchise, he’s eyeing Jordan for the role of Johnny Storm in the flick.

Although sources explained to The Wrap that the director wants Michael B. Jordan as one of the leads in the Fantastic Four reboot, nothing official has been confirmed by Twentieth Century Fox as of this writing.

Deadline is reporting that Girls co-star Allison Williams is also on the shortlist for a role in the movie. This rumor also remains unconfirmed.

Trank’s decision to cast Jordan in the role of The Human Torch is a departure from how the character is portrayed in the comic book series. Johnny Storm is Caucasian in the Marvel universe, and was previously played by Chris Evans in director Tim Story’s adaptations.

Should the actor land the role, this could mean a change is in store for Sue Storm as well. She is Johnny’s sister in the books, though Trank and company could easily re-tool the characters for the upcoming reboot.

Earlier this year, 20th Century Fox brought in writer Seth Grahame-Smith to polish the script. While details are still few and far between, the film has been described as “taking a grounded superhero and sci-fi approach to the heroes and will tap deep into the comics mythology.”

Michael B. Jordan is known for his impressive performances in both Friday Night Lights and The Wire. The talented actor has also appeared on All My Children, Parenthood, and The Assistants. His big screen credits include Red Tails, Hotel Noir, and Jerry LaMothe’s drama Blackout.

Specific details about the project are still few and far between. However, it’s believed that the studio wants everything ready for a 2015 theatrical release.

Are you a fan of the Fantastic Four series? What do you think about director Josh Trank casting Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch?

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